Marley, the Tabby Cat

Chapter 1

Marley Goes to the Beach

Marley, a teenage tabby cat, wears a formal dress with bright blue neck tie and carrying a blue and green umbrella, walks up the hilly road on a sunny day. Down from the hilly road came the fat cat riding on a scooter. On the road side, there is a pond and someone is selling fishes. On the left side, some houses are on sale. He changes the number of 6 to 8 on the for sale sign board.

Marley says he wants 3 fishes, and he uses his paw to catch 3 fishes and it was put in a brown paper bag for him. Up ahead, Mr. Johnson, the dog is woofing because the 5 little pigs had stolen his trilby hat and running away. Onward, there is a stall selling rats. Marley says he wants one. So, the shopkeeper takes one and meow and scratch with his paw and kills the rat and pack in a brown paper bag for him.

He turns into the beach to have a picnic. He rents a lounge chair; there are 3 sizes, small, medium and large; and he choose the small size because he is slim. He bought a coconut with whipped cream juice at the stall. He opens up the chair, puts on his sunglasses and puts one mouse into his mouth and chews and chews.

Then, he puts in the fish one by one and drinking the juice in between. On the beach, there is a deer that has stolen the ball of a dog they chase each other round and round. There are girl poodle dogs playing volley balls. There are banana peels playing skipping ropes. The banana peel has two slit on the left and right side where it become two hands and two legs. The front part is deep yellow and the back part is light yellow.

He helps some kids build a two tower sand castle. Both are round tower. One has a turret and the other does not has a turret. There are holes in the tower as windows. The kids use twig to poke the holes to form the windows.

Then, Marley volley ball with a couple, he hits the volley ball to the male cat with black fur on top and white fur underneath. The ball accidentally hit his head and they quarrel. The life coach comes and stops them from fighting. Marley hunches his back and straightens up his fur at the black cat.

Chapter 2

Marley Signs Up for a Bag Pipe Class

After that, Marley drives his small red round car back home. The red car does not have roof. He takes a bath in the bathtub. In the bathtub, there are rubber mice and he is playing scratch with these rubber mice. His sister calls out to him asking him not be childish anymore.

When he comes out of bathroom, he signs up for a bagpipe music class on the internet . At the bagpipe music class, he tries hard to blow the bagpipe and accidentally blow the girls’ skirts up. One girl slaps him; the second girl punches him in the stomach; the third girl nearly step on his leg when the teacher Mrs. Coyote come and pull his tail to the front of the classroom.

He calls out in pain loudly “Meaw!” He has to stand in front of the class as a punishment. Everyone in the bagpipe class laugh. The class has all girl cats and only 1 other male which is a hedgehog. After class, Mrs. Coyote drives home with her car.

Mr. Tabby parks his car far away and hides among the bushes waiting for the teacher’s car to pass by. He ties a white string across the road across two plants so that when she drives through the road, her car couldn’t move forward. She wonders what happened and comes out of the car to check.

Because she keeps pressing the oil pedal and keeps trying to move forward, the line has worn away the outer tire.  When she sees the white string, she disentangles it and throw it to the right plant.

While Mrs Coyote drives the car slowly, Mr. Tabby strewn small non explosive bombs on the road. When her car pass through, it causes loud crackling sound and she wonders what happens again and stops.

This time, Mr. Tabby grabs some dust from the ground and stuck it into the exhaust pipe. The teacher drive halfway smoke comes out of the engine hood in front. She has to call the tow truck guys. After 20 minutes, two wolves with orange fur arrive in the tow truck and tow her car away.

Chapter 3

Mr. Tabby Gets Chased by Bees

Mr. Tabby walks down the street to drive his car but his car runs out of petrol. It stops halfway on the road and he has to push it. Pushing the car halfway he feels tired and he starts to look around and sees squirrel gathering nuts. He ask some nuts from the squirrel but squirrel squeky squek saying he doesn’t want to give the nuts. Then, he uses tries to climb the tree and tries to claw the squirrel. Seeing this, the squirrel quickly jump from tree to tree.

Next, he comes to tree where a bee hive is hanging on the bough. He takes the bee hive down and the bee swarm out of hive. He runs all the way down the street and enters into the first shop that is selling honey. The bee follows him into the shop. When the cashier sees bees swarming into the shop, he press the alarm button and alarm sound starts to ring. The fire engine is on the way.

Mr. Tabby runs out of the shop again and the bees follow him. He runs back to where his car is and he keeps on running until he sees a lake. He grabs a hollow reed and submerges in the lake breathing through the reed.

The reed has lots of red ants on it and he didn’t know. He holds the reeds close to his nose and the red ants got onto his nose. When he comes up, the ants enter inside his nose and bite him. “Yauch!” He cries out. He goes to the pond to blow bubbles in the water to ease the pain.

Meanwhile, the fire engine has come. They track down the bees and they are using a large net to attract the bee. The swarm of bees head towards the large net and they are trapped sticking to it, then they roll the net and put it into a shredder to shred into fertilizer.

Mr. Tabby pushes his car back home, heavily drenched in water. The first thing he do when he goes back home is to take a bath. He uses a sponge to scrub his body and a back brush to scrub the back, then he takes a shower to rinse off the soap.

With a towel. he dries his black and white stripe fur. Finally, he shake his body to rinse excess water before putting on the pyjamas. After coming out of the bathroom, he logs onto the internet and cancel the bagpipe class lesson.

Chapter 4

Mr. Tabby Meets Charlene

In the following morning, he walks to college to attend his classes because he has no car. On the way, he come across a park and he goes in to rent a bike. There are small cat kids riding bicycles in the park.

At school, he sleeps and the teacher a fat bear with brown marks  uses the whip to whip his table 3 times. At the first whip, he moves a little. At the second whip, he is more aroused. At the third whip, he is finally awake. Another student, Starr, a yellow teenage star, is leaning his hand against his face and the teacher whips once on his desk. Both are asked to dance. They are to take turn pulling each other ears going left and right.

The cat pulls the star’s ear to the left and the star pulls the cat’s ear to the right; Then, the cat pulls the star’s ear to the left again and the star tries to pull it to the right and they fight; and at last the cat trying to pull the star’s ear too hard, his buttock hits the teacher’s table and the coffee on his table splashes to the teacher shirt at the back.

They are forced to stand in the sun with wooden clothes clips on their fingers and ears. They are to put their hands up until the school session is over. When the bell rings and the school session is over, a female cat, Charlene and her two friends come over and talk to Mr. Tabby. The cat has light orange fur but only some part of her body is covered with orange stripes.

Mr. Tabby and Charlene get to know each other here. Charlene always takes the shortcut road to school up hill. One day, Tabby sees this and he decides to help her to climb up. He climbs a bit up the hill first and pulls her hand to help her climb. Then, he uses his head to push her up to the road on top. Tabby also helps the other friend to climb up the hill in the same way. For the third friend, he reaches up to the road first, and then stretches out his hand to pull her who is already halfway up the hill.

Chapter 5

Charlene’s Siblings are Missing

One day, Charlene’s brothers gone missing. She has 3 younger brothers, first, Oscar is 10 years old; the second Oswald is 8 years old; and the third Olley is 3 years old. Her mother, Susie is the sole bread winner. Charlene and her mother file a report to the police station. Charlene had also told Tabby about it and he put up notices on the internet. They also stick missing notice in the places the 3 young boys would often go.

On the day, they are missing, two of the older boys have been flying around on their hoverboard with blue green light a  the back. The youngest boy hold on to the shirt of the second oldest boy and sits at the back.

The first boy is much more daring, he likes to flips around when the spacecar flies by. He turns around and to the bottom when a car like spacecar fly by. Next, a spacecar that looks like car but has sharper body comes by and he tilt to the left to avoid it. Then, a round spacecar fly by and he flip around to the bottom. The second boy  is less daring and he would fly his hoverboard to the side to avoid the speeding space car traffic.

Suddenly a spacecar zooms by and Oswald has to dodge fast with his hoverboard. The youngest boy, Olley, who is carrying a parachute bag fall into the sky. Fortunately,the parachute opens itself and he lands safely into a crate of a large spaceship. The crew are loading in nuclear bomb missiles into the spaceship. He drops into a crate that is carrying some small bombs but he quickly climb out before they cover the crate with a wooden cover.

Olley hides behind some stack of sprays. The two older boy seeing this, follow up as the large spaceship close up all the doors. The doors are foldable and they fold back into a partition where the bombs are stored. The ship belongs to a group of crooks. After the foldable door are closed, the ship takes off with purple light at the bottom.

The two boys flies under the ship, and press the red triangle button which opens up a staircase that leads into the engine room. The staircase automatically roll up and the shutter shut the opening when they have entered the room. They climb up through the air vacuum tunnel up into a room. Before exiting through the door in the engine room, they overheard the leader asking the crew if all the canisters are in place.

Oscar and Oswald heard Olley’s voice in the third room so they open the door and enter. When Olley knows the door is opened, he tries to hide but comes out of his hiding place when he sees Oscar and Oswald. At this time, the guard heard some noises in the room. They saw the boys and cuff them with a special laser shock cuff and lock them up in the prison room.

Chapter 6

Marley Helps Charlene to Find Her Siblings

Tabby is selling some popcorn at the ship harbor and someone told them about seeing something white falling from the sky and that could be the missing the boy that Charlene is looking for.

There is also someone who says that they saw two boys chasing after the spaceship and then disappear. Marley asks around and learn about the spaceship name. He learns that the spaceship may be stopping by a few planets on their way to the destination. He boards on a ship but on the first place where they stop, the ship is not there.

So, he steals a small ship and flies it away to the second planet stop. He sees the ship that belongs to the crook there. He enters into the ship, there are 2 guards in front of the room where the boys are. He uses his claws to claw them and rescue the boys from the prison. They escape by sliding on piece of metal sheet out of the ship.

