Lewin, the Funny Horse

Chapter 1

Lewin is Chased by a Fierce Bull and Rhino


On a far away planet, there live animals that can stand upright like human beings. The story is about a horse, called Lewin. One morning, Lewin bends down to eat some delicious grass. Then, he makes a morning stretch by stretching his two hands and say “Mmmmmm”.

Lewin sees a bull ahead of him and the grass patch on which it is grazing is greener and look more delicious than the patch of grass he is grazing on. He goes over, and uses his handkerchief to polish his two horns.

After finishing polishing them, he bends down to eat the grass there. When the bull looks at him, he uses a stick  to draw a circle and cut it into four slices. Then, Lewin scoops one slice to the bull. This makes the bull angry and puffs out a win from his nostrils at him. The wind from the bull’s nostrils blows his face and mane but it is not strong enough to blow him away.

Right away, the bull starts to chase after him. Lewin runs as fast as he could for his life. On the way, he passes by a rhino that is also grazing. When the rhino sees them, he also joins in the chasing. Lewin comes to a river and he runs into the river climbing onto the back of a big fish. The big fish’s body is covered with different sizes of round spikes.

When Lewin realizes that he has climbed onto the bank of a spiky fish, he jumps into the water and start to swim to the other bank. It was a large river and he couldn’t have made it without the help of the unicorn horn fish. The unicorn horn fish rescues him and take him to the river bank. When he arrives on the other shore, he thanks the unicorn horn fish for saving his life. After he swims away, he walks and whistles a tune.

Chapter 2

Lewin Comes to a Colorful World on the Other River Bank


On this part of the river, everything is more colorful. Squirrels with bushy tails and purple and orange stripes on their bodies climb up onto the tree to watch Lewin.  Then, he comes across a group of flies with green blue luminescent light. He assumes they are fireflies and he tries to use his hand to try to catch them.

But, when he touches them, the flies sting him so that his hoofed hands end up having red wounds. Next, he comes to a large fatty flying bug that is hovering in the air. He is blowing bubbles with his saliva. It is just like the bubbles blown from a bubble blower.

When the bubble hits Lewin’s hoofed hand, the wounds are healed but they left a gross saliva on his hand. Lewin feels hungry so he bends down and eats some grass. The bubbles falls onto the grass patch and now the grass stink.

Lewin notices that when the bubbles are dry, they become stringy. He comes up with an idea to use the dried stringy bubbles to create a hammock on a tree. He lazes on the hammock to enjoy the sunny day.

On the tree where the hammock is tied, there is a hole. In the hole, there is a woodpecker nest with 5 chicks. When Lewin hears the noises, he tries to take out the chicks and cuddle them.

When the mother bird flies back, she pecks him and he has to move away from the tree. He enters into a forest. Along the way, he comes across a plant with a strange fruit that looks like watermelon but the patterns of the green stripes shows that it is a different type of fruit.

Chapter 3

Lewin Changes into a Long Neck Flying Beast


After he eats it, his leg becomes like goat leg. He walks on without realizing anything happens to his leg. He eats another fruit that looks like hourglass pattern of giraffe spots and his neck grows as long as the giraffe. Even though his neck is as long as the giraffe, he still didn’t realize it and everything seem normal to him.

After walking for some time, he eats a long fruit that causes his ear to become long and droop down. He eats another fruit that shape like wings and got one large wing growing on the right. Then, he pluck another one from the same tree and has two wings on the left side.

The two wings are medium wings so when they grow out on the left, they are the same size as the right wing. After that, he comes to a fruit that is milk white and curve like teeth. He eats it and four teeth grows on the inside of his mouth.

Finally, he eats a long lightning color fruit. Upon eating it, he now has the ability to strike lightning just as dragon can blow fire from the mouth.


Chapter 4

Lewin Saves a Village from Pesky Dragons


On comes a man that is running for his life. Apparently,  some dragons have come to attack a village and they are carrying away their livestock. The villagers are panic and running all about. When Lewin sees this, he wants to help and thought he couldn’t do anything at all. But, when he look at himself on a small pool of water, he realize he has become a frightful creature.

He decides to help the village by striking them with lightning from his mouth. Whenever the lightning hits the dragon, it will turn into a fly with all the patterns and colors remaining on its body. Having been transformed into flies, they drop the livestock to the ground and fly away.

The people of the village cheer on Lewin for helping them to get rid of the dragons and save their livestock. A woman in the village makes a soup from the herbs in his garden and after Lewin drinks it, he turns back into himself again, a horse, that stands on two legs.

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