The Story on How the Treasure Hunter Finds Treasures

Chapter 1

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Treasure Chest


A treasure hunter is digging the ground for treasure, when to his surprise, he finds a treasure chest. He opens the treasure chest and finds that there is a map that shows the direction to the place where the real treasure can be found. It is a simple map that uses arrows to point which direction to go starting from the spot where the treasure box is found.

In the treasure chest, there are also some diamonds scattered around and a plate of gold coins. The gold coins on the plate are stuck together after being in the chest for a long time. The treasure hunter tries in vain to pull out one of the coin from the lump of gold coins on the plate. Finally, he gives up and just toss the plate of gold coins, and diamonds into his rucksack.

He holds the treasure map in his hand and starts on his journey to the place where he can find the treasure. The first direction on the map is to go north so he starts to walk north. After some time, he passes through an enchanted village. There is a river nearby and a crocodile who just come up from the river is heading this way.

When the crocodile sees him, it crawls faster and wants to snap him down. The burlesque treasure hunter is not a bit afraid of the crocodile. He boldly takes out his axe, grabs the crocodile and falls the axe on the crocodile head.

The crocodile now lays still on the ground and dead. The treasure hunter thinks for a while and then he decides to skin the crocodile because the crocodile skin could be of use to him. He wants to sew the crocodile skin into a bag for holding the treasures. He takes out his knife and starts to skin the crocodile from the neck to the tail.


Chapter 2

The Treasure Hunter Trades with the Dwarf


After that, he heads to the river to wash the crocodile skin. At the river, he decides to swing his fishing rod and catch some fishes for lunch. He attaches a worm bait to his fishing rod and swings it into the water. Not long later, a fish is caught on the fishing hook. It appears to be a special fish – a fish that can becomes invisible when taken out of the freshwater.

The treasure hunter is confused – he thought he just saw a fish on his fishing rod and now he is not seeing anything. As the sun is setting, he has no more time to waste at the river and he decides to moves on. He feels that it is strange his fishing rod feels heavy but nothing can be seen on it. Meanwhile, the invisible fish is still hanging on the fishing rod.

The treasure hunter puts his fishing rod back into his rucksack that he is carrying on his back and continues the journey. After a while, he comes across thirteen dwarfs who are traders. They have a cart that has all kinds of magical stuff they trade with others.


The dwarfs are skipping and singing,

“We are thirteen little dwarfs,

We come full of treasures,

Do you want to exchange your stuff,

Exchange your stuff with us

and it will make your day!”


One of the dwarfs thought he smells the smell of a rare fish and he stops the treasure hunter. He says, “Sir, would you like to exchange your fish? You can take anything from our cart”. The treasure hunter replies, “Fish? I haven’t caught any.” The dwarf replies, “The fish hanging on your fishing rod at your back.” Then, the dwarf fills a container with water and put the fish in it.

Now, the treasure hunter sees the fish and he is surprised. The treasure hunter takes a look at the cart that is filled with all kinds of magical stuff. He decides to choose a pipe that he can blow into something like red orange clouds that appear at sunset. The red orange clouds will allow him to ascend up to the sky like staircase. This is because the treasure map seems to show that the treasure is located in a place high above the clouds.

He also exchanges one of the diamonds he found in the treasure chest with a shield that can return back whatever the enemy unleashes. With the diamond, he also got a bargain of a leather pouch made from super tough material that the dwarf said can hold anything including things that cannot be hold such as air and light. After that, the treasure hunter continues his journey.


Chapter 3

The Poisonous Mushroom With Emanating Blue Light


It is starting to get dark and he comes to a place where there is a large mushroom. The mushroom is actually a carnivorous plant. Under the mushroom cap, it emanates a blue light. Anything that goes under the blue light will withers and dries out in a few minutes. When it absorbs into the ground, the mushroom will suck the nutrients.

On top of the mushroom, there are also many small spikes. A squirrel happens to go under the mushroom cap and the blue light exposes on it. The squirrel quickly dies and withers and the mushroom eats it. Seeing this, the treasure hunter dares not go under the mushroom to find shelter. But he did takes out his leather pouch and store some of the blue light as he figures out it can be used as a weapon against his enemies.

The treasure hunter then goes over to another large leaf plant located in a distant. He found a group of buttons mushroom under one of its leaf. The button mushrooms try to run away but he manage to catch them and use them to make mushroom soup. Early the next morning, he wakes up and continues his journey.


Chapter 4

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Magical Flower


The treasure hunter comes to another place where the temperature is higher. The flowers and plants there seems like they are wilting and drying out. One of the flowers jumps up too high and falls onto the ground. Then, it tries to jump up again to catch the treasure hunter’s attention. It then makes an upside down flip and walk on its petal.

It starts to sing a song,

“The red hot sun is baking me,

My leaves! my stem!

They are shriveling

Rolling Rolling Tum Tum Tum,

Take me with you, Take me with you,

Useful I will be to you

Wise advice I will give,

to help you find the treasure you seek.”


Chapter 5

Attack of the Sorcerer and His Five Dragons


Another day has passed and he continues his journey. On the way, a flock of bird flies past and they say, “Dangers. Dangers ahead. Watch out.” The treasure hunter is not afraid of the warnings the birds give and he finally comes to a valley where he is faced with a sorcerer and 5 flying dragons.

The sorcerer says, “I won’t let you pass through the valley unless you can beat me and the five dragons.” The treasure hunter takes out his shield and starts to defend himself from the fires spew out by the dragon and the lightning bolts the sorcerer unleashes. With the help of the shield, the fire returns back to the dragons and burn them to death. The lightning bolt returns back to the sorcerer and electrocute him to death.


Chapter 6

The Treasure Hunter Found the Treasure!


Finally, the treasure hunter comes to a region with a lot of green hills around. When he lifts his head up, he could see that there is something above and he thinks this might be the place that the treasure map is talking about. He blows the pipe and red orange clouds that can be ascended and climb on appears. No one will be able to tell that these are fake or real clouds when seen from afar.

The treasure hunter ascends one cloud and then uses the pipe to blow another cloud out until he reaches the top. When he reaches on top of the sky, the magical flower instructs him to go into the cave where he will find the treasure that he is looking for. The flower also warns him about the miniature green snake dragons that dwell in the cave. There are several of these green snake dragons guarding the treasures in the cave.

