Megg Saves the Blue Galaxy from the X45 Virus

Chapter 1

Mobboppotton Rains Sulfur Yellow Rain

One day, sulfur yellow rain starts to pour down over the alien city of Mobboppotton. Everywhere, the green Mobpots aliens are turning on the wipers on their spaceship cars. As the wiper starts to move, it releases a transparent liquid that quickly wipes away the yellow rain safely from the screen. If the rain is left unwiped, it would cause the screen to shatter.

Someone parks the car outside the shop front without turning on the wiper. The car alarm sounds as the windscreen material becomes weaker and shattering. The robotic voice in the car says as the alarm keep beeping, “Windscreen is shattering in 10 seconds counting down timer”and the glass shattered and drop as the yellow sulfur rain falls on it.

On this planet, the rain is different than the water rain or snow rain we have here on earth. Their rain has all sorts of colors such as red purple, blue green rain with streaks of brown, yellow orange, gray black. As it rain, the flower of a fruit tree will gradually turn into a fruit during raining and become ripe in 2 days. There is also the pearl rain, that is transparent in color but has some pearl icy substance.

After the rain is over, the car wash shop has a long queue of cars who are waiting to get their car washed and cleaned. The shopkeepers are also busy cleaning the yellow rain from the wall of the shop.

Chapter 2

All Citizen of Mobboppotton are Forced to Get a Health Checkup

All of a sudden, a spaceship from the government came. It spins round and round and finally land in the grass field. These grasses are yellow color with a bit of orange tint. Four more round spaceships arrive after the landing of the first spaceship.

The shorter upper part of the door open and it bends down further and extend itself further to reach the ground. Mr. Garrieu, a green Mobpot alien who has two antennas comes out to make an announcement. Mr. Garrieu says in a frustrated tone,

“All citizen! May I have your attention! I regret to bring the news that an epidemic is spreading across the blue galaxy and our beautiful planet has been in the misfortune luck to be affected.

It is in the deepest frustrations to see the possibility that our species and planet will be destroyed by the X45 virus. I’d dreamed that our planet will last for billions of years to come, surpassing the planet of the cowardly Hot Orange Squares.

We have decided to fix your worries by having the 1H health center comes over to run a health checkup for all our beloved citizen. The health checkup will only last for 2 Quato days (same as 2 days here on earth) so bear with us citizen for the sake of our planet safety.” After that, he enters into the spaceship and left the area followed by the four accompanying spaceships.

Another spaceship with blue light arrives and a stout green Mobpot alien with two antenna comes to supervise the entire process. After a while, a long spaceship, the 1H health center, flies to the area and land. It has a blue gas light at each of the four corner at the bottom and four more blue gas lights in the middle at the bottom.

As soon as the announcement is made, the bustling traffic of the spaceship car suddenly stops. The aliens are now all flying to the horizontal polished metallic silver bridge that connects to the long spaceship. The Mobpots green aliens do not have wings but they are able to fly in the sky. They have 2 hands, 2 legs and a face just like human.

In one spaceship car, the top window open and the sit springs up with zig zag spring elevator pushing up and the alien fly toward the bridge. In another spaceship car, the door opens and steps appear to connect to the bridge. The steps start from thin and gets thicker as it moves upward to the bridge. Then, the alien walks up the stairs and onto the bridge.

One alien simply walk up straight and then horizontal like 90 degree to reach the bridge. Another alien uses a missile umbrella with blue light that shoot himself forward to the bridge. Many green Mobpots aliens wear the blue gas rocket shoes that propel them towards the bridge.

One alien performs a blue red halo light skateboard stunt making one quick flip and have arrived at the bridge. There is also larger version of household lizard at the bottom of the bridge. He wants to throw a rope onto the bridge to reach the stairs.

Chapter 3

Megg, the Mobpot Alien, Meets Lewis

Megg, was riding on his space bike when it was raining. He ride too fast trying to cut through the lane and 3 policemen in a low open roof race cart like space car chase him. When the announcement is made, the three policemen decide to let him go and they disappear. Seeing the police has disappeared, he locks his bike and the robot voice says “All engine functions have been paused. Your bike is now secure.” Then, Megg flies onto the bridge.

When everyone has gathered onto the bridge, a supervisor quickly push them into the spaceship to waste no more time in starting the health checkup. There are two doors at the entrance. The first door, the outer door, close horizontal from left to right and the second inner door close vertical from up to down.

