Parrakawa Luttiqqka, the Fish Who Transforms into a Human

Chapter 1 Parrakawa Luttiqqka   A long time ago, there lived fishes in the sea that have the abilities to transform into human. The thing is that the fish could not stay in the human form for more than 3 days without changing back into fish. If one wait until the last 5 minutes to change back, he/she will have …

Megg Saves the Blue Galaxy from the X45 Virus

Chapter 1 Mobboppotton Rains Sulfur Yellow Rain   One day, sulfur yellow rain starts to pour down over the alien city of Mobboppotton. Everywhere, the green Mobpots aliens are turning on the wipers on their spaceship cars. As the wiper starts to move, it releases a transparent liquid that quickly wipes away the yellow rain safely from the screen. If …

Marley, the Tabby Cat

Chapter 1 Marley Goes to the Beach Marley, a teenage tabby cat, wears a formal dress with bright blue neck tie and carrying a blue and green umbrella, walks up the hilly road on a sunny day. Down from the hilly road came the fat cat riding on a scooter. On the road side, there is a pond and someone …

Blue, the Whale on a Mission to Save the Sea Palace

Chapter 1 Blue and Silver Play Chasing   A big silver fish with sharp teeth sing the submarine sound (tum, tum, tum) then he press down on the big whale, his friend. Blue, the big whale who has a habit of colliding into submarine and is afraid when he hears the submarine sound. He thought he is going to hit …

A Story about Loo, the White Bird in Candy Land

Chapter 1 Loo Catches His Breakfast with the Help of the Silk Fish   In a far away planet, there are lots of volcano shape sand dunes with holes on the sides where crabs go and live inside. There are many species of crabs that live in these volcano dunes including ball crab whose legs are curl like ball and …

A Story about Keruias, the Red Squirrel

In the woods, a strong wind starts to howl and blow. There is a red squirrel holding on to the branch of a large tree. When the wind suddenly stops blowing, the branch swings back and throws the squirrel to another branch of a large tree further in the woods.

The Story of Hojo and Oukous

Chapter 1 Hojo Steals a Lizard Egg   In a strange world, everything there looks distorted like when you see through a thick glass. The story sets in a woods, with the giraffe like animal grazing. A sea otter like animal called Hojo is running after having stolen an egg of a giant lizard.

Lewin, the Funny Horse

Chapter 1 Lewin is Chased by a Fierce Bull and Rhino   On a far away planet, there live animals that can stand upright like human beings. The story is about a horse, called Lewin. One morning, Lewin bends down to eat some delicious grass. Then, he makes a morning stretch by stretching his two hands and say “Mmmmmm”.

King Bobimbinado and the Special Armor

Chapter 1 Bobimbinado Gathers a Large Herd of Bull Soldiers   Once, there is a man called Bobimbinado who likes to catch wild bulls. He and his men would go to different meadows where wild bulls are grazing and use lasso ropes to catch them. They would start a chase towards the wild bulls and the bulls will start a …

The Adventures of the Unicorn and Cheetah

Chapter 1 The Cheetah Rescues a Baby Unicorn from an Elephant Stampede   A large flock of winged unicorns flies together in the sky to a green meadow where they can graze on some grass. They make noises to show their contentment as they graze happily on the meadow. Nearby, there is also a herd of capybaras grazing.