A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 5- Disguises as Mud Subterranean Kingdom Refugees)

R-3i: We’re here.

Captain Aubrey: What is the coordinate of our location?

R-3i: Captain, checking. The coordinate is 110(3 symbol up)5 T and 11(3 symbol down) I.

R-3i: We are here in this region. This region is quite hot. We should bring some ice packs, cooling lip balm, and a nice hat that keep the head cool.

Captain Aubrey: Pack up the essentials and we’re ready to embark on the journey.

R-3i: Its done. Everything is packed. We’re ready to set out.

Captain Aubrey: Are you sure you’ve bring along everything?

R-3i: 100% sure captain.

Captain Aubrey: Let’s set out on the journey.

Incoming radio signal

R-3i: Captain, I’ve received something.

Captain Aubrey: What message

R-3i: I can’t quite make it out. It sounds like an animal in distress. Its calling again.

Captain Aubrey: What noise? I don’t hear anything

R-3i: Listen carefully.

Captain Aubrey: Nothing.

R-3i: Do you want me to lend you my ears?

Captain Aubrey: No need.

R-3i: Do you want to take out my radio device and hear it yourself?

Captain Aubrey: No need for that. I can hear something now? Tell me what did you hear? Is it the same noises that I hear?

R-3i: Uh no. I am not able to receive anything. I told you I’ll lend you my ears.

Captain Aubrey: OK. You be my ear. Can you guide us to this sound?

R-3i: I’m sure I can. Compass? Where’s my compass assistant? Follow the direction on this compass?

Captain Aubrey: Its pointing to 3 directions. Which direction should we take R-3i?
3 directions. That’s alarming. I could only take 1 direction at a time.

R-3i: We’ll take the first direction which is telling us to go to the north west.

Captain Aubrey: OK. I’ll follow your instruction this time.

Captain Aubrey: What can you see over there?

R-3i: I can see nothing but a few clouds.

Captain Aubrey: Are you sure you can’t see anything there? Tell me again what did you see.

R-3i: Not clouds. Well, they look like one to me.

Captain Aubrey: They are not clouds but a squadron of the N series most advanced fighters. They are moving slowly across the sky, patrolling the colder region of the 4th phase in the dimensional universe. They would capture any subspecies from the lower phase in the dimensional universe. We wouldn’t want to be their victims and cause any trouble. They’ll spot us with their big satellite dish and the giant red vacuum will zap us in the twinkling of an eye. We must run and hide. We must not let them see us.

Captain Aubrey: Lets pretend to be refugees from the mud country in the slimy part of the subterranean kingdom. I’ll give the signal “aahh… aahh…” and you’ll come and say, “Master, hurry up! We are not yet far from the soldiers that are chasing after us. We don’t want them to catch us out here on the upper section.”

R-3i: OK, I get you. So, I am gonna pretend to be a servant who is running away with his master. Why do we have to disguise ourselves as the refugees from the mud subterranean country.
Captain Aubrey: I’ll be a soldier. You be my overseer. We’ll pretend we are subordinates to an emperor of a certain far away kingdom who have sent us here on an errand.

R-3i: This plan won’t work.

Captain Aubrey: Stick to my plan. I know we’ll come through it. The people from the subterranean mud world look like this so you must look like one and act like one.

R-3i: How are we going to disguise ourselves like the refugees from the country in the subterranean mud world? I’ll teach you.

Captain Aubrey: We’ll disguise ourselves by wearing the uniform of those traveling from the South, a region in the slimy part of the subterranean kingdom.

R-3i: Can we actually disguise ourselves to be like the wandering travelers from the South region you say?

Captain Aubrey: I’m sure I can. But what about you?

R-3i: No, no I think I can’t.

Captain Aubrey: if you want to be my robot, you have to follow my instruction.

R-3i: I guess its the only option I have.

R-3i: I look quite like one now.

Captain Aubrey: How do I look?

R-3i: Quite like a professional imposter.

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