The treasure hunter enters into the cave on top of the sky. When the snakes saw intruders, they make hissing sound and open their mouth wide to try and bite him. The treasure hunter takes out the pouch of blue light and expose it to the ferocious green snake dragons so that they quickly wilt and die.

The treasure hunter then fills as many of the gold, diamonds and jewelries that he can carry into his large bag and carry it on the back. After that, he heads to the clouds and climbs down safely on the ground. With this much treasures, the treasure hunter don’t have to work anymore. He uses the gold he found to buy a big house and hire several servants to do everything for him.

The Story about the Desert Tower that Can Change into Anything

Chapter 1

A Strong Wind Blows and the Steel Tower Changes to Carpet


A tall steel skyscraper tower made of millions of stackable parts that are alive stands on the barren desert. Nearby, there are many giant cactus bearing fruits and a small oasis. The skyscraper loves the provision in its home that makes life comfortable for it. He is satisfied with life just as long as he gets to eat the cactus fruits and drink the fresh water from the oasis.

One day, a strong wind blows so hard that the tower falls with the parts separated on the desert ground. The parts struggle to join back with one another as the strong wind continues to howl and blow in its direction. After struggling for a while in the strong wind, the parts manage to merge back together. This time, it forms into a flexible steel carpet so that all the mini parts can stay together when it is being blown by the wind.

The steel carpet flies pass the desert as it gets blown by the strong wind. There is a group of caravan that is struggling to not get blown away by the desert wind. But, the desert wind is too strong for them to hold on. Eventually, the merchants, their camels and merchandise are carried off by the wind.

Fortunately, the steel carpet is flying pass the area. It is such a coincident that the merchants, camels and their goods land on the carpet. So, now, they are like on a flying carpet that flies pass the desert. The carpet continues to get carried off by the wind until the wind die down.

When the wind finally stops blowing, the carpet lets the caravan down on the land. But, the caravan pleads with the carpet to take them to the desert city which they want to go. This is because they are now too far away and will not be able to make it there on time. The carpet agrees and give them another lift to the desert city. After sending them there, the carpet flies away.


Chapter 2

Tower Changes into Propeller

On the way, there is a group of fighter planes that are practicing. These fighter planes have front propellers. One of the fighter plane’s front propeller stops working. When the carpet sees this, it tries to save the plane by transforming itself into a propeller fan that stuck on top of the plane so that the plane now looks like some sort of a helicopter.

It then fly the plane back to the aircraft carrier ship by following the other practicing jets. After landing the damaged fighting jet, the propeller now detach itself and fly into the sky. As the propeller flies, it comes to the seashore of a small village where fishermen are catching fishes in their small motorboats.

One fisherman, spreads the net into the water after seeing a school of sardines coming up to the ocean surface. To his disappointment, he couldn’t start the motorboat even after starting it several times. When the propeller sees this, it wants to help the disappointed fishermen.

It stuck onto the other end of the boat and zooms to the area where the school of fishes are. As it zooms past the area, the fishing net swoops in a large number of fishes. Once the fishes are caught, the propeller makes its way to the seashore. The fishermen is happy that he catch a lot of fishes that day even though his motorboat failed to work just now.


Chapter 3

Propeller Turns into A Ferry


The propeller detaches itself from the motorboat and flies into the sky. Not long afterwards, the propeller sees a ferry that is fetching people to the other side of the ocean. The ferry is filled with so many people like it is going to sink. The propeller gets an idea to transform into a large ferry to help the people who urgently need to return home or visit someone on the other side of the ocean.

It transforms itself into a ferry and fetches the people round after round until everyone has crossed the ocean to the other side. It now cruises the sea as a ferry. When night comes, it turns on its light. At night, there are 5 people swimming in the sea. They become panic when they saw the fin of a great white shark heading towards them in the water.

When they realize that a shark wants to eat them, they start to scream. The ferry becomes alerted to the scream and decides to save the 5 people. The ferry forms a side branch that resembles a soup spatula with holes underneath and scoops up the 5 people into its ferry. It then head to the ocean seashore to drop them on the dry land.


Chapter 4

Ferry Changes into Submarine


The ferry continues its journey and roams the ocean for several days because it does not know the way back to its home in the desert. It happens to come across a large cruise ship that shows a desert that look like his home on a billboard. The cruise ship is taking the tourists to explore the different deserts.

When it saw this, it wants to follow the large cruise ship. But, to prevent people from noticing it, it transforms itself into a submarine and go under the ocean to follow the cruise ship at a distance.


Chapter 5

Submarine Changes to Winged Airship and then to Three Blue Lines of Steel

When the ship stop, the submarine puts up the periscope to see what is the place where the ship stops. It appears to be a desert and this is what makes the submarine excited. The submarine thought that he has reached home.

It comes up the water and go up to the sky and shake itself like a dog to get rid of the water. Then, it transforms into an airship with a pair of wings, one on each side. The airship flaps its wing happily and flies into the desert land looking for its home. But, it flies and flies all over the desert and still didn’t see the cactus and oasis where the home it used to live has. Sad and disappointed, it flies back to the cruise ship.

At this time, the tourists have descended the ship and exploring the desert with the help of a guide. The winged airship got an idea to transform itself into three blue lines that wrap around the lower part of the cruise ship. When the tourist comes back, they didn’t even notice the blue lines and the cruise ship left the desert to continue its journey to another desert destination.


Chapter 6

Finally Home in the Desert


The cruise ship makes many stops but none of the places that it stops is the home of the stacking parts that can transform into anything. Finally, it decides to stop following the ship. The three blue lines now detach themselves from the ship. Each line forms 3 pairs of wings and flies into the sky.

They become frustrated for unable to find their way home and started to fight. This causes the 3 lines to become entangled into a ball with some of the wings formed just now still visible on the outside. An osprey happens to see it and become curious so it starts to chase it.

This causes the ball to become panic and it starts to fly away fast. After flying a long distance, it finally drops down on an oasis to drink some water. It then realizes that it is now finally home near its favorite oasis and cactus plants.

