A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 1 – R-3i Gets a Checkup)

R-3i and some fellow workers carrying square thick steel sheets for processing to become the outer shell of robots in a factory.

R-3i: Aahh… Its heavy. My arms are sore and I am needing more frequent rest
R-i²: Tell Dr. Briggs. He will help you

R-3i carrying a tray stack with 3 layers of cups – 1st layer – 4 cups, 2nd layer – 3 cups and 3rd layer – 2 cups and a plate with nuts (6), long screws (8) and small screw (16) dribble with a yellow oil.

Dr. Briggs: Sturdy! Sturdy! You are going to break it! Hold it. Can you wait over here? I’m gonna have to take a look.

After taking a look

Dr. Briggs: I’m afraid its rusty. You’ll have to put down the load and come with me.

R-3i puts down the load and follow Dr. Briggs.

Dr. Briggs: I’ll squeeze some jelly and you should be fine. I’ll twist the nuts and bolts and open up everything. I can feel something in there.

R-3i: What’s there?

Dr. Briggs: Its aaa… Bring me the biggest torchlight. You’ll have to bite the pain. Bring me some oil.

A robot assistant brings a torchlight to Dr. Briggs.

Dr. Briggs: There!

R-3i: Ahh! It hurt.

Dr. Briggs: Its a metal sheet.

R-3i: Phew! Nothing serious to my health.

Dr. Briggs: Bring me the plier. I’ll tighten up your screws.

The robot assistant brings the plier to Dr. Briggs.

R-3i: Is it done yet?

Dr. Briggs: How do you feel?

R-3i: I’m sure I feel OK.

Dr. Briggs: I am going ahead to check the time. The time. It’s 1 o’clock to be sure. And can we turn that round to? (Tttt big hand turning) (seconds turning) to… Yep. Its done. Wait, if the spring won’t sit upright.

R-3i: The spring is not in place. Where? Can I take a look?

Dr. Briggs: Don’t take a look first. Let me work on it. Does the spring spring properly? How high can it jump? Jump! 1 – 2 finally reaches 18 feet. I’ll wrap up and you can take it from here. You’re good to go.

Dr. Briggs: Height increment succeeded – Pass. Weight down pressure -. I’ll check the pressure now. Hold your breath. Pressure seems to be too low. Can I do anything to increase the pressure?

R-3i: There’s no need for that.

Dr. Briggs: I’ll check with Dr. Waltz.

Dr. Briggs make a phone call to Dr. Waltz.

Dr. Waltz robot assistant: Dr. Waltz is not in.

Dr. Briggs: I’m afraid Dr. Waltz is not in. No where could he be?

Here comes another call from his assistant.

Dr. Waltz robot assistant: Dr. Waltz is coming in. Someone is waiting for you on the phone.

Dr. Briggs: Can you come over to check R-3i? I am having problem with his pressure.

Dr. Waltz: Sure. Right away. I’ll zoom past the city to get to you.

Dr. Briggs: Here Dr. Waltz comes.

Dr. Waltz: Hi, R-32085Ki (Rudiando 1). Good to see you.

R-3i: Dr. Waltz, what a long time since we met?

Dr. Waltz: The pressure is not too low. you just need to turn the knob until it is half tightened.

Dr. Briggs: I’m sure he is not right. Look at all these rust on the surface of the mechanical parts. If no one promptly removes the rust, his system will die and shut down.

Dr. Waltz: That’s easy.

Dr. Briggs: What is easy?

Dr. Waltz: His system is too hot and is burning too much hot carbon dioksida. We’ll have to suck out all the bad carbon dioksida that is posing harmful mykriside to R-3i’s health.

Dr. Waltz: Are you done yet? If you are done, let me know.
Dr. Briggs: Just a moment. I’m vacuuming.

Dr. Waltz: Have you done?

Dr. Briggs: I am still vacuuming.

Dr. Waltz: Hurry up. I need to go home.

Dr. Briggs: Done. Done now.

Dr. Waltz: I’ll do a round of checkup and I’ll be on my way home.

After checking

Dr. Waltz: I cannot spot any problem. You’re a perfect healthy robot. Pressure is normal. I’m going home. Good bye. I’ll see you in another round of checkup.

R-3i: I’ll resume work.

Dr. Briggs: Not so fast.

Dr. Briggs turns the dial to increase R-3i’s body mass.

R-3i: I feel strong. my limbs have the strength to carry 5 ton and climb 10 hills.

Dr. Briggs: I’m proud.

R-3i: I will do much much much better than you expected.

Dr. Briggs: That’s my bot. Get back to work. OK. Let’s carry that load as a test

Dr. Briggs: Wo! Wo! OK. Its done. You should be OK now. Everything is OK now. Pressure is normal.


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Chapter 1 – R-3i Gets a Checkup

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Chapter 3 – R-3i Receives Training to Drive a Spaceship

Chapter 4 – Setting Out to the Universe in the 4th Dimension

Chapter 5- Disguises as Mud Subterranean Kingdom Refugees

Chapter 6 – The Tough Journey

Chapter 7 – The Hibernation

Chapter 8 – Discovery of the Great Transformer

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