A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 6 – The Tough Journey)

R-3i: Captain, the journey is getting hard. Shall we abandon the things that we carry behind us?

Captain Aubrey: Try to drag it along. We only have to use our strength to keep going.

R-3i: Captain, shall we abandon the things that we carry behind us?

Captain Aubrey: No. We can’t afford to lose these items as they will help us in the journey ahead.

R-3i: It’s no use. I can’t drag it along anymore. My feet! I can’t drag it any longer. The active device switch in my feet breaks and I can’t travel as efficient as before. Help me captain. Help. I am also experiencing mechanical failures in some of the wires in the muscles of my feet. I couldn’t couldn’t move anymore. The delicate engineered wirings in my feet is damaged and starts malfunctioning. I’m afraid you have to drag me along captain now.

Captain Aubrey: What about your hands? You can use your hand to drag them.

R-3i: Captain, you are being unsympathetic. If I were to use my hands to drag them, my hands would end up in the same fate as my feet.

Captain Aubrey: That’s a good excuse. Let me carry them.

R-3i: Big thanks captain. Thank you for sympathizing with me. I’ll return with a bigger favor next time.

Captain Aubrey: O, that’s pretty heavy. I can’t carry it.

R-3i: I told you. You don’t want to listen to me. What are we going to do we these loads?

Captain Aubrey: I think I can still carry on. Go on.

R-3i: Captain let me help you. Though my feet is nearly broken, I will help you.

Captain Aubrey: Ooo (fainted)

R-3i: Captain… Captain…

A group of aliens people came

Caravan troop: O O O O O O (the aliens marvel with O)

Caravan troop: What are you carrying behind? Would you mind letting us take a look?

R-3i: Please don’t disturb my master. She needs some rest.

Caravan troop: We can help. Can we help? (another alien say)

R-3i: I would be much obliged if you could take us to the nearest doctor. If there is any way to thank you, I would be happy to do so.

Caravan troop: There is no doctor around here

R-3i: But we could lead you to the house in the vale. Someone there will warmly welcome you as a guest.

Caravan troop: Are you sure we can help them? They seem like the refugees from the subterranean mud kingdom. Can we help them? (one say) No. (another reply) We can’t help them. (another say). They are the refugees from the subterranean mud kingdom. (whispers – discuss among themselves). Let us not bother ourselves with helping these runaway refugees.

Caravan troop: We can’t take you there as we promised.

R-3i: OK

A volunteer appear at this time.

Volunteer: I’ll take you to that place.

Caravan troop: No (they advised him not to help the robot)

Volunteer: That’s too bad. I can’t help you. You are on your own.

R-3i: O master, you are so heavy. (R-3i lift captain up to an animal)

R-3i: I’m coming along. (Climb up to saddle)

R-3i: Oooo… (Call to animal to walk – animal did not walk)

R-3i: Go on. Go on. (Try to get the animal to move again)

R-3i climb downs and pull the rein to get the animal to move. The animal finally move and it is running. R-3i is being dragged along the desert sand as the animal runs. After a while, they reach a place and a few officers happen to be there.

1st Officer: Where are you going?

2nd Officer: Come in and have some fun with us.

R-3i: I’ll carry my master along.

2nd Officer: What’s wrong with her. Is she asleep?

Man at the inn: You can stay here for free if you want.

R-3i: I am very much obliged, sir.

Man at the inn: No need to thank me. Thank the officers.

Servant girl at the inn: Is she awake? She will soon be OK.

Captain Aubrey: Where…

Captain Aubrey: R-3i, what is this place?

R-3i: I’m not sure. I’ll ask the man I talked to just now.

R-3i: Excuse me. Can you tell us where we are?

Man at the inn: Don’t you know? You don’t know?

R-3i: We don’t know.

Man at the inn: You are right here in the camp of the officers who live on the 5 phases. This is the place where the lowest, meanest and fiercest officers come to gamble and enjoy themselves and hang around. This place is not safe. Don’t stay here long.

R-3i: OK, sir.

R-3i: Captain, we’re in the camp where the officers who come to patrol on the 5 phases hang out. We can’t stay here long. This is what the man told me. Our lives will have dangerous consequence if we stay for too long. Let us get on with our journey now.

Captain Aubrey: When? Now? I can’t move now?

R-3i: Or perhaps we should wait until you get well before setting out on the journey.

Captain Aubrey: We will set out on the journey again after 2 days.

R-3i: Get well soon, captain.

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