How Peter Save Human Beings from the Epidemic of Mutilation in Year 3100

Chapter 1

Robots Replace Human Workers


In the year 3100, when technology has become advanced on the earth, robots become prevailed in every place and they take the place of human workers. Human beings, who are much more superior, hire robots to work at their shops. The government hires them to provide all kinds of public services.

Mankind uses robots to build skyscrapers fast. The short square shaped robots can climb up on the wall as they build the skyscrapers. Most of the police are robots that ride hovering scooters with two side mirrors. There are also robot traffic polices controlling the sky train. Robot street sweepers can be seen all over the streets.

Some robot street sweepers are entirely round with different bins inside that can be taken out by opening the door on the front of the body trunk; some are square with bins integrated all over the body including arms, legs, and body trunk. There are also some street sweepers with elephant like trunk that can vacuum up everything; and each of their hands is equipped with different types of vacuum attachments.

In the modern age, cars are no longer in use but mankind drive modern spaceship cars that can zoom fast and arrive at the destination in seconds.  The spaceship car can be driven slow or fast. There are all kinds of spaceships including ball, rocket and beetle shape spaceships.

Every day, there are many transformer postmen that deliver letters to men’s houses in city that hover halfway to the sky. These transformer postmen can transform into cars that zoom on the land highway; rocket under the leg to fly up to the hovering city; transforms into an underwater car with propeller to deliver the letter to houses of people living under the sea.

Chapter 2

The Mining of Resources on Other Planets


During those days, the earth resources have all been used up. Mankind takes their spaceships and discovers a few planets that have no inhabitant. It is on these planets that they found the resources to replace earth resources that have been exhausted. They stuck their flags to claim these planets that do not yet have any inhabitant living in them. From time to time, mankind would send spaceships to a far away planet to obtain the resources.

The resources that they have dug up from other planets are brought back to the factories on earth to process. Several giant factories that use radiation technology to process these resources have been established. The resources can be turned into various forms of powers such as electricity for household, industrial, fuels, chemical energy and etc. They extract the resources in a machine that features a tall round table with laser light above and below. The extracted resources are stored in glass capsules.


Chapter 3

Radiation Causes Mutilation among Human Beings


One day, something happens to the machines of the factory that are used to process the resource called Kuzande and smokes with strange colors of mixed gray, blue, pink and green comes out from one of the factory chimneys. And then, several capsules are broken and poisonous gas is released into the room.

The poisonous gas causes the glass of the windows to crack and it leaks into the open environment. Animals and birds that breathe in the poisonous gas immediately show mutation symptoms on their physical bodies. For example, the wolves’ noses change shapes. And, they have all become violent.

The jackals playing nearby the stream start to fight with each other and it leads to the death of one jackal. The jackal’s body is left in the stream and it pollutes the water. Several flocks of birds that accidentally breathe in the poison gas crash to car window glass, and walls of buildings which results in one mess of bloody smear.

A possum and a badger were playing just now and now they are fighting with each other. A mother bear with cubs suddenly becomes fierce and attack a human nearby.

People that are mutated by the poison gas become violent and they start to use club to break people’s cars and the shopfront windows and carry out vandalism. The space police came and use a teleportation remote to capture them. It throws a laser net at them before getting them teleport to the jail at the lab.

The scientists start to carry out the research and they keep testing the antidote on the mutated people. After many testings, they finally create an antidote that works.

Chapter 4

Someone Tries to Steal the Antidote


There is a doctor who has been affected by the mutation in the epidemic. He disguises himself as one of the scientists that work at the lab so that he can steals the antidote. When everyone exits the room, he grabs some of the antidotes and put them into his coat pocket.

When a scientist comes into the room, he realizes that some of the antidotes have been stolen. The incident becomes headline news that is broadcast on all the news TV channels. After the doctor had stolen the antidotes, he drinks it and sees that the physical symptoms of the mutation slowly disappear.

He then gets an idea to create the same antidotes so that he can sell them for profits. But, the antidote that the scientists create is not effective and the people that take them soon start to show the same mutation symptoms again.


Chapter 5

Peter Invents a Machine that Save the Mutant Men


There is a young man called Peter who works as a pizza boy and he delivers pizzas every day on skating board. He is a professional skateboarder and he can skate well. At home, he is a nerd and he has computer facility in his room. In his room, there are also a lot of wall posters.

Peter regularly delivers pizza to one of the scientists that work at the lab and he gets tips from him. One day, the scientist meets him on the street and he asks if he could go to his home for a cup of tea.

Peter invites him to his home. While at his home, the scientists go upstairs to take a look. He opens his door and to his surprise, he found a ball made of laser lines and with door. The ball shaped laser machine is invented by Peter to cure people from the mutilation.

The scientist goes to have a talk with Peter about the invention he creates. According to Peter, the machine takes 10 – 15 minutes to remove the radiation and changes back the mutated person into a normal person.

The epidemic has been spreading fast into the whole world so the scientist asks if he could come up with something larger that can accommodate more mutated people and zap them back to normal people at once.  Peter agrees and puts down his job as pizza boy. He now works with the scientists at the lab.

To make the laser machine appears, Peter needs to insert a disk into a computer. The disk is inserted into the machine most of the time and Peter did not take it along with him when he returns home at night.


Chapter 6

The Doctor’s Fail Attempt to Steal the Disk


When the doctor learns that the antidote he first stolen is not effective, he begins to think about going to the lab to steal the disk. This time, he disguises as the man who is hired to put food into the mutated people cage.

Peter sees him entering into the lab and he looks suspicious. He opens the lab door and is shocked to see the doctor ejecting the disk from the computer. He calls for the security guards and points the laser gun at him. The doctor quickly heads towards the window and jumps on the spaceship car that is driven by his friend. The spaceship car is parked just outside the window.

Peter uses his hover board to chase after him. On the way, he goes down quickly with the hover board and picks up one of the large stones that surround a tree in the garden outside the lab. He manages to catch up with the spaceship and jumps onto the windscreen.

He uses the large stone to pound on the windscreen vehemently until it breaks. The spaceship car is now going down with air entering. Peter jumps inside the spaceship and they fight with each other. He manages to take the disk from him and escapes with the hover board.

Just when the spaceship is about to crash and explode, a helicopter sent by the government comes and catches the spaceship with a rope that has hook at the end. They don’t want the man to die because of the crime and wants to save him instead. They take the damaged spaceship to the lab and jailed the person.

Peter quickly codes everything so that the machine becomes completed in just a few days. He tests it on one mutated person and it works. Then, they quickly transport a large batch of people into the machine and zap them back to normal human beings.

The doctor who tried to steal the disk also have some mutation symptoms since the first antidote he has taken stop working. They have the man transported into the rectangle shaped laser machine and remove the radiation effect from him.

The doctor becomes fully recovered with his symptoms all disappeared. He doesn’t want to be a villain anymore. The success of the invention helps Peter to get promoted to an important scientist at the laboratory.


The Adventures of the Unicorn and Cheetah

Chapter 1

The Cheetah Rescues a Baby Unicorn from an Elephant Stampede


A large flock of winged unicorns flies together in the sky to a green meadow where they can graze on some grass. They make noises to show their contentment as they graze happily on the meadow. Nearby, there is also a herd of capybaras grazing.

All of a sudden, the peace is gone when a herd of elephant stampede heads towards them. The unicorns become frightened when they hear the loud sound of the elephant foot on the ground and hurry to fly away.

One baby unicorn couldn’t keep up with the flock. It gets trampled by other unicorns in the herd; thereby, injuring both his legs and wings. Its mother has already flown away and she looks down on her baby that is being left behind. A cheetah sees this and takes the initiative to rescue the baby unicorn.

It runs as fast as it can to the baby unicorn and drags its mane hair with its teeth to pull it out of the way of the elephant stampede. Then, the cheetah lowers himself as the baby unicorn tries to stands up and climbs onto its back. The cheetah carries the baby unicorn to its hideout among the jungle.

Chapter 2

The Cockatoos Give Flying Lessons to the Baby Unicorn


In the next morning, two cockatoos fly pass and they saw the injured unicorn with bruised legs and broken wings. The cockatoo tells the cheetah that his partner is good at bandaging wounds and she asks him if he would let her partner helps.

The cheetah agrees so the cockatoo treats the unicorn’s injured legs and broken wings. In the next morning, the cheetah has to go hunting for food and he couldn’t leave the baby unicorn alone.

So, he and the two cockatoos decide to bring the baby unicorn to the wild horses grazing nearby. After that, he goes off hunting. Every time he hunts, he eats the meat at the place where he is hunting and didn’t drag it back to his den. He did not want the baby unicorn to see and gets frightened on the blood from the animal gore. Meanwhile, the baby unicorn enjoys having fun playing with other baby horses in the herd.

When the herd of wild horses moves on, the two cockatoos make sure that the baby unicorn did not follow them because the cheetah would not know where to find the unicorn then. By the time the cheetah comes back, the baby unicorn has already fallen asleep and the cheetah would carry him on his back.

As days passed, the wounds on the baby unicorn’ legs and wings become fully healed. Now, the cockatoos are talking about giving flying lessons to the baby unicorn. It has not fly for many months because of the injury on his wings so it has forgotten how his mother had taught him to fly. The two cockatoos take the baby unicorn to flying lessons every day.

First, they teach the baby unicorn how to fly in circles. It keeps flying in circle until it gets dizzy and nearly fall down from the sky. The cockatoos teach the baby unicorn to fly a short distance before teaching him to fly a longer distance.

The baby unicorn becomes more and more skilled at flying through each flying lesson and he now knows how to fly through holes in structures and buildings.


