King Bobimbinado and the Special Armor

Chapter 1

Bobimbinado Gathers a Large Herd of Bull Soldiers


Once, there is a man called Bobimbinado who likes to catch wild bulls. He and his men would go to different meadows where wild bulls are grazing and use lasso ropes to catch them. They would start a chase towards the wild bulls and the bulls will start a stampede to run away. Then, they would throw the lasso over the heads of the bulls and pull them. The bull will fight back but the man would pull harder.

Sometimes, the man pulls so hard that the bull falls down. But, he doesn’t care and keeps pulling and the bull eventually climbs up on its own. They drag the bulls all the way to their farm and lock them inside small cube stables with four walls and a small bar window. After the bull is tamed, they would transfer the bull to the open stable.

Bobimbinado keeps doing this until he has an army that is made up of a large herd of wild bulls. He knows each bull and call them by their names. Many of his men had died being gored by bulls while trying to tame them. Bobimbinado is the best when coming to taming bull and he didn’t sustain any injury while taming all his bulls.

He regularly carries out raids on different villages with his bulls and share the plunders with his friends and relatives. If there is anything that his relative or friend wants, he will raid a village to get them what they want.


Chapter 2

Bobimbinado Becomes King


Everyone has heard about Bobimbinado and how he always raid villages successfully with his herd of bulls. One day, a king comes to his ranch and challenge him to a war. The man agrees on one condition, that if he wins, he will be king and he will take all the leather shoes that his horses wear and make them into leather shoes for his bulls. The shoes can protect the hooves of his bulls and prevent them from getting injured easily.

In response, the king tells Bobimbinado that if he wins, he would mangle the bodies of all his bulls. On the day of the war, the battle cry shouts, and they come towards each other with bulls versus horse soldiers. The bulls win and many of the soldiers that belong to the king are gored. The king, his general and other high commanding officers manage to escape.

Bobimbinado now head to the kingdom and the soldiers play a victory song to welcome him. When the citizens of the kingdom heard that their king has lost the war, they shake with fear. The king sacks all the advisers and soldiers. They are replaced by his own men whom he has put in different palace positions. The bulls are his soldiers and they fight for him in many wars.

In the castle, there is a secret room where a special armor is stored. The armor is incomplete because it lacks the belt and boot. There is also a special bow in the secret room. From time to time, King Bobimbinado would carry out wars with the kingdoms around him. He often wear the special armor to war but he didn’t bring along his special bow. The armor has protected him from the enemies’ swords and arrows in the war for countless times.

Thus, his kingdom expands and many smaller kingdoms come under his dominion and they have to pay tributes to him. King Bobimbinado is a good king and he reduces the amount of tribute that they have to pay compared to their previous oppressors.


Chapter 3

King Bobimbinado Undertakes a Quest to Search for the Missing Belt and Boot


One day, King Bobimbinado goes out hunting for game on his bull. When he saw a deer, he take out the special bow and shoot it. Suddenly, a lot of white birds appear and they fly in a large flock towards him. Someone shouts out amid the flocks of flying bird to shoot the arrows as many times as he could. The first arrow when he goes to pull out, he didn’t see anything.

So, he shoot another arrow and it hits a rock that has an inscription on it that says that the special boot is underneath a lake in a place. On the rock, it also shows how he is to find the boot under the lake. He reasoned that if the boot could be found, the belt can also be found.

He embarks on a journey to search for both items that have been missing in the armor. In his country, there are several wise men which could give good advice. He calls in two wise men. The first wise man teaches him how to find the belt while the second wise man teaches him how to find the boot.

He embarks on the journey wearing the armor and carrying the bow riding on his bull. While he was on the road, he comes across a bird who sing. The bird song has a hint and he keeps following the bird until he comes to an outdoor restaurant with thatched roof.

At the restaurant, there are three men who come to test him with three questions. The first question is, “What type of seed when throw on the ground can become a ladder plant?” (Keruciini plant) The second question is, “What type of tree bends all the way across the lake?” (Teogytesi Tree) The third question is, ‘What types of leaf can protect you from the rain that can turn you into porcelain statue?” (Diridiripan Leaf)

If he guess wrong, they will get his armor, bull and arrow. If he guess right, they will each give him a gift. At first, King Bobimbinado gives the wrong answers to all three questions. But, a woman speaks out for him and she asks the three men to give him another chance. The three men agrees.

This time, when they ask question, the woman gives clues to the answer and he manages to give the correct answers to all 3 questions. They give him a flute, harmonica and a musical instrument that look likes a mini trumpet. After he left, he encounters a series of challenges.


