A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 4 – Setting Out to the Universe in the 4th Dimension)

R-3i: There’s no more fuel. What shall we do?

Captain Aubrey: Stop the ship. I’ll check the fuel.

After checking the fuel

Captain Aubrey: Continue driving until you reach the next refuel station.

R-3i: There’s no more fuel left. What is the next suggest solution? The station is another 0.5 mii away.

Captain Aubrey: Let me drive. Watch and learn the way I am driving the ship to reach station. Bravo! We arrive at  M5 Refuel Station. I’ll go down and refuel the tank.

R-3i: Do you want me to come along?

Captain Aubrey: No. No need for that. I’ll come up in a couple of moments.

R-3i: It’s full now. (R-32085Ki pop his head out of the spaceship)

Captain Aubrey: I’ll be up. Get in. Take off the ship. We’re progressing towards the 4th dimensional universe. We shouldn’t slow this ship down at all. We’ll be there on track and on time. Make sure the radar stays clear. Listen to the signal. Inform me if there is any unusual signal.

R-3i: I can’t keep my eye on this ship. I am starting to feel exhausted. I am just like a and I need rest.
Captain Aubrey: If rest is what you need, you may relinquish your responsibility until I call you.

R-3i: Many thanks, captain. Let me know the ship’s arrival at the destination which you have said – the fourth dimensional universe. I’ll come up and serve you again.

Captain Aubrey: We are going to arrive at the destination.

Robot at Station O-1: Arrival of D355 at Station O-1.

Staff at Station O-1: Please come up to the so that I may scan you.

After spaceship is Scanned

Staff at Station O-1: You may pass.

R–3i: Do you want me to drive the ship? I am fully revitalized now. Please don’t let me wait around. My program does not allow me to laze for more than 30 minutes.

Captain Aubrey: Yes.

R-3i: Which way? How?

Captain Aubrey: (Zoom on map) Aha! – this trail – this trail looks strange. This is the right one – stick to this trail. Please do inform me when you are halfway through this journey.

R-3i: Yes, captain.

R-3i accidentally presses something on the map and the map is now showing the wrong path.

R-3i: Hmmm. OK.

After a while, the ship collides with something.

Captain Aubrey: What the deuce is going on? What accident have you brought the ship into? Can you proceed with the journey?

Rudiando 1 falls down as the ship is shaking.

R-3i: There is no path. There is no road. I could find zero road to progress further.

Captain Aubrey: Are you sure? You can’t trick me. Show me the map you are following.

R-3i shows Captain Aubrey the map he is referring.

Captain Aubrey: This is supposed to be the path to the frozen star.

R-3i: captain, I am sorry to have taken this ship here to bring us these troubles.

Captain Aubrey: Its OK. You’ll learn from your mistakes.

R-3i: I’ll pay more attention next time.

Captain Aubrey: If this ship don’t go back to Station O-1 we’ll have some unforeseen calamity.

R-3i: I’ll go to inform Station O-1 that we’re approaching.

Captain Aubrey: I do not need your help now. Let me I handle everything. If I am going to need your help, it is when the machine beeps.

R-3i: OK, Captain.

Captain Aubrey: We’re changing course. We’re heading straight back to station O-1.

When the ships is near Station O-1

Captain Aubrey: Finally.

Robot at Station O-1: Arrival of MX-5X3.

Staff at Station O-1: Why you have come back?

Captain Aubrey: We took the path to the frozen star. Its my robot’s fault. He is still an apprentice. I am guiding him.

Staff at Station O-1: The frozen star? That’s dangerous. If your robot can’t drive the ship, you must drive.

Captain Aubrey: What is the shortest route to the 4th dimensional universe?

Staff at Station O-1: There is no shortest route. Go to the map. Look up for Station O-1. Please wait a moment. There is a place called Z, did you see that?

Captain Aubrey: I couldn’t find it.

Staff at Station O-1: What? I couldn’t hear you? Did you see that star over there?

Captain Aubrey: Yes.

Staff at Station O-1: The route to the 4th dimensional universe is around this star. A few Zozs will come after you and they will want an explanation for trespassing the outer border of their planet.

You tell them you are heading to the Z-1 channel which will take you to the phase where you want to go. The destination is just ahead of the Z-1 channel.

When you reach the area where the line of the tunnel becomes narrower, you will see a place where you can make a left turn and you will hear a whirling wheezing sound.

Make a quick turn to the left channel before it closes. Travel at a speed of 18350 km/h. Slow down when you see a man carrying a torch. If he waves on you, it means to stop. If he did not wave or do anything, you may pass through to your destination.

Remember to watch out for the soaring space blobs. They will be accompanying you to your destination. Have a happy journey ahead.

Captain Aubrey: Thank you kind officer. We’ll use your information to get our ship to the right destination.

Captain Aubrey: Let me drive the ship. You sit back and watch

R-3i: Yes, captain, if you say so.

After a while

R-3i: The star, what is that star? The star with red bright brilliance.

Captain Aubrey: Apparently, I do not know. It seems to belong to a cluster of star nearby. We’ll visit the star afterwards. High speed at 24,000 km/h.

Arriving of two Zoz aliens

1st Zoz alien officer: How have you come to the outer border of our planet?

Captain Aubrey: We’re only here to travel to our destination, the universe of the 4th phase.

1st Zoz alien officer: Is that your true intention?

2nd Zoz alien officer: Let her pass

1st Zoz alien officer: All right. We’ll give you a permit. You must sign here.

Captain Aubrey: Do you need R-32085Ki signature?

1st Zoz alien officer: No. Only the signature of the drive of the spaceship is needed. From here to the tunnel you want to go will take you about 3 minutes. There is only 1 path and you must follow it. Look out for the space blobs. There are there to guide you on your journey. The channel is opening and shutting every 2 minutes. To sail through this tunnel smoothly, it takes a skilled pilot. Understand what we are trying to say?

Captain Aubrey: Officer, I do understand what you are trying to say.

1st Zoz alien officer: Safe journey ahead.

Captain Aubrey: OK. Thank you officer.

While in the tunnel

Captain Aubrey: R-32085Ki (R-3i) Help me to look out for the channel. Quick! So that we won’t miss it. Quick! Can you see any channel?

R-3i: I am looking. There it is! It must be the channel that we must turn into.

Captain Aubrey: I’m making a turn now. Here this ship goes.

R-3i: Okie dokie. I am sure. You can trust what this robot say.

Captain Aubrey: Here we go.

R-3i: Captain I can feel that something is pulling me away.

Captain Aubrey: Hold on we still have to reach the end. The man with the orange torch.

R-3i: Yes captain, that’s him.

Captain Aubrey: We pass.

R-3i: Woo hoo! We’ve made it.

Captain Aubrey: Are you prepared?

Air becomes tight like vacuum. Rocks are pulled by gravity and flying towards the spaceship

R-3i: Oh my gosh! What is going on?

Captain Aubrey: Hang on!

Alarm sound – Ship is crashing in 30 seconds (counting down).

Captain Aubrey (to the ship): I will not let you down.

R-3i: Captain, we’re going through something!

Captain Aubrey: It’s the dimensional portal door to the 4th dimensional universe.

Captain Aubrey: We’ve made it. We’ve finally made it.

Captain Aubrey: Prepare to land.

Captain Aubrey: We’re landing now.

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