Chapter 3

The Unicorn and Cheetah Set Out to the Unicorn Land and Their Adventures


When the unicorn grows to adolescent, he likes to steal things from the nearby city. One day, he sees the beautiful chariot of the prince and carries it away. By instinct, the unicorn starts to long for his homeland. His friend, the cheetah wants to accompany him by riding on the chariot.

Together, the unicorn and the cheetah set out on the journey. They first land on a wood but hunters saw the unicorn and try to gun it down. The unicorn hurries to leave when he hears lots of gunshots sound. The cheetah quickly jumps on the chariot and the unicorn flies away from the woods. What a relief that they are now far away from the hunters.

They land on the next woods where there are a few animals there. The unicorn helps them to drill a hole on a wooden machine with his horn. The wooden machine is designed to pull away the stone that covers the well.

It really tires the unicorn out but it makes the animal there happy. To reward the unicorn for his help, they gave him a sea shell horn, which when blown, the ice dragon will come to their help.

The unicorn and the cheetah spend the night there before leaving the next morning. In the next morning, when the unicorn and cheetah left, the animals wave goodbye to them. The unicorn keeps flying until the sky becomes filled with dark clouds and thunders start to roar. The unicorn flies down to look for shelter and he finds a cave.

While in the cave, they hear a lion roaring for pain. The lion whines loudly after getting bitten by a poisonous snake. The unicorn decides to help the lion. He asks the cheetah to grind a bit of the tip of his horn with a stone and then mix it into the rain water to give the lion a drink.

When the lion drinks it, he becomes well again. The lion is grateful to the unicorn’s help. He gave him a seed that can bring out a rainbow bridge.


Chapter 4

The Ice Dragon Comes to Their Help


The unicorn and the cheetah left after the rain is over. They left when the sky is not yet fully clear of dark clouds. Next, they come to a mountain valley that is infested with dragons. When the unicorn is flying pass the valley, some dragons saw them and start to chase after them. They start to spew fire out from their mouth and this causes the unicorn to become panic.

The cheetah blows the sea shell horn that the animals gave him. Suddenly, the ice dragon appears and blows ice that freezes the fiery dragons. The ice has also caused some parts of the mountain valley to become covered with ice. The rest of the dragons stop chasing after them when they see this horror scene.

The ice dragon quickly disappears after the dragons stop chasing after them. The unicorn flies back to see what happened and he is surprised at seeing that the dragons and some parts of the mountains are now covered in a thick sheet of ice.

Chapter 5

The Luminous Insects that Can Lift Any Weight of Objects Up


They continue their journey and come to a beautiful forest where golden sunlight shines through the forest ground. In the forest, they can hear birds singing different kinds of sweet melodies. The trees are laden with an abundant of fruits.

All these make the unicorn and cheetah want to stay to get some rest. While the unicorn goes to graze on grass and eat the fruits, the cheetah heads into the forest to catch a game.

After the unicorn is full, he comes to a river stream to drink some water. Before he manages to lap the water from the stream, five shrimps jump out of the stream one after another.

They dance around in the water and sing about a riddle:
Tiny as housefly,
Bright as firefly,
Strong as behemoth.

After hearing the riddle, the unicorn goes back into the forest and he encounters a swarm of bright insects flying around. The insects chase after the unicorn and the unicorn keeps frolicking around to avoid the insects.

After managing to avoid the insects, the unicorn goes to find the cheetah to help him catch them. The unicorn tells the cheetah about the riddle he heard from the five prawns at the stream.

The cheetah uses a net with a stowaway handle to catch the insects. As the cheetah tries to catch the insects, he was being lifted by the insects up into the air; and then down again as the cheetah struggles to reach the ground. After a few hours, the cheetah manages to catch the insects.

The cheetah tricks the insects into the pouch and zips it up to lock the insects inside. The cheetah’s skin becomes bright as a luminous light when the insects swarm over him and lift him up.  The fluorescent light slowly goes away on the cheetah’s skin after a while.


Chapter 6

The Unicorn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge


After catching the firefly like insects, they left the woods and continue their journey. While the unicorn is flying, he comes across a large flock of brown owls. The owls chase them in circles making the unicorn and cheetah panic.

The unicorn yells back at the cheetah to throw down the seed that they received as a gift from the lion. The cheetah opens his pouch and fumbles around to find the seed. He throws the seed down below the chariot. To his surprise, a rainbow pathway is formed before their eyes.

The unicorn is happy to see the rainbow path and he quickly jumps onto it. The rainbow path disappears immediately when the unicorn jumps on it. At first, the unicorn runs on the rainbow path as fast as he can. But, after running for some time and didn’t see an exit, he becomes disappointed and starts to trot slowly.

After a little while, the unicorn is happy to see some grass at the rainbow path. The unicorn decides to take a rest and munch on some grass to fill his hungry stomach.

After the rest, the unicorn continues walking on the rainbow path until he sees some blue sky in the opening at the end of the tunnel. The unicorn goes through the opening and now they are at a gravel path on the earth again. The unicorn comes to a path with three fork junctions.


Chapter 7

Safe Arrival at the Unicorn Meadow


They take the first junction and arrive at the seaside. The unicorn flies out into the sea with the cheetah in the chariot. Halfway through the journey, the sky suddenly turns gloomy and filled with dark clouds. It starts to rain heavily and the unicorn nearly collapsed out of exhaustion of having to fight the strong wind.

The cheetah remembers about the bright insects that lift him up. He opens the zip pouch and let the insects out. The insects swarm over the unicorn and chariot and carry them to the meadow where large herds of unicorns are happily grazing on the grass. The unicorn and cheetah remain best friends throughout their lives after arriving at the land where unicorns roam freely. They still live and do everything together just like before.

The Four Fairy Princes of Magnelia Fairy Kingdom

Chapter 1

The Fairy Kingdom of Magnelia


There stood a fairy kingdom called Magnelia behind some trees and bushes in a place where there are houses with big front flower garden. These fairies live in houses made from straws and woods and they hang on the plant. Some of them also live inside flowers that can open and close on their own.

Every day, the worker fairies would go out to collect food. They always take what is the leftover for their food. They would go to the bee hive and ask the bees, “Hello bees, are there any extra honey that you can spare for us?” The bees are friendly to the fairies and they would fill their buckets full with the extra honey that they make.

They also go to the cow at the farm and ask, “Hello Mrs Cow, we come to ask if you have any extra milk to fill our buckets.” Mrs. Cow would let them squeeze out the milk from her udder that will soon fill up all their small buckets. During the harvest season, many fairies would go to the farm and pick up the leftover crops that the farmers did not harvest.


Chapter 2

The Fairy King and Queen Send Letters to Faraway Fairy Kingdoms


One day, the fairy king and queen decide to get their four sons married as they have come of age. Their four sons are Hector, Marshall, Boston, and Aspen. They wrote letters to lots of fairy kingdoms near and far and some of them reply. The fairy king and queen set a date when they should visit each of the kingdoms along with their four sons.

When they arrive at the first kingdom, the tower watchers blow the trumpets and they roll out red carpet to welcome them. They come out of the carriage and onto the red carpet. Then, a palace servant fairy guide the two birds carrying the carriage to a place where they are provided with food and water. The king and queen of the kingdom who have 7 daughters comes to welcome them.

Once inside the palace, they are served teas and the king expresses their intention of coming to visit them – that they hope they would offer their daughters’ hands in marriage to their sons. The king asks them to stay there for 3 days and he will give them an answer.

They stay there 3 days during which the four princes spend time with each of the princess including dancing and going out. At the end of three days, the princes couldn’t take any princess as their wives because their parents couldn’t afford to pay the expensive dowry that the king demands.

Chapter 3

All Four Fairy Princes are Engaged to Fairy Princesses


So, they left and head for another kingdom. They arrive at the second fairy kingdom whose king who has only one daughter. The eldest prince, Hector, likes her and enjoy dancing with her.

At last, the king asks her princess if she likes the prince. She says yes and they set a wedding date. Then, they all left. The two birds pulling the carriage fly high into the sky where a flock of white bird are flying. One bird asks, “Where are you heading?” The bird pulling the carriage replies, “We’re heading to the Agabus plum fairy kingdom and we’re taking the route across Mount Jujube.”

The bird in the flock replies, “You are taking the wrong route. You’ve confused. Mount Jujube looks quite the same as Mount Yeres. You should turn northeast and you will see Mount Yeres soon. There is an elf kingdom nearby and these elves may not want to let you pass. You can pluck one of my white plumage and put it on your carriage roof and they will let you pass.”

The second prince pulls one of the white plumage from the bird through the carriage window and put it on the carriage roof. Then, the birds turns northeast to look for the Agabus plum fairy kingdom. When they arrive at the plum fairy kingdom, they didn’t welcome them as pompous as the previous kingdom. Nevertheless, the plum fairy king is polite and treats them well during their visit. The plum fairy king has a daughter who is fat and the second prince, Marshall, who is also fat likes her and so she and him becomes engaged to marriage.

Next, they go to a fairy kingdom where most of the stuff are made from leafs including cups, and clothing. They also use sticks and leaves to make houses, palace, chairs and tables. Even though the fairy king’s princess is not that beautiful, the third prince, Boston, likes him so he and her becomes engaged.

Finally, they visit the fourth fairy kingdom to get their youngest son a wife. The fourth fairy kingdom has lots of stuff made from gold and green leaves. The fairy king of the fourth kingdom is a bit choosy so they present diamonds as dowry and so the youngest prince, Aspen, is now engaged to one of the daughters of the fairy king. All four princes set the wedding to take place on the same date.


