Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 3 – Ruby’s Encounter with the Red Ants)

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Three weeks come to pass. All three siblings are grown to full size adult rats now. Pips has always been fascinated with life in the metropolitan city so she becomes a washer maid for a rich rat that lives in the attic of a fashion boutique. Huey eats non stop every day. He moves to a corn and wheat field nearby that could supply unlimited amount of food for him.

Ruby never have any dream of venturing outside the nest. He was assigned to the task of bringing back food to the colony.

He was instructed by the older rat, Remmy, “Carry back any food to the colony whenever and wherever you can. Never let an opportunity go passed. Always come up with a strategy to steal the food. Sniff it first. If it doesn’t feel good in your gut, it’s probably poisoned. Never go too near as you may be inclined to bite it. Do you understand me?”

Ruby remembers everything the wise rat told him and responds, “I do, sir.”

Ruby knows all the routes in the sewer pipe system. He knows which pipe leads to which place. He can travel from one borough to another in just a few minutes when traveling through the underground sewer pipe network. Ruby is in the sewer again one day and this time he sees a large swarm of big red ants on the wall of the left sewer bank.

These big red ants happened to be carrying some fudges back to their nest. Ruby’s nose start to twitch. Sniff. Sniff. He gets closer and closer to the swarm of red ants. Upon seeing a rat coming close upfront, 8 of the red ants wander away and come near Ruby’s leg. One ant uses its pincher to pinch Ruby’s front left leg.

Ruby cried, “Ouch!” He shakes his body as hard as he could and the ant falls to the ground.

The red ant cried, “Don’t be rough with me, buddy!”

Ruby replies, “You are the one that bit me.”

The red ant replies again, “Sorry, but you are right here.”

Another red ant tells him, “Next time, don’t stand in our midst.”

Ruby replies, “Anyway, gotta hurry. Bye.”

When Ruby returns to his nest, Remmy asks, “Ruby, what food have you brought back to the colony today?”

Ruby replies, “Nothing.”

Remmy says, “Go and bring back some food.”

Ruby goes back to the same spot in the sewer. He asks himself, “Where’s that ant?”

The red ant supervisor who is in charge of the group of red ants shout at him, “Don’t come too close, stranger. Or we’ll bite you.”

Ruby politely answer, “I’m not a stranger. Pleased to meet you. I’ll let you know my name. I am Ruby.”

The red ant supervisor again tells him to move away, “Ruby, can you stop standing there? You are distracting the workers.”

Ruby replies, “Then, I’ll not bother you.”

Ruby turns around and run to the highest point of the wall. There is a pipe hole over here. He enters, run for about 3 feet before making a left turn. He runs straight to the end and exits the pipe passageway. Once out, he scales the stone drain wall and reaches to the street on top. The street is crowded and most of them are walking at fast pace.

As he is a rat, he has an indescribable fear of human. He knows that human despises rats. If he gets seen, they will surely beat him to death. He does not want his life to end miserably in the hands of humans. Walking on the street for Ruby is like running for his life. He constantly has to ambush in bushes, and in the grass on the side.

Just about this time, a man wearing a gray coat pays for a chicken ham hamburger from the Humphrey & Miles Tasty Hamburger fast food restaurant. The ham is not sandwiched tightly and it falls to the ground. The man didn’t realize and Ruby is fast in snatching it away. He is delighted to found a fresh ham and says, “The rats will surely love this.”

Ahead of him, there are some fudges that have fall on the ground but he prefers to bypass it. Ruby says, “Can’t stop by for this. Mouth is full.”

Someone notices a rat is running away with a stolen ham. He shouts, “Rat!”

They are totally merciless when coming to rats. The supervisor of My Pizza’s cafe instructs a staff to take the kitchen tools and throw at the rat for he hates rat. He explains to the staff, “Did you see that rat? Throw. Aim on it. Throw. Throw.”

The staff does as he was told and throw the kitchen tools at Ruby mercilessly. He throws the metal soup ladle, metal slotted spatula, and pizza server at Ruby. Ruby dashes here and there; trying to find a hole which he could gets in. While on the run, he accidentally kicks the fudge down the hole through the sewer cover. He did not escape through this sewer cover but another sewer cover that lies about 10 feet away.

Ruby sighs with a relief, “That was close to death!” when he reaches the bottom of the sewer.

He takes the ham back to the nest. He tells the rats, “I thought you’ll love this.”

One of the rats asks, “Ruby, where did you get that food? You must have risked your life for it.”

Ruby replies, “I’m used to it.”

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Chapter 3 – Ruby’s Encounter with the Red Ants

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Chapter 6 – The Red Ants Help to Chase Away the Toads

Chapter 7 – Roxy is Alive

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Chapter 9 – The Rats Steals a Barge and Monster Truck

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Chapter 11 – The Rats Found Their Home at a New Island

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