Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 5 – Ruby Lets the Red Ants Have the Chocolate Wafer Roll)

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Ruby stays inside of a mouse hole most of the time when he is not out looking for food. One day, he goes out to look for food again. He says, “Its time for me to find food again.” When he reaches the living room, the cat, Roger chases after him and he quickly squeezes himself under the sofa to hide.

Thank heaven, that at this time, Mrs. Lucy walks into the living room with Roger’s lunch. She persuades Roger, “Come, lunch time.” Seeing that the master has brought his food, he forgets about chasing Ruby. Ruby sighs a relief, “My life. I could have been eaten alive by the cat.” He tells himself, “Be brave now.” Then, he dashes to the door and squeezes himself under to exit the house.

Ruby heads straight to the front yard when a mole who was digging the tunnel appears on the surface. The mole asks, “What are you looking for?” Ruby replies, “I’m in a hurry.” The mole is not satisfied at how the rat treated him. He says, “That’s no way to greet a friend.” Ruby knows that he has not been polite to the mole and he apologizes, “Forgive me, I don’t mean it. I’m busy. Gotta go.”

When Ruby is crossing the busy road, he says, “There is nothing like a rat crossing the road.” On the opposite side of the road, he finds a cupcake and gives one bite. Just a bite on the cupcake gives Ruby all the energy he needs to continue his journey. As he continues his journey, he says, “There is nothing like rat walking on the street.” Finally, he comes to the street near Mama Joe Bakery again. Here, he always encounter food. This time, his find is a chocolate water roll.

“Gotta get a bite.” said Ruby.

He’s about to put his mouth on the wafer roll when a red ant interrupts. The red ant says boldly to the rat, “Its ours.”

Ruby asks, “Where do you come from?”

The red ant replies, “We live somewhere in the sewer just below Larson Street.”

Ruby tries to bargain with the red ant, “Half is mine and the rest half you can take it back.”

The red ant insists, “Let us take the whole lot back to our little nest.”

Ruby decides to be generous with the red ants this time and he says, “No problem with you, no problem for me.”

Filled with gratitude, the red ant says, “Thank you, kind rat.”

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Chapter 5 – Ruby Lets the Red Ants Have the Chocolate Wafer Roll

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