Chapter 4

The Third and Youngest Prince are Stranded and Did Not Make It To Their Wedding


On the previous day of the wedding date, the king and queen bid the 4 princes goodbye as they set out for their wedding. The king and queen did not travel along with them and say that they would visit them some day after their weddings. The four princes set out but they face some difficulties on the way. The youngest prince rides on a carriage pulled by dragon fly.

The dragonfly gets hit by something in a wind and gets injured and fall onto the bank of a river stream. The youngest prince flies around to look for help but he couldn’t find any. On that same day, the dragonfly dies. Now, he is stuck in the middle of nowhere and he don’t know how he could get home. He lives on the fish roes and water on the river stream.

He also makes leaves covering for themselves and no longer wear the prince suit. He tries to build a house from sticks but he fails and water comes leaking through when raining. He flies around and finds an empty tree hole left by a woodpecker bird and moves in there. While looking for food in the woods, he sees a beetle and he gets the idea that it could help him to collect fruits and carry them to his tree hole house.

As for the third prince, Prince Boston, he gets lost on the way because the dragonfly pulling his carriage turn away from the route to find shelter from the heavy rain storm. After the rain stop, the third prince continues the journey with the dragonfly but they keep flying and still couldn’t find the destination.

The dragonfly becomes exhausted and dies. The third prince falls onto the ground near a place where the elves live. He collapsed for reasons of no food and no water for many days. The tiny elves nearby carry him back to their dwellings.

They help the Prince Boston to recover from exhaustion. After that, they force him to become slaves and do all the hard labors. He now wears rag clothes instead of his prince suit.

Only the first and second princes, Prince Hector and Prince Marshall, did manage to arrive at their destinations and both of them did get married. In time, the fairy king and queen go to visit their four sons and find out how they are doing. When they come to the third and fourth fairy kingdom, they learn that their sons never arrive and they get anxious over the matter.

Chapter 5

The Youngest Fairy Prince Meets His Brother


One night, the youngest fairy prince sees a group of fairies flying past the stream in front of the tree where he is living. The fairies stop by the stream to get some water to drink. The youngest fairy prince seeing this quickly fly down from the tree and fly towards them. He approaches them and politely introduces himself.

He says, “Hello, I am  Aspen. I want to ask you can take me along in your carriage. I’ve been stuck here for months after the dragonfly that pulls my carriage falls onto the stream. Can you help me in this favor?”

They reply, “OK sir. We’re on the order of our king to take the carriage for a patrol in the area and we couldn’t take you anywhere you want. You’ll have to meet our king and ask him for this favor.”

The fairies bring along the fairy prince with them back to their kingdom and introduce him to the king. Aspen asks if he could stay with them. The king says he could stay but he should help to do some work in exchange for shelter and food.

These fairies regularly offer tributes to the elves as they are afraid of the elves attacking and conquering them. One day, Aspen follows the troop that carry the tributes to the elves. There, he sees his brother, Boston in torn clothes and working on slave labors.

Aspen goes over to his brother who immediately recognizes him but one of the elves said, “He is our slave and he work for us.” Aspen replies, “Let him go. I will offer you my diamond necklace for his freedom.” He gives them the diamond necklace which is a gift he received from his father and mother. Boston is glad to be set free from slavery. He and his brother return with the other fairies on the carriage pulled by a hummingbird.

Chapter 6

The Two Princes Finally Get Married in Their Homeland


The fairies of that kingdom are kind enough to give them a carriage that allow them to travel home. They find a driver for the carriage who knows the way to the kingdom. The fairy king and queen are happy when they see their two sons. They send letters to the two kingdom whose daughters are engaged to their sons.

The letter says to send their daughters to their kingdom for the wedding as their two sons lost their way in the first journey. They agreed and the two fairy kings send their daughters with long retinues that accompany them. The two sons get married happily in their homeland on the same wedding day.


The Jelly Like Monster

Chapter 1

The Jelly Like Monster Comes to Life!


Professor Keith is a lecturer for the faculty of biology at a university near his house. Besides giving lectures at the university, Keith also have a hobby in creating different types of monsters with chemical solutions at the lab in his house. But, all his attempts in creating a life monster with chemical solutions in experiment bottles have failed so far.

In the lab at his home, there is a long table where different shapes of experiment bottles are joined together in glass pipes. At the end of the pipe, some colored solutions produced from the mixing of different chemicals flow into a container. The stuff in the experiment bottle moves a little and is coming to life but the professor did not knows about it at all.

At this time, the professor comes in to continue his experiment. He carries two powder, one powder is for rubbing on his skin and the other powder is for mixing into the solution and he also carries other chemicals. He took a look at the solution and then turn to the other side to do his stuff.

The chemical solutions in the container moves a little and he didn’t notice it at all. He is in a rush to mix the solution because he has an appointment at the university and his colleague is coming to fetch him in a moment. So, he clumsily mix everything and accidentally pour in the talcum powder which he is to rub on his skin.

Then, a car honing sound is heard and his friend shout, “Keith, hurry up!” While the professor is away, the jelly like monster comes out of the experiment container and it begins to look around. The jelly like monster is red and blue in color and has two eyes and a mouth. It could fly around and hover in the air. It could also grab things.

Chapter 2

The Jelly Like Thing Mess Up the Professor’s House and Vegetable Garden


It’s attracted to a few chemicals and fruit juices in the containers. It drinks up all of them and burp. Then, it sees a cheese on a mouse trap that already has black mold and it eats it. After that, the jelly like monster looks for the door. It tries to squeeze in between the door edge to slip out but it can’t. So, it uses a high temperature burner on the experiment table and burn a hole through the door.

The professor keeps a dog in his house and the dog is barking when he sees fire on the door. After a hole is burned on the door, the jelly like monster drops the burner on the floor. It goes through the hole and heads straight into the bathroom. The fire from the burner causes the carpet on the floor to catch fire. When the dog sees this, it quickly goes to fetch water to put off the fire. The dog couldn’t manage the fire and the fire burn some of its hair.

The jelly like monster heads to the bathroom. It drinks up all the toilet detergents and then drink the water in the toilet bowl. Then, it eat up the facial cleanser, shaving cream, gargling solution, and toothpaste. It also eat up the trace of cream that is accidentally squeeze to the ceiling of the bathroom.

Then, it eats the hand soap and burp and fart bubbles. After that, it heads to the kitchen. It first eats up everything on the kitchen counter, and then the food in the fridge and finally, the overcooked food on the dining table.

At this time, the door bell rings, someone yells, “Professor Keith, are you in?” The jelly like monster heads to the door and tries to open it. However it tries, it can’t because it is slippery. The dog with burnt hair goes to answer the door. It puts up its two front paws to turn the door knob but it can’t. So, it goes through the small door beneath.

When the person sees the dog, she immediately knows that the professor is not at home. She says, “Poor thing! What happens to you?” The dog whine. The jelly like monster follows the dog through the small door and now it is outside. It heads straight to the vegetable garden in the front yard to eat the vegetables that the professor has grown.

When the dog sees the jelly like monster, it chases after it and bark at it the same time. They make a mess of the vegetable garden with the dog stepping on the vegetable plants and breaking their stems and the jelly like monster trying to eat as much vegetables as it can.

Chapter 3

The Jelly Like Monster Enters a Man’s Car and Follows Him to the Office


Then, the jelly like monster flies out of the professor’s garden and on to the sidewalk along the neighborhood. A man opens a car door, he puts his black suit in and the jelly like monster quickly enter into the car. The man then quickly drives away. The dog continues to bark and chase at the back of the car. The man looks at the mirror and sees the dog barking behind.

While in the car, the jelly like monster manages to slip into the pocket of the black suit. The man drives the car to the office building, wear his suit and takes the lift up to his office. He heads to a meeting. In the pocket, there is a pen and the jelly like monster’s slime causes the pen nip to become slimy and wet.

During the meeting, he takes out his pen to put down a note but he finds the pen slimy. Since he is in a meeting, he can’t check his pocket. So after the meeting, he goes to his office. When he walks out of the meeting room, someone comes over to remind him that he has a meeting with a client in the afternoon.

He opens the cabinet to find a document. But, he decides to check the pocket in his black suit first. Before he get to check the pocket, the jelly like monster slips out quietly.Then, he take off his suit and check his pocket and finds that it is all slimy.


Chapter 4

The Jelly Like Monster Makes a Mess of the Man’s Room and the Man Successfully Captures it


The jelly like monster has managed to enter into the open cabinet drawer and it ruffle through the documents to find a document that is yummy for it to eat. When it finds one that is yummy, it munches on it. The document that it eats happens to be an important document that he needs to take along during the meeting with a client later in the afternoon.

When he goes over to the cabinet to look for the jelly like monster, he didn’t see it there because it has already moves away to somewhere beneath his desk. The man starts to walk around to look for the strange monster. He saws blobs of gluey transparent water on the floor. He uses his hands to touch the transparent gluey slime left on the floor and wonder what it is.

He looks in many places such as under the desk, the books on the bookcase and the area behind the bookcase, underneath the couch, beneath the cushions on the couch, and the papers on his desk. Then, it comes out of its hiding place from behind a curtain.

He says, “Aha!” He runs around the room to catch the jelly like monster with his two hands.  In the process, he turns over the chairs, the bookcase, decors on the wall shelves, and standing lamp.

Finally, it got stuck in the space in between the book shelves and the man quickly get a tin that he uses to keep his chalk paint and push the jelly like monster into it and then he presses the lid tight.


