The War Between the Gingerbread Man Country and Square Biscuit Country

Chapter 1 The Gingerbread Land In the planet of candy, there are two countries, the gingerbread country and the square biscuit country. In the sky, a lollipop planet with red and white stripes could be seen. Four lights are diffused in the skies of the candy planet including orange, pink, green and purple.

Sam, the Snail

Chapter 1 Sam, the Snail Decides to Make His Living Somewhere Else There lived a snail called Sam who just like other snails have hundreds of brothers and sisters. Sam was one of the eggs that his mother lays in the fertile soil of a vegetable farm. His mother died shortly after laying the eggs. Now, Sam and his brothers …

The Two Paper Origami Birds that Become Real Birds

Chapter 1 Peter Folds Two Paper Birds – Blue and Pink Origami Birds   Peter, a boy of 9 years of age, runs excitedly to look for his mother as soon as the school bus reaches home. He wants to show her the blue origami bird that his teacher taught him how to fold during the art class at school.

Story about The Four Suns

Chapter 1 The Red Sun Starts a Fight with the White Sun   In a far away planet, there are four suns that give light. The first sun contributes its white light to bring daylight to the planet. The second sun contributes its red light to bring warmth and heat to the planet. The third sun contributes its green light …

Aliens Attack and Zap!

Chapter 1 Paper Airplanes and Inflatable Triangular Aliens Attack   In a distant planet, its citizens are performing their chores as usual in their hectic daily life. Someone looks up and saw that the sky is suddenly cracked and paper airplanes are flying down. It gives the impression that pieces of triangles in the sky are falling down.

How The Buffalo Birds and the Water Buffalo Survive Famine

Chapter 1 Famine and Two Buffalo Birds Volunteer to Find Water   There is famine in the land and the hot sun has caused the water in the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds to dry up. Fishes in lakes and ponds are dying as the heat from the sun reduces the water level until there is no more water left. …