Chapter 4

King Bobimbinado Finds the Special Belt for His Armor


On the way, a man was pulling a wagon of wine in a hurry. There is a man that happens to cross the road and didn’t see the wagon. He nearly get hit by the wagon but King Bobimbinado quickly pulls him to the safe side. The man thanks him and asks where he is heading to. He told him that he is on a quest to search for the missing belt and boot for his armor. The man replies that he will send him help by his eagle to return his favor.

As the sky gets darker, he remembers the advice he gets from one of the men that tests him with the questions. He quickly looks for the Diridiripan leaves and fold them just in time before it starts to rain. Anyone that is hit by the rain will turn into a small porcelain statue. After the rain has ended, he throws away the leaf.

Later, he comes to an area with a lot of tall grass. He hears hissing sound and notices that there are lots of snakes crawling around. He starts to make a music on the harmonica so that the snakes that crawling on the ground crack and reduce to dust on the ground.

Next, he comes to a place with fire arrows flying towards him. He starts to blow the mini trumpet. The enemies that shoot the arrows can’t stand the trumpet sound and they stop shooting the fire arrows. He keeps on blowing the mini trumpet until he has past a long distance away from the enemies.

Finally, he comes to a mountain. He climbs up and descend down through a staircase into a cave inside. Inside the cave, there are giant spiders on the wall. The special belt is hidden in between the large boulders in the cave which are crawled with poisonous scorpions. He blows the flute so that the boulder flies away one by one until he sees the special belt. He buckles on the special belt and then, climb out of the cave.


Chapter 5

Fish with Long Horn Gives King Bobimbinado a Key


After walking for a while, an eagle flies pass and throws down a large hexagon nut opener tool. The eagle was sent by the man whom he had helped earlier. He uses a rope to tie the tool onto his belt. Later, he comes to a lake that is teemed with monstrous water creatures with sharp teeth. He rides on his bull across a lake without knowing about it.

One water creatures sees him under the water and comes towards him. It tries to use sharp teeth to bite him. Fortunately, a good fish with a horn comes to help him. The good fish uses his horn to pierce and kill the water creature that is trying to bite him.

After he successfully crosses the lake, the fish opens his mouth and asks him to look inside for a key from among his teeth. He reaches his hand into the fish mouth and found a key in the lower right line of teeth. It is the key that opens the porcelain box that contains the special boot in the cave lake.

The fish guides him on going under the cave lake to find the special boot. He found that the instruction which the fish give is the same as the map that he saw on the rock where his arrow hit earlier. The porcelain box is contained inside another chest in a cabin of a sunken boat. After he has taken the boot, he is to leave a bag that contains the special glowing fish beside the giant fish that guards the treasure boot.


Chapter 6

King Bobimbinado Finds the Special Boot


After he thanks the fish, he walks on and meets with a group of hideous dwarves. These hideous dwarves may look like monsters but they are kind and benevolent. The dwarves give him a round scissor like tool to help him in his trip. He continues his journey and ask a man for the way. He heads forward until he comes to a rocky mountainous area. Behind the rocky mountains, he found the cave and enter it. In the cave, there is a large lake.

He dives into the lake and comes to a part where there is a forest of tall water plants. He uses the scissors to snip off the water plants to make a passage for himself. At the end of the water plant forest, he sees a lot of shiny jewel treasures and a big fish is guarding the place. When the fish is not looking, he hides in the big pearl shell. Then, when the fish is not looking again, he sneaks into the sunken ship.

He comes to a door that is locked by a large hexagon nut. He unlocks it by using the hexagon nut tool to turn it in an anti-clockwise direction. When the door is opened, there is another smaller door with six different sizes of hexagon nuts which he opened with the round scissor tool.

On the round scissor tool, there are lots of different sizes of small built in hexagon nut opener tools. He uses the scissor tool to turn them in anti-clockwise direction to unlock all the nuts. After the door is unlocked, he descends into the room and sees the chest that contains the porcelain box. He uses the key to open the chest and the porcelain box.

The porcelain box when opened, both of the halved sides fall and reveals the special boot. When he left, he remembers about what the fish at the river told him and left a bag that contains the luminous fish on his right side. At this time, the big fish has already fallen asleep so he boldly swims up to him and puts the bag of fish besides him.


Chapter 7

King Bobimbinado Returns Back to His Country Victoriously


King Bobimbinado rides on his bull with the full armor and sets out to return to his country. Some kind men shows him a shortcut route back to his country. When he steps inside the fortress city, the citizens cheers him with large shouts for completing the mission successfully.


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