A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 2 – A Journey to the 4th Dimension Universe in Planning)

R-3i: Captain Aubrey, I need a certification. I just got repaired.

Captain Aubrey: Come in. Where is the report? Let me see.

R-3i presents the health report

R-3i: Here you are sir. Everything is normal except for a bit of rust.

Captain Aubrey: Did he oil your parts well? Did he change any part in your system? Did he find anything dangerous to your health? I think Dr. Briggs forgot to check the wirings. He is such a careless man as he always have been. He must be too busy with his work. I’ll check each of the wirings and make sure none of them is loose. R-3i come over here I’ll turn you off for a while.

R-3i: I’m coming. You can turn me off now.

R-3i makes panic sound.

Captain Aubrey: What a messy bunch of? Yes. Yes. Yes. OK I’ll take care of this. (Apply hooo2) The rust have been removed. I’ll turn R-32085Ki on in 6 minutes. (set timer on clock alarm sound)

Captain Aubrey turns on R-3i.

R-3i: Wo! (move eyes around). Captain, what have you done to me? I feel so light, like I am floating on a cloud.

This robot is certified to functional normally

R-3i: I may leave now?

Captain Aubrey: Yes.

R-i²: Did you get certified?
R-3i: Yes, I did.

The ship is once again moving. Let the volunteer who has an interest in accompanying Captain Aubrey in an expedition to the 4th dimension universe now step up.

R-3i: I … want to go. I may want to go.

Staff: What’s your generic code?

R-3i: R-32085Ki

Staff: Please transfer this volunteer to Captain Aubrey

Staff no. 2: Yes.

R-3i teleported to Captain Aubrey’s small spaceship.

Staff no.2: Have fun.

Captain Aubrey: Nice to meet you again. We’re ready to take off. We’re leaving this province to the 4th dimensional universe.

R-3i: Excuse me. I beg your pardon.

Captain Aubrey: That’s right, we’re leaving this province to the 4th dimensional universe. I want you to help me fly this ship. R-3i do you know how to fly this thing?

R-3i: I can’t. I do not have any knowledge programmed to fly it.

Captain Aubrey: What about Uncle Kay? He can help you.

Captain Aubrey makes a phone call to Uncle Kay.

Uncle Kay: I am not free to be there. Make him your pupil if you like.

Captain Aubrey: He is not available. If your uncle isn’t available, I want to give you a tutor, a lesson, on the art of spaceship flying.

Do you know how to calculate the true mass of any object that has volume? I’m sure Uncle Kay has already given you a lesson about it. But we won’t be delving deep into that.

Adjust the seat so that you don’t have to move up, left or right or overstretch your back or trouble yourself in any other straining way to reach for and manage the settings on the controllers. There’s no need to be afraid of height.

Fear is artificial. Fear does not exist in your heart. Focus now. Give full attention while I am teaching. I’ll give you a free lesson on spaceship flying. We’ll start our lesson now.

Once the lesson is over, we will go to the 4th dimensional universe where we will meet the great Gutawuyid transformer.

R-3i: Where is that?

Captain Aubrey It’s 2 light years away.

R-3i: When will we ever get there?

Captain Aubrey: Get to be patient. That is nothing like a few hours away. Rid all these unnecessary thrills and excitement. Be prepared. We’ll start by driving the ship on a horizontal line.

R-3i: There is no horizontal line.

Captain Aubrey: Roughly estimate according to the ship mass, calculate in your head and you will be able to steer this ship confidently.

Captain Aubrey: Slow down.

R-3i: The speed is dropping to 2500 km/h.

Captain Aubrey: Do not be alarmed that the speed is dropping. If the speed is dropping, it is because you are not yet able to maneuver the driving stick with skill.


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Chapter 2 – A Journey to the 4th Dimension Universe in Planning

Chapter 3 – R-3i Receives Training to Drive a Spaceship

Chapter 4 – Setting Out to the Universe in the 4th Dimension

Chapter 5- Disguises as Mud Subterranean Kingdom Refugees

Chapter 6 – The Tough Journey

Chapter 7 – The Hibernation

Chapter 8 – Discovery of the Great Transformer

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