A short pudgy female Mobpot alien takes a scrollable name list. The background of the name list is a live view of the black space with white glittering stars. Next to the names is a check box. The name list is passed on from one to another to the Mobpots in the queue. Each person is to scroll down and look for his name and tap it to tick his/her presence.

They are also to provide information on how many dots they have. The dots are the purple dots rashes that they have as a result of the infection. Once they tick the name, a question would pop out below “How many dots?” and they would fill in the number.

Next, the pudgy Mobpot alien takes them to another room where the door open horizontal from right to left and they enter. They are to wait in different places depending on how many dots they have. The room in front is the room that the aliens have to enter one by one as they wait for their turn for the health check up.

The floor of the checkup room is like green circuit board. There is a soft green light to patrol around the track lines, dots, and components on the circuit board. The line is the path to the different rooms on the board.

They are to sit on a mobile silver polished metallic chair. The chair has 3 wheels on each side and it follows the line on the circuit board into the checkup room. Some are allowed to return home after the test while others are sent to a cabin where they could spend overnight and resume the test  the next day.

A Mobpot alien comes out with electricity buzzing all over like he has been electrocuted. Another one coming out complaining that his four legs is curved and cramping now. “Oh! Pain, my sweet delicate feet is aching.” The third alien patient is so scared that the nurse with pearl color curly hair has to drag him to the chair and force him to go in. He is crying, “No! No! Not into that room!”

When comes the turn of the fourth patient, the nurse is about to accompany him on the chair into the room when an old patient falls face down from his seat, out of sickness from the rashes. The nurse goes over to help him up back to the seat. The patient on the chair seeing this quickly gets up and sit back on his seat. Megg, curious, goes over to sit on the seat in his place. The nurse did not remember who the fourth patient is and accompany him into the check up room.

A staff accidentally press the wrong switch and Megg’s chair move horizontal up then diagonally and disappear into a chamber in the spaceship. In the dark chamber, he sees 3 blue light. An alarm sound “ew ew ew,” followed by an announcement, “Patient 153 has entered into the blue gas chamber. Security guard, enter into the blue chamber and evacuate Patient 153 from the place urgently!”

Up on the room ceiling, there is an air ventilation tunnel. He flies up, pushes the cover up and starts to crawl through the air tunnel. He goes straight, turn right and turn right again.

He hears screams, something trying to knock down the cage and finally, comes to a room where there is a human man. The man seeing him says, “Help me out of here!” Curious, as he has never seen a man before, he pushes through the cover and enters into the room.

The man called Lewis Brickman has been locked inside a cage with a lock by the Mobpots. It is a basic circle lock and Megg simply press 4455 on the green keypad and the lock automatically get unlocked. Lewis goes over to his spaceship and wants to fly it away.

But, Megg goes over to the other spaceship. He says,”Oh yes!” as he knows the ship well and knows how to start it. He presses 3 buttons on the keypad that have alien language symbols. When the engine starts and yellow orange light appears, he says “Mammamia!” The runway exit door open and they fly away the spaceship into the space. Before leaving, Megg has stolen the halo shape padlock.

Chapter 4

Megg Help the Veyiruki Aliens Fight the Red

The first planet that they arrive has red gas on the outer surface like it is going to explode. The planet, on the opposite, has cold weather and there is a cold storm every day. They found a cave where there is a small lake and spend the night.

The second planet has blue gases and upon entering they found their inhabitants are rock giants. The rock giant has head, hand, and legs with rock pilling one another. When they left, a rock giant fly them to the top of the sky and they depart.

Next, they come to an area of the space where all is quiet. Only the right tail of one spaceship is seen being brightly lit in blue light. Suddenly two policemen shine two bright torch at them. This causes all the spaceship to become visible in that area. They chase quite a while before getting apprehended by another two policemen in front.

They are taken to a room with a thick metal door that when close, close from up to down automatically. On the upper part of the door, there is a small door that close horizontally to right. This small door will only appear when the guard calls in. There are 2 space beds in the room for them to sleep, a small table and a small deep blue trampoline. It is narrow and have just enough space for Megg, the alien to jump on it.

One day, they heard bombing sound, “Boom! Boom! Boom!” It was the Red aliens who have come to attack them. They managed to destroy one wing of the spaceship. Hearing this, they are afraid that their lives will be in danger and start to look for a way to escape. They saw the air ventilation hole. The only problem is that Lewis can’t jump that high to reach the ventilation hole. So, Megg comes up with an idea to help Lewis reach the ventilation hole.