The Story of How the Aliens of a Planet Save Themselves from Intruders

Chapter 1

Attack by Aliens from another Planet


On a far away planet, there live aliens that live inside houses that are made of plants with layers of leaves. The plant can remove its root from the ground and walk on its own. The special thing about this plant is that the aliens can carve out the inside of the plants and make it their home.

The benefit of staying in the plant is that it prevents enemies from spotting them. The plant is like a camouflage; no one knows someone live inside the plant. The leaves that form the layers of the plants can act as windows and the alien living inside can pull it up and down to open and close it.

One day, aliens from another planet decide to come and conquer the planet. They travel all the way from their planet to this planet with a mother ship. The mother ship could camouflage itself against anything. They make the ship camouflage as the sky of that planet which looks like a 3D ring around the planet. This is because the planet has one thick ring that can be seen in the sky at all times.

The mother ship parks itself in the sky and then opens the entrance door. When the door open, the long air stair starts to extend and reach downward to the ground surface. There is a red carpet in the middle of the air stair. So, when the air stair extends longer and longer downward, the red carpet also rolls down on and on. The air stair of the mother ship is flexible. It can roll and curl to swallow the round plant house where the aliens of the planet live.

When the air stair reaches the surface, it starts to scoop up the round plant house and gets them rolled back into the mother ship. When these plant houses are forced to roll into the mother ship, they try to run forward up the path and go back down to the planet’s surface.


Chapter 2

Alien Plants Fights Back Against Intruders


The aliens now know that their planet is under attack and they must do something to stop the attack. The plant house they are living in quickly uproot itself from the ground and join together to form two rows of tall vertical posts.

The alien living in one of the plant houses pours a special solution onto the root on the side of the plant so that it grows longer and longer until it becomes something like a hand. The root hand then reaches onto the air stair and pulls it hard to tear it down. When the stair gets torn down, the captured plants roll back down onto the planet surface.

The mother ship now releases a few smaller spaceships that shape like shields to attack them. The smaller spaceships shoot missiles but the plant’s root hands are fast in holding the missiles and throwing them back. This causes the small spaceships to explode.

One of the stacked plants then uses its root hand to capture and tie up the small spaceships that are still flying. Another stacked plants helped by using its root hand to complete the net pattern and they pull the net backwards counting one, two and three and hurl the net of small spaceships onto the mother spaceship so that it causes one part of it to become damaged.

The leader of the mother ship finally decides to surrender. He and all the subordinates of the mother spaceship come out through the small openings under the spaceships. They wore a device with spinning propeller on the head that help them to land on the surface safely. The leader pretends to make peace with them but he then aims up a rope gun with sharp barb on the end towards the plants.


Chapter 3

Bouncy Ball Hails Destroys Enemy Aliens


At this time, a hail storm starts to take place. The hail storm releases small and large balls of hails. These balls of hails are bouncy. The plant houses are protected from these bouncy hails because they have a natural bouncy surface.

If the hail balls hit the plant, they will bounce off quickly. The bouncy hail balls will melt at the heat of the day. The leader shoots the rope gun with barbs at the stacked plant but the plant’s root hand catches the rope. It pulls the rope and quickly turns round and round until the alien leader is now bound in coil of ropes and lying on the ground. Suddenly, a bouncy ball hail from the storm hits the alien’s leader and squashes him.

The stacked plant’s then uses its root hand to capture the subordinates one by and one and glues them onto the bouncy ball. The glue is poured by one of the planet’s alien resident. The bouncy ball rolls and rolls and squashes all the subordinates.

Meanwhile, the bouncy balls have been hitting the mother ship down and down until it drops onto the ground and explodes.

How the Fox and Heron Helps Two Giants to Return to Their Underground City

Chapter 1

Hungry Fox Preys on a Tortoise


A fox sees a tortoise from afar and starts to run faster towards it. When the tortoise knows that the fox wants to eat it, it quickly hides all four legs and the head in the shell. The tortoise gets afraid of the fox and keeps on screaming “AAAAAA!” When the fox comes near, it uses its paw to overturn the body of the tortoise. The tortoise continues to scream even louder.

A gopher that is sleeping in the underground burrow wakes up to the loud screaming sound. It then tries to track where the sound comes from by walking through the different tunnel burrows underground. Finally, it digs its way upward to the head of the tortoise. When the gopher climbs out of the hole, his head bangs over the tortoise shell and now the tortoise is on the right position again.

The tortoise screams, “AAAA! Please don’t eat me sir”. The gopher says, “I am not going to eat you, calm down.” The tortoise then starts to crawl away fast. When the fox sees the tortoise crawl away, he says, “Hey, wait that’s my meal!” After that, the fox turns to the gopher and wants to prey on him.


Chapter 2

The Giant that Catches Goblins


At this time, his friend, a grey heron, comes flying down towards him and uses his claws to pull his tail. The heron said, “Don’t eat the tortoise!!! The tortoise is your friend.”

When the fox’s tail gets pulled, it jumps up and tries to bite the heron. The fox and the heron are good friends and they know each other well. They
kept chasing each other until they wander away into the deeper part of the forest.

The heron says, “Fox, do you know that there is a giant that live in this forest?” The fox said, “You just make me let go of that tortoise. Now you are talking about giant.” The heron says, “You definitely want to know about this giant that I am talking about. I did saw him the other day when flying past.”

The heron continues, “I have heard a tale about this giant from my friends. According to my friends, there is once a giant that catch goblins and live in this forest. One day, the goblins come out of their cave and chit chat in their goblin language. The giant happens to saw them and he thought he could make use of them. He quickly sets up an underground trap to trap the goblins.

The goblins didn’t know about it and they fell into the trap when walking pass the area. When the giant saw that the goblins are caught, he pulls up the pulley on the tree until the cage is on top of the tall tree and fastens the cage to a branch with a rope.

The next day, he unties the rope and carries the cage on his shoulder. The goblins are afraid of him so they all move to one corner of the cage. While the giant is carrying the cage, the goblins keep on insulting and scolding him. When the giant reaches the place, he told the goblins that he need them to help him find a special stone for powering up his spaceship.

He instructs the goblins to mine up as many of this special stone as possible. If they work hard, he will reward them; and if they do as he said, he will release them in 3 months. It turns out that the giant didn’t keep his word. He did not reward the goblins with as many of the items he promise them and he also did not release them in 3 months.