Chapter 5

The Jelly Like Monster Helps the Man Wins a Client


At around this time, his client has now arrived and a staff goes into his office to inform him. The staff is shocked at all the mess around his office and suggests that he sees his client at the meeting room. He gets nervous because he is not prepared to meet his client. Since the advertising campaign he draws is eaten by the jelly like monster, he is only able to present the draft which is partially painted.

When the client comes, he leads him to the meeting room and they discuss about the advertising campaign. He has brought the paint container that contains the jelly like monster to the meeting room to prevent it from making further mess in his office. This is because he keeps a lot of important documents in his office. He shows the client his draft but the client does not seem to be interested. He does not knows what to do and tries to persuade the client.

Then, suddenly, the jelly like monster break open the lid on the paint container and flies out. As it flies out, it splash the paint on the campaign. Now, the client says he likes it and he wins a client. From then on, the man keeps the jelly like monster as his pet in his home and it helps him to do a lot of chores.

The War Between the Gingerbread Man Country and Square Biscuit Country

Chapter 1

The Gingerbread Land

In the planet of candy, there are two countries, the gingerbread country and the square biscuit country. In the sky, a lollipop planet with red and white stripes could be seen. Four lights are diffused in the skies of the candy planet including orange, pink, green and purple.

The sunlight is provided by the white translucent candy sun. The moon is green in the upper part and white in the lower part. There is one other planet that is seen on the sky of the candy planet and it is the pink powder candy planet where all sorts of pink powder candies live.

In the gingerbread country, there are many gingerbread men and women who live happily. Everything in their land is made from gingerbread including trees, mountains, grasses, houses, and the king’s palace. The gingerbread folks are happy all the time. They like to do skip hopping or turn themselves from side to side to go from one place to another.

Because their country is nearby to the square biscuit country, they import some of the things from them. For example, the bricks and the cements used in sticking the bricks together. The bricks are thick cube biscuits while the cement is made of the biscuit cream filling.

There are many rivers of milk in their land too. The gingerbread folks do not drink water but they drink milk to survive.  In many milk rivers, there are water mills that turn around throughout the day to provide electricity to the houses and buildings in their lands.

Their country is also well known for having lots of brown rocks. There are two types of brown rocks including good and bad rocks. The good brown rock will be happy if someone hungry plucks and eats it and enjoys it. As for the bad brown rock, if someone hungry plucks and eat it, it will cause toothache and the person’s tooth will drop and the bad rock will absorb it.

There are pavements made from three types of color candy sheets as well as pavements that are made from more than three types of colors of candy sheets.  The trunks of the gingerbread trees are made of hard gingerbread. In their land, there are various types of tree species that bear different types of gingerbread cookies.


Chapter 2

The Square Biscuit Land


In the square biscuits land, almost everything is made from square shaped biscuits. The square biscuit land exports a lot of cushion doors to other biscuits and candy countries on the planet of candy. Their doors are made from square shape biscuits with lots of tiny hole spaced in between them.

There are all types of square biscuits that can be found in their land including the ones with cream or jam filling in between and the ones that just have a single layer of biscuit. The square biscuit land is well known for its large pavements that has diamond or round or square shaped hole filled with all kinds and all colors of jams.

The square biscuit with two layers have to dive into these holes from time to time to refill the jams filling. The jam filling in between the two layers of the square biscuit can become lesser and lesser as it does some activities and use up some energy. After refilling the jam, they will feel full of energy once again.

In their country, there is the biscuit plant with cream in the center called The Smashing Custard Cream Biscuit.  It will open the two sides of the biscuits to entice visitors to lick its cream. But when someone tries to lick the cream, the two sides of the biscuits will snap on it and absorb the entire victim.

There are also many types of attractive biscuit flowers in the square biscuit land. There is the purple flower species where the petals are made from purple sweet potato biscuits and the center is made of yellow pineapple part. Then, there is the orange flower species where the petals are made from sweet dried orange peel and the center is made of red apple tart.


Chapter 3

The Square Biscuit King Gets Angry


It happens that some gingerbread men workers are working on a gingerbread summer palace for the king in the square biscuit land. One of the workers, Adam, accidentally sprays the icing on the square biscuit king when he and his retinue come to check on the work progress.

The icing makes a mess on the king and his servants keep trying to scrap off the icing. As they scrap the icing from the king, flakes of the brown biscuit fall off. To repair the king square biscuit, they have to mix together flour, oil, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. After whisking them all together, they apply it on the king before putting him into the hot oven and bake him for a while.

The oven that the king uses has many functions and it is always maintained in good condition. One of the functions of the royal oven is the fan that can helps to cool down the king square biscuit while it is being baked. The royal oven has many temperature settings so that one just need to press the exact temperature for different baking purposes. This prevents the king square biscuit to always have to endure temperature that is higher than recommended for fixing himself.

Throughout the country of the square biscuit people, there are also ovens located here and there in the countryside. But, most of the ovens either have already broken down or they are in poor conditions. This is why many square biscuits that get injured could not get proper repaired and they tend to have some broken pieces instead of a perfectly square biscuit shape body.

The square biscuit king, Bernard, gets angry at the worker that is working on the icing on the roof and said, “O, not again! Why do I have to go into the oven to be baked again. If this happens again, I will have the men pull down your gingerbread house until they are a pile of rubble.”

When the worker hears that, he gets afraid and tears almost come up into his eyes. He bowed down and said, “Your majesty, please accept millions of apologies from me. I promise not to let the same accident happen again.” The nasty king square biscuit replies, “Let that happen again and I’ll have your head off with you.”


Chapter 4

The Square Biscuit King Declares War with the Gingerbread Land


On another day, some servants are decorating the square biscuit king with buttons when one of the buttons falls off the table. A greedy gingerbread man called Henry sees the button and eats it. Henry said, “I should eat the button because the square biscuit king should not have buttons like the gingerbread king.”

When the king learns about it, he gets very angry. He says, “How dare you? You will join the slave labors that make the king’s royal buttons.” Henry is forced to work in the slave labor for making the king’s royal buttons in the square biscuit land.

After some time, Henry tries to run away back to the gingerbread land but the supervisor of the slave labors catches up with him. He brings him to the king who decides that he is to be taken to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits and let the wild animals eat him.

Some brave gingerbread fellows who are the friends of Henry report it to the gingerbread king. The gingerbread king, Curtiss, takes some of his men and go to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits to set free Henry. The men guarding Henry refused and the gingerbread king destroys some of the buildings at the square biscuit land.

This makes the square biscuit king angry and he declares war with the gingerbread country. War is to be taken place in 3 days at the Cream Biscuits passage. In the meantime, both countries get their soldiers prepared for the war.


Chapter 5

The Gingerbread Soldiers Win the War


The square biscuits soldiers have large mouths to eat the gingerbread. They use the gingerbread man song as their weapon as gingerbread people are attracted to that song and they will follow the song wherever it is. In the war, they keep using the gingerbread man song to trick the gingerbread soldiers down the hill and they all collapsed and are cracked to pieces.

On the other hand, the gingerbread man soldiers carry small cups of water to splash and destroy the square biscuit soldiers by making them soft and mushy. They also carry marshmallows which allow them to stuck them into the square biscuit’s large mouth. The high sugar content from the marshmallows could kill the square biscuit.

When more and more gingerbread are being led down the cliff by the music, the gingerbread hero, Henry, who is also the same gingerbread who ate the king’s icing button comes to save the day. There is a volcano in the area where the war take place. The hot cocoa volcano has many cross shaped vent holes in the sides.

Henry and his fellow soldiers each climbs into the cross shaped vent hole. They stuck themselves inside and let the hot steam air blows them out. Then, hot cocoa spew out from the volcano and causes the square biscuits to dissolve into the hot cocoa lava.


Chapter 6

The Square Biscuit King and His Winter Palace Gets Put in a Glass Ball with Snow Flakes


After that, the gingerbread soldiers head on to the square biscuit city to attack and take over it. When they arrive at the city, they start using cups of water to mash the square biscuits inhabitants to become soft so that they will become smashed. They also throw marshmallows towards the large mouth of these inhabitants and the chemicals kill all of them.

Then, they come to the statue of the square biscuit king who starts the war. The square biscuit king did not go into war but he sent the General Merryman to lead the war. Several gingerbread soldiers push down the large round sweet from the hill.

As the sweet rolls down the hill, noisy sound on the ground could be heard. It eventually hits the statue and smashes it into pieces. When the square biscuit king sees this, he becomes alarmed and frightened.

The gingerbread soldier, Adam reminds him, “You said you would pull my house into a pile of rubble so I am going to do the same to your palace.”

But, one square biscuit peasant came out and he kneels down. He begs, “Our king has done so much for us. If you must kill him, please put him inside a glass ball with his palace. Then, he will be remembered for all ages. ”

Adam agrees to do that so they kill the square biscuit king and put him and his square biscuit palace inside a glass ball. The square biscuit land is famous for the winter palace made from powder biscuits. In their land, summer takes place in the first 6 months and the rest of the 6 months they have winter. So, they decide to put some snow flakes inside the glass ball along with the square biscuit king and his winter palace.

The glass ball with the square biscuit king and his palace now stood in the square of the capital city of the square biscuit country. As for the hot cocoa lava, it has turned into into a river that flows pass the gummy candy land, bear biscuit land and round biscuit land. The square biscuit soldiers were wearing blue and yellow and green uniform in the war.

When they melt into the hot cocoa lava, the uniforms also melt into bits and pieces. Everyday, many gummy candy would wear swimming suits and go into the hot cocoa river for a dip. While swimming, they enjoy eating the bits and pieces of blue and yellow stuff that come from the square biscuit soldiers uniforms.