Lewis hops onto the alien back and the alien tries to jump. Megg says, “On my back, hop!” While Megg is jumping on the trampoline, he tries to push him to the top. Lewis loses balance and falls and the alien manages to catch him.

Megg says, “On my back, 1, 2 hop!” They try one more time and it works. Lewis manages to push through the air ventilation cover and climb onto the top. The alien flies up and follow behind him. They crawl up, turn left, move up and turn left and finally exit.

While everyone is fighting, they decide to steal one of the larger spaceship but Megg decides to help them. They take a small sphere spaceship and start to shoot blue laser at the enemies. Some enemies seeing this quickly hop back into their spaceship and chase after him.

They trick the enemies to come close and then spread a blue net over them. The net is like a magnet keeping the enemies’ spaceship in place so they can no longer move. The enemies are arrested.

They are grateful for Megg and Lewis help. They give them 7 stones with different dots markings and a small scroll with instruction on what to do with the stones.

Chapter 5

Megg Found the Seed that Heals the Rashes

They come to a planet with two red sun one on the north and one on the south. The surface of the planet is blue and there are several ultra modern buildings on the planet. As soon as their spaceship enter, one of the official there walks up and ask them, “My good fellow men, where have you come from?”

Megg replies, “We have come from the territory of the purple Veyiruki purple alien. The Red has attacked them fiercely but they are saved with our help. In return, they have rewarded us with a scroll. We found the path to your planet on the scroll. It is lying on 35 degree axis.”

The guard invites them up on a flat metallic spaceship with glass dome on top. After parking the spaceship, they enter into the royal palace accompanied by two other guards. The king has two long braided hair. He asks, “Where have you come from?”

Megg replies, “We just came from the territory of the Vvyaaa alien. We, your humble servants, somehow manage to help them to win the war. In return for the favor, these kind fellowmen have given us with a scroll and 7 stones with strange dots markings which we could not read.”

The king says, “Take the stones to me.” An official take the stones to the king and the king recognizes the dots language on it.

The king whisper something to his official and the official brings the special blue powder over. The king sprinkles the special blue powder on the stones and the stones fly itself back to Megg’s pocket without moving from his throne.

Megg and Lewis are taken to a part of the desert. They are only told that they would find what they are seeking there. They wander around and suddenly a spiral sand steps reach underground. They walk downward the sand steps and they saw many round glass corked jars. One jar has black potion. Megg saw a jar covered with diamonds and he removes the diamonds from it.

As soon as he removes the diamonds, one of the hidden stone door shut from up to down. The chamber turn 180 degree to another direction. A flipping door open but they are too afraid to enter. Then the wall to the left pushes further and they are too afraid to head that direction too.

Then, the door to another chamber open and they saw a peaceful blue light. In the room is the brown seed. Then, they heard someone calling out to them from the top, “Do you want to come up now?”

They reply, “Help us out here!” A lift goes down to pick them up. The lift moves gently until they reach the surface. The king is waiting above. He is happy that they have found what they are looking for. He give them some fruits of the land and send them on their way in their spaceship.

Chapter 6

X45 Epidemic Comes to an End

They come to the next destination, a planet where the people’s face are like the star and moon. One of them give them the advice “Plant the seed in the planet Poriipalaa. Water the seed once every 4 weeks, in the middle of the every 2 week. Besides watering, also fertilize it with the blue fallen leaves of the Tittitti tree.

After 3.5 months, the tree will have grown to full size and when the red flowers appear, they are to use the red fertilizer gathered from the stream there. When it forms into fruit, it will automatically run loose itself and rocket in blue flame into the space releasing the good germs that will heal the sickness.”

Megg followed the instruction after landing on the planet Poriipalaa, the last planet on the scroll. Poriipalaa has many crescent shaped structures that are deep blue with rough surface. After roaming around the planet for a while, they found the Tittitti tree on the cliff and land there. They stay in a transparent glass like dome housing provided by the inhabitant there.

Megg plants the seed, water and fertilize it according to the instruction. When the Vikamis birds try to peck the fruit, Megg chases it away. One day, the fruit detach itself and shoot into the space like shooting star rocket. When this happens, Megg finds that the rashes on his left arm has been healed. Lewis asks Megg to accompany him back to earth but Megg says he misses his home planet. So, they take a light tunnel that zoom the spaceship to Megg’s home planet.

Before leaving, Lewis uses his smartphone to take photo of Megg with him as a souvenir. Megg gives him the ring lock that he helped to crack when setting him free from the cage. They hug each other and bid each other goodbye. Lewis drives the spaceship back to the Earth.

The End.

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