How the Fox and Heron Helps Two Giants to Return to Their Underground City

Chapter 1

Hungry Fox Preys on a Tortoise


A fox sees a tortoise from afar and starts to run faster towards it. When the tortoise knows that the fox wants to eat it, it quickly hides all four legs and the head in the shell. The tortoise gets afraid of the fox and keeps on screaming “AAAAAA!” When the fox comes near, it uses its paw to overturn the body of the tortoise. The tortoise continues to scream even louder.

A gopher that is sleeping in the underground burrow wakes up to the loud screaming sound. It then tries to track where the sound comes from by walking through the different tunnel burrows underground. Finally, it digs its way upward to the head of the tortoise. When the gopher climbs out of the hole, his head bangs over the tortoise shell and now the tortoise is on the right position again.

The tortoise screams, “AAAA! Please don’t eat me sir”. The gopher says, “I am not going to eat you, calm down.” The tortoise then starts to crawl away fast. When the fox sees the tortoise crawl away, he says, “Hey, wait that’s my meal!” After that, the fox turns to the gopher and wants to prey on him.


Chapter 2

The Giant that Catches Goblins


At this time, his friend, a grey heron, comes flying down towards him and uses his claws to pull his tail. The heron said, “Don’t eat the tortoise!!! The tortoise is your friend.”

When the fox’s tail gets pulled, it jumps up and tries to bite the heron. The fox and the heron are good friends and they know each other well. They
kept chasing each other until they wander away into the deeper part of the forest.

The heron says, “Fox, do you know that there is a giant that live in this forest?” The fox said, “You just make me let go of that tortoise. Now you are talking about giant.” The heron says, “You definitely want to know about this giant that I am talking about. I did saw him the other day when flying past.”

The heron continues, “I have heard a tale about this giant from my friends. According to my friends, there is once a giant that catch goblins and live in this forest. One day, the goblins come out of their cave and chit chat in their goblin language. The giant happens to saw them and he thought he could make use of them. He quickly sets up an underground trap to trap the goblins.

The goblins didn’t know about it and they fell into the trap when walking pass the area. When the giant saw that the goblins are caught, he pulls up the pulley on the tree until the cage is on top of the tall tree and fastens the cage to a branch with a rope.

The next day, he unties the rope and carries the cage on his shoulder. The goblins are afraid of him so they all move to one corner of the cage. While the giant is carrying the cage, the goblins keep on insulting and scolding him. When the giant reaches the place, he told the goblins that he need them to help him find a special stone for powering up his spaceship.

He instructs the goblins to mine up as many of this special stone as possible. If they work hard, he will reward them; and if they do as he said, he will release them in 3 months. It turns out that the giant didn’t keep his word. He did not reward the goblins with as many of the items he promise them and he also did not release them in 3 months.


Chapter 3

Honeybee and Hummingbird Lead the Way


A honeybee comes buzzing around the place and it goes from flower to flower on the trees to collect nectar. The bee carries a special smell and the heron remembers that it is the exact same smell of the flower in the garden of the giant’s house.

The heron calls out, “EEK! Honeybee, do you know about the giant that lives in the forest and can you help to lead us there?” The bee answers while collecting the nectar from the flower, “You mean the giant that live in the vale. Sure, no problem. I can take you there but I will only lead you up to the stream.”

After leading the heron and fox to the stream, the bee says, “My friend the hummingbird will lead you to the giant’s house.” The bee did not want to go past the stream because there are many frogs living there. The hummingbird takes over the rest of the journey and led them to the giant’s house as he promised. He then says goodbye and fly to other places.


Chapter 4

The Heron and Fox are Caught


When the heron and fox arrive, they saw the big house where the giant lives. The rock house is made of boulders that stack up against one another. They move stealthily to one place and spy on the giant who is working on a spaceship. The giant is trying to power up a spaceship with the blue stones that the goblins brought him from the quarry.

To get powered up, it will take a great deal of blue stones. Now that he has accumulated enough blue stones, he can finally start the spaceship. He sits in the spaceship and presses the blue start engine button to start the spaceship. The spaceship starts to hover around while emanating blue light that is the same blue color as the stone.

