A Story about Loo, the White Bird in Candy Land

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Chapter 1

Loo Catches His Breakfast with the Help of the Silk Fish


In a far away planet, there are lots of volcano shape sand dunes with holes on the sides where crabs go and live inside. There are many species of crabs that live in these volcano dunes including ball crab whose legs are curl like ball and the head is round, and pearl crabs that look like the pearl, orange crab with orange flesh design on the outer skin, and purple grape crab.

A large purple land octopus try to camouflage himself as the volcano shape sand dunes. He changes his skin color to tan color like the sand. He uses his tentacles to form holes to trick crabs to go in. His face is upward with his mouth wide open. If the crab climb into his mouth, he will eat them. He positions himself just next to the volcano dune so that the crab could see him.

Suddenly, it starts to rain a very sour rain. On this planet, there are four types of rain including sweet, sour, bitter and hot rain. Anything that the rain touches will have the taste. As soon as it starts to rain, all the crabs start to scurry fast into the holes on the sand dune. Some of the crabs come out of the hole and the rain hit them.

More crabs come out when the rain stop and they enter into the camouflage sand dune hole. The camouflage octopus swallow them. But, he spits them out afterwards because the rain has caused the crab to become too sour. He spit the crabs so far that they are flung to the seashore.

The waves wash the seashore and the dead crabs enter into the water of the ocean. A whale opens its mouth to swallow the crabs. But it finds it has a sour taste and spits it out back to the seashore. Just then, a white bird called Loo, flies to the seashore and sees the crab. He tries to eat the crab. But the crab taste sour and he spits out.

Just then, a mother buzzard come and to find food and she sees the crab. She splits open the crab with her claws and takes some of the meat back in its beak to feed the young. Loo flies to the ocean to catch some fishes.

At this time, there is a school of silk fish swimming. The silk fish is known for swirling other fishes or sea creatures in its silk tornado. To get out of the silk tornado, the fish has to be brave and wag its tail fast to swim out.

A group of game fishes are caught in the silk tornado; and when they manage to swim out of it, a group of birds are waiting on the surface to catch them. Loo is one of them and he catches 3 fishes for his breakfast. After eating his breakfast, he flies to his 3 friends at the lake and chat with them.

Loo tells them about the crab that have a sour taste and that he now feels full after having eaten 3 fishes for breakfast thanks to the silk fish. His first friend, is a creature with fuzzy dark brown fur coat and donkey like ears. There are some white streaks on its face. Each of his hand and leg has four fingers. The second friend has pig ears and burly face and body. The third friend is a yellow round ball creature with two thin hands and two thin legs.

While Loo and his friends are talking. it starts to rain tiny white round stones. The stones causes a mother and her 6 babies to tumble down the hill. An animal that is finding shelter nearly slip. It has quills that stuck out on its head. All over the land, many animals are slipping and tumbling because of the rain.

Loo can’t fly because of the pelting tiny white stone. So, he has to walk to find a shelter. First, he comes to a small bush tree but the bush tree is too small and crowded with all the twigs. Then, he comes to a yellow bush but it is still too small for him to hide from the rain. Finally, he comes to a red bush with curving leaves. He and his friend take shelter here.

Chapter 2

Loo is Suck into Candy Land Through an Undersea Volcano Tunnel


There is an animal that can cut grass with its teeth like the lawn mowers. While eating, it also poop at the same time. The poop is oval in shape. There are leftover grass on the field which it did not eat and birds came to collect them. Two birds are brown birds. The third bird is a blue bird and the fourth bird is a medium white bird called May.

May collects the leaves and use them to make a nest. After making her nest, she lays 3 eggs. When the eggs are hatched, she starts to look for food for her young. One day, Loo is pecking some delicious insects from a tree. May is busy flying around looking for food and she saw Loo.

Loo tells May that there are some yummy insects over here. So, she comes over and grabs some to feed her young. Loo follows the mother bird to her nest and watch her feed the chicks. Loo hopes one day he’ll meet someone and have a family too.

One day, a school of silk fish swirl into a ball again and the swirl is formed on the ocean surface this time. The light of the sun reflects off the ocean water and on the ball of silk fish. Loo couldn’t see clearly because of the light reflection. He thought the ball of fish is a boulder so he flies over there and stands on it.