Chapter 3

Honeybee and Hummingbird Lead the Way


A honeybee comes buzzing around the place and it goes from flower to flower on the trees to collect nectar. The bee carries a special smell and the heron remembers that it is the exact same smell of the flower in the garden of the giant’s house.

The heron calls out, “EEK! Honeybee, do you know about the giant that lives in the forest and can you help to lead us there?” The bee answers while collecting the nectar from the flower, “You mean the giant that live in the vale. Sure, no problem. I can take you there but I will only lead you up to the stream.”

After leading the heron and fox to the stream, the bee says, “My friend the hummingbird will lead you to the giant’s house.” The bee did not want to go past the stream because there are many frogs living there. The hummingbird takes over the rest of the journey and led them to the giant’s house as he promised. He then says goodbye and fly to other places.


Chapter 4

The Heron and Fox are Caught


When the heron and fox arrive, they saw the big house where the giant lives. The rock house is made of boulders that stack up against one another. They move stealthily to one place and spy on the giant who is working on a spaceship. The giant is trying to power up a spaceship with the blue stones that the goblins brought him from the quarry.

To get powered up, it will take a great deal of blue stones. Now that he has accumulated enough blue stones, he can finally start the spaceship. He sits in the spaceship and presses the blue start engine button to start the spaceship. The spaceship starts to hover around while emanating blue light that is the same blue color as the stone.

After watching the giant for a while, the heron and fox sneak into the giant’s house through the main door. They try to walk as softly as possible and hide behind the furniture. They saw a women sitting on a couch and sewing something.

The woman is the wife of the giant inside the house. She is sewing clothes for the flower fairies from threads made with the special flowers they grow in the backyard. They also sell the flowers to flower fairies that use them to build houses.

The flowers that they grow in their backyard belong to a special species of flower that cannot be found on earth. They got the seed from their original homeland when they are visiting the surface of the earth during their vacation. Unfortunately, the tunnel that they travel up the earth surface was blocked due to a landslide and they can no longer go back.

On the table, there lay a sumptuous meal of dinner that has been prepared for the two giants. There is a huge chicken lying on a plate as well as fish and other delicious dishes. The fox becomes greedy and clumsily bang something while trying to steal the chicken on the table.

The sound from the fallen piece of furniture catches the giant’s wife attention. She tries to use something to get them out of the house but couldn’t. So, she calls in the giant, her husband, who quickly uses a net to catch them.


Chapter 5

The Heron Helps the Giants


The giant put the fox and heron in a cage. He tosses in some chicken meat for the fox and some fishes for the heron. At night, the giant is discussing about a map with his wife as they are planning to go back to their city under the earth now that their spaceship can be powered up. They leave the map on the table before going to bed. The heron can see the map and he recognizes the mountain on the map.

The heron figures out he may be able to lead the giant there. The next morning, when the two giants are discussing about the map, the heron tells them that he knows the mountain and he can lead them there. The giant is glad that the heron knows the way. He opens the cage door and let the heron and fox out.

They then set out on the spaceship that is powered by the blue stones. They spend half of the day flying past the valley and the mountains. Finally, they arrive at the place where it is stated on the map.

When they are on the location where the heron leads them, a beeping sound is heard on the computer of the spaceship. The beeping sound indicates that it matches the coordinate they are looking for on the map. The mountain they are looking for has the carving of an hourglass with eyes, nose and mouth in the middle to form the face.

The giants are happy that they found the exact spot for digging through to their underground city. They thank them and ask them to do a favor to free the goblins that they lock up in the cage. After passing the cage’s keys to them, they also told them that they could take the remaining chicken and fishes from the fridge in their home.


Chapter 6

The Two Giants Starts Digging Home


Without wasting any time, the two giants got into the spaceship, and buckle their seat belts. He turns on the bright headlight and the powerful digging tool that is attached to the front of the spaceship. The giant configures the tunnel to be dug sideways in spiral shape so that its spaceship can easily travel through it.

The giant follows a compass and coordinated map on the computer to make sure he is digging the spiral highway in the right direction. In just a while, they make it through to the underground giant city where his homeland is. The people there are glad that they are back as they have been reported missing and not seen for a long time. They push sands up the tunnel so that no one from the earth surface can find the way to their underground city.

Chapter 7

The Goblins are finally Freed!


In the meantime, the heron and fox have gone back to the giant’s home. They wander around for some time until they come to a tall tree. There is a pulley with rope that ties the cage to the tree branch. The heron can’t lift it down so the fox uses its teeth to bite the rope.

The goblins are screaming as the cage fall down from the tree top. The heron flew up trying to grab the cage with its leg and then lays the cage on the ground clumsily. The heron says, “Phew. Lets stuck the key into the key hole and free them now.” The heron holds the key in its beak and slowly turn the lock until he hears the key unlocking sound, “TIKK”. The cage door is now open.

The goblins are happy and they jump around to show how joyful they are that they can now return home finally. The goblins say, “It’s nice to be out of the cage. We’ve been locked up in this cage for 3 and half years. We’re glad that you two are so kind to come and rescue us.”

The heron says, “No need to thank us. We’re just doing the giant a favor. Because he has now found the way home to his homeland, he gives us the key to unlock the cage and free you guys.” The goblins replies, “We will reward your kind deed. Next time, if you need anything, we will help you.”

The heron took the fishes back to his nest on the tree while the fox takes the chicken meats left in the giant’s house back to his den. They enjoy eating their food.


The Apatosaurus Story – How Boc and His Friends Make it through the Seismic Disaster

Chapter 1

Giant Apatosaurus Searches for Food


A long time ago, in the prehistoric era, there is a pair of Apatosaurus couple. The Apatosaurus couple is expecting little ones on the way and they decide to make their home in a cave. One morning, when the father dinosaur wakes up, he breathes in some of the freshness of the air and then he goes outside.

When he is outside the cave, he is a bit shock to see that the entire ground is covered with lots of brown leaves. It enters his mind that this is not at all strange because it is now Fall again. He puffs out some air from his nostrils and all the leaves pile up neatly on the other side.

Today is the day that the mother dinosaur will lay eggs and he decides to go look for some food to stock up for the winter. Initially, he wants to leave without informing the mother dinosaur but he changes his mind about it. He goes back inside the cave and slightly shrugs the mother dinosaur. He says in a low voice, “Sweetheart, I am going to get some food for us. I’ll come back in a short while.”