He drives the ship back to the home planet. The person signals him to park the ship on the small parking lot. The boys want to use their hoverboard to go back home but he did not allow. He rents a spaceship bicycle with 3 seats at the back and the cabin seat has roof but no door. He cycles them back home

Charlene and her mother have been crying. When Charlene turns her head to see the sky, she sees the spaceship bicycle from afar and it’s Marley. Susie, the cat mother is happy to see her 3 boys safe and sound. Charlene gives Marley a kiss on the cheek for helping to bring back her 3 siblings.

The End.

Blue, the Whale on a Mission to Save the Sea Palace

Chapter 1

Blue and Silver Play Chasing


A big silver fish with sharp teeth sing the submarine sound (tum, tum, tum) then he press down on the big whale, his friend. Blue, the big whale who has a habit of colliding into submarine and is afraid when he hears the submarine sound. He thought he is going to hit into another submarine.

Then, his friend, Silver, (short for Sil) bite with the teeth, opening and closing mouth, making the shark biting sound, and chase after his whale friend. The whale swim at such as fast speed that fishes got accident and hit into the rock. Crustacean and other fishes hide in the sand under the sea bed

Blue crosses through a hole in a large sail of a sunken sail ship and an arch made by rock. Mother octopus in the cave saw the whale coming and quickly come out. She thought the whale is going to collide into the cave.

Suddenly, he remembers about going to the surface because his friend the big fish is afraid of the boat. He goes to the surface near water. On the surface, there are a few large ships sailing within a distance of each other.

When his friend arrive fast up to the surface, the water is pushed a bit forward. The sea dragon, the whale friend appears and he turns the water bubbly boiling and the temperature of that part of the sea water becomes warmer.

The sea dragon tries to use her tentacles to drown the ship for fun. She reaches her tentacle to the north side of the ship and pulls it down so that the ship and everything in it is tipping and tumbling on the deck. She also has the other tentacle in the right side of the ship deck.

When Blue sees this, he quickly goes over and persuade his friend not to do it and she agreed. They laugh together. The sea dragon returns to her lair under the sea. That day, it rain milk and the ocean become white milk color. After the rain is over, they would dry up like frozen ice on the water and slowly disappear away.

Chapter 2

Blue Meets the Dotted Fish from the Sea Palace

The next morning, the whale goes up to the sea surface again to take in some fresh air. A small orange fish is also on the surface. The name of the small orange fish is Pete. Pete swims toward Blue and ask if he could blow him out of his nostril so that he could have some fun. Blue agrees.

Blue splashes water out of the hole on top of his head as the little fish want to enjoy on top of the splash of water. After a while, the blue whale stop blowing and the water and the fish falls back into the nostrils and the fish comes out of the whale mouth. A group of dotted fish from the sea palace is also there to collect the frozen milky rain as the sea king wants them for his dinner. Dotted fish sing a song and blue whale sing a song back.

Dotted fishes sing:
Blue, you are so blue (fishes circle as they sing)
and big and curve (fish form curve line) and long (fish hold fins together like holding hands and stretch to form a long line)
like the big brown boat that float on the ocean (fish form a brown boat)
bubbly sound 1 2 3 (now one fish singing make bubbly sound)
in with the fresh air and out with the old air
O my gosh! shock expression,
barnacles all over your back, chin and belly
May we clear them away for good
from your beautiful blue hide
The frozen milky rain is still good
Do you want some?

Whale replies:
So comfy to be on the cool blue water (whale swims around like he feel so cool)
where I can take in fresh air (whale takes in a big breath to show how much he appreciate the fresh air)
Quick! The frozen milky ice is quickly melting
So gather all for yourself
No need to save any for me
I still miss the little fellows on may head (barnacles)
But they have covered my fins and tails (whale talk in deep horror sound)
It is irritating as I seem to be drowning
when I try to swim just a little distance
I would be glad to have you clear them away for me
so that I can swim as freely as the flying dolphin

The dotted fish swim towards Blue’s fins and whale. They bite the barnacle and they have to let go and unattach themselves. They keep doing this until his fins and tail are cleared of them.

Chapter 3

Blue and His Friend Sent on a Mission by the Mer Prince


One day, the sea king sends his messenger to the blue whale to get his help. Before they come, the whale could hear the swooshing sound of the carriage pulled by sea slug. In the carriage is the beige prawn messenger with blue green yellow streak with thick legs. A group of pink red fish from the palace accompanies the carriage. When they arrive, they tell the blue whale that the prince wants to see him so they follow him.

They pass through parts of the sea that is solitary. After journeying for a while, rocks with moss appear and ahead is the undersea palace. The undersea palace has four square lines up and down. Three square buildings spaced equally on each line, on the lower part of the innermost line is the large square building. There are large red sea horses and large pink red slugs with 3-4 strips on top of the head.

The sea prince sends the puffer fish to ask the fish with sharp teeth, the whale’s friend to come to the palace also. Puffer fish has brown body with check pattern brown line and inside the square is deep blue. He is accompanied with four yellow fish with brown streak on the belly.

When they arrive at the palace, the prince told them that their palace is no longer emanating light as before. This is because one of the special stone is losing is power. He sends them to the far sea kingdom to obtain the stone with lines. The stone is worn by the mer people there as belt. They are to request the prince to offer the belt with the special stone.

The whale told the prince that he wants to travel with 3 other fishes. The blue whale travels miles and miles across the ocean with other fishes, round gold fish, rectangle round silver fish, red fish with zig zag soft puffy skin, the fish with sharp teeth, and one regular silver fish slightly smaller than blue whale. A pink octopus like animal with ten tentacles, two small ears in the head, blue eyes accompanies them. He goes in the whale mouth because he can’t swim as fast as the fishes.

They go through parts of the ocean where there are colorful flowers and grey rocks that move on the ocean bed. The gray rocks is camouflage and can eat other small creatures.

On the way, several big sea snakes come out behind the rock to attack the blue whale. The blue whale swim as fast as he can when being chased by the big sea snake. Halfway through running, he remembers about using his tail to whip the snake if he gets chased by one. He becomes brave and uses his tail to whip the snake one by one throwing them towards a rock.

Chapter 4

Pinki Steals the Special Stone with Lines


When they arrive at the shiny round castle, the mer guards deny their entrance. Then, the pink creature with 10 tentacles called Pinki come out and bend to greet the mer guards. He tells them he knows the prince and ask for entrance But, the mer guards do not want to allow them to enter.

So, the whale and his friends turn to the left and disappear. Meanwhile, the pink creature told them that he could sneak in to steal the belt from the prince. The pink creature, when swallow things properly covered with his saliva the thing won’t be seen on the outside. He could transform into anything, even transform into a food, and get eaten and its flesh quickly grows back. He transforms into the water and float his way into the palace. When he is transformed, all is left is his eyes and two small ears. His eyes when closed, could not be seen but the ear can be seen.

The pink creature sneaks into the prince’s room. The prince room is one of the most luxurious rooms in the sea palace and the wall is lined with pearls. At this moment, the prince is walking back and forth thinking of how he should decorate a hall that is newly built as an extension to his palace. As he walk and thinks, he looks downward. The pink tentacle creature who has been transformed into the water move towards the prince belt.

He waits until the prince is not looking downward to stealthily untie the belt and swallow it. Then, he quickly swim out of the palace. The prince looks down again as he think but he didn’t notice it as he is too engrossed in his thinking. But, on second look, he finally noticed that the belt is not around his waist.He calls the guards to capture anyone that has stolen it.

The pink tentacle creature vomit out the belt as soon as he arrive at where the whale and his friends. The whale and his group of friends embarks their journey to return after checking the belt and being sure it is what they are looking for.

Chapter 5

The Seed of the Tree of Life


On the way, they come to an area where spiky plants form the path. There are sea weed forest on the left and right of the path. The sea weeds may look soft but it can causes red rashes on the fish skin. Underneath the seaweed is many bones of dead fishes who try to cross it. They found a way through the rift valley. As they descend lower and lower, it becomes harder and harder to breathe.

At the end of the road, they see a giant tree where colorful fishes are swimming in and out of it It is the tree of life and it is abundant in its green fruits. The trunk and root are green like that of the swamp tree.

They decide to pick one of the fruit from the tree of life so that they could plant the seed back in their home. They send the small red fish enter through the cracks behind the large hollow rock to pick one fruit.

Chapter 6

The Mer Kingdom is Shining Bright Again


When the whale and his friend returns, they handed the special stone to the prince. The prince and a few mer officials open the door on the molten lava sea bed. When the door open, they dive in. The sulfur color lava may look like it is boiling hot but it is not.

Underneath, there is a door with a round part in the middle that is imprinted with climbing plant stems. They show their own medal with the lines and the round part illuminate with light. The door open and they enter. Then, they fix the stone in place and now the palace is as radiating with bright light again as before.

Blue and his friends plant the seed of the tree of life in the middle of the undersea city. The tree grows up and thrive with many colorful fishes always swimming around it.

A Story about Loo, the White Bird in Candy Land

Chapter 1

Loo Catches His Breakfast with the Help of the Silk Fish


In a far away planet, there are lots of volcano shape sand dunes with holes on the sides where crabs go and live inside. There are many species of crabs that live in these volcano dunes including ball crab whose legs are curl like ball and the head is round, and pearl crabs that look like the pearl, orange crab with orange flesh design on the outer skin, and purple grape crab.

A large purple land octopus try to camouflage himself as the volcano shape sand dunes. He changes his skin color to tan color like the sand. He uses his tentacles to form holes to trick crabs to go in. His face is upward with his mouth wide open. If the crab climb into his mouth, he will eat them. He positions himself just next to the volcano dune so that the crab could see him.

Suddenly, it starts to rain a very sour rain. On this planet, there are four types of rain including sweet, sour, bitter and hot rain. Anything that the rain touches will have the taste. As soon as it starts to rain, all the crabs start to scurry fast into the holes on the sand dune. Some of the crabs come out of the hole and the rain hit them.