Sam, the Snail

Chapter 1

Sam, the Snail Decides to Make His Living Somewhere Else

There lived a snail called Sam who just like other snails have hundreds of brothers and sisters. Sam was one of the eggs that his mother lays in the fertile soil of a vegetable farm. His mother died shortly after laying the eggs. Now, Sam and his brothers and sisters are on their own and they survive on the leaves and fruits of the crops in the vegetable farm.

As Sam grows up, many of his brothers and sisters get killed. Some get killed by chemical baits that are put on the soil. His brothers and sisters are too young to know about these chemical baits and they at them accidentally which dehydrates and kill them quickly.

Some of them get drown in a mixture of yeast and honey that have been placed in a small saucer. Many of them are stepped under the farmer’s feet as he handpicked them from the leaves.

When Sam is still young, he could see many of his brothers and sisters on the plant stems nibbling on the leaves. Now, their number is reduced to so little that he seldom sees them around. This makes him afraid and he decides not to stay on the farm anymore. He decides to search another place to make a living.

Chapter 2

Storm Wind Brings Sam the Snail to Another Place


One day, it start to rain heavily and this causes the snail to enter into a gourd it feasted on just now. Strong wind starts to blow and the snail hides its head inside its shell. All of a sudden, the gourd where the snail is taking shelter falls off the branch.

The snail rolls out and become drenched in the rain water. The strong wind came along and blows the snail to the garden of a house that is located some distances from the farm. During the entire night, the snail hides in the shell. It is too afraid to come out after being tossed around in the wind for a long time.

In the morning, it starts to pop its head out of the shell and wants to go look for food. Halfway, the snail sees some household black ants struggling in water. It just rain heavily last night, and some ants want to drink the water but they end up getting into the water.

The ants are calling for help “Help! Help! We are drowning!” The snail thought, “Since I am passing by, I might as well do a good deed and help them by drinking up the water. Because I am feeling thirsty too right now.” So, the snail goes over and start drinking the water.

Sam drinks up all the water so that the ants now are no longer drowning in the water. The ants put their legs together to wipe away all the water on their body so that they can walk upright on all six legs again.

Then, the ants politely say to the snail, “Thank you for being so kind to help us. Are you a snail that lives in this garden? What is your name? Just call us when you need our help and we will be there to help you back.”

Sam replied, “I am Sam, the snail. I don’t live in this garden. The wind last night blow me all the way here from the nearby farm. ”

The ants left and return to their colony in the cracks of the garden bricks wall. They report it to the supervisor ant and the supervisor ant tell it to the queen. The queen announce it to all the other ants. Now, every ant in the colony knows that snail save their lives from drowning.


Chapter 3

Sam, the Snail Helps the Bullfrog


Next, the snail comes to a pond that has many frog families living there. Bullfrogs can be seen on the lily pads catching flies. The entire pond is filled with the frogs croaking noises; the frogs make the noises, “Ribbit! Ribbit!”

While all the other bullfrogs are jumping lively and catching flies on the pond, one frog was being left out. The bullfrog, Cosmo, has injured its legs the other day after accidentally crashing into a duck that is taking off from the bank of the pond. Now, all Cosmo the bullfrog could do is to sit desperately on the lily pad and watching his delicious meals fly past.

These flies can fly fast and Cosmo couldn’t stuck his tongue out fast enough to catch them because he is ill and injured. Every time, the bullfrog stuck its tongue out to catch the fly, the fly either manage to escape quickly in another direction or it get caught by another bullfrog in the nearby lily pad.

It is the dragonfly mating season and hundreds of thousands of dragonflies came flying over the pond. Lots of buzzing sound made by the dragonfly wing can be heard. This is a great opportunity for Cosmo to try his chance at catching some flies. With so many of them around, it will be much easier for Cosmo to catch some flies to eat.

Cosmo didn’t get to catch any of the fly as they swarm in large group over the pond. Instead, the swarm of dragonflies hovering above the pond has moved Cosmo’s lily pad to a position near the pond bank. Sam, the snail is eating the algae on the surface of the water near the pond bank.

Sam saw the bullfrog and says, “Oh! Your legs are injured. Let me put some slime over your wounds so that you can get better.”

Cosmo replies, “Ribbit! Ribbit! If you can make me well, please do so.”

The snail moves all over the bullfrog’s wounds on the legs until they are covered with slime.

The bullfrog feels a bit better and says, “What is your name? Thank you for helping me. ”

The snail replies, “You can call me Sam. I am a garden snail. I won’t be staying here for long and I will be moving on in my journey in the next morning.”

Chapter 4

The Black Ants Save Sam from the Red Ants


At night, the snail gets into a hollow log to spend the night. In the next morning, the snail comes out of the hollow log and continues its journey. On the way, it encounters a long line of red ants that are carrying a dead grasshopper home.

The red ant supervisor is telling the worker ants, “If you see anything that you can attack, you may walk off the line and take down the victim.” When the red ants saw the snail in their way, they left the original line and head towards it.

Sam, the snail knows that there is no way to escape the red ants with a large number of them around. It stays still in its position and looking left and right to see if there is anyone that could help. Sam saw some black ants and signal to them for help.

The black ants says, “Hey! Its the same snail who help us from drowning in the water. ” The black ants quickly signal to some soldiers from their colony and they help to fight the red ants. The snail is saved that day thanks the black ants.


Chapter 5

Sam Helps to a Rabbit with Sore Hocks


After thanking the black ants for their help, Sam carries on the journey and come to an aloe vera plant to have its lunch. As it munches on the aloe vera leaf, a rabbit comes hopping around the place.

When the rabbit saw that Sam has bitten off the hard part of the aloe vera leaf leaving, it says, “Hi, I am Rex the rabbit. Can you let me rub my sore hocks on the white aloe vera flesh?”

Sam replies, ” Sure.”

The rabbit says, “Thanks.”

Then, it rub the under part of its hind legs that have been sore against the white aloe vera flesh.

About the same time, the sky starts to turn dark and it is going to rain again. The rabbit offers to take Sam to its home in the warren which is nearby to the place.

Sam says, “Rex, please don’t move fast. I can’t hold on tightly and I might fall off to the ground if you run too fast.”

The rabbit says, “OK”. On arriving at the warren, small baby bunnies rush into the rabbit holes as they play around. Sam nearly fall as the Rex moves aside quickly to let the baby bunnies in first.

Rex carries Sam safely into an empty chamber in the underground warren where they could stay safe and dry. After the rain is over, Rex takes Sam to a nearby garden of a house he frequents every now and then. Sam stays there and live on the flowering plants and other herb plants that the owner has planted.

Chapter 6

The Snail and the Kittens Become Friends


The snail travels to the front yard of a house and it starts to munch on the plants’ leaves. A kitten happens to be there and it frightens the snail by pushing it around. Then, the kitten carries the snail in its mouth to three other siblings who happen to be nearby.

The four kittens keep pushing the snail around until they wanders further and further away. Their mother starts to get worried after calling out to them several times and didn’t see them around. When the four kittens realize that they are lost, they stop putting their attention on the snail and look for the way home.

The snail said, “What’s the matter? Have you lost your way? I can help you reach home because I know the way.”

The four kittens reply, “Miaw. Yes, we are lost. We apologize for pushing you around just now. We are just having some fun. Please do help us by showing the way home. ”

The snail said, “OK. please let me climb up onto your back and I will tell you the direction.” The snail’s antenna lead them back to the garden of the house where the kittens live. Their mother is glad to have found them and she thanks the snail after learning that it helps to bring her kittens home. From that day onward, the snail becomes good friends with the kittens.


Chapter 7

Sam, Rex and the Four Cats Make Their Home at a Large Farm


It is not long before the snail has to move to another place to find a living. This is because the owner that keeps the kittens in his house do not like the snail munching on its plants. The owner often tries to hand pick the snail but the snail manage to get away fast.

One day, when the snail is eating the leaf of a zucchini plant, the owner uses his hand to pick it and throws it outside of his house. Fortunately, the snail drops on the frond of a plant when the owner throws it outside and its shell did not suffer any crack at all.

The snail starts on its journey to look another place to make a living. It goes back to the pond where it helps the frog previously. The frog that it helps a few months ago is now healthy and jumping lively again. Cosmo, the bullfrog, let the snail eats algae in its territory in the pond because other bullfrogs would not allow the snail to do so.

After a few days, Sam meets with Rex the rabbit. Rex, the rabbit is now grown up and is being chased out of the warren to search to make its own living. Rex and Sam travel together in search for a new home. They were joined by the four kittens who has grown up into adult cats now. The cats have been chased out by the owner for scratching the tyres of the owner’s car.

The six of them travel together until they finally reach a large farm. The cats help to catch a lot of mice and become the farmer’s pet cat. The owner took in the rabbit and keep him in a barn with the other rabbits. As for the snail, it lives in the vegetable farm and it enjoys being able to have a feast on all sorts of vegetable crops every day.

The Two Paper Origami Birds that Become Real Birds

Chapter 1

Peter Folds Two Paper Birds – Blue and Pink Origami Birds


Peter, a boy of 9 years of age, runs excitedly to look for his mother as soon as the school bus reaches home. He wants to show her the blue origami bird that his teacher taught him how to fold during the art class at school.

Peter says, “Mom, see this blue origami bird that I’d learned how to fold at school.” Then, he starts to unfold the blue origami bird and folds them back again to show his mother how to fold it.

His mother caresses his head and says, “Smart boy. OK. Go upstairs to take a bath and then come downstairs to eat your dinner.”