As the father dinosaur walks away, he makes footsteps on the ground. Some Velociraptors spot the footsteps he made and they want to attack him. But, they also know that the mother dinosaur in the cave is going to lay eggs today. They prefer to steal the eggs rather than attacking him. Halfway through his journey, the father dinosaur meets 2 Velociraptors. The Velociraptors tries to trick him to go the other way so that he won’t come back in time to the mother dinosaur.

The father Apatosaurus knows that the Velociraptors are cunning creatures that cannot be trusted so he uses his tail to whip them. With just one whip, the Velociraptors are flung to a distance. Now injured, the Velociraptors become afraid and run away.


Chapter 2

Giant Apatosaurus Moves a Heavy Tree


When he reaches the river, he meets a giant beaver that is having problem building a dam. The giant beaver fell a tree but the tree has rolled over into the river and it has created obstacles for him to build the dam. The beaver says, “Can you help me to move the heavy tree trunk to the river bank as it is too heavy for me to move it.”

The father dinosaur replies, “All right. Wait for me. This will just take a short while.” He wades into the river and pushes the tree trunk to the river bank with his leg. Then, he uses his head to push it up to the river bank.

After that, he enters into the river and munches on some low lying plants. He plucks some plants and put them on the river bank and then he go back to pluck some more. He gathers the plants together in his mouth and trots home. When he reaches the cave, it is just about time for the mother dinosaur to lay the eggs. That day, the mother dinosaur lays 25 eggs.

All 25 eggs are hatched in the middle of the winter. When it is time for the little dinosaurs to be born into the world, the eggs start to shake on its own. As each egg cracks and the baby dinosaur come out, the father dinosaur gives them their name. He names the baby dinosaurs the following names in the order that they are hatched: Jake, Ben, Lucas, Addie, Valerie, Miriam, Susie, Paisley, Vivian, Langston, Tom, Laddie, Peter, Tomas, Kalei, Paki, Wanda, Waldo, Walker, Noah, Edward, Aackley, Darius, Odi, and Boc.


Chapter 3

Giant Apatosaurus Plants a Farms


After the baby dinosaurs are born, the father dinosaur has to wait for another 2 months to plant a farm. By planting their own food, they don’t have to compete for food with other dinosaurs. When it is spring, he gets started to plant a farm. He digs a huge pond where he plants some ferns and horsetails along the bank. He also plant a lot of Cycadeoids trees.

He gets help from the giant beaver to build a fence around the farm. The giant beaver uses his sharp front teeth to fell 5 large trees. He saw some into logs and some into poles with pointed ends to build the fence. When the dinosaurs grow up, they help with the chores.

The long neck dinosaur brothers and sisters always play football games together. In one football match, the first group kicked the ball and it flew to the second group. One player in the second group used head to hit the ball and another player tried to get the ball to the goal by using its head. The ball dropped near the goal net but not yet enters it.

A dinosaur’s tail from the second group accidentally whipped it so that it ended up on the side of the first group. A dinosaur from the first group used its head to hit the ball to the goal net. Boc then jumped up and kicked the ball to the goal net and the first group dinosaur won the football match.


Chapter 4

Seismic Disasters Stir Up Fears to the Dinosaurs in the Land


One day, the region where the dinosaurs live is hit with a number of earthquakes that cause huge cracks to appear on the ground. Large rocks start to roll down from the mountaintop during the earthquake. The incident causes the duckbill and Parasaurolophus dinosaurs that are grazing at the foot of the mountain to become panic and start a stampede. The stampede causes other dinosaur species to run in panic too.

The stampede shakes the ground so much that every dinosaur in the land can hear it. The rumor about the earthquake disaster has spread to all the dinosaurs and they are now talking about moving to another place. To move to a safe land, they have to pass through a gorge and climb a mountain. They must then cross the icy peak and pass through an ocean.

The Apatosaurus dinosaur family is aware about the disaster and they have also decided to move to the safe land. While the family of dinosaur is traveling, another earthquake occurs. Boc gets frightened and he runs quickly to hide when the earthquake occur.

The earthquake causes a huge crack in the ground. After the earthquake is gone, Boc couldn’t find his way back to his family. Boc is now separated from his family and has to travel on his own.


Chapter 5

Boc Rescues an Archaeoteryx Bird Dinosaur


The young dinosaur walks all day and feels thirsty and exhausted. It is already twilight and going to be dark so he turns to a river to get some drinks and spends the night there.

Before he manages to get a drink of water, an Archaeopteryx dinosaur bird that is flying above the stream passes out due to exhaustion. When Boc saws the bird drops into the water, he quickly wades into the river and uses his mouth to pull it to the bank. When on the river bank, the dinosaur tries to revive the bird by blowing air into the bird mouth.

The bird’s mouth puffs with air as Boc blows its mouth but it is still not awake. Gasping for air, the dinosaur blows air into the bird mouth again. This time, the bird’s mouth is not as puffy as the first time. In the third time, after having regained some breath, he tries again to blow air into the bird’s mouth in hope of reviving it.

The bird mouths puff in a bigger size when air is blown into its mouth for the third time but it still did not wake up. So, instead of blowing air, the long neck dinosaur sucks air from the bird dinosaur mouth. The bird dinosaur finally regains consciousness and coughs out the water it has accidentally swallowed. When the bird is conscious, he introduces himself as Uri.


Chapter 6

Boc Meets Jesse the Oryctodromeus Dinosaur


The next morning, they continue the journey. The dinosaur bird, still feeling sick, rests on the young Apatosaurus’ back as he walks on. Various types and sizes of the dinosaurs are also traveling on the road. Three great armadillos roll into balls and speed past everyone.

Everyone is annoyed by the great armadillos. Several Deinotherium elephants blow their trunks at them when they roll pass them. The loud noises made on the elephants’ trunks shock the armadillos and they roll under the elephants and speed past ahead.

There are also two baby dinosaurs that try to annoy an Ankylosaurus by playing skipping rope on its tail as it whips from left to right. One Oryctodromeus comes out of his underground tunnel and puts his feet on a skateboard to set out on a long journey to the new land. The skateboard is made of a piece of wood plank with two round feces that belong to a dinosaur of another species.

