A Voyage: Universe: 4th Dimension (Chapter 8 – Discovery of the Great Transformer)

Captain Aubrey: Wake up, R-3i.

Captain Aubrey: Wake up, R-3i. Wake up now!

R-3i: Who’s talking to me?

R-3i status reads:

Retrieving captain’s instruction. Activating. Connecting. Restarting. Connected. Senses activated.

R-3i sneeze robot sound.

R-3i: Captain, I’m back to duty. What is it?

Captain Aubrey: R-3i, lets resume pursuing the purpose of our journey. Lets start our journey again.

R-3i: Yes, I’ll be ready right away.

R-3i: Captain, how do you feel?

Captain Aubrey: After the hibernation, I feel rejuvenated. My strength has restored and my energy level is back to normal. I am confident that I can now move on without any feeling of faintness.

R-3i: That’s something good to hear.

Captain Aubrey: R-3i, we can’t stay here need to come out to the surface. We must open the door now.

R-3i: Its hard to…

Captain Aubrey: Let me. Stand aside. Eeee! The door is finally open.

R-3i: We’re out. We’re safe now. Captain, we have another problem. The escape route we take is no longer viable. What do you propose, captain.

Captain Aubrey: The route may be impassable but I have another solution.

R-3i: What solution, captain. Could we send bots to detect a path to the surface.

Captain Aubrey: Could we send Agnes?

R-3i: Yes I could send her. Here she goes.

Captain Aubrey: She is the perfect bot for the task. Agnes, can you lead us out of this place?

Agnes: Sure, captain.

R-3i: Where is it leading us? I can’t see anything. Its dark in here.

Captain Aubrey: Follow the trail of the torch beaming through Agnes’ eyes. I can see something, can you?

R-3i: O what’s that. Yes, I can see something now. Captain, we have found the body of the great Gutawuyid (transformer). Captain, this is a great discovery.

Captain Aubrey: Amazing! This is the first discovery in our arduous adventure. We can explore more parts of this universe afterwards. We will explore the stars, moons and suns.

Transformer robot talking

R-3i: Captain, should we wake him?

Captain Aubrey: No, the Gutawuyid transformer is in his deep sleep. We will not arouse him.

R-3i: Should we return now?

Captain Aubrey: Now is the time for us to return. Send for the ship.

Agnes: Yes, captain. I shall fulfill your instruction.

After a while

Agnes: Here the ship comes.

R-3i: Captain, the ship arrives. What should we do with this Gutawuyid transformer?

Captain Aubrey: Lets not leave him in this place. We will bring the Gutawuyid transformer with us.

R-3i: Gutawuyid is still asleep, how can we take him with us to our home in Eepsxxiiv

Captain Aubrey: Agnes will reset him. Come over here, Agnes.

Agnes: I am here, captain. Please say your order. I will obey your order.

Captain Aubrey: Wake and activate transformer that he may travel with us in this journey.

Agnes: OK captain.

The transformer has no more power so Agnes, a small robot, is charging him by using some of her own power.

Transformer status reads:
Resetting. Charging. Activating mobilization. Heart rate detected. Mechanical system restarting. All functionalities enabled.

Agnes: Transformer is on – active now

Gutawuyid transformer makes some noises.

Captain Aubrey: Are you all ready to come with us now?

Gutawuyid transformer: Ready

Captain Aubrey: Let’s go

While in the spaceship

R-3i: Do you want me to drive the ship?

Captain Aubrey: this time, you’ll drive.

R-3i: Captain, the ship is moving. Are we ready to set out?

Captain Aubrey: Yes, R-3i

R-3i: Captain, we’re flying fast. Home, here we come. Heading back to Eepsxxiiv.

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Chapter 3 – R-3i Receives Training to Drive a Spaceship

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Chapter 6 – The Tough Journey

Chapter 7 – The Hibernation

Chapter 8 – Discovery of the Great Transformer

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