Peter replies, “OK, mom.”

Peter runs upstairs, enters his room and puts the origami bird on the table. Then, he takes a thick square pink colored craft paper and folds it into another origami bird just like the first one.

Just as he is about to finish folding it, his mother yells, “Hurry up, Peter.” Peter quickly puts aside the pink origami bird on the table and goes straight to take a bath. After that, he hurries downstairs to take his dinner.

The blue origami bird comes to life and it folds up its head as it tries to get up. After a while, it manages to stands upright on its two feet on the desk. It starts to walk around and says, “What a nice pair of wings, legs, beak, and head I have!”

The pink origami bird also comes to life at this moment and it looks at the blue origami bird as it lays on the desk. It says, “Help me up! I want to be able to stand and walk too.”

The blue origami bird then clumsily uses its wings to help the pink origami bird up so that it could stand upright. Then, the pink origami bird moves its two feet to see if it could walk without falling and she can!

The blue and pink origami bird hop down the desk and flap their wings to see if they could fly. Because this is the first time, they are not used to flying and they drop down from time to time as they fly around the room.

Suddenly, they hear someone’s footsteps on the stairs and the door knob starts to turn. When they realize that someone is entering the room, they quickly fly back to the desk and lay still on the same position where they were left.

Peter comes back to the room to get the two origami birds so that he could show them to his dad, aunt, uncle and cousins who have come over for dinner. While on the dining table, Peter talks a lot about them.

Chapter 2

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Plan for an Escape Through the Open Window


After the dinner, Peter comes back up to his room. He uses a heavy book to hold down the blue origami bird. He puts the pink one in between the pages of his book. He opens up the window to let in some wind before turning off the light and goes to bed.

At night, after Peter has gone to sleep, the two paper birds try to free themselves so that they could escape through the windows. However they try, they couldn’t move themselves but they get an opportunity when the next morning arrives. In the following morning, when the boy wakes up, he pulls them out from their positions to have a look at them.

Then, he goes to brush his teeth and get prepared for his school. After Peter has left on the school bus, the two paper birds stand to their feet again. The blue origami bird says, “Let’s fly out of the window together!” They flap their paper wings and fly out of the window.

They are still not yet skillful at flying so they drop from time to time. When they finally reach out of the window, they see flocks of birds flying past and they wish they could fly as well as them. The two origami birds fly around in the sky for some time until they are able to fly skillfully without falling.

They feel happy and they enjoy their freedom to be able to fly in the sky. They try flying backward in the sky as the gentle wind breeze blow. They also try to fly in the sky by flapping one wing and then the other wing backward.

A real bird happens to fly past. It dashes high up into the sky, twisting its body around, before falling from a great height in the sky. It then flies around in the sky for some time before flying away. When the two origami birds see this, they imitate the real bird and dash upward into the sky before spinning themselves around and falling from the sky.


Chapter 3

The Two Origami Birds Meet the Pigeons


After some time, another flock of bird flies past and the two origami birds decide to follow them. Halfway, they become distracted to all the commotions gathered around the open air parade. In the open air parade, there are animals such as tiger, elephants, hippos, bears and lions doing circus performance.

Nearby, there are some pigeons eating some bread rolls that a bakery store staff put out on the street for them. The two origami birds stop by at where the pigeons are.

One of the pigeons look at the blue origami bird and says, “Want to have some bread? Come on. Have a bite.” The blue and pink origami birds peck at the bread rolls and eat some.

Then, the pigeon ask, “Taste yummy, isn’t it?” The blue paper bird replies, “Mmmm. Delicious! This is the first time I taste bread.”

The pigeon says, “You look different. You are clean and does not have a stink smell like us. We always rummage the garbage in search for food. Today, we are fortunate to have bread rolls. The baker was generous to give away these bread rolls for us because he did not finish selling them yesterday.”

The pigeon continues, “I have a friend who knows everything.”

The pigeon calls his friend who happens to be nearby, “Charlie! Come over here!”

Charlie, the pigeon could tell what material a thing is made of. When Charlie comes over and take a look at the two origami birds, he pecks at them to see what they are made of. Pecking at the origami bird does not cause them any pain.

Finally, Charlie, the pigeon, says, “I know what they are made of! They are one of those folded paper birds made from hard craft paper. I wonder how a bird made from craft paper could come to life.”

The blue origami bird says, “Yes. You are right. We are origami paper bird. We come to life after a boy named Peter folded us. We could move around, sing, eat and sleep but we don’t have flesh and blood like a real bird has.”

Charlie, the pigeon replies, “Do you want to be a real bird?”

The pink origami bird say, “Yes. Of course! How?”

Charlie replies, “In the nearby woods, there are some fairies that live there that can give you the answer. But, if you want them to help you, you must be willing to help them in whatever favor that they request.”

After the pigeons have ate the bread and full, they fly away. The parade has also ended at this time. With nothing much to see, the blue and pink origami birds also fly away.


Chapter 4

The Five Big Fairies


The two paper origami birds fly and fly until they arrive at the woods. After flying around in the woods for a while, they spot some fairies flying around. The fairies hide behind the leaves of the plants when they see that the paper birds want to approach them. They keep saying among themselves, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird tries to calm down the fairies and says, “We mean no harm. Please don’t be afraid of us. We just want to ask a favor from you.”

One of the fairies comes out from hiding behind the leaf and asks, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Me and my friend hope that you can help us to become real birds.”

The fairies start to discuss in small voices among themselves and then they say, “We are small fairies and we can’t help. Only the ones that hold the golden scepters in our kingdom can help you. You see, in our kingdom, there are five big fairies that hold the golden scepters. We can take you there and one of them may offer to help you in the favor that you are asking.”

The fairies bring the two paper origami birds to their kingdom somewhere within the woods. They introduce them to their fairy queen, Queen Susan. Queen Susan says to the two origami birds, “You are welcomed to be guests of our kingdom. Let one of the five fairies help you in your problem.”

The first fairy is a beautiful fairy called Joanna. Joanna may be the most beautiful fairy of all the other fairies in the kingdom but she is proud and she would not help them.

The second fairy called Rachel is a fairy with a good heart but is always busy with her own stuff. Because Rachel is busy, she couldn’t help them.

The third fairy called Daisy is a sincere fairy that is sincere about everything that she does. However, Daisy lacks a compassionate heart and she could not reason within herself why she should help the two paper origami birds to fulfill their wishes.

The fourth fairy called Ivy is a passionate fairy who does everything with enthusiasm. But, Ivy does not have a good temper and this makes her an unapproachable and disagreeable fairy. The paper origami birds are afraid of Ivy the fairy showing her temper at them so they never ask her for help.

The fifth fairy called Agnes is an optimistic fairy who loves to help others. Agnes is glad to help the two origami birds and says, “I am giving you 3 pouches of pixie dusts to deliver to the fairies in three different places. If you pass the challenges, you can fly back to me and I will fulfill my promise to the both of you into real birds. Throughout the journey, you must demonstrate perseverance.”

The fairy, Agnes continues with the instruction, “The first pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies that live in the woods of Goran in the northeast. The second pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies living in the northwest of the Giants Land. They are lots of them in this region and you should be able to spot them easily. For the third pouch of pixie dust, you must deliver it to the fairies that live in the flower meadows near the Swanhilde Lake in the west where there are a lot of black necked swans.”

Agnes continues, “Every time you deliver a pouch, be sure to collect the recipient’s signature. I will give each of you a golden locket and the fairy recipient who receives the pouch is to put down the signature here.”

She goes on saying, “Your journey may not be smooth and you may face enemies that will try to prevent you from delivering the pouch of pixie dusts. But, you should be able to easily avoid them if you fly fast and know where to hide. Remember, if the both of you persevere to the end, your wish will be fulfilled.”

After that, Agnes gives each of them a golden locket and they wear it around their necks. After she hand them the 3 pouches of pixie dusts, they set out immediately. The blue paper bird carries the first and second pouch while the pink paper bird carries the third pouch.


Chapter 5

The Two Origami Birds Set Out to the Northeast


The two origami birds do not know how to go to the woods of Goran since the fairy Agnes never give any more instruction on it. All Agnes said is that it is a woods in the northeast. So, they heads towards the northeast when they set out.

They fly and fly until they become exhausted and fainted on a seashore. When they wake up, they saw thousands of seagulls on the seashore. When on the seashore, the blue paper origami bird asks one of the birds on the seashore, “Excuse me. May I know if you are all a flock that is flying together somewhere?”

The seagull replies, “Yes. We are the Common Black Headed Gulls migrating to the northeast for the winter.” The blue origami bird says, “Do you know the woods of Goran in the northeast?” The seagulls replies, “No. I have never heard of it.”

The pink origami bird says, “Can we fly with your flock?” The seagull replies, “Yes, you can fly with us if you want.” Then, the blue origami bird says to the pink origami bird, “May be we can ask someone else there who can point us to the direction of the woods of Goran when we arrive at the land in the northeast.” The pink origami bird replies, “Yes.”

When the flocks of thousands of seagulls set out, the blue and pink origami birds also take off with them. It takes them 3 weeks to complete the migration to the northeastern land.

When they arrive there, they fly around to see if there is any mountain in the area but they couldn’t find any.  They perch on the wire of a telephone post when in come a House Sparrow. The House Sparrow asks the blue origami bird, “How is your day, sir?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Good day to you, sir. We just arrived here after a long journey. We want to go to the woods in Goran. Do you know this place? Can you take us there?” The House Sparrow replies, “Yes. I know this place and it is where I live. Follow me.” So, the blue and pink origami birds follow the House Sparrow to the woods in an area with lots of hills and mountains called Goran.