Suddenly, the silk fish submerge themselves back into the ocean. Loo gets suck down into the ocean ground where there are many volcano like holes. The holes are tunnel to the candy world.

When Loo floats up into another lake, a big octopus with another smaller monster octopus on the head uses its tentacle to hold him. An amphibians with two legs and two fins come and a fish humanoid face come swimming toward the bird. He rescues the bird from the octopus and brings him to the shore. As the white bird comes up to the shore, he shakes his feather and then rinses its feather of the water.

As he walks, he is greeted by a few small mushrooms that jump up and then down. These mushrooms are alive and they have two tiny eyes. As he walks further, a flock of birds flies through and they drop presents in the form of parachute. One of the gifts is a molten lava eggs. The second gift is box decorated with diamonds and when opened has a punching clown that springs out. The third gift is a basket with 4 caramel fudge. The fourth basket is multi color baby sucker candy.

In the candy planet, there are mountains with random color blots like watercolor. Lollipop flower is seen downhill the mountain. In the downhill, there are round chocolate popsicle tree. When the popsicle tree melts, many animals wait around to lick the drops.

The soil on the river bank is ground cinnamon. The green grass are sweet and edible. There are biscuits flowers (round, rectangle, flower shape, twister shape, tri-layer oval, tri layer triangle). He goes to the lemon juice river and meets a beaver who welcomes him to stay at his home near the river bank. Loo did not accept the beaver invitation to stay over at his home and he moves on in his journey.


Chapter 3

Loo Joins the Army at Candy Land


At night, Loo comes to a place where there is a bonfire with accordion and flute music. In the bonfire party, he met Jay who is from the army there. He meet his other friends and eventually join the army himself. In a war, a group of birds fly up in the sky and they shoot arrows down at Loo and with his friends of soldiers.

Loo and his friends try to use a large shield to block the arrows. One of the birds tries to use a sling rock machine to fight back, but he is clumsy. The enemy arrow nearly hit him and he use his feathers to protect himself. Just about this time, another bird skilled at throwing rock aim a rock at the enemy and down one of them.

When the enemy birds see this, they take the fire lava stones from their sling bag and put in the mouth. They blow the fire balls towards Loo and his friends, who in turn use a fireproof bouncy net to bouce the fireballs back at the enemies. Next, they use a large water hose to spray water at the birds and some enemy birds are downed. The enemy birds are now retreating and flying away.

The leader throws a note with an arrow that he will be back soon before flying away. In the meantime, the enemy birds have gone back and they decide to start a second war. Immediately, they undergo training. They train spreading their feathers out; and from their feather shoot the sharp arrows. They train using claws to claw their army logo on the enemies.

On that day, Loo and his friends celebrate by having a party of eating fishes and prawns the different color of fishes are naturally candy flavor (mix color fish, pink red, yellow, blue, orange, beige). At night, they sing a song about their victory.

Loo and his girlfriend, Roo lie down to watch the night sky. On the next morning, they go into a woods where the trees there have barks that are made of different shades of cocoa. The leaves of the trees are green just like the trees on earth but they have candy flavor.

During the walk in the woods, they are greeted by a small bear like animal on a tree with swirl black marking on the face. The bear gives Loo and his girlfrienf a valuable gift. It is a nut shell with old woody lines on top and bottom. When open, three is a blue white diamond with a bumble bee yellow color reflection.

The enemy bird is there and he comes over to have an argument with them. He takes the gift by force and go back to his camp. After some time, Loo and Roo got married. Soon, they are parents of 4 cute chicks. This has fulfills Loo’s dream of meeting his true love and starting his own family.


Chapter 4

Loo Saves His Father In Law and their Enemy is Finally Defeated


One day, Roo’s father said that he wants to go to some place which is near to the place that the enemies live. While at the place, he accidentally steps into the enemy territory. He sees the gift and grabs by force from the enemy. Suddenly, the cocoa volcano erupt. The old man is skilled in skating and he took a plank and start skating

Suddenly a lightning strike and cracks appear on the ground. He gets panic but Loo comes just in time and fetch him away. Just about this time, the enemy birds come in group to fight the white bird and his friends. They get help from a stronger bird species warrior who shoot nets to bind them. The land has peace for a long time after the enemy birds are bound. They are put into hard labor work and work their slaves instead.

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