The round feces are bouncy and sticky; it will stick to the wood plank as the Oryctodromeus skate along the road.  The Orytodromeus skateboards up to Boc’s head. Annoyed, Boc keeps on moving its neck side to side in hope to shake it off but it keeps on clinging onto its neck.

Meanwhile, the bird resting on the dinosaur’s back has to hold on tight onto the skin of the dinosaur. The Oryctodromeus dinosaur repetitively asks, “Hi there. I am Jesse. Can you let me travel with you?” But the Apatosaurus did not want to and keeps shaking its head.

Then, the bird resting the back suddenly finds the strength to fly again and it repeatedly tries to peck the Oryctodromeus dinosaur. Jesse pleads again and again, “Please let me stay. I promise I will be useful to you.” After thinking over a bit, Boc agrees to let him stay.


Chapter 7

Boc and Friends Comes to a Desert


The trio keeps quarreling until they head the wrong direction and end up in the desert. The desert is actually an alternative route to the destination. It is hot in the desert and nowhere could they find water to drink. The Oryctodromeus starts to dig holes in the desert in search for water. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he manages to dig up a water hole in the middle of the desert. The trio drink the fresh water until they are full before moving on. Jesse, the Oryctodromeus names the water hole, “Jesbocuri Water Hole”.

At the end of the desert, they come to a steep rocky mountain. They have a hard time climbing over the steep mountain. They took a week to cross the rocky mountain before finally coming to the seashore.


Chapter 8

Boc and Friends Crosses the Ocean


Uri knows a whale who can help them and he says to his friends, “I have a whale friend that can help us cross the ocean. I’ll go and make signal noises to him. Let’s see if he response and come to help us cross the ocean.” Uri flies out into the ocean as he calls out for his whale friend. In 3 days, Uri is seen coming back with the Livyatan Melvillei whale.

The three dinosaurs board on the whale. As they rest on the whale’s back, they start to have conversations with each other. They enjoy the cool sea breeze as they watch the blue ocean scenery.

A Tylosaurus suddenly jumps up and snaps up a Pelagornis that is trying to catch a small squid. After a while, a large school of fishes is seen on the ocean surface and a flock of Pteranodon birds quickly swoop down. Each of the Pteranodon birds catches one fish before flying away.

After some time, a giant fish that is a bit smaller than the whale swims up. The giant fish asks the whale, “Why are these guys with you?”. The whale answers, “I am helping to bring these three friends across the Great Sea to a safe land because of the recent seismic disaster in their hometowns. I will be back soon.” The giant fish says, “Oh. I see.” and then he swims away.

A while later, Boc and his friends also saw a group of mermaids and their little ones breaching on the sea. The little ones of the mermaids pointed at the dinosaurs on the whale’s back and see, “Mother. Look. See!”

By and by, the whale would stop at an island where the three dinosaurs can go find some food. The whale would stop by at one island every few days. They would gather all the food they need to last for a few days and come back to the whale.

When they are in the middle of the ocean, a Megalodon shark notice them. The Megalodon shark try to flip and eat the three dinosaurs but the whale make a tale slap and whip it far with its tail. The shark is frightened and quickly swims away to look for an easier prey for lunch.


Chapter 9

Asp Turtles Islands


They then pass through an area of the ocean where there are several asp turtles resting. Some of them look like a rough boulder while others look like a pile of sand dunes with trees on it. The dinosaurs want to ask the whale to stop them there but the whale answers, “My friends. Do not be deceived. These are actually the asp turtles that are getting some rest. Let’s not disturb them.” As the whale swim past, some asp turtles move a bit and change their positions.

Later, the whale catches a giant crab and he asks the dinosaurs to use the hard shell to protect themselves from the cold as he is going to cross the icy ocean. The temperature suddenly drops when the whale reaches the icy ocean but the dinosaurs hide inside the shell so they are protected from the cold.


Chapter 10

Boc and Friends Reach New Homeland


It takes the whale 5 months to fetch Boc and his friend across the Great Sea to the safe land. They are among the first of the dinosaurs that reach the new found home land. When they reach the safe land, they thank the whale and bid him goodbye. Boc finally found his family and is back with them again. The three dinosaurs live closely with each other and their friendship continues.



How Ethan Saves the Fire Ant Nest from the Carpenter Ants

Chapter 1

Fire Ant Colony Left Without Ethan


In a farm situated nearby the river, there lives a large fire ant colony behind some bushes.  The fire ant colony has become invasive and extended their nest to a large network under the ground. From above the ground, it can be seen that there are six fire ant mounds. The queen fire ant keeps on laying more eggs and so the nest has to be bigger to accommodate them all.

One fine day, as usual, the workers ants are working on moving food into the nest and some ants are also tending to the larva. The queen fire ant shouts the command, “My people, we must expand our territory in order to survive. We need to dig more tunnels!” The worker ants then work hard in digging more burrows to make their nest bigger.

At this time, Ethan, a worker ant has lost her way from wondering around. She climbs up to a plant to eat some leaves when it starts to rain all of a sudden. She hurries under a large leaf to avoid getting flushed down and drown in the rain water.

As soon as it starts to rain, the supervisor ant signals the worker ants to quickly enter the nest. They are to carry the food into the nest with them. Fortunately, the rain only lasts for a short while.

Ethan is relieved when the rain stops. A striped cucumber beetle saw Ethan and decides to frighten her a bit by pushing a drop of water towards her. Ethan is now stuck in the drop of water.

As she struggles to get out of the water, it flows down the plant. To Ethan, it is like a roller coaster ride experience and it scares her a lot. Upon reaching the ground, Ethan breathes a sigh of relief and heads towards the nest.

She now starts her way back to the nest during which she meets all kinds of ground bugs. The pill bug is trying hard to pull a rotten tomato that is stuck in the ground. It says with frustration, “Come on. Come on out. Why can’t I pull it out? Just let me have a bite!”

The dust mites on the ground say, “Mmmm. The soil tastes delicious!” A dead snail is nearby; and a black ground beetle crawls up to it and starts to feast on it.  Ethan lifts up her head and sees a lots of red lady bugs feeding on tiny green aphids on the leaves of a plant.