When they arrive at the woods of Goran, they thank the sparrow bird and they start to look for the fairies. After flying a while, they notice some movement among the wild blueberries bushes. It is the fairies collecting the blueberries in tiny baskets! They fly towards the wild blueberries bush, and when the fairies see their shadows, they are frightened because they have never seen such creatures before.

The two paper birds keep on chasing the fairies when one of them flies to their behind and talk to them, “Are you crazy? Why are you chasing us?” “We have an order from Fairy Agnes of Fairyland to deliver this pouch of pixie dust to your fairies.” The fairy replies, “I see. You can hand it over to me because I am the administrator of the fairies here.”

So, the blue origami bird gives the first pouch of pixie dust to the administrator fairy. Then, he says, “If you accept the parcel, please open the gold locket on my neck and put down your signature.” The administrator fairy signs his signature inside the gold locket and then he left with the pouch.

Chapter 6

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Spend the Winter with the Woodpecker Bird


The blue and pink origami birds fly away and they stop by on a rock. A few small elves riding on the blue jay birds are seen approaching at high speed. The elves want to steal the pouches that they are carrying. It frightens them and they fly as fast as they could. Finally, they outfly the elves on the blue jays. Exhausted, they stop by at some wild edible berries bushes to get some refreshment.

The winter has now started and everywhere it is snowing. They couldn’t travel in the freezing temperature and they have to find some places to spend the winter before continuing their journey. After a while, a woodpecker bird also come to perch on the bush to east some berries.

The woodpecker bird says, “Its freezing cold. Where do you live? You’d better get home fast or you’ll freeze to death.” The pink origami bird says, “We haven’t have any place to live. Can we stay over at your home?” The woodpecker bird says, “Yes. I stay in a tree hole in the woods. You’re welcomed to stay with me until the winter is past.”

Chapter 7

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird’s Journey to the Giants Land


One day, when they and the woodpecker bird are outside foraging for food in the winter, a group of ravens fly into the area at the same time. The ravens are talking among themselves, “That big man is really nasty. He nearly smashes me with his fist but fortunately I was fast enough to fly away and escape.”

The blue origami bird overhears what they are saying and inquire, “Who are you talking about?” One of the ravens replies, “Howey is talking about the big man from the Giants Land. The big bully giant nearly have us all killed when we just eat some of his meats.”

The blue origami bird says, “The Giants Land? Me and my friend have been wanting to go there but we were deterred on this plan because of the winter. Now that winter is almost past, can you lead us there?”

The ravens discuss among themselves and most of them refuse to do this favor for they are afraid of getting struck by the giants. But, one brave raven, called Marty, volunteers to help them. The raven, Marty, says, “I’ll accompany you on your entire trip. I can lead you there and I’ll also lead you back here.”

The blue and pink origami birds inform the woodpecker birds that they want to leave now and then they set out with Marty to the Giants Land. Marty flies high up into an area of the sky that has a lot of clouds with the paper birds following behind. In a moment, they come to the city of the Giants Land. There are many tall big houses and buildings. They can also see a lot of giants going about their daily chores in the city from up above in the sky.

The three of them are tired and they stop by on a field to rest. Having flying continuously for 2 nights, they couldn’t continue the journey anymore and they need to take some rest. The three of them quickly fall asleep.

While they are asleep, a giant happens to pass by and he saw them. He puts the blue paper bird into the left pocket on his waistcoat and the pink paper bird into the right pocket of his waistcoat. As for the raven, he locks it up in a bird cage.

The giant then goes to an inn where he lefts his waist coat and the bird cage to the inn keeper for safe keeping until he comes back. When the origami birds wake up, they are shocked and they keep fluttering their wings until the pocket cover is open. After they escape, they saw the raven in the cage. They search for his waistcoat for the key and use the key to open the cage so that their raven friend can be set free.

Then, the trio sets out to the northwest to search for the fairies. While there, they spot some fairies collecting nectar from the peonies and pansies flowers in the meadows. The fairies of the Giants Land are much bigger in size and the flowers there are also big in size. The flower fairies are carrying pails for filling the nectar they collect from the flowers.

They approach one of the fairies who ask, “What do you want, sir?” The blue origami bird says, “We have a pouch of pixie dust to deliver to your people.” The fairy replies, “Pixie dust? Wait for a while.” The fairy goes over to his friend and talk about it.

Then, they call the other fairy, “James! Come over here. There is someone with a pixie dust parcel.” James, the fairy who is second in command to the supervisor comes. James says, “Hand the parcel to me and I’ll pass it on to our supervisor because he is not here.”

The blue origami bird says, “Sir, please first leaves your signature in the locket that I wear on my neck and I’ll hand you the parcel.” After James put down his signature, he passes the second pouch of pixie dust to him. With the second pouch delivered, they now only have one more pouch of pixie dust to deliver.


Chapter 8

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Go to Swanhilde Lake


After that, the raven lead them back to the earth pass the misty clouds. The winter has just ended by the time they fly back. The snow on the plants and trees are melting and some green grasses could be seen. After they bid the raven goodbye, they sets out for Swanhilde Lake to deliver the third pouch of pixie dust.

They came back to the seashore where they first meet the sea gull. This time, there are lots of migratory swans on the seashore. They have all gathered on the seashore to get some rest and take a swim on the ocean  before continuing their journey.

There are two flocks of swans on the seashore and the blue origami bird asks a swan from one of the flocks, “Excuse me, do you know where is Swanhilde Lake?” The swan says, “Yes. We are going there in a while.” The blue and pink origami birds are overjoyed when they hear this. They follow the flock of swan when they take off and arrive at Swanhilde Lake by the evening. The next morning, they start to search the meadows nearby for the fairies.

After flying around the daisies in the meadows, they spot some fairies playing around the flowers. They also saw fairies collecting flower seeds in bags. When one of the fairies notices the pouch the pink origami bird is carrying, she says, “Look! It is the pouch of pixie dust that we have been waiting for. Let’s call Tim over.”

They call Tim, the administrator of the fairies of the meadows near Swanhilde Lake. When Tim flies over, he approaches the pink origami bird and says, “Is the pouch of pixie dust for us?” and the pink origami bird replies, “Yes. Please sign your signature in the gold locket on my neck and I will hand it over to you.” Tim signs his signature on the locket and takes the pouch of pixie dust over happily.


Chapter 9

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird are Transformed into Real Birds!


Finally, the blue and pink origami bird set out on another journey back to Fairyland. When they arrive, they meet Agnes the fairy and show them the lockets with the signatures the recipients had left. Agnes keeps her promise and she uses her golden scepter to transform them into real birds.

The blue origami bird is given the name Jake while the pink origami bird is given the name Betty. Jake and Betty later start their own family and they have three chicks together called Ben, Andy and Agnes. Their daughter is named Agnes in remembrance of the fairy who helped to transform them into real birds.

Story about The Four Suns

Chapter 1

The Red Sun Starts a Fight with the White Sun


In a far away planet, there are four suns that give light. The first sun contributes its white light to bring daylight to the planet. The second sun contributes its red light to bring warmth and heat to the planet. The third sun contributes its green light – a light necessary for the photosynthesis of the plant. The fourth sun contributes its violet light to bring coolness at the heat of the day.

The first sun shines the greatest degrees of light followed by the second, third and fourth sun. Even though the first sun contributes the largest amount of light, it is the smallest in size. The second sun, the red sun, has the second largest in size. This is followed by the green sun having the third largest size. The violet sun is the biggest in size.

The four suns are positioned on the ring that surrounds the planet with some distance in between each other. One day, the red sun becomes jealous of the white sun about why it is the smallest sun and yet it gets to contributes the most light to the planet. So, it starts to release an even greater degree of red ray onto the planet. This causes the planet’s weather temperature to becomes higher and hotter.

Plants start to wilt and become brown. The water bodies on the planet now have lesser water because of the higher temperature. The aliens on the planet gets uncomfortable with the hotter weather. Then, the red sun acts rough towards the white sun and  bumps it sideway so that the white sun flies far away to the west of the ring.


Chapter 2

The Green Sun and the Red Sun Fight


The green sun gets angry with the red sun on why he should be the one to release more rays. So, the green sun releases a greater degree of green ray onto the planet. Too much of the green ray causes the ray to turn into a harmful ray that encourages the growth an evil algae plant species that infested the water bodies and eat away many good plants and animals.

The excess amount of green ray also cause the aliens that live on the planet to have a dark green color rather than only having tints of green color like they used to be. The red sun becomes hot in temper when it sees the green sun releases excessive green ray. It bumps hard on the green sun so that the green sun and the violet sun flew to a far distance on the east of the ring.

The green sun comes back on the right and push the red sun back. They push each other back and forth. Everytime, they push each other, one of them will get injured with pieces falling off. In the end, the rays that they produce become super poisonous and many citizens on the planet are dying.


Chapter 3

The Violet Sun Becomes Nervous and Almost Stop Producing its Ray


The citizens of the planet blame it on the violet sun, the sun that is responsible for contributing the cool rays. This is because the climate has becomes ultra hot and no one could go out in the sun safely anymore. They make a catapult and use large rock to hurl rock against the violet sun.

This makes the violet sun nervous and it feels afraid. From that day onward, the violet sun stop releasing as much violet rays as it used to. As a result, the weather on the planet becomes even hotter. Meanwhile, the fight between the red and green sun continue.