More crabs come out when the rain stop and they enter into the camouflage sand dune hole. The camouflage octopus swallow them. But, he spits them out afterwards because the rain has caused the crab to become too sour. He spit the crabs so far that they are flung to the seashore.

The waves wash the seashore and the dead crabs enter into the water of the ocean. A whale opens its mouth to swallow the crabs. But it finds it has a sour taste and spits it out back to the seashore. Just then, a white bird called Loo, flies to the seashore and sees the crab. He tries to eat the crab. But the crab taste sour and he spits out.

Just then, a mother buzzard come and to find food and she sees the crab. She splits open the crab with her claws and takes some of the meat back in its beak to feed the young. Loo flies to the ocean to catch some fishes.

At this time, there is a school of silk fish swimming. The silk fish is known for swirling other fishes or sea creatures in its silk tornado. To get out of the silk tornado, the fish has to be brave and wag its tail fast to swim out.

A group of game fishes are caught in the silk tornado; and when they manage to swim out of it, a group of birds are waiting on the surface to catch them. Loo is one of them and he catches 3 fishes for his breakfast. After eating his breakfast, he flies to his 3 friends at the lake and chat with them.

Loo tells them about the crab that have a sour taste and that he now feels full after having eaten 3 fishes for breakfast thanks to the silk fish. His first friend, is a creature with fuzzy dark brown fur coat and donkey like ears. There are some white streaks on its face. Each of his hand and leg has four fingers. The second friend has pig ears and burly face and body. The third friend is a yellow round ball creature with two thin hands and two thin legs.

While Loo and his friends are talking. it starts to rain tiny white round stones. The stones causes a mother and her 6 babies to tumble down the hill. An animal that is finding shelter nearly slip. It has quills that stuck out on its head. All over the land, many animals are slipping and tumbling because of the rain.

Loo can’t fly because of the pelting tiny white stone. So, he has to walk to find a shelter. First, he comes to a small bush tree but the bush tree is too small and crowded with all the twigs. Then, he comes to a yellow bush but it is still too small for him to hide from the rain. Finally, he comes to a red bush with curving leaves. He and his friend take shelter here.

Chapter 2

Loo is Suck into Candy Land Through an Undersea Volcano Tunnel


There is an animal that can cut grass with its teeth like the lawn mowers. While eating, it also poop at the same time. The poop is oval in shape. There are leftover grass on the field which it did not eat and birds came to collect them. Two birds are brown birds. The third bird is a blue bird and the fourth bird is a medium white bird called May.

May collects the leaves and use them to make a nest. After making her nest, she lays 3 eggs. When the eggs are hatched, she starts to look for food for her young. One day, Loo is pecking some delicious insects from a tree. May is busy flying around looking for food and she saw Loo.

Loo tells May that there are some yummy insects over here. So, she comes over and grabs some to feed her young. Loo follows the mother bird to her nest and watch her feed the chicks. Loo hopes one day he’ll meet someone and have a family too.

One day, a school of silk fish swirl into a ball again and the swirl is formed on the ocean surface this time. The light of the sun reflects off the ocean water and on the ball of silk fish. Loo couldn’t see clearly because of the light reflection. He thought the ball of fish is a boulder so he flies over there and stands on it.

Suddenly, the silk fish submerge themselves back into the ocean. Loo gets suck down into the ocean ground where there are many volcano like holes. The holes are tunnel to the candy world.

When Loo floats up into another lake, a big octopus with another smaller monster octopus on the head uses its tentacle to hold him. An amphibians with two legs and two fins come and a fish humanoid face come swimming toward the bird. He rescues the bird from the octopus and brings him to the shore. As the white bird comes up to the shore, he shakes his feather and then rinses its feather of the water.

As he walks, he is greeted by a few small mushrooms that jump up and then down. These mushrooms are alive and they have two tiny eyes. As he walks further, a flock of birds flies through and they drop presents in the form of parachute. One of the gifts is a molten lava eggs. The second gift is box decorated with diamonds and when opened has a punching clown that springs out. The third gift is a basket with 4 caramel fudge. The fourth basket is multi color baby sucker candy.

In the candy planet, there are mountains with random color blots like watercolor. Lollipop flower is seen downhill the mountain. In the downhill, there are round chocolate popsicle tree. When the popsicle tree melts, many animals wait around to lick the drops.

The soil on the river bank is ground cinnamon. The green grass are sweet and edible. There are biscuits flowers (round, rectangle, flower shape, twister shape, tri-layer oval, tri layer triangle). He goes to the lemon juice river and meets a beaver who welcomes him to stay at his home near the river bank. Loo did not accept the beaver invitation to stay over at his home and he moves on in his journey.


Chapter 3

Loo Joins the Army at Candy Land


At night, Loo comes to a place where there is a bonfire with accordion and flute music. In the bonfire party, he met Jay who is from the army there. He meet his other friends and eventually join the army himself. In a war, a group of birds fly up in the sky and they shoot arrows down at Loo and with his friends of soldiers.

Loo and his friends try to use a large shield to block the arrows. One of the birds tries to use a sling rock machine to fight back, but he is clumsy. The enemy arrow nearly hit him and he use his feathers to protect himself. Just about this time, another bird skilled at throwing rock aim a rock at the enemy and down one of them.

When the enemy birds see this, they take the fire lava stones from their sling bag and put in the mouth. They blow the fire balls towards Loo and his friends, who in turn use a fireproof bouncy net to bouce the fireballs back at the enemies. Next, they use a large water hose to spray water at the birds and some enemy birds are downed. The enemy birds are now retreating and flying away.

The leader throws a note with an arrow that he will be back soon before flying away. In the meantime, the enemy birds have gone back and they decide to start a second war. Immediately, they undergo training. They train spreading their feathers out; and from their feather shoot the sharp arrows. They train using claws to claw their army logo on the enemies.

On that day, Loo and his friends celebrate by having a party of eating fishes and prawns the different color of fishes are naturally candy flavor (mix color fish, pink red, yellow, blue, orange, beige). At night, they sing a song about their victory.

Loo and his girlfriend, Roo lie down to watch the night sky. On the next morning, they go into a woods where the trees there have barks that are made of different shades of cocoa. The leaves of the trees are green just like the trees on earth but they have candy flavor.

During the walk in the woods, they are greeted by a small bear like animal on a tree with swirl black marking on the face. The bear gives Loo and his girlfrienf a valuable gift. It is a nut shell with old woody lines on top and bottom. When open, three is a blue white diamond with a bumble bee yellow color reflection.

The enemy bird is there and he comes over to have an argument with them. He takes the gift by force and go back to his camp. After some time, Loo and Roo got married. Soon, they are parents of 4 cute chicks. This has fulfills Loo’s dream of meeting his true love and starting his own family.


Chapter 4

Loo Saves His Father In Law and their Enemy is Finally Defeated


One day, Roo’s father said that he wants to go to some place which is near to the place that the enemies live. While at the place, he accidentally steps into the enemy territory. He sees the gift and grabs by force from the enemy. Suddenly, the cocoa volcano erupt. The old man is skilled in skating and he took a plank and start skating

Suddenly a lightning strike and cracks appear on the ground. He gets panic but Loo comes just in time and fetch him away. Just about this time, the enemy birds come in group to fight the white bird and his friends. They get help from a stronger bird species warrior who shoot nets to bind them. The land has peace for a long time after the enemy birds are bound. They are put into hard labor work and work their slaves instead.

A Story about Keruias, the Red Squirrel

In the woods, a strong wind starts to howl and blow. There is a red squirrel holding on to the branch of a large tree. When the wind suddenly stops blowing, the branch swings back and throws the squirrel to another branch of a large tree further in the woods.

The squirrel, Keruias, thought he is safe now but just behind of him is a cobra snake. It expands its hood as it open its jaw wide. Every time it moves a short distance, it opens its mouth and makes the sound, “Haar!”. The squirrel tries to run as fast as he can.

Every time Keruias runs a little distance, his whole body shivers out of fear. He hops from tree branch to tree branch as if it is a passageway to somewhere. Suddenly the branch breaks, and he falls down onto the ground. While on the ground, he sees a tree hole at the bottom of the tree not far away.

The tree hole is the hole of a giant worm and his 15 babies live. He runs into the tree hole to hide from the cobra snake. But, the cobra snake also drops onto the ground and follow the squirrel into the hole. When the giant worm sees the cobra, it starts a fight with it.

Just when the cobra is about to bite the giant worm, Keruias lifts the hollow tree trunk until it falls over and squash the cobra. The giant worm then uses the tubes all over his body to suck in the baby grubs. The baby grubs pop its heads out of the tubes while the giant mother worm moves on to find another place to stay.

Keruias runs on the ground and comes across another squirrel called Ler who is gathering acorn nuts. He follows Ler into a his home in the hole in the middle of a tree. Inside the tree hole, there are shelves with piles of acorn nuts.

There are two other squirrels called Ber and Tur sleeping inside the tree hole. As soon as he enters her home, he sits down and eat one nut. When Keruias enters into the hole, he takes one of the nuts from the shelf and gave it to him.

After Keruias finished eating the nut, he sniffs around at the burger cardboard holder and then he left the tree hole. Ler follows Keruias and asks him where he is going. Keruias answers he is going nowhere.

Seeing Keruias has no home, Ler invites him to stay with them. They run and chase each other around from tree to tree before arriving at their home in the tree hole. One day, there is a storm of hails that burns up many trees in the area where Keruias and his friends are living.

They come out of the tree hole and see fire everywhere. Fortunately, they have a friend. Their friend is a type of animal called Round Dog Whale with round flexible body. He fills his mouth with water from the stream until it becomes round like a balloon and runs to the tree where the squirrels are living.

He spits out the water to put off the fire that blocks the way. When they arrive at the stream, he transforms his flexible body into a floating boat like only the skin of his body is left and they float to a safe place. The squirrel finds their home in another large tree on the other side of the river bank.

The Story of Hojo and Oukous

Chapter 1

Hojo Steals a Lizard Egg


In a strange world, everything there looks distorted like when you see through a thick glass. The story sets in a woods, with the giraffe like animal grazing. A sea otter like animal called Hojo is running after having stolen an egg of a giant lizard.