After watching the giant for a while, the heron and fox sneak into the giant’s house through the main door. They try to walk as softly as possible and hide behind the furniture. They saw a women sitting on a couch and sewing something.

The woman is the wife of the giant inside the house. She is sewing clothes for the flower fairies from threads made with the special flowers they grow in the backyard. They also sell the flowers to flower fairies that use them to build houses.

The flowers that they grow in their backyard belong to a special species of flower that cannot be found on earth. They got the seed from their original homeland when they are visiting the surface of the earth during their vacation. Unfortunately, the tunnel that they travel up the earth surface was blocked due to a landslide and they can no longer go back.

On the table, there lay a sumptuous meal of dinner that has been prepared for the two giants. There is a huge chicken lying on a plate as well as fish and other delicious dishes. The fox becomes greedy and clumsily bang something while trying to steal the chicken on the table.

The sound from the fallen piece of furniture catches the giant’s wife attention. She tries to use something to get them out of the house but couldn’t. So, she calls in the giant, her husband, who quickly uses a net to catch them.


Chapter 5

The Heron Helps the Giants


The giant put the fox and heron in a cage. He tosses in some chicken meat for the fox and some fishes for the heron. At night, the giant is discussing about a map with his wife as they are planning to go back to their city under the earth now that their spaceship can be powered up. They leave the map on the table before going to bed. The heron can see the map and he recognizes the mountain on the map.

The heron figures out he may be able to lead the giant there. The next morning, when the two giants are discussing about the map, the heron tells them that he knows the mountain and he can lead them there. The giant is glad that the heron knows the way. He opens the cage door and let the heron and fox out.

They then set out on the spaceship that is powered by the blue stones. They spend half of the day flying past the valley and the mountains. Finally, they arrive at the place where it is stated on the map.

When they are on the location where the heron leads them, a beeping sound is heard on the computer of the spaceship. The beeping sound indicates that it matches the coordinate they are looking for on the map. The mountain they are looking for has the carving of an hourglass with eyes, nose and mouth in the middle to form the face.

The giants are happy that they found the exact spot for digging through to their underground city. They thank them and ask them to do a favor to free the goblins that they lock up in the cage. After passing the cage’s keys to them, they also told them that they could take the remaining chicken and fishes from the fridge in their home.


Chapter 6

The Two Giants Starts Digging Home


Without wasting any time, the two giants got into the spaceship, and buckle their seat belts. He turns on the bright headlight and the powerful digging tool that is attached to the front of the spaceship. The giant configures the tunnel to be dug sideways in spiral shape so that its spaceship can easily travel through it.

The giant follows a compass and coordinated map on the computer to make sure he is digging the spiral highway in the right direction. In just a while, they make it through to the underground giant city where his homeland is. The people there are glad that they are back as they have been reported missing and not seen for a long time. They push sands up the tunnel so that no one from the earth surface can find the way to their underground city.

Chapter 7

The Goblins are finally Freed!


In the meantime, the heron and fox have gone back to the giant’s home. They wander around for some time until they come to a tall tree. There is a pulley with rope that ties the cage to the tree branch. The heron can’t lift it down so the fox uses its teeth to bite the rope.

The goblins are screaming as the cage fall down from the tree top. The heron flew up trying to grab the cage with its leg and then lays the cage on the ground clumsily. The heron says, “Phew. Lets stuck the key into the key hole and free them now.” The heron holds the key in its beak and slowly turn the lock until he hears the key unlocking sound, “TIKK”. The cage door is now open.

The goblins are happy and they jump around to show how joyful they are that they can now return home finally. The goblins say, “It’s nice to be out of the cage. We’ve been locked up in this cage for 3 and half years. We’re glad that you two are so kind to come and rescue us.”

The heron says, “No need to thank us. We’re just doing the giant a favor. Because he has now found the way home to his homeland, he gives us the key to unlock the cage and free you guys.” The goblins replies, “We will reward your kind deed. Next time, if you need anything, we will help you.”

The heron took the fishes back to his nest on the tree while the fox takes the chicken meats left in the giant’s house back to his den. They enjoy eating their food.


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