Blue, the Whale on a Mission to Save the Sea Palace

Chapter 1

Blue and Silver Play Chasing


A big silver fish with sharp teeth sing the submarine sound (tum, tum, tum) then he press down on the big whale, his friend. Blue, the big whale who has a habit of colliding into submarine and is afraid when he hears the submarine sound. He thought he is going to hit into another submarine.

Then, his friend, Silver, (short for Sil) bite with the teeth, opening and closing mouth, making the shark biting sound, and chase after his whale friend. The whale swim at such as fast speed that fishes got accident and hit into the rock. Crustacean and other fishes hide in the sand under the sea bed

Blue crosses through a hole in a large sail of a sunken sail ship and an arch made by rock. Mother octopus in the cave saw the whale coming and quickly come out. She thought the whale is going to collide into the cave.

Suddenly, he remembers about going to the surface because his friend the big fish is afraid of the boat. He goes to the surface near water. On the surface, there are a few large ships sailing within a distance of each other.

When his friend arrive fast up to the surface, the water is pushed a bit forward. The sea dragon, the whale friend appears and he turns the water bubbly boiling and the temperature of that part of the sea water becomes warmer.

The sea dragon tries to use her tentacles to drown the ship for fun. She reaches her tentacle to the north side of the ship and pulls it down so that the ship and everything in it is tipping and tumbling on the deck. She also has the other tentacle in the right side of the ship deck.

When Blue sees this, he quickly goes over and persuade his friend not to do it and she agreed. They laugh together. The sea dragon returns to her lair under the sea. That day, it rain milk and the ocean become white milk color. After the rain is over, they would dry up like frozen ice on the water and slowly disappear away.

Chapter 2

Blue Meets the Dotted Fish from the Sea Palace

The next morning, the whale goes up to the sea surface again to take in some fresh air. A small orange fish is also on the surface. The name of the small orange fish is Pete. Pete swims toward Blue and ask if he could blow him out of his nostril so that he could have some fun. Blue agrees.

Blue splashes water out of the hole on top of his head as the little fish want to enjoy on top of the splash of water. After a while, the blue whale stop blowing and the water and the fish falls back into the nostrils and the fish comes out of the whale mouth. A group of dotted fish from the sea palace is also there to collect the frozen milky rain as the sea king wants them for his dinner. Dotted fish sing a song and blue whale sing a song back.

Dotted fishes sing:
Blue, you are so blue (fishes circle as they sing)
and big and curve (fish form curve line) and long (fish hold fins together like holding hands and stretch to form a long line)
like the big brown boat that float on the ocean (fish form a brown boat)
bubbly sound 1 2 3 (now one fish singing make bubbly sound)
in with the fresh air and out with the old air
O my gosh! shock expression,
barnacles all over your back, chin and belly
May we clear them away for good
from your beautiful blue hide
The frozen milky rain is still good
Do you want some?

Whale replies:
So comfy to be on the cool blue water (whale swims around like he feel so cool)
where I can take in fresh air (whale takes in a big breath to show how much he appreciate the fresh air)
Quick! The frozen milky ice is quickly melting
So gather all for yourself
No need to save any for me
I still miss the little fellows on may head (barnacles)
But they have covered my fins and tails (whale talk in deep horror sound)
It is irritating as I seem to be drowning
when I try to swim just a little distance
I would be glad to have you clear them away for me
so that I can swim as freely as the flying dolphin

The dotted fish swim towards Blue’s fins and whale. They bite the barnacle and they have to let go and unattach themselves. They keep doing this until his fins and tail are cleared of them.

Chapter 3

Blue and His Friend Sent on a Mission by the Mer Prince


One day, the sea king sends his messenger to the blue whale to get his help. Before they come, the whale could hear the swooshing sound of the carriage pulled by sea slug. In the carriage is the beige prawn messenger with blue green yellow streak with thick legs. A group of pink red fish from the palace accompanies the carriage. When they arrive, they tell the blue whale that the prince wants to see him so they follow him.

They pass through parts of the sea that is solitary. After journeying for a while, rocks with moss appear and ahead is the undersea palace. The undersea palace has four square lines up and down. Three square buildings spaced equally on each line, on the lower part of the innermost line is the large square building. There are large red sea horses and large pink red slugs with 3-4 strips on top of the head.