The giant lizard chases him on two feet. Hojo runs and runs and then falls down on where the giraffe like animal is grazing because he runs so fast. The egg turns round and round on the ground but he quickly picks it up and continues running. In the dark woods, there are many stone like creatures that can move around on the ground. He keeps on stumbles on them and falls down.

Chapter 2

Hojo is Rescued by His Friend



Fortunately, his friend comes along and fetches him on the back. With the otter like animal riding on his back, he heads to his home hidden behind some bushes in a farm. When the lizard comes to the farm, the farmer there chases it and it has to stop its search and go away.

They make an oven out of some hay that shape like a triangle dome. Underneath, they stack piles of wood sticks and light up fire to cook the egg. When the egg is cooked, they divide it into half and eat together before going to sleep.

Chapter 3

Hojo is Allured by the Fragrant Flower Smell


In the morning, when he wakes up, the entire field is blooming with flower. The flower has a special fragrant smell that can allure the person who smell it. Hojo could not control himself when he sniffs the fragrant flower smell.

He keeps sniffing and sniffing as he walks because he is delighted with the flower smell. A few mischievous animals lay a trap to capture any animal that has been hypnotized by the fragrant flower smell. They capture Hojo as he is the first victim to come in sight.

They tie his hands and legs loosely and throw him among the tree. A porcupine happens to saw him and he shoots his spike at these mischievous animals that are bullying him. When they all scramble away, he shoots his spikes and cut away the ropes that bind his hands and feet. After thanking the porcupine, he continues his journey.

Hojo creates a round house with dry hay and sleep cozily inside through the summer and fall. He survives by eating a type of slimy fish with mane on top and is beige in color. He catches these fishes from the nearby stream. In winter, the snow leaks into his house and he could no longer stay in the house that he made from hay. So, he moves on and find another place to settle in the cold winter.

Chapter 4

Hojo Meets His Bird Friend, Oukous


Hojo comes to a large sheet of ice where a swan like bird  is skating. The bird introduces herself as called Oukous. She tells him she can call her by her nickname, Ouk. He joins the bird in skating and they skate round and round.

A raccoon like animal watches them on top of a snow laden tree when he tries to watch them at a too near distance. He falls down and heap of snow falls down from on top of the tree onto the ice sheet. A large amount of snow piles down at fast speed and hits Hojo and Ouk so that they fall down and injure their ankles.

A tall leg stork like bird happens to come by and he has sympathy with them. He takes them both to his home and apply bandages to their wounds. He and his wife nurse them back to health. When they recover, they go skiing together but Hojo got an accident while skiing. Oukous skis at an even faster speed so she couldn’t stop over to help his friend.

In the winter, the weather gets freezing cold, and Oukous starts to shiver as she wander around. Fortunately, she encounters a kind mouse. The mouse is the same height as her, about 3 feet tall. She invites her to her cozy home under the ground.

In her house, the furniture are objects that she has stolen from others. While at the mouse home, the bird snuggles up near the fire and the mouse serves the sweet pine berry pie that she made herself. She also plays some music on a music instrument to make her feel even warmer in the winter.

Chapter 5

Hojo Reunites with Oukous


In the mean time, his friend, Hojo, who got an accident during skiing has fainted. A few bird of other species with tight light blue feathers come and rescue him. When he recovers, one of them carries Hojo with the claws and fly him across the sky. During flight, he saw his friend, Oukous with the mouse, and tell the birds flying in the sky to land.

The birds land down but a animal with floppy elephant like ears is walking at the same spot where the bird is coming to land. The bird collides with the animal with floppy ears. This causes both of the animal with floppy ears and the bird that is landing to fall down. Panic, the baby animal with the floppy ear and his father release a purple gas.

It is an automatic reaction when they are panic. The gas causes Hojo to faint. The bird that carries Hojo has flown away in time before the purple gas is released. When the kind mouse comes, the baby animal with floppy ears and his father tell her to take Hojo home since she is also keeping another guest.

Hojo is glad to have found his bird friend when he wakes up. The next morning, the same flock of bird that carry Hojo previously fetch both him and his bird friend back to the other continent where they are having summer.

Lewin, the Funny Horse

Chapter 1

Lewin is Chased by a Fierce Bull and Rhino


On a far away planet, there live animals that can stand upright like human beings. The story is about a horse, called Lewin. One morning, Lewin bends down to eat some delicious grass. Then, he makes a morning stretch by stretching his two hands and say “Mmmmmm”.

Lewin sees a bull ahead of him and the grass patch on which it is grazing is greener and look more delicious than the patch of grass he is grazing on. He goes over, and uses his handkerchief to polish his two horns.

After finishing polishing them, he bends down to eat the grass there. When the bull looks at him, he uses a stick  to draw a circle and cut it into four slices. Then, Lewin scoops one slice to the bull. This makes the bull angry and puffs out a win from his nostrils at him. The wind from the bull’s nostrils blows his face and mane but it is not strong enough to blow him away.

Right away, the bull starts to chase after him. Lewin runs as fast as he could for his life. On the way, he passes by a rhino that is also grazing. When the rhino sees them, he also joins in the chasing. Lewin comes to a river and he runs into the river climbing onto the back of a big fish. The big fish’s body is covered with different sizes of round spikes.

When Lewin realizes that he has climbed onto the bank of a spiky fish, he jumps into the water and start to swim to the other bank. It was a large river and he couldn’t have made it without the help of the unicorn horn fish. The unicorn horn fish rescues him and take him to the river bank. When he arrives on the other shore, he thanks the unicorn horn fish for saving his life. After he swims away, he walks and whistles a tune.

Chapter 2

Lewin Comes to a Colorful World on the Other River Bank


On this part of the river, everything is more colorful. Squirrels with bushy tails and purple and orange stripes on their bodies climb up onto the tree to watch Lewin.  Then, he comes across a group of flies with green blue luminescent light. He assumes they are fireflies and he tries to use his hand to try to catch them.

But, when he touches them, the flies sting him so that his hoofed hands end up having red wounds. Next, he comes to a large fatty flying bug that is hovering in the air. He is blowing bubbles with his saliva. It is just like the bubbles blown from a bubble blower.

When the bubble hits Lewin’s hoofed hand, the wounds are healed but they left a gross saliva on his hand. Lewin feels hungry so he bends down and eats some grass. The bubbles falls onto the grass patch and now the grass stink.

Lewin notices that when the bubbles are dry, they become stringy. He comes up with an idea to use the dried stringy bubbles to create a hammock on a tree. He lazes on the hammock to enjoy the sunny day.

On the tree where the hammock is tied, there is a hole. In the hole, there is a woodpecker nest with 5 chicks. When Lewin hears the noises, he tries to take out the chicks and cuddle them.

When the mother bird flies back, she pecks him and he has to move away from the tree. He enters into a forest. Along the way, he comes across a plant with a strange fruit that looks like watermelon but the patterns of the green stripes shows that it is a different type of fruit.

Chapter 3

Lewin Changes into a Long Neck Flying Beast


After he eats it, his leg becomes like goat leg. He walks on without realizing anything happens to his leg. He eats another fruit that looks like hourglass pattern of giraffe spots and his neck grows as long as the giraffe. Even though his neck is as long as the giraffe, he still didn’t realize it and everything seem normal to him.

After walking for some time, he eats a long fruit that causes his ear to become long and droop down. He eats another fruit that shape like wings and got one large wing growing on the right. Then, he pluck another one from the same tree and has two wings on the left side.

The two wings are medium wings so when they grow out on the left, they are the same size as the right wing. After that, he comes to a fruit that is milk white and curve like teeth. He eats it and four teeth grows on the inside of his mouth.

Finally, he eats a long lightning color fruit. Upon eating it, he now has the ability to strike lightning just as dragon can blow fire from the mouth.


Chapter 4

Lewin Saves a Village from Pesky Dragons


On comes a man that is running for his life. Apparently,  some dragons have come to attack a village and they are carrying away their livestock. The villagers are panic and running all about. When Lewin sees this, he wants to help and thought he couldn’t do anything at all. But, when he look at himself on a small pool of water, he realize he has become a frightful creature.

He decides to help the village by striking them with lightning from his mouth. Whenever the lightning hits the dragon, it will turn into a fly with all the patterns and colors remaining on its body. Having been transformed into flies, they drop the livestock to the ground and fly away.

The people of the village cheer on Lewin for helping them to get rid of the dragons and save their livestock. A woman in the village makes a soup from the herbs in his garden and after Lewin drinks it, he turns back into himself again, a horse, that stands on two legs.

King Bobimbinado and the Special Armor

Chapter 1

Bobimbinado Gathers a Large Herd of Bull Soldiers


Once, there is a man called Bobimbinado who likes to catch wild bulls. He and his men would go to different meadows where wild bulls are grazing and use lasso ropes to catch them. They would start a chase towards the wild bulls and the bulls will start a stampede to run away. Then, they would throw the lasso over the heads of the bulls and pull them. The bull will fight back but the man would pull harder.

Sometimes, the man pulls so hard that the bull falls down. But, he doesn’t care and keeps pulling and the bull eventually climbs up on its own. They drag the bulls all the way to their farm and lock them inside small cube stables with four walls and a small bar window. After the bull is tamed, they would transfer the bull to the open stable.

Bobimbinado keeps doing this until he has an army that is made up of a large herd of wild bulls. He knows each bull and call them by their names. Many of his men had died being gored by bulls while trying to tame them. Bobimbinado is the best when coming to taming bull and he didn’t sustain any injury while taming all his bulls.

He regularly carries out raids on different villages with his bulls and share the plunders with his friends and relatives. If there is anything that his relative or friend wants, he will raid a village to get them what they want.