Chapter 4

The Red Sun and Green Sun Falls Off the Ring


One day, their fighting becomes intense. The red sun and the green sun comes rushing towards each other with a strong force. Both suns now fall off the ring and can no longer contribute anymore ray to the planet. The two suns is forced to fly away far into the galaxy and the citizens of the planet no longer see them around.

The white sun and violet sun are glad when they learn about the news that the red sun and green sun have fallen off the ring and no longer there to wreck havoc to the planet.

The white sun that was previously pushed to the west side of the ring now contribute its light in the western hemisphere of the planet. This is why the western hemisphere of the planet always have warm and sunny day.

The violet sun that was previously pushed to the east side of the ring now contribute its light in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. This is the reason why the places in the eastern hemisphere has cool, winter days all the days through the year.

Aliens Attack and Zap!

Chapter 1

Paper Airplanes and Inflatable Triangular Aliens Attack


In a distant planet, its citizens are performing their chores as usual in their hectic daily life. Someone looks up and saw that the sky is suddenly cracked and paper airplanes are flying down. It gives the impression that pieces of triangles in the sky are falling down.

These paper airplanes shaped spaceships are deployed by a large space ship who has camouflages against the blue sky. Their goal is to carry away the citizens of the planet so that they can become their slaves and they also want to raid their planet of everything valuable.

These spaceships that look simple like paper airplanes are driven by skilled pilots. The invaders belong to a species of aliens that is completely flat and can move very fast like light. The pilots open up the machine guns on the paper airplane shaped spaceship and start to shoot laser lights on the citizens.

At the same time, large triangular shape flat aliens float down as the wind carries them. When they reach the ground, they would inflate themselves to become full triangular balloon. These inflated triangular balloons start to fight the citizens by making all kinds of moves like punching and kicking as soon as they start to reach the ground.

It could punch and kick in the space within the triangular borderline. Then, a bright laser light from the planet, is unleashed by the planet’s citizen. The bright laser light is targeted towards the sky to hit the spaceship that has camouflage against the blue sky.

It is an ultra bright light with strong radiation. Fortunately, the laser light did not manage to hit the large spaceship in the sky. The spaceship turn on the circle of protection and bounce back the laser light to the rings of the planet so that a part of it becomes damaged.


Chapter 2

Flat Bird Like Warriors are Deployed


Right after that, they send bird like warriors that are also belong to the flat alien species out from their large spaceship. These flat bird like warriors are skilled fighters and they can fly well. They have sent out these warriors to turn off the all the electricity of the planet so that its citizens won’t be able to see a thing in the dark.

The bird like warriors fly and fly and reach the building that houses the main switches for controlling the electricity. They fold themselves into a square to enter through the square opening on top of the roof of the building. After they pass through the square opening on the roof, they fold themselves back to their original bird shape again. The square opening is an opening above a room and in the room, there are some workers there.

Wielded with gun, the bird like warriors start to shoot these workers. But, they fight back by throwing a puck shaped bullets against them. The bird like warriors use their eyes to scan the outcome on how the bullets would fly towards them. Then, they customize their guns so that every single bullet that is released from the gun will destroy the puck like bullets.

Seeing the puck shaped bullets that they throw have been destroyed, they fight back by throwing hundreds of dart like insects with arrows. The bird like warriors flap their wings and the wind that is produced blow the insects downward so that the arrows get stuck in the floor.  Upstairs, they try to shoot showers of bullets through the ceiling to hit the bird warriors that are directly downstairs.

Knowing this, the bird like warriors aliens zoom to the next room so that the showers of bullets did not hit them. In the next room, there are also shower of bigger bullets from the ceilings. The bird like warrior zooms past this room also before throwing a round device that changes the gravity to the opposite direction. This causes the bullets go upward towards those who fire the bullets towards them.


Chapter 3

The Citizens of the Entire Planet are Being Sucked into the Large Spaceship


The bird like warriors aliens zoom upstairs and downstairs to find the room that house the main switches for turning off the power of the entire planet. When they zoom at a fast speed, a low, soft sound of wind can be heard. One of them found the room that holds the main switches and he push down all the switches to turn off the powers.

Without the power, the citizens of the planet could not use large war destructive weapons to counterattack them. The light has gone out in the entire house building and all other places on the planet. Everywhere becomes dark and no one on the planet could see anything.

They become afraid of the dark and dare not make a move against the enemies. This makes a great opportunity for the enemy aliens to zap them. The bird like warrior alien that turn off the switch communicates with the rest of the others who are in different parts of the buildings by speaking their native language – a computer robotic sound. It is the signal that they should leave the building right now.

The bird like warriors then head to the air vent pipe to get out of the building. They wear a torchlight on their head so that they can see in the air vent pipe as they crawl through and they reach outside in just a moment.

They set out to fly back to the spaceship. After they reach the spaceship, the spaceship start to zap everyone on the planet up into their spaceship using a high power vacuum. They also zap away everything of value before zooming away back to their own planet

How The Buffalo Birds and the Water Buffalo Survive Famine

Chapter 1

Famine and Two Buffalo Birds Volunteer to Find Water


There is famine in the land and the hot sun has caused the water in the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds to dry up. Fishes in lakes and ponds are dying as the heat from the sun reduces the water level until there is no more water left. On the lake and ponds, dead fishes can be seen on the banks as they get dried up. Because of the famine, most of the grasses are withered and this has caused many animals to die of starvation.

The famine continues for several months and this causes the animals to become panic. One day, they decide to have a meeting to discuss about this issue. They are looking for volunteers who will search for somewhere where there is water so that they can all move to that place. A pair of buffalo bird couple volunteers to go find water in the land.

The pair of buffalo bird sets out in the morning and they fly pass many areas. Everywhere they fly, the land is barren with no grass and the ground is so dried that it has cracked. Trees with no more leaves can be seen on the barren land. After flying a while, they feel tired and they stop by a lake that is dried up but still have some water.

They find that they couldn’t drink the water because it is stink with many dead fishes. They try to dig up the soil in an area nearby to the lake for water with their beaks. They become alarmed when they see a dead fish buried underneath the soil that they are digging.

Disappointed, the two buffalo birds flew away. As they continue their journey, they would see animals digging up places near lakes and ponds that used to be filled with water but their efforts are vain with not a single drop of water being found.


Chapter 2

The Two Buffalo Birds Safely Escape a Sink Hole


The two buffalo birds happen to see a water buffalo that is facing towards a tree. They fly down and perch on its head because they haven’t eaten and thought they could find some insects to eat on the buffalo. The water buffalo is starving because there is no more green grass and his only option is to eat the roots of trees.

It starts to run fast and then bang the tree to push it down. The tree is now crooked but not yet fallen so the water buffalo run and bang it again. For the third time, the water buffalo bangs it once again like a mad animal and the tree trunk flies to a distance.

Some roots of the trees can be seen in the ground so the buffalo bite some of the roots and chews it. It then bites a thick root and pulls it hard for the whole thing to enter its mouth.As it pulls the root hard, something can be heard falling under the ground. They heard a “Plonk!” sound.

The two buffalo birds fly to the area where the sound is heard. Suddenly, the ground starts to crumble into a large sink hole. The two birds fall down into the sink hole as the soil pour over on them. One of the bird manage to come out of the soil that falls on it and flies up.
It then remembers its partner, and uses his claw to capture the leg of the other bird and flap its wings as hard as it can to fly out the sink hole.

The bird manages to fly onto the safe side. In front of the water buffalo, there is an open crack so he jumps over it and head to the birds. The birds then land on the water buffalo’s head and the water buffalo quickly run to other places. The other bird’s wing is injured so they have to ride on the water buffalo to continue the journey.


Chapter 3

The Water Buffalo Collapses


The bird’s injured wings slowly recovers and it can fly again. Days passed, and they continue their search for water in the land. With no food and no water, the water buffalo get thinner and thinner until the rib bone can be seen. At last, it couldn’t hold on anymore and drop down to the ground.

When the birds see this, they try to help by flying around to see if they can find something for the buffalo to eat. To their surprise, they find a tree with some green leaves. They fly up to the tree and pluck the green leaves and go back to the buffalo. They fly to and fro the tree until they have plucked all the green leaves. The water buffalo try its best to eat all the green leaves and gain back some of his strength.


Chapter 4

A Fierce Bull and Water from a Rock


Now that it has gained some strength, it stands up and continue the journey. They come to a place near the hills where there are some green grass and plants although most of them are already dried out. There is a fierce bull around the area who wants to pick a fight with them. The bull chases them and wants to gore them for passing into his territory

The birds fly away while the water buffalo runs up the hill and enter into the mountain cave. The bull accidentally collide with a stack of stones near the mountain cave. The stones fall on the bull and kill it. Surprisingly, water comes out in between the crack of the stones. The water that gushes out from the rock quickly form into a large pond.

The water buffalo and birds are overjoyed when they see the water. The first thing that they do is to get a drink of the water until they are refreshed. Then, the birds fly around the hills to gather seeds from dried out grasses and flowering plants. The birds shake the seed pods all over the ground.

The grasses and flowers grow up fast the next day because of they are planted nearby the pool of water. The buffalo eat all the grasses it wants before it continues the journey with the birds back to the other animals to tell them that they have found water.


Chapter 5

It Has Finally Rain!


Just as they are about to set out, black clouds form in the sky and there is thunder and lightning. For the first time in so many months, it is finally raining. It rains heavily for several days and the animals in the entire land now don’t have to die anymore. The ponds and lakes that are dried out now have been filled once again.

Because of the rain, they decide they don’t have to go back anymore. In the meantime, they have gone to a cave to seek out shelter from the rain. Thus, the birds and the water buffalo live happily together and they always look after for one another.