The sea prince sends the puffer fish to ask the fish with sharp teeth, the whale’s friend to come to the palace also. Puffer fish has brown body with check pattern brown line and inside the square is deep blue. He is accompanied with four yellow fish with brown streak on the belly.

When they arrive at the palace, the prince told them that their palace is no longer emanating light as before. This is because one of the special stone is losing is power. He sends them to the far sea kingdom to obtain the stone with lines. The stone is worn by the mer people there as belt. They are to request the prince to offer the belt with the special stone.

The whale told the prince that he wants to travel with 3 other fishes. The blue whale travels miles and miles across the ocean with other fishes, round gold fish, rectangle round silver fish, red fish with zig zag soft puffy skin, the fish with sharp teeth, and one regular silver fish slightly smaller than blue whale. A pink octopus like animal with ten tentacles, two small ears in the head, blue eyes accompanies them. He goes in the whale mouth because he can’t swim as fast as the fishes.

They go through parts of the ocean where there are colorful flowers and grey rocks that move on the ocean bed. The gray rocks is camouflage and can eat other small creatures.

On the way, several big sea snakes come out behind the rock to attack the blue whale. The blue whale swim as fast as he can when being chased by the big sea snake. Halfway through running, he remembers about using his tail to whip the snake if he gets chased by one. He becomes brave and uses his tail to whip the snake one by one throwing them towards a rock.

Chapter 4

Pinki Steals the Special Stone with Lines


When they arrive at the shiny round castle, the mer guards deny their entrance. Then, the pink creature with 10 tentacles called Pinki come out and bend to greet the mer guards. He tells them he knows the prince and ask for entrance But, the mer guards do not want to allow them to enter.

So, the whale and his friends turn to the left and disappear. Meanwhile, the pink creature told them that he could sneak in to steal the belt from the prince. The pink creature, when swallow things properly covered with his saliva the thing won’t be seen on the outside. He could transform into anything, even transform into a food, and get eaten and its flesh quickly grows back. He transforms into the water and float his way into the palace. When he is transformed, all is left is his eyes and two small ears. His eyes when closed, could not be seen but the ear can be seen.

The pink creature sneaks into the prince’s room. The prince room is one of the most luxurious rooms in the sea palace and the wall is lined with pearls. At this moment, the prince is walking back and forth thinking of how he should decorate a hall that is newly built as an extension to his palace. As he walk and thinks, he looks downward. The pink tentacle creature who has been transformed into the water move towards the prince belt.

He waits until the prince is not looking downward to stealthily untie the belt and swallow it. Then, he quickly swim out of the palace. The prince looks down again as he think but he didn’t notice it as he is too engrossed in his thinking. But, on second look, he finally noticed that the belt is not around his waist.He calls the guards to capture anyone that has stolen it.

The pink tentacle creature vomit out the belt as soon as he arrive at where the whale and his friends. The whale and his group of friends embarks their journey to return after checking the belt and being sure it is what they are looking for.

Chapter 5

The Seed of the Tree of Life


On the way, they come to an area where spiky plants form the path. There are sea weed forest on the left and right of the path. The sea weeds may look soft but it can causes red rashes on the fish skin. Underneath the seaweed is many bones of dead fishes who try to cross it. They found a way through the rift valley. As they descend lower and lower, it becomes harder and harder to breathe.

At the end of the road, they see a giant tree where colorful fishes are swimming in and out of it It is the tree of life and it is abundant in its green fruits. The trunk and root are green like that of the swamp tree.

They decide to pick one of the fruit from the tree of life so that they could plant the seed back in their home. They send the small red fish enter through the cracks behind the large hollow rock to pick one fruit.

Chapter 6

The Mer Kingdom is Shining Bright Again


When the whale and his friend returns, they handed the special stone to the prince. The prince and a few mer officials open the door on the molten lava sea bed. When the door open, they dive in. The sulfur color lava may look like it is boiling hot but it is not.

Underneath, there is a door with a round part in the middle that is imprinted with climbing plant stems. They show their own medal with the lines and the round part illuminate with light. The door open and they enter. Then, they fix the stone in place and now the palace is as radiating with bright light again as before.

Blue and his friends plant the seed of the tree of life in the middle of the undersea city. The tree grows up and thrive with many colorful fishes always swimming around it.

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