Chapter 2

Bobimbinado Becomes King


Everyone has heard about Bobimbinado and how he always raid villages successfully with his herd of bulls. One day, a king comes to his ranch and challenge him to a war. The man agrees on one condition, that if he wins, he will be king and he will take all the leather shoes that his horses wear and make them into leather shoes for his bulls. The shoes can protect the hooves of his bulls and prevent them from getting injured easily.

In response, the king tells Bobimbinado that if he wins, he would mangle the bodies of all his bulls. On the day of the war, the battle cry shouts, and they come towards each other with bulls versus horse soldiers. The bulls win and many of the soldiers that belong to the king are gored. The king, his general and other high commanding officers manage to escape.

Bobimbinado now head to the kingdom and the soldiers play a victory song to welcome him. When the citizens of the kingdom heard that their king has lost the war, they shake with fear. The king sacks all the advisers and soldiers. They are replaced by his own men whom he has put in different palace positions. The bulls are his soldiers and they fight for him in many wars.

In the castle, there is a secret room where a special armor is stored. The armor is incomplete because it lacks the belt and boot. There is also a special bow in the secret room. From time to time, King Bobimbinado would carry out wars with the kingdoms around him. He often wear the special armor to war but he didn’t bring along his special bow. The armor has protected him from the enemies’ swords and arrows in the war for countless times.

Thus, his kingdom expands and many smaller kingdoms come under his dominion and they have to pay tributes to him. King Bobimbinado is a good king and he reduces the amount of tribute that they have to pay compared to their previous oppressors.


Chapter 3

King Bobimbinado Undertakes a Quest to Search for the Missing Belt and Boot


One day, King Bobimbinado goes out hunting for game on his bull. When he saw a deer, he take out the special bow and shoot it. Suddenly, a lot of white birds appear and they fly in a large flock towards him. Someone shouts out amid the flocks of flying bird to shoot the arrows as many times as he could. The first arrow when he goes to pull out, he didn’t see anything.

So, he shoot another arrow and it hits a rock that has an inscription on it that says that the special boot is underneath a lake in a place. On the rock, it also shows how he is to find the boot under the lake. He reasoned that if the boot could be found, the belt can also be found.

He embarks on a journey to search for both items that have been missing in the armor. In his country, there are several wise men which could give good advice. He calls in two wise men. The first wise man teaches him how to find the belt while the second wise man teaches him how to find the boot.

He embarks on the journey wearing the armor and carrying the bow riding on his bull. While he was on the road, he comes across a bird who sing. The bird song has a hint and he keeps following the bird until he comes to an outdoor restaurant with thatched roof.

At the restaurant, there are three men who come to test him with three questions. The first question is, “What type of seed when throw on the ground can become a ladder plant?” (Keruciini plant) The second question is, “What type of tree bends all the way across the lake?” (Teogytesi Tree) The third question is, ‘What types of leaf can protect you from the rain that can turn you into porcelain statue?” (Diridiripan Leaf)

If he guess wrong, they will get his armor, bull and arrow. If he guess right, they will each give him a gift. At first, King Bobimbinado gives the wrong answers to all three questions. But, a woman speaks out for him and she asks the three men to give him another chance. The three men agrees.

This time, when they ask question, the woman gives clues to the answer and he manages to give the correct answers to all 3 questions. They give him a flute, harmonica and a musical instrument that look likes a mini trumpet. After he left, he encounters a series of challenges.


Chapter 4

King Bobimbinado Finds the Special Belt for His Armor


On the way, a man was pulling a wagon of wine in a hurry. There is a man that happens to cross the road and didn’t see the wagon. He nearly get hit by the wagon but King Bobimbinado quickly pulls him to the safe side. The man thanks him and asks where he is heading to. He told him that he is on a quest to search for the missing belt and boot for his armor. The man replies that he will send him help by his eagle to return his favor.

As the sky gets darker, he remembers the advice he gets from one of the men that tests him with the questions. He quickly looks for the Diridiripan leaves and fold them just in time before it starts to rain. Anyone that is hit by the rain will turn into a small porcelain statue. After the rain has ended, he throws away the leaf.

Later, he comes to an area with a lot of tall grass. He hears hissing sound and notices that there are lots of snakes crawling around. He starts to make a music on the harmonica so that the snakes that crawling on the ground crack and reduce to dust on the ground.

Next, he comes to a place with fire arrows flying towards him. He starts to blow the mini trumpet. The enemies that shoot the arrows can’t stand the trumpet sound and they stop shooting the fire arrows. He keeps on blowing the mini trumpet until he has past a long distance away from the enemies.

Finally, he comes to a mountain. He climbs up and descend down through a staircase into a cave inside. Inside the cave, there are giant spiders on the wall. The special belt is hidden in between the large boulders in the cave which are crawled with poisonous scorpions. He blows the flute so that the boulder flies away one by one until he sees the special belt. He buckles on the special belt and then, climb out of the cave.


Chapter 5

Fish with Long Horn Gives King Bobimbinado a Key


After walking for a while, an eagle flies pass and throws down a large hexagon nut opener tool. The eagle was sent by the man whom he had helped earlier. He uses a rope to tie the tool onto his belt. Later, he comes to a lake that is teemed with monstrous water creatures with sharp teeth. He rides on his bull across a lake without knowing about it.

One water creatures sees him under the water and comes towards him. It tries to use sharp teeth to bite him. Fortunately, a good fish with a horn comes to help him. The good fish uses his horn to pierce and kill the water creature that is trying to bite him.

After he successfully crosses the lake, the fish opens his mouth and asks him to look inside for a key from among his teeth. He reaches his hand into the fish mouth and found a key in the lower right line of teeth. It is the key that opens the porcelain box that contains the special boot in the cave lake.

The fish guides him on going under the cave lake to find the special boot. He found that the instruction which the fish give is the same as the map that he saw on the rock where his arrow hit earlier. The porcelain box is contained inside another chest in a cabin of a sunken boat. After he has taken the boot, he is to leave a bag that contains the special glowing fish beside the giant fish that guards the treasure boot.


Chapter 6

King Bobimbinado Finds the Special Boot


After he thanks the fish, he walks on and meets with a group of hideous dwarves. These hideous dwarves may look like monsters but they are kind and benevolent. The dwarves give him a round scissor like tool to help him in his trip. He continues his journey and ask a man for the way. He heads forward until he comes to a rocky mountainous area. Behind the rocky mountains, he found the cave and enter it. In the cave, there is a large lake.

He dives into the lake and comes to a part where there is a forest of tall water plants. He uses the scissors to snip off the water plants to make a passage for himself. At the end of the water plant forest, he sees a lot of shiny jewel treasures and a big fish is guarding the place. When the fish is not looking, he hides in the big pearl shell. Then, when the fish is not looking again, he sneaks into the sunken ship.

He comes to a door that is locked by a large hexagon nut. He unlocks it by using the hexagon nut tool to turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. When the door is opened, there is another smaller door with six different sizes of hexagon nuts which he opened with the round scissor tool.

On the round scissor tool, there are lots of different sizes of small built in hexagon nut opener tools. He uses the scissor tool to turn them in anti-clockwise direction to unlock all the nuts. After the door is unlocked, he descends into the room and sees the chest that contains the porcelain box. He uses the key to open the chest and the porcelain box.

The porcelain box when opened, both of the halved sides fall and reveals the special boot. When he left, he remembers about what the fish at the river told him and left a bag that contains the luminous fish on his right side. At this time, the big fish has already fallen asleep so he boldly swims up to him and puts the bag of fish besides him.


Chapter 7

King Bobimbinado Returns Back to His Country Victoriously


King Bobimbinado rides on his bull with the full armor and sets out to return to his country. Some kind men shows him a shortcut route back to his country. When he steps inside the fortress city, the citizens cheers him with large shouts for completing the mission successfully.


The Adventures of the Unicorn and Cheetah

Chapter 1

The Cheetah Rescues a Baby Unicorn from an Elephant Stampede


A large flock of winged unicorns flies together in the sky to a green meadow where they can graze on some grass. They make noises to show their contentment as they graze happily on the meadow. Nearby, there is also a herd of capybaras grazing.

All of a sudden, the peace is gone when a herd of elephant stampede heads towards them. The unicorns become frightened when they hear the loud sound of the elephant foot on the ground and hurry to fly away.

One baby unicorn couldn’t keep up with the flock. It gets trampled by other unicorns in the herd; thereby, injuring both his legs and wings. Its mother has already flown away and she looks down on her baby that is being left behind. A cheetah sees this and takes the initiative to rescue the baby unicorn.

It runs as fast as it can to the baby unicorn and drags its mane hair with its teeth to pull it out of the way of the elephant stampede. Then, the cheetah lowers himself as the baby unicorn tries to stands up and climbs onto its back. The cheetah carries the baby unicorn to its hideout among the jungle.

Chapter 2

The Cockatoos Give Flying Lessons to the Baby Unicorn


In the next morning, two cockatoos fly pass and they saw the injured unicorn with bruised legs and broken wings. The cockatoo tells the cheetah that his partner is good at bandaging wounds and she asks him if he would let her partner helps.

The cheetah agrees so the cockatoo treats the unicorn’s injured legs and broken wings. In the next morning, the cheetah has to go hunting for food and he couldn’t leave the baby unicorn alone.

So, he and the two cockatoos decide to bring the baby unicorn to the wild horses grazing nearby. After that, he goes off hunting. Every time he hunts, he eats the meat at the place where he is hunting and didn’t drag it back to his den. He did not want the baby unicorn to see and gets frightened on the blood from the animal gore. Meanwhile, the baby unicorn enjoys having fun playing with other baby horses in the herd.

When the herd of wild horses moves on, the two cockatoos make sure that the baby unicorn did not follow them because the cheetah would not know where to find the unicorn then. By the time the cheetah comes back, the baby unicorn has already fallen asleep and the cheetah would carry him on his back.

As days passed, the wounds on the baby unicorn’ legs and wings become fully healed. Now, the cockatoos are talking about giving flying lessons to the baby unicorn. It has not fly for many months because of the injury on his wings so it has forgotten how his mother had taught him to fly. The two cockatoos take the baby unicorn to flying lessons every day.