When Ethan is coming near to the nest, she sees a long shadow and becomes frightened. The shadow apparently is the shadow of the leg of a pest control exterminator that is going to spray insecticide on the mounds. The fire ants scream and say “Oh, no! The humans have come to poison us.”

A big supervisor fire ant commands the worker ants to go up onto one of the heels of the exterminator to sting it. It gives the command, “Attention! March! To the left. Up. Pincher. Bite. Curl. Sting.” The pest control exterminator cannot bear the pain of the fire ants sting and left the place.

When Ethan reaches the nest, she gets scold for not sticking with the colony and wandering away on her own. As a punishment, the supervisor ant has Ethan grounded for 1 day. That night, the queen ant discusses about the plan of moving to a safer place.

Ethan is somewhere in the nest when the queen announces the plan of moving the colony. She didn’t know and is consequently being left behind when the entire colony moves next morning. The supervisor ant guides the ants by giving commands as they march to the river bank.

The supervisor gives the commands, “Attention! March to the river bank!” When they reach the river bank, the supervisor commands, “Raft formation!” The fire ants use their pincers to hold onto one another to form a raft. Within a few minutes, they are floating away on the river.

Ethan who is still in the nest starts to call out to her fellow co-workers, “Marco? Perry? Drew? Where are you guys?” Ethan finally realizes that there is no one left in the nest. She goes out and climbs up onto a plant. She sees from afar that the colony is just floating away on the nearby river.

Chapter 2

Ethan Meets Her Best Friends


A bird comes to perch on the branch of a nearby tree and starts to laugh at Ethan. Ethan is now alone having been left behind by the colony. Ethan feels sad when the bird laughs at her and she begins to cry. The bird’s heart turns soft and sympathizes with her. The bird offers to help Ethan by flying her around to find the colony that has just left on the river.

When the bird is flying, the wind blows and Ethan drops  from the bird’s feather. Ethan fell onto the head of a heron who is catching some fishes by the river. By instinct, Ethan nips the heron’s head hard with its pincers and this causes the heron to let go of a harsh cry, “AAAK!” The bird shakes its head and then dips it into the water to ease the pain.

Ethan is now in the water. Since she can’t swim, she starts to drown. Fortunately, a stick happens to float by and Ethan grabs hold onto it. When the stick reaches the river bank, Ethan quickly climbs down the stick onto the ground.

While on the river bank, Ethan hears someone shouting. The shout comes from a dung beetle that has been toppled over and now needs help to be on all six legs again. Ethan decides that the only way to help the dung beetle again is to use a catapult.

She found a stick and pebble stone. She carries them with her pincers and put them under the rear end of the beetle to form a catapult. When Ethan jumps on it, the stick flies up and the dung beetle also flies up. When the beetle lands on the ground, it is now on the right position again and on all his six legs.

Ethan checks the beetle to make sure that it did not suffer any injury from the fall. Indeed, the beetle is now fine and did not suffer any injury at all. The beetle called Marley wants to leave without thanking him but Ethan insists on following him. After a few months, Ethan and Marley become good friends and they go everywhere together.

Chapter 3

Ethan Gets Help from Black Panther


One day, Ethan and Marley come across a big footstep impression on the mud. The footstep happens to belong to a black panther. The black panther swam all the away across the adjacent river bank to this side of the river bank. It is now resting on the branch of a nearby tree.

Marley, the dung beetle smells the foot track and tracks it up to the tree where the black panther is. Ethan climbs up to the tree branch and on to the nose of the panther so that it can see her. When the panther sees Ethan the fire ant, he is shocked and is about to use his paw to fling it when Ethan says, “Sir, please don’t use your paw to fling me away first. Can you do me a favor? I need your help to swim me across the river.”

The black panther asks, “Why?” Ethan replies, “The reason is that I lost my family and I think they have moved to the other side of the river bank.” The black panther says, “All right but I want you to do me a favor.”

Ethan says, “What favor?” The black panther replies, “I had been feeling itchy all over my body and I need your help to stop this itchiness.” Ethan says, “It must have been the fleas and ticks that are biting you. Let me help you kill the flea and ticks in your fur.”

Ethan enters into the black panther’s fur where she finds a lot of fleas and ticks. She uses her pincers and sting to kill the fleas and ticks. When the fleas try to jump, Ethan makes a hop; then, she punches and stings it.

Every time Ethan kills a flea/tick, she throws it out of the panther’s fur. When she is done, she says to the black panther, “I have searched far and wide in your fur and I can confirm that there is no more flea or tick or larvae on your fur.”

Because the black panther has given his word, he takes Ethan and Marley across the river on his back. Soon, they arrive on the other side of the shore. Ethan and Marley thank the black panther before continuing the journey on their own.

Chapter 4

Carpenter Ant Soldiers Prepares for War


In the meantime, the carpenter ants colony has sent a spy into the fire ant nest. This is the same fire ant nest that Ethan is looking for. The carpenter ant spy stealthily enters into the nest through an entrance on a mound that is not in use. The spy notes down the all the chambers including the food storage, eggs, larvae, and queen chambers.

The carpenter ant spy watches the fire ants moving food into the food storage chamber in the nest. Before it exits, it carries a piece of cheese stolen from the food storage chamber. When the carpenter ant spy returns, it reports to its head about what it has discovered including the chambers and the types of food piling in the food storage chamber. The carpenter ant spy also offers some suggestions on how to attack the fire ant colony.

The black carpenter ant soldiers undergo a few days of training before raiding the fire ants nest. During the training, the soldiers practice back leg kicking, punching, and biting with the mandible. When the black carpenter ants soldiers march into war, they sing a victory song that they are going to conquer the fire ant nest.


Chapter 5

Carpenter Ant Soldiers Defeated!


Ethan and Marley are just going to pass by when they overheard what the black carpenter ants soldiers are singing.  A thought comes across Ethan’s mind that the soldiers are probably singing about her home. They decide to follow the black carpenter ant soldiers to see where they head to. Perhaps, this is it and Ethan will find her way home this time.

Along the way, Ethan and Marley come across a wolf spider. The wolf spider does not like them and he asks them to go away. In comes a bird at this time. Ethan recognizes that it is the same bird that laughed at her when the fire ants colony left on the river without her.

