A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 3 – R-3i Receives Training to Drive a Spaceship)

On the spaceship radar, three ships are spotted.

R-3i: We’re being followed. Three enemy ships are spotted. What is my next command?

Captain Aubrey: Turn your driving stick to the left and head straight. Prepare to launch the missile. (missile has slanted line in front that keep revolving and shoots bullets).

R-3i: Release the missile on Target 3. Enemy ship is fleeing. Target 2 is coming closer.
Captain Aubrey: Fire the second missile.

R-3i: Missile fails to hit target. Target 3 is still following us.

Captain Aubrey: Press forward in full speed.

R-3i: Should I launch the third missile?

Captain Aubrey: Nope, we’re going to be safe in a tad bit.

R-3i: I can’t locate the ship that is the source of everything.

Captain Aubrey: Wait. Hold on. Come in. Come in, SS-3X, where is the true location of SS-3X?

R-3i: No more sign of Target 2.

Captain Aubrey: That is good to hear. Keep making progress until we find the ship.

Messenger from mothership: We are in 12 degree south but to the left and 73 degree straight north. Follow the radar and you will find us.

Captain Aubrey: Got it. Steer the ship to the fold of the envelope of the clouds. Steer the ship along the curve, keep following the trail of the cherry clouds.

R-3i: We’re getting closer and closer. Found it.

Captain Aubrey: The source ship has been found. Prepare to enter in electromagnetism mode.

R-3i: We’re back.

Captain Aubrey: Well done. Congratulate yourself.

Mothership takes off.

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Chapter 2 – A Journey to the 4th Dimension Universe in Planning

Chapter 3 – R-3i Receives Training to Drive a Spaceship

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Chapter 6 – The Tough Journey

Chapter 7 – The Hibernation

Chapter 8 – Discovery of the Great Transformer

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