First, they teach the baby unicorn how to fly in circles. It keeps flying in circle until it gets dizzy and nearly fall down from the sky. The cockatoos teach the baby unicorn to fly a short distance before teaching him to fly a longer distance.

The baby unicorn becomes more and more skilled at flying through each flying lesson and he now knows how to fly through holes in structures and buildings.


Chapter 3

The Unicorn and Cheetah Set Out to the Unicorn Land and Their Adventures


When the unicorn grows to adolescent, he likes to steal things from the nearby city. One day, he sees the beautiful chariot of the prince and carries it away. By instinct, the unicorn starts to long for his homeland. His friend, the cheetah wants to accompany him by riding on the chariot.

Together, the unicorn and the cheetah set out on the journey. They first land on a wood but hunters saw the unicorn and try to gun it down. The unicorn hurries to leave when he hears lots of gunshots sound. The cheetah quickly jumps on the chariot and the unicorn flies away from the woods. What a relief that they are now far away from the hunters.

They land on the next woods where there are a few animals there. The unicorn helps them to drill a hole on a wooden machine with his horn. The wooden machine is designed to pull away the stone that covers the well.

It really tires the unicorn out but it makes the animal there happy. To reward the unicorn for his help, they gave him a sea shell horn, which when blown, the ice dragon will come to their help.

The unicorn and the cheetah spend the night there before leaving the next morning. In the next morning, when the unicorn and cheetah left, the animals wave goodbye to them. The unicorn keeps flying until the sky becomes filled with dark clouds and thunders start to roar. The unicorn flies down to look for shelter and he finds a cave.

While in the cave, they hear a lion roaring for pain. The lion whines loudly after getting bitten by a poisonous snake. The unicorn decides to help the lion. He asks the cheetah to grind a bit of the tip of his horn with a stone and then mix it into the rain water to give the lion a drink.

When the lion drinks it, he becomes well again. The lion is grateful to the unicorn’s help. He gave him a seed that can bring out a rainbow bridge.


Chapter 4

The Ice Dragon Comes to Their Help


The unicorn and the cheetah left after the rain is over. They left when the sky is not yet fully clear of dark clouds. Next, they come to a mountain valley that is infested with dragons. When the unicorn is flying pass the valley, some dragons saw them and start to chase after them. They start to spew fire out from their mouth and this causes the unicorn to become panic.

The cheetah blows the sea shell horn that the animals gave him. Suddenly, the ice dragon appears and blows ice that freezes the fiery dragons. The ice has also caused some parts of the mountain valley to become covered with ice. The rest of the dragons stop chasing after them when they see this horror scene.

The ice dragon quickly disappears after the dragons stop chasing after them. The unicorn flies back to see what happened and he is surprised at seeing that the dragons and some parts of the mountains are now covered in a thick sheet of ice.

Chapter 5

The Luminous Insects that Can Lift Any Weight of Objects Up


They continue their journey and come to a beautiful forest where golden sunlight shines through the forest ground. In the forest, they can hear birds singing different kinds of sweet melodies. The trees are laden with an abundant of fruits.

All these make the unicorn and cheetah want to stay to get some rest. While the unicorn goes to graze on grass and eat the fruits, the cheetah heads into the forest to catch a game.

After the unicorn is full, he comes to a river stream to drink some water. Before he manages to lap the water from the stream, five shrimps jump out of the stream one after another.

They dance around in the water and sing about a riddle:
Tiny as housefly,
Bright as firefly,
Strong as behemoth.

After hearing the riddle, the unicorn goes back into the forest and he encounters a swarm of bright insects flying around. The insects chase after the unicorn and the unicorn keeps frolicking around to avoid the insects.

After managing to avoid the insects, the unicorn goes to find the cheetah to help him catch them. The unicorn tells the cheetah about the riddle he heard from the five prawns at the stream.

The cheetah uses a net with a stowaway handle to catch the insects. As the cheetah tries to catch the insects, he was being lifted by the insects up into the air; and then down again as the cheetah struggles to reach the ground. After a few hours, the cheetah manages to catch the insects.

The cheetah tricks the insects into the pouch and zips it up to lock the insects inside. The cheetah’s skin becomes bright as a luminous light when the insects swarm over him and lift him up.  The fluorescent light slowly goes away on the cheetah’s skin after a while.


Chapter 6

The Unicorn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge


After catching the firefly like insects, they left the woods and continue their journey. While the unicorn is flying, he comes across a large flock of brown owls. The owls chase them in circles making the unicorn and cheetah panic.

The unicorn yells back at the cheetah to throw down the seed that they received as a gift from the lion. The cheetah opens his pouch and fumbles around to find the seed. He throws the seed down below the chariot. To his surprise, a rainbow pathway is formed before their eyes.

The unicorn is happy to see the rainbow path and he quickly jumps onto it. The rainbow path disappears immediately when the unicorn jumps on it. At first, the unicorn runs on the rainbow path as fast as he can. But, after running for some time and didn’t see an exit, he becomes disappointed and starts to trot slowly.

After a little while, the unicorn is happy to see some grass at the rainbow path. The unicorn decides to take a rest and munch on some grass to fill his hungry stomach.

After the rest, the unicorn continues walking on the rainbow path until he sees some blue sky in the opening at the end of the tunnel. The unicorn goes through the opening and now they are at a gravel path on the earth again. The unicorn comes to a path with three fork junctions.


Chapter 7

Safe Arrival at the Unicorn Meadow


They take the first junction and arrive at the seaside. The unicorn flies out into the sea with the cheetah in the chariot. Halfway through the journey, the sky suddenly turns gloomy and filled with dark clouds. It starts to rain heavily and the unicorn nearly collapsed out of exhaustion of having to fight the strong wind.

The cheetah remembers about the bright insects that lift him up. He opens the zip pouch and let the insects out. The insects swarm over the unicorn and chariot and carry them to the meadow where large herds of unicorns are happily grazing on the grass. The unicorn and cheetah remain best friends throughout their lives after arriving at the land where unicorns roam freely. They still live and do everything together just like before.

The Two Paper Origami Birds that Become Real Birds

Chapter 1

Peter Folds Two Paper Birds – Blue and Pink Origami Birds


Peter, a boy of 9 years of age, runs excitedly to look for his mother as soon as the school bus reaches home. He wants to show her the blue origami bird that his teacher taught him how to fold during the art class at school.

Peter says, “Mom, see this blue origami bird that I’d learned how to fold at school.” Then, he starts to unfold the blue origami bird and folds them back again to show his mother how to fold it.

His mother caresses his head and says, “Smart boy. OK. Go upstairs to take a bath and then come downstairs to eat your dinner.”

Peter replies, “OK, mom.”

Peter runs upstairs, enters his room and puts the origami bird on the table. Then, he takes a thick square pink colored craft paper and folds it into another origami bird just like the first one.

Just as he is about to finish folding it, his mother yells, “Hurry up, Peter.” Peter quickly puts aside the pink origami bird on the table and goes straight to take a bath. After that, he hurries downstairs to take his dinner.

The blue origami bird comes to life and it folds up its head as it tries to get up. After a while, it manages to stands upright on its two feet on the desk. It starts to walk around and says, “What a nice pair of wings, legs, beak, and head I have!”

The pink origami bird also comes to life at this moment and it looks at the blue origami bird as it lays on the desk. It says, “Help me up! I want to be able to stand and walk too.”

The blue origami bird then clumsily uses its wings to help the pink origami bird up so that it could stand upright. Then, the pink origami bird moves its two feet to see if it could walk without falling and she can!

The blue and pink origami bird hop down the desk and flap their wings to see if they could fly. Because this is the first time, they are not used to flying and they drop down from time to time as they fly around the room.

Suddenly, they hear someone’s footsteps on the stairs and the door knob starts to turn. When they realize that someone is entering the room, they quickly fly back to the desk and lay still on the same position where they were left.

Peter comes back to the room to get the two origami birds so that he could show them to his dad, aunt, uncle and cousins who have come over for dinner. While on the dining table, Peter talks a lot about them.

Chapter 2

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Plan for an Escape Through the Open Window


After the dinner, Peter comes back up to his room. He uses a heavy book to hold down the blue origami bird. He puts the pink one in between the pages of his book. He opens up the window to let in some wind before turning off the light and goes to bed.

At night, after Peter has gone to sleep, the two paper birds try to free themselves so that they could escape through the windows. However they try, they couldn’t move themselves but they get an opportunity when the next morning arrives. In the following morning, when the boy wakes up, he pulls them out from their positions to have a look at them.

Then, he goes to brush his teeth and get prepared for his school. After Peter has left on the school bus, the two paper birds stand to their feet again. The blue origami bird says, “Let’s fly out of the window together!” They flap their paper wings and fly out of the window.

They are still not yet skillful at flying so they drop from time to time. When they finally reach out of the window, they see flocks of birds flying past and they wish they could fly as well as them. The two origami birds fly around in the sky for some time until they are able to fly skillfully without falling.

They feel happy and they enjoy their freedom to be able to fly in the sky. They try flying backward in the sky as the gentle wind breeze blow. They also try to fly in the sky by flapping one wing and then the other wing backward.

A real bird happens to fly past. It dashes high up into the sky, twisting its body around, before falling from a great height in the sky. It then flies around in the sky for some time before flying away. When the two origami birds see this, they imitate the real bird and dash upward into the sky before spinning themselves around and falling from the sky.


Chapter 3

The Two Origami Birds Meet the Pigeons


After some time, another flock of bird flies past and the two origami birds decide to follow them. Halfway, they become distracted to all the commotions gathered around the open air parade. In the open air parade, there are animals such as tiger, elephants, hippos, bears and lions doing circus performance.

Nearby, there are some pigeons eating some bread rolls that a bakery store staff put out on the street for them. The two origami birds stop by at where the pigeons are.

One of the pigeons look at the blue origami bird and says, “Want to have some bread? Come on. Have a bite.” The blue and pink origami birds peck at the bread rolls and eat some.

