A Story about Keruias, the Red Squirrel

In the woods, a strong wind starts to howl and blow. There is a red squirrel holding on to the branch of a large tree. When the wind suddenly stops blowing, the branch swings back and throws the squirrel to another branch of a large tree further in the woods.

The squirrel, Keruias, thought he is safe now but just behind of him is a cobra snake. It expands its hood as it open its jaw wide. Every time it moves a short distance, it opens its mouth and makes the sound, “Haar!”. The squirrel tries to run as fast as he can.

Every time Keruias runs a little distance, his whole body shivers out of fear. He hops from tree branch to tree branch as if it is a passageway to somewhere. Suddenly the branch breaks, and he falls down onto the ground. While on the ground, he sees a tree hole at the bottom of the tree not far away.

The tree hole is the hole of a giant worm and his 15 babies live. He runs into the tree hole to hide from the cobra snake. But, the cobra snake also drops onto the ground and follow the squirrel into the hole. When the giant worm sees the cobra, it starts a fight with it.

Just when the cobra is about to bite the giant worm, Keruias lifts the hollow tree trunk until it falls over and squash the cobra. The giant worm then uses the tubes all over his body to suck in the baby grubs. The baby grubs pop its heads out of the tubes while the giant mother worm moves on to find another place to stay.

Keruias runs on the ground and comes across another squirrel called Ler who is gathering acorn nuts. He follows Ler into a his home in the hole in the middle of a tree. Inside the tree hole, there are shelves with piles of acorn nuts.

There are two other squirrels called Ber and Tur sleeping inside the tree hole. As soon as he enters her home, he sits down and eat one nut. When Keruias enters into the hole, he takes one of the nuts from the shelf and gave it to him.

After Keruias finished eating the nut, he sniffs around at the burger cardboard holder and then he left the tree hole. Ler follows Keruias and asks him where he is going. Keruias answers he is going nowhere.

Seeing Keruias has no home, Ler invites him to stay with them. They run and chase each other around from tree to tree before arriving at their home in the tree hole. One day, there is a storm of hails that burns up many trees in the area where Keruias and his friends are living.

They come out of the tree hole and see fire everywhere. Fortunately, they have a friend. Their friend is a type of animal called Round Dog Whale with round flexible body. He fills his mouth with water from the stream until it becomes round like a balloon and runs to the tree where the squirrels are living.

He spits out the water to put off the fire that blocks the way. When they arrive at the stream, he transforms his flexible body into a floating boat like only the skin of his body is left and they float to a safe place. The squirrel finds their home in another large tree on the other side of the river bank.

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