How Peter Save Human Beings from the Epidemic of Mutilation in Year 3100

Chapter 1

Robots Replace Human Workers


In the year 3100, when technology has become advanced on the earth, robots become prevailed in every place and they take the place of human workers. Human beings, who are much more superior, hire robots to work at their shops. The government hires them to provide all kinds of public services.

Mankind uses robots to build skyscrapers fast. The short square shaped robots can climb up on the wall as they build the skyscrapers. Most of the police are robots that ride hovering scooters with two side mirrors. There are also robot traffic polices controlling the sky train. Robot street sweepers can be seen all over the streets.

Some robot street sweepers are entirely round with different bins inside that can be taken out by opening the door on the front of the body trunk; some are square with bins integrated all over the body including arms, legs, and body trunk. There are also some street sweepers with elephant like trunk that can vacuum up everything; and each of their hands is equipped with different types of vacuum attachments.

In the modern age, cars are no longer in use but mankind drive modern spaceship cars that can zoom fast and arrive at the destination in seconds.  The spaceship car can be driven slow or fast. There are all kinds of spaceships including ball, rocket and beetle shape spaceships.

Every day, there are many transformer postmen that deliver letters to men’s houses in city that hover halfway to the sky. These transformer postmen can transform into cars that zoom on the land highway; rocket under the leg to fly up to the hovering city; transforms into an underwater car with propeller to deliver the letter to houses of people living under the sea.

Chapter 2

The Mining of Resources on Other Planets


During those days, the earth resources have all been used up. Mankind takes their spaceships and discovers a few planets that have no inhabitant. It is on these planets that they found the resources to replace earth resources that have been exhausted. They stuck their flags to claim these planets that do not yet have any inhabitant living in them. From time to time, mankind would send spaceships to a far away planet to obtain the resources.

The resources that they have dug up from other planets are brought back to the factories on earth to process. Several giant factories that use radiation technology to process these resources have been established. The resources can be turned into various forms of powers such as electricity for household, industrial, fuels, chemical energy and etc. They extract the resources in a machine that features a tall round table with laser light above and below. The extracted resources are stored in glass capsules.


Chapter 3

Radiation Causes Mutilation among Human Beings


One day, something happens to the machines of the factory that are used to process the resource called Kuzande and smokes with strange colors of mixed gray, blue, pink and green comes out from one of the factory chimneys. And then, several capsules are broken and poisonous gas is released into the room.

The poisonous gas causes the glass of the windows to crack and it leaks into the open environment. Animals and birds that breathe in the poisonous gas immediately show mutation symptoms on their physical bodies. For example, the wolves’ noses change shapes. And, they have all become violent.

The jackals playing nearby the stream start to fight with each other and it leads to the death of one jackal. The jackal’s body is left in the stream and it pollutes the water. Several flocks of birds that accidentally breathe in the poison gas crash to car window glass, and walls of buildings which results in one mess of bloody smear.

A possum and a badger were playing just now and now they are fighting with each other. A mother bear with cubs suddenly becomes fierce and attack a human nearby.

People that are mutated by the poison gas become violent and they start to use club to break people’s cars and the shopfront windows and carry out vandalism. The space police came and use a teleportation remote to capture them. It throws a laser net at them before getting them teleport to the jail at the lab.

The scientists start to carry out the research and they keep testing the antidote on the mutated people. After many testings, they finally create an antidote that works.

Chapter 4

Someone Tries to Steal the Antidote


There is a doctor who has been affected by the mutation in the epidemic. He disguises himself as one of the scientists that work at the lab so that he can steals the antidote. When everyone exits the room, he grabs some of the antidotes and put them into his coat pocket.

When a scientist comes into the room, he realizes that some of the antidotes have been stolen. The incident becomes headline news that is broadcast on all the news TV channels. After the doctor had stolen the antidotes, he drinks it and sees that the physical symptoms of the mutation slowly disappear.

He then gets an idea to create the same antidotes so that he can sell them for profits. But, the antidote that the scientists create is not effective and the people that take them soon start to show the same mutation symptoms again.


Chapter 5

Peter Invents a Machine that Save the Mutant Men


There is a young man called Peter who works as a pizza boy and he delivers pizzas every day on skating board. He is a professional skateboarder and he can skate well. At home, he is a nerd and he has computer facility in his room. In his room, there are also a lot of wall posters.

Peter regularly delivers pizza to one of the scientists that work at the lab and he gets tips from him. One day, the scientist meets him on the street and he asks if he could go to his home for a cup of tea.

Peter invites him to his home. While at his home, the scientists go upstairs to take a look. He opens his door and to his surprise, he found a ball made of laser lines and with door. The ball shaped laser machine is invented by Peter to cure people from the mutilation.

The scientist goes to have a talk with Peter about the invention he creates. According to Peter, the machine takes 10 – 15 minutes to remove the radiation and changes back the mutated person into a normal person.

The epidemic has been spreading fast into the whole world so the scientist asks if he could come up with something larger that can accommodate more mutated people and zap them back to normal people at once.  Peter agrees and puts down his job as pizza boy. He now works with the scientists at the lab.

To make the laser machine appears, Peter needs to insert a disk into a computer. The disk is inserted into the machine most of the time and Peter did not take it along with him when he returns home at night.


Chapter 6

The Doctor’s Fail Attempt to Steal the Disk


When the doctor learns that the antidote he first stolen is not effective, he begins to think about going to the lab to steal the disk. This time, he disguises as the man who is hired to put food into the mutated people cage.

Peter sees him entering into the lab and he looks suspicious. He opens the lab door and is shocked to see the doctor ejecting the disk from the computer. He calls for the security guards and points the laser gun at him. The doctor quickly heads towards the window and jumps on the spaceship car that is driven by his friend. The spaceship car is parked just outside the window.

Peter uses his hover board to chase after him. On the way, he goes down quickly with the hover board and picks up one of the large stones that surround a tree in the garden outside the lab. He manages to catch up with the spaceship and jumps onto the windscreen.

He uses the large stone to pound on the windscreen vehemently until it breaks. The spaceship car is now going down with air entering. Peter jumps inside the spaceship and they fight with each other. He manages to take the disk from him and escapes with the hover board.

Just when the spaceship is about to crash and explode, a helicopter sent by the government comes and catches the spaceship with a rope that has hook at the end. They don’t want the man to die because of the crime and wants to save him instead. They take the damaged spaceship to the lab and jailed the person.

Peter quickly codes everything so that the machine becomes completed in just a few days. He tests it on one mutated person and it works. Then, they quickly transport a large batch of people into the machine and zap them back to normal human beings.

The doctor who tried to steal the disk also have some mutation symptoms since the first antidote he has taken stop working. They have the man transported into the rectangle shaped laser machine and remove the radiation effect from him.

The doctor becomes fully recovered with his symptoms all disappeared. He doesn’t want to be a villain anymore. The success of the invention helps Peter to get promoted to an important scientist at the laboratory.


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