A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 7 – The Hibernation)

1 Day Later

R-3i: Captain, the officers that patrol the region of the cold south is here. Let us leave now!

Captain Aubrey: Let’s leave immediately!

R-3i: Captain, they are coming!

Captain Aubrey: Hide!

R-3i: Where to hide?

Captain Aubrey: In here, quick!

R-3i: Are you coming along?

Captain Aubrey: Yes, wait for me.

Captain Aubrey presses something a hologram appears

Hologram: Hello, captain. May I take your order?

Captain Aubrey: There are four officers after us. Can you please supervise the situation on my behalf?

Hologram: Yes. I’ll do my best.

Captain Aubrey: Thank you. We’ll keep in touch later.

R-3i: Captain, are you coming now?

Captain Aubrey: Yes. I’m coming.

Leader: Who have been here?

Subordinates: We do not know.

Leader: Search the place. Search here, there, everywhere. I want all areas to be searched thoroughly

Subordinates: We did not find anything.

Subordinates: We’ve found something.

Leader: Let me see.

Leader opens hologram.

Leader: Can you tell us where are the persons we are looking for?

Hologram: I can’t hear you… I can’t hear you… I can’t hear you…

Hologram switches off on its own.

Leader: We’ll resume the search at a future date.

They disappear into the spaceship and spaceship flies away.

Captain Aubrey: Ohhh… (in pain)

R-3i: Captain, Are you OK?

Captain Aubrey: I am OK. Hurry!

Captain Aubrey found a hiding place.

Captain Aubrey: Quick! Hide in here. Don’t make a sound. Don’t move.

After a long while, after the alien officers are gone.

R-3i: I am hearing sounds again. These sounds are shrieking my nerves.

R-3i gets out of his hiding place and found an opening.

R-3i: Master, I’ve found an opening but I can’t seem to go through,

Captain Aubrey: R-3i, are you there?

Captain Aubrey: Go to the opening.

R-3i: Which way to go?

Captain Aubrey: There’s only one way, R-3i. There’s only one way – The only way to go in.

R-3i: I can’t believe my eyes. It’s unbelievable. Can you tell me what i am seeing with my eyes.

Captain Aubrey: R-3i, I am weak and I can’t move much. You must follow my instructions carry out my order very quickly. If we delay, they will come after us. There’s only one way to go in. You’d have to let the door open on its own.

But it won’t open easily. You’d have to wait there until the moonlit slowly open the door. The ground will rumble and an opening will take form.

R-3i waits at the entrance until the moonlight finally shines on it.

R-3i: Moonlight. Yes. Finally. Master, the moon shines.

Captain Aubrey: Wait.

R-3i: There is no earthquake or rumbling on the ground.

Captain Aubrey: I see. If you can’t open it, I will have to use my strength to force open it. Stand back. I am going to open the door.

The door open.

R-3i: We’re in.

Captain Aubrey. There will be a hibernation possibility. I need to hibernate to recoup my strength.

R-3i: What’s hibernation?

Captain Aubrey: Hibernation is a process to reset and recharge your body to the full maximum power.

R-3i: Captain, I do not feel the need to recharge

Captain Aubrey: I am hibernating and so are you. And we’ll be safe there. It is the safest place for us to hibernate. Turn off the power (Tell R-3i to turn off its power).

R-3i: Are you sure we’ll be safe here?

Captain Aubrey: There’s no guarantee. Don’t worry too much.

R-3i: I am sleepy.

R-3i robot status reads: All systems are shut down – Sleep mode.

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