Then, the pigeon ask, “Taste yummy, isn’t it?” The blue paper bird replies, “Mmmm. Delicious! This is the first time I taste bread.”

The pigeon says, “You look different. You are clean and does not have a stink smell like us. We always rummage the garbage in search for food. Today, we are fortunate to have bread rolls. The baker was generous to give away these bread rolls for us because he did not finish selling them yesterday.”

The pigeon continues, “I have a friend who knows everything.”

The pigeon calls his friend who happens to be nearby, “Charlie! Come over here!”

Charlie, the pigeon could tell what material a thing is made of. When Charlie comes over and take a look at the two origami birds, he pecks at them to see what they are made of. Pecking at the origami bird does not cause them any pain.

Finally, Charlie, the pigeon, says, “I know what they are made of! They are one of those folded paper birds made from hard craft paper. I wonder how a bird made from craft paper could come to life.”

The blue origami bird says, “Yes. You are right. We are origami paper bird. We come to life after a boy named Peter folded us. We could move around, sing, eat and sleep but we don’t have flesh and blood like a real bird has.”

Charlie, the pigeon replies, “Do you want to be a real bird?”

The pink origami bird say, “Yes. Of course! How?”

Charlie replies, “In the nearby woods, there are some fairies that live there that can give you the answer. But, if you want them to help you, you must be willing to help them in whatever favor that they request.”

After the pigeons have ate the bread and full, they fly away. The parade has also ended at this time. With nothing much to see, the blue and pink origami birds also fly away.


Chapter 4

The Five Big Fairies


The two paper origami birds fly and fly until they arrive at the woods. After flying around in the woods for a while, they spot some fairies flying around. The fairies hide behind the leaves of the plants when they see that the paper birds want to approach them. They keep saying among themselves, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird tries to calm down the fairies and says, “We mean no harm. Please don’t be afraid of us. We just want to ask a favor from you.”

One of the fairies comes out from hiding behind the leaf and asks, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Me and my friend hope that you can help us to become real birds.”

The fairies start to discuss in small voices among themselves and then they say, “We are small fairies and we can’t help. Only the ones that hold the golden scepters in our kingdom can help you. You see, in our kingdom, there are five big fairies that hold the golden scepters. We can take you there and one of them may offer to help you in the favor that you are asking.”

The fairies bring the two paper origami birds to their kingdom somewhere within the woods. They introduce them to their fairy queen, Queen Susan. Queen Susan says to the two origami birds, “You are welcomed to be guests of our kingdom. Let one of the five fairies help you in your problem.”

The first fairy is a beautiful fairy called Joanna. Joanna may be the most beautiful fairy of all the other fairies in the kingdom but she is proud and she would not help them.

The second fairy called Rachel is a fairy with a good heart but is always busy with her own stuff. Because Rachel is busy, she couldn’t help them.

The third fairy called Daisy is a sincere fairy that is sincere about everything that she does. However, Daisy lacks a compassionate heart and she could not reason within herself why she should help the two paper origami birds to fulfill their wishes.

The fourth fairy called Ivy is a passionate fairy who does everything with enthusiasm. But, Ivy does not have a good temper and this makes her an unapproachable and disagreeable fairy. The paper origami birds are afraid of Ivy the fairy showing her temper at them so they never ask her for help.

The fifth fairy called Agnes is an optimistic fairy who loves to help others. Agnes is glad to help the two origami birds and says, “I am giving you 3 pouches of pixie dusts to deliver to the fairies in three different places. If you pass the challenges, you can fly back to me and I will fulfill my promise to the both of you into real birds. Throughout the journey, you must demonstrate perseverance.”

The fairy, Agnes continues with the instruction, “The first pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies that live in the woods of Goran in the northeast. The second pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies living in the northwest of the Giants Land. They are lots of them in this region and you should be able to spot them easily. For the third pouch of pixie dust, you must deliver it to the fairies that live in the flower meadows near the Swanhilde Lake in the west where there are a lot of black necked swans.”

Agnes continues, “Every time you deliver a pouch, be sure to collect the recipient’s signature. I will give each of you a golden locket and the fairy recipient who receives the pouch is to put down the signature here.”

She goes on saying, “Your journey may not be smooth and you may face enemies that will try to prevent you from delivering the pouch of pixie dusts. But, you should be able to easily avoid them if you fly fast and know where to hide. Remember, if the both of you persevere to the end, your wish will be fulfilled.”

After that, Agnes gives each of them a golden locket and they wear it around their necks. After she hand them the 3 pouches of pixie dusts, they set out immediately. The blue paper bird carries the first and second pouch while the pink paper bird carries the third pouch.


Chapter 5

The Two Origami Birds Set Out to the Northeast


The two origami birds do not know how to go to the woods of Goran since the fairy Agnes never give any more instruction on it. All Agnes said is that it is a woods in the northeast. So, they heads towards the northeast when they set out.

They fly and fly until they become exhausted and fainted on a seashore. When they wake up, they saw thousands of seagulls on the seashore. When on the seashore, the blue paper origami bird asks one of the birds on the seashore, “Excuse me. May I know if you are all a flock that is flying together somewhere?”

The seagull replies, “Yes. We are the Common Black Headed Gulls migrating to the northeast for the winter.” The blue origami bird says, “Do you know the woods of Goran in the northeast?” The seagulls replies, “No. I have never heard of it.”

The pink origami bird says, “Can we fly with your flock?” The seagull replies, “Yes, you can fly with us if you want.” Then, the blue origami bird says to the pink origami bird, “May be we can ask someone else there who can point us to the direction of the woods of Goran when we arrive at the land in the northeast.” The pink origami bird replies, “Yes.”

When the flocks of thousands of seagulls set out, the blue and pink origami birds also take off with them. It takes them 3 weeks to complete the migration to the northeastern land.

When they arrive there, they fly around to see if there is any mountain in the area but they couldn’t find any.  They perch on the wire of a telephone post when in come a House Sparrow. The House Sparrow asks the blue origami bird, “How is your day, sir?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Good day to you, sir. We just arrived here after a long journey. We want to go to the woods in Goran. Do you know this place? Can you take us there?” The House Sparrow replies, “Yes. I know this place and it is where I live. Follow me.” So, the blue and pink origami birds follow the House Sparrow to the woods in an area with lots of hills and mountains called Goran.

When they arrive at the woods of Goran, they thank the sparrow bird and they start to look for the fairies. After flying a while, they notice some movement among the wild blueberries bushes. It is the fairies collecting the blueberries in tiny baskets! They fly towards the wild blueberries bush, and when the fairies see their shadows, they are frightened because they have never seen such creatures before.

The two paper birds keep on chasing the fairies when one of them flies to their behind and talk to them, “Are you crazy? Why are you chasing us?” “We have an order from Fairy Agnes of Fairyland to deliver this pouch of pixie dust to your fairies.” The fairy replies, “I see. You can hand it over to me because I am the administrator of the fairies here.”

So, the blue origami bird gives the first pouch of pixie dust to the administrator fairy. Then, he says, “If you accept the parcel, please open the gold locket on my neck and put down your signature.” The administrator fairy signs his signature inside the gold locket and then he left with the pouch.

Chapter 6

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Spend the Winter with the Woodpecker Bird


The blue and pink origami birds fly away and they stop by on a rock. A few small elves riding on the blue jay birds are seen approaching at high speed. The elves want to steal the pouches that they are carrying. It frightens them and they fly as fast as they could. Finally, they outfly the elves on the blue jays. Exhausted, they stop by at some wild edible berries bushes to get some refreshment.

The winter has now started and everywhere it is snowing. They couldn’t travel in the freezing temperature and they have to find some places to spend the winter before continuing their journey. After a while, a woodpecker bird also come to perch on the bush to east some berries.

The woodpecker bird says, “Its freezing cold. Where do you live? You’d better get home fast or you’ll freeze to death.” The pink origami bird says, “We haven’t have any place to live. Can we stay over at your home?” The woodpecker bird says, “Yes. I stay in a tree hole in the woods. You’re welcomed to stay with me until the winter is past.”

Chapter 7

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird’s Journey to the Giants Land


One day, when they and the woodpecker bird are outside foraging for food in the winter, a group of ravens fly into the area at the same time. The ravens are talking among themselves, “That big man is really nasty. He nearly smashes me with his fist but fortunately I was fast enough to fly away and escape.”

The blue origami bird overhears what they are saying and inquire, “Who are you talking about?” One of the ravens replies, “Howey is talking about the big man from the Giants Land. The big bully giant nearly have us all killed when we just eat some of his meats.”

The blue origami bird says, “The Giants Land? Me and my friend have been wanting to go there but we were deterred on this plan because of the winter. Now that winter is almost past, can you lead us there?”

The ravens discuss among themselves and most of them refuse to do this favor for they are afraid of getting struck by the giants. But, one brave raven, called Marty, volunteers to help them. The raven, Marty, says, “I’ll accompany you on your entire trip. I can lead you there and I’ll also lead you back here.”

The blue and pink origami birds inform the woodpecker birds that they want to leave now and then they set out with Marty to the Giants Land. Marty flies high up into an area of the sky that has a lot of clouds with the paper birds following behind. In a moment, they come to the city of the Giants Land. There are many tall big houses and buildings. They can also see a lot of giants going about their daily chores in the city from up above in the sky.

The three of them are tired and they stop by on a field to rest. Having flying continuously for 2 nights, they couldn’t continue the journey anymore and they need to take some rest. The three of them quickly fall asleep.

While they are asleep, a giant happens to pass by and he saw them. He puts the blue paper bird into the left pocket on his waistcoat and the pink paper bird into the right pocket of his waistcoat. As for the raven, he locks it up in a bird cage.

The giant then goes to an inn where he lefts his waist coat and the bird cage to the inn keeper for safe keeping until he comes back. When the origami birds wake up, they are shocked and they keep fluttering their wings until the pocket cover is open. After they escape, they saw the raven in the cage. They search for his waistcoat for the key and use the key to open the cage so that their raven friend can be set free.

