Marley, the Tabby Cat

Chapter 1

Marley Goes to the Beach

Marley, a teenage tabby cat, wears a formal dress with bright blue neck tie and carrying a blue and green umbrella, walks up the hilly road on a sunny day. Down from the hilly road came the fat cat riding on a scooter. On the road side, there is a pond and someone is selling fishes. On the left side, some houses are on sale. He changes the number of 6 to 8 on the for sale sign board.

Marley says he wants 3 fishes, and he uses his paw to catch 3 fishes and it was put in a brown paper bag for him. Up ahead, Mr. Johnson, the dog is woofing because the 5 little pigs had stolen his trilby hat and running away. Onward, there is a stall selling rats. Marley says he wants one. So, the shopkeeper takes one and meow and scratch with his paw and kills the rat and pack in a brown paper bag for him.

He turns into the beach to have a picnic. He rents a lounge chair; there are 3 sizes, small, medium and large; and he choose the small size because he is slim. He bought a coconut with whipped cream juice at the stall. He opens up the chair, puts on his sunglasses and puts one mouse into his mouth and chews and chews.

Then, he puts in the fish one by one and drinking the juice in between. On the beach, there is a deer that has stolen the ball of a dog they chase each other round and round. There are girl poodle dogs playing volley balls. There are banana peels playing skipping ropes. The banana peel has two slit on the left and right side where it become two hands and two legs. The front part is deep yellow and the back part is light yellow.

He helps some kids build a two tower sand castle. Both are round tower. One has a turret and the other does not has a turret. There are holes in the tower as windows. The kids use twig to poke the holes to form the windows.

Then, Marley volley ball with a couple, he hits the volley ball to the male cat with black fur on top and white fur underneath. The ball accidentally hit his head and they quarrel. The life coach comes and stops them from fighting. Marley hunches his back and straightens up his fur at the black cat.

Chapter 2

Marley Signs Up for a Bag Pipe Class

After that, Marley drives his small red round car back home. The red car does not have roof. He takes a bath in the bathtub. In the bathtub, there are rubber mice and he is playing scratch with these rubber mice. His sister calls out to him asking him not be childish anymore.

When he comes out of bathroom, he signs up for a bagpipe music class on the internet . At the bagpipe music class, he tries hard to blow the bagpipe and accidentally blow the girls’ skirts up. One girl slaps him; the second girl punches him in the stomach; the third girl nearly step on his leg when the teacher Mrs. Coyote come and pull his tail to the front of the classroom.

He calls out in pain loudly “Meaw!” He has to stand in front of the class as a punishment. Everyone in the bagpipe class laugh. The class has all girl cats and only 1 other male which is a hedgehog. After class, Mrs. Coyote drives home with her car.

Mr. Tabby parks his car far away and hides among the bushes waiting for the teacher’s car to pass by. He ties a white string across the road across two plants so that when she drives through the road, her car couldn’t move forward. She wonders what happened and comes out of the car to check.

Because she keeps pressing the oil pedal and keeps trying to move forward, the line has worn away the outer tire.  When she sees the white string, she disentangles it and throw it to the right plant.

While Mrs Coyote drives the car slowly, Mr. Tabby strewn small non explosive bombs on the road. When her car pass through, it causes loud crackling sound and she wonders what happens again and stops.

This time, Mr. Tabby grabs some dust from the ground and stuck it into the exhaust pipe. The teacher drive halfway smoke comes out of the engine hood in front. She has to call the tow truck guys. After 20 minutes, two wolves with orange fur arrive in the tow truck and tow her car away.

Chapter 3

Mr. Tabby Gets Chased by Bees

Mr. Tabby walks down the street to drive his car but his car runs out of petrol. It stops halfway on the road and he has to push it. Pushing the car halfway he feels tired and he starts to look around and sees squirrel gathering nuts. He ask some nuts from the squirrel but squirrel squeky squek saying he doesn’t want to give the nuts. Then, he uses tries to climb the tree and tries to claw the squirrel. Seeing this, the squirrel quickly jump from tree to tree.

Next, he comes to tree where a bee hive is hanging on the bough. He takes the bee hive down and the bee swarm out of hive. He runs all the way down the street and enters into the first shop that is selling honey. The bee follows him into the shop. When the cashier sees bees swarming into the shop, he press the alarm button and alarm sound starts to ring. The fire engine is on the way.

Mr. Tabby runs out of the shop again and the bees follow him. He runs back to where his car is and he keeps on running until he sees a lake. He grabs a hollow reed and submerges in the lake breathing through the reed.

The reed has lots of red ants on it and he didn’t know. He holds the reeds close to his nose and the red ants got onto his nose. When he comes up, the ants enter inside his nose and bite him. “Yauch!” He cries out. He goes to the pond to blow bubbles in the water to ease the pain.

Meanwhile, the fire engine has come. They track down the bees and they are using a large net to attract the bee. The swarm of bees head towards the large net and they are trapped sticking to it, then they roll the net and put it into a shredder to shred into fertilizer.

Mr. Tabby pushes his car back home, heavily drenched in water. The first thing he do when he goes back home is to take a bath. He uses a sponge to scrub his body and a back brush to scrub the back, then he takes a shower to rinse off the soap.

With a towel. he dries his black and white stripe fur. Finally, he shake his body to rinse excess water before putting on the pyjamas. After coming out of the bathroom, he logs onto the internet and cancel the bagpipe class lesson.

Chapter 4

Mr. Tabby Meets Charlene

In the following morning, he walks to college to attend his classes because he has no car. On the way, he come across a park and he goes in to rent a bike. There are small cat kids riding bicycles in the park.

At school, he sleeps and the teacher a fat bear with brown marks  uses the whip to whip his table 3 times. At the first whip, he moves a little. At the second whip, he is more aroused. At the third whip, he is finally awake. Another student, Starr, a yellow teenage star, is leaning his hand against his face and the teacher whips once on his desk. Both are asked to dance. They are to take turn pulling each other ears going left and right.

The cat pulls the star’s ear to the left and the star pulls the cat’s ear to the right; Then, the cat pulls the star’s ear to the left again and the star tries to pull it to the right and they fight; and at last the cat trying to pull the star’s ear too hard, his buttock hits the teacher’s table and the coffee on his table splashes to the teacher shirt at the back.

They are forced to stand in the sun with wooden clothes clips on their fingers and ears. They are to put their hands up until the school session is over. When the bell rings and the school session is over, a female cat, Charlene and her two friends come over and talk to Mr. Tabby. The cat has light orange fur but only some part of her body is covered with orange stripes.

Mr. Tabby and Charlene get to know each other here. Charlene always takes the shortcut road to school up hill. One day, Tabby sees this and he decides to help her to climb up. He climbs a bit up the hill first and pulls her hand to help her climb. Then, he uses his head to push her up to the road on top. Tabby also helps the other friend to climb up the hill in the same way. For the third friend, he reaches up to the road first, and then stretches out his hand to pull her who is already halfway up the hill.

Chapter 5

Charlene’s Siblings are Missing

One day, Charlene’s brothers gone missing. She has 3 younger brothers, first, Oscar is 10 years old; the second Oswald is 8 years old; and the third Olley is 3 years old. Her mother, Susie is the sole bread winner. Charlene and her mother file a report to the police station. Charlene had also told Tabby about it and he put up notices on the internet. They also stick missing notice in the places the 3 young boys would often go.

On the day, they are missing, two of the older boys have been flying around on their hoverboard with blue green light a  the back. The youngest boy hold on to the shirt of the second oldest boy and sits at the back.

The first boy is much more daring, he likes to flips around when the spacecar flies by. He turns around and to the bottom when a car like spacecar fly by. Next, a spacecar that looks like car but has sharper body comes by and he tilt to the left to avoid it. Then, a round spacecar fly by and he flip around to the bottom. The second boy  is less daring and he would fly his hoverboard to the side to avoid the speeding space car traffic.

Suddenly a spacecar zooms by and Oswald has to dodge fast with his hoverboard. The youngest boy, Olley, who is carrying a parachute bag fall into the sky. Fortunately,the parachute opens itself and he lands safely into a crate of a large spaceship. The crew are loading in nuclear bomb missiles into the spaceship. He drops into a crate that is carrying some small bombs but he quickly climb out before they cover the crate with a wooden cover.

Olley hides behind some stack of sprays. The two older boy seeing this, follow up as the large spaceship close up all the doors. The doors are foldable and they fold back into a partition where the bombs are stored. The ship belongs to a group of crooks. After the foldable door are closed, the ship takes off with purple light at the bottom.

The two boys flies under the ship, and press the red triangle button which opens up a staircase that leads into the engine room. The staircase automatically roll up and the shutter shut the opening when they have entered the room. They climb up through the air vacuum tunnel up into a room. Before exiting through the door in the engine room, they overheard the leader asking the crew if all the canisters are in place.

Oscar and Oswald heard Olley’s voice in the third room so they open the door and enter. When Olley knows the door is opened, he tries to hide but comes out of his hiding place when he sees Oscar and Oswald. At this time, the guard heard some noises in the room. They saw the boys and cuff them with a special laser shock cuff and lock them up in the prison room.

Chapter 6

Marley Helps Charlene to Find Her Siblings

Tabby is selling some popcorn at the ship harbor and someone told them about seeing something white falling from the sky and that could be the missing the boy that Charlene is looking for.

There is also someone who says that they saw two boys chasing after the spaceship and then disappear. Marley asks around and learn about the spaceship name. He learns that the spaceship may be stopping by a few planets on their way to the destination. He boards on a ship but on the first place where they stop, the ship is not there.

So, he steals a small ship and flies it away to the second planet stop. He sees the ship that belongs to the crook there. He enters into the ship, there are 2 guards in front of the room where the boys are. He uses his claws to claw them and rescue the boys from the prison. They escape by sliding on piece of metal sheet out of the ship.

He drives the ship back to the home planet. The person signals him to park the ship on the small parking lot. The boys want to use their hoverboard to go back home but he did not allow. He rents a spaceship bicycle with 3 seats at the back and the cabin seat has roof but no door. He cycles them back home

Charlene and her mother have been crying. When Charlene turns her head to see the sky, she sees the spaceship bicycle from afar and it’s Marley. Susie, the cat mother is happy to see her 3 boys safe and sound. Charlene gives Marley a kiss on the cheek for helping to bring back her 3 siblings.

The End.

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