Then, the trio sets out to the northwest to search for the fairies. While there, they spot some fairies collecting nectar from the peonies and pansies flowers in the meadows. The fairies of the Giants Land are much bigger in size and the flowers there are also big in size. The flower fairies are carrying pails for filling the nectar they collect from the flowers.

They approach one of the fairies who ask, “What do you want, sir?” The blue origami bird says, “We have a pouch of pixie dust to deliver to your people.” The fairy replies, “Pixie dust? Wait for a while.” The fairy goes over to his friend and talk about it.

Then, they call the other fairy, “James! Come over here. There is someone with a pixie dust parcel.” James, the fairy who is second in command to the supervisor comes. James says, “Hand the parcel to me and I’ll pass it on to our supervisor because he is not here.”

The blue origami bird says, “Sir, please first leaves your signature in the locket that I wear on my neck and I’ll hand you the parcel.” After James put down his signature, he passes the second pouch of pixie dust to him. With the second pouch delivered, they now only have one more pouch of pixie dust to deliver.


Chapter 8

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Go to Swanhilde Lake


After that, the raven lead them back to the earth pass the misty clouds. The winter has just ended by the time they fly back. The snow on the plants and trees are melting and some green grasses could be seen. After they bid the raven goodbye, they sets out for Swanhilde Lake to deliver the third pouch of pixie dust.

They came back to the seashore where they first meet the sea gull. This time, there are lots of migratory swans on the seashore. They have all gathered on the seashore to get some rest and take a swim on the ocean  before continuing their journey.

There are two flocks of swans on the seashore and the blue origami bird asks a swan from one of the flocks, “Excuse me, do you know where is Swanhilde Lake?” The swan says, “Yes. We are going there in a while.” The blue and pink origami birds are overjoyed when they hear this. They follow the flock of swan when they take off and arrive at Swanhilde Lake by the evening. The next morning, they start to search the meadows nearby for the fairies.

After flying around the daisies in the meadows, they spot some fairies playing around the flowers. They also saw fairies collecting flower seeds in bags. When one of the fairies notices the pouch the pink origami bird is carrying, she says, “Look! It is the pouch of pixie dust that we have been waiting for. Let’s call Tim over.”

They call Tim, the administrator of the fairies of the meadows near Swanhilde Lake. When Tim flies over, he approaches the pink origami bird and says, “Is the pouch of pixie dust for us?” and the pink origami bird replies, “Yes. Please sign your signature in the gold locket on my neck and I will hand it over to you.” Tim signs his signature on the locket and takes the pouch of pixie dust over happily.


Chapter 9

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird are Transformed into Real Birds!


Finally, the blue and pink origami bird set out on another journey back to Fairyland. When they arrive, they meet Agnes the fairy and show them the lockets with the signatures the recipients had left. Agnes keeps her promise and she uses her golden scepter to transform them into real birds.

The blue origami bird is given the name Jake while the pink origami bird is given the name Betty. Jake and Betty later start their own family and they have three chicks together called Ben, Andy and Agnes. Their daughter is named Agnes in remembrance of the fairy who helped to transform them into real birds.

The Story on How the Treasure Hunter Finds Treasures

Chapter 1

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Treasure Chest


A treasure hunter is digging the ground for treasure, when to his surprise, he finds a treasure chest. He opens the treasure chest and finds that there is a map that shows the direction to the place where the real treasure can be found. It is a simple map that uses arrows to point which direction to go starting from the spot where the treasure box is found.

In the treasure chest, there are also some diamonds scattered around and a plate of gold coins. The gold coins on the plate are stuck together after being in the chest for a long time. The treasure hunter tries in vain to pull out one of the coin from the lump of gold coins on the plate. Finally, he gives up and just toss the plate of gold coins, and diamonds into his rucksack.

He holds the treasure map in his hand and starts on his journey to the place where he can find the treasure. The first direction on the map is to go north so he starts to walk north. After some time, he passes through an enchanted village. There is a river nearby and a crocodile who just come up from the river is heading this way.

When the crocodile sees him, it crawls faster and wants to snap him down. The burlesque treasure hunter is not a bit afraid of the crocodile. He boldly takes out his axe, grabs the crocodile and falls the axe on the crocodile head.

The crocodile now lays still on the ground and dead. The treasure hunter thinks for a while and then he decides to skin the crocodile because the crocodile skin could be of use to him. He wants to sew the crocodile skin into a bag for holding the treasures. He takes out his knife and starts to skin the crocodile from the neck to the tail.


Chapter 2

The Treasure Hunter Trades with the Dwarf


After that, he heads to the river to wash the crocodile skin. At the river, he decides to swing his fishing rod and catch some fishes for lunch. He attaches a worm bait to his fishing rod and swings it into the water. Not long later, a fish is caught on the fishing hook. It appears to be a special fish – a fish that can becomes invisible when taken out of the freshwater.

The treasure hunter is confused – he thought he just saw a fish on his fishing rod and now he is not seeing anything. As the sun is setting, he has no more time to waste at the river and he decides to moves on. He feels that it is strange his fishing rod feels heavy but nothing can be seen on it. Meanwhile, the invisible fish is still hanging on the fishing rod.

The treasure hunter puts his fishing rod back into his rucksack that he is carrying on his back and continues the journey. After a while, he comes across thirteen dwarfs who are traders. They have a cart that has all kinds of magical stuff they trade with others.


The dwarfs are skipping and singing,

“We are thirteen little dwarfs,

We come full of treasures,

Do you want to exchange your stuff,

Exchange your stuff with us

and it will make your day!”


One of the dwarfs thought he smells the smell of a rare fish and he stops the treasure hunter. He says, “Sir, would you like to exchange your fish? You can take anything from our cart”. The treasure hunter replies, “Fish? I haven’t caught any.” The dwarf replies, “The fish hanging on your fishing rod at your back.” Then, the dwarf fills a container with water and put the fish in it.

Now, the treasure hunter sees the fish and he is surprised. The treasure hunter takes a look at the cart that is filled with all kinds of magical stuff. He decides to choose a pipe that he can blow into something like red orange clouds that appear at sunset. The red orange clouds will allow him to ascend up to the sky like staircase. This is because the treasure map seems to show that the treasure is located in a place high above the clouds.

He also exchanges one of the diamonds he found in the treasure chest with a shield that can return back whatever the enemy unleashes. With the diamond, he also got a bargain of a leather pouch made from super tough material that the dwarf said can hold anything including things that cannot be hold such as air and light. After that, the treasure hunter continues his journey.


Chapter 3

The Poisonous Mushroom With Emanating Blue Light


It is starting to get dark and he comes to a place where there is a large mushroom. The mushroom is actually a carnivorous plant. Under the mushroom cap, it emanates a blue light. Anything that goes under the blue light will withers and dries out in a few minutes. When it absorbs into the ground, the mushroom will suck the nutrients.

On top of the mushroom, there are also many small spikes. A squirrel happens to go under the mushroom cap and the blue light exposes on it. The squirrel quickly dies and withers and the mushroom eats it. Seeing this, the treasure hunter dares not go under the mushroom to find shelter. But he did takes out his leather pouch and store some of the blue light as he figures out it can be used as a weapon against his enemies.

The treasure hunter then goes over to another large leaf plant located in a distant. He found a group of buttons mushroom under one of its leaf. The button mushrooms try to run away but he manage to catch them and use them to make mushroom soup. Early the next morning, he wakes up and continues his journey.


Chapter 4

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Magical Flower


The treasure hunter comes to another place where the temperature is higher. The flowers and plants there seems like they are wilting and drying out. One of the flowers jumps up too high and falls onto the ground. Then, it tries to jump up again to catch the treasure hunter’s attention. It then makes an upside down flip and walk on its petal.

It starts to sing a song,

“The red hot sun is baking me,

My leaves! my stem!

They are shriveling

Rolling Rolling Tum Tum Tum,

Take me with you, Take me with you,

Useful I will be to you

Wise advice I will give,

to help you find the treasure you seek.”


Chapter 5

Attack of the Sorcerer and His Five Dragons


Another day has passed and he continues his journey. On the way, a flock of bird flies past and they say, “Dangers. Dangers ahead. Watch out.” The treasure hunter is not afraid of the warnings the birds give and he finally comes to a valley where he is faced with a sorcerer and 5 flying dragons.

The sorcerer says, “I won’t let you pass through the valley unless you can beat me and the five dragons.” The treasure hunter takes out his shield and starts to defend himself from the fires spew out by the dragon and the lightning bolts the sorcerer unleashes. With the help of the shield, the fire returns back to the dragons and burn them to death. The lightning bolt returns back to the sorcerer and electrocute him to death.


Chapter 6

The Treasure Hunter Found the Treasure!


Finally, the treasure hunter comes to a region with a lot of green hills around. When he lifts his head up, he could see that there is something above and he thinks this might be the place that the treasure map is talking about. He blows the pipe and red orange clouds that can be ascended and climb on appears. No one will be able to tell that these are fake or real clouds when seen from afar.

The treasure hunter ascends one cloud and then uses the pipe to blow another cloud out until he reaches the top. When he reaches on top of the sky, the magical flower instructs him to go into the cave where he will find the treasure that he is looking for. The flower also warns him about the miniature green snake dragons that dwell in the cave. There are several of these green snake dragons guarding the treasures in the cave.

The treasure hunter enters into the cave on top of the sky. When the snakes saw intruders, they make hissing sound and open their mouth wide to try and bite him. The treasure hunter takes out the pouch of blue light and expose it to the ferocious green snake dragons so that they quickly wilt and die.

The treasure hunter then fills as many of the gold, diamonds and jewelries that he can carry into his large bag and carry it on the back. After that, he heads to the clouds and climbs down safely on the ground. With this much treasures, the treasure hunter don’t have to work anymore. He uses the gold he found to buy a big house and hire several servants to do everything for him.