This time, the bird is singing and telling about how good his days have been. The bird says to Ethan, “You two, get on my back. I’ll get my friends to help you defeat the black ant soldiers.” Ethan and Marley get on the bird just before the wolf spider tries to pounce on it.

After the bird has flown for some distances, he signals for a flock of birds to follow him. The flock of birds follows the carpenter ant soldiers and arrives at the fire ant nest. When the fire ants see the carpenter ant armies, they start to get panic and run in frenzy.

The birds quickly flies down and they help to eat the carpenter ants. The rest of the surviving carpenter ants flee back to their nest. That day, the birds help the fire ants to win a great victory. The carpenter ants never dare to come and raid the fire ant nest anymore and the fire ants colony have peace for a long time.

Ethan is glad that she has finally found her family. She thanks the bird and the beetle and says goodbye to them. The bird fetches the dung beetle back to the other side of the river bank.



The Catastrophe of the Machine Planet

Chapter 1

Joseph Pepperman Builds a Spaceship


There is a man named Joseph Pepperman whose dream is to build a real spaceship that can be launched into the space. He wishes that he could explore all the planets in the galaxy on the spaceship someday. Joseph Pepperman always works around machines so he knows the ins and outs of all kinds of machines.

At this moment, he is building a spaceship and the spaceship that he is building looks like a rocket. He tries many times to launch the spaceship he built but something always goes wrong. Joseph Pepperman has two robotic assistants that do all the chores for him at home including cooking his breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the home, gardening and home improvement.

The first robot, named, Sophia is the supervisor and she always gives instruction to the second robot. Sophia’s eyes are like a telescope and she could see from far away. Sophia is round and always hovers to move to the place that she wants to go. She is equipped with all kinds of tools that help her to carry out the chores around the house.

The second robot named Robbie is short but it has limbs and necks that can stretch far. When cooking Joseph’s meal, Sophia would always give instruction to Robbie to get the ingredients from the freezer, to wash the pots, plates and utensils. He also does the household chores such as cleaning, mopping, wiping the windows, wiping the table and etc. After Robbie is done with his chores, Sophia would inspect them to make sure he has done his job well.


Chapter 2

Joseph’s Spaceship Stucks in Vortex Tunnel


Every day, Joseph Pepperman would work on the spaceship in his garage from morning to night. One day, he starts the spaceship’s engine and tries to launch it into space again. Surprisingly, this time it works and the spaceship darts through the ozone layers like a rocket and launches into the space.

He presses a button to bring up the map of the galaxy and finds a planet to go. Unfortunately, the map on the spaceship’s computer is full of error and the planets shown on it are not on the location as indicated. As a result, he steers the ship to the wrong area of the space that has a lot of vortexes.

Joseph is shocked at seeing the vortex and he tries as hard as he can to steer the ship away. But, however he tries, it is useless. The strong tornado wind from the vortex sucks the spaceship inside. While the spaceship is turning round and round, Joseph is thrown around all over the places here and there. The vortex that sucks Joseph’s spaceship has multiple tunnels and one of the tunnels is a grey tunnel that is a shortcut path to another universe.

Coincidentally, Joseph’s spaceship happens to get sucked into the grey tunnel and it comes out into another universe. He is shocked to see highways connecting the planets together. There are different highways for small and giant spaceships with spaceship service centers in every distance. Luminescent railway tracks for the space trains can also be seen interconnecting the train stations at different planets.


Chapter 3

Joseph is Arrested by Space Policemen


Joseph saw something coming towards his ship and he finally realizes that he is being spotted by the space police.  The moment he saw the police spaceship light, he tries to escape but the policemen are faster and quickly caught up with him. They come to the front of the man’s spaceship and blow a whistle to signal him to get out of the spaceship.

The two alien police men then take the man into their spaceships. They put a hook to the man’s spaceship and tow it into the space police station. The space police station is located somewhere near their planet called Iro. The polygon door at the space police station automatically open and the police parked their spaceship.

After that, the two alien police men escort the man to the counter at the police station. They take down all the details of the man including height, weight, hair color, eye color, skin color, name, age, language, gender, and planet origin. The form also requires them to fill in the reason why the man ends up at their universe. The staff at the counter put “Accidental via the SS3 vortex tunnel”.

They also snap a photo of the man before putting a location tracking device on the upper left area of his shirt. The police told him that they will deport him back to the earth in their spaceship in 3 weeks time.  During the three weeks, he has to stay at a boarding house. The police took the man into their spaceship again and fetch him to the Planet of Iro.


Chapter 4

Joseph is Transferred to a Boarding House


Upon arriving on the planet, the space police officer makes a signal to the taxi to take him to the boarding house for aliens who accidentally arrive there from other universes. Joseph can watch the scenery around him from the window of the space taxi. There are spaceships flying around on the highways and he can see some spaceships are stopping by the streets to drop off passengers.

He can also hear the sound of space trains stopping at the different space train stations. The space trains travel on red, white, blue and green luminescent railroad. There are four space trains, the red train head to the destinations in the north, the white train head to the destinations in the east, the blue train head to the destinations in the south and the green train head to the destinations in the west.

He could also see young and old aliens walking around on the street. Some aliens are sitting on the bench and reading newspapers. The space taxi flew into the parking lot on the top floor of the building and drop off Joseph before exiting in the opposite entrance. Joseph then checks in at the temporary boarding house and the staff there shows him to his room.

On the first day at the boarding house, Joseph has already meet a few alien mates who are also staying there temporarily until they get deported back to their planets in another universe. The first alien called Lorietta, has a moon shape head and talks a strange language. The second alien called Eru is an alien that make gorilla roaring sound when speaking.

The third alien called Leias is a praying mantis like alien that has two hands with various built in tools for cutting. The fourth alien called Kuio is an alien that has tubes on its head in which it uses to make sound and communicate to others. There is also a group of five mini aliens and another group of 3 aliens who happened to come here by accident.


Chapter 5

Joseph and Friends Visits Planet Tio


Joseph gets along well with the aliens who live in the same boarding house. In his room, there is a window from which he could see clearly the billboard on the street.  The billboard always shows some commercials. But, one night, when he was leaning upon the window sill, a news anchorman appears on the billboard to make an emergency broadcast.

The news is about a nearby planet called Tio has been hit by rain of large stones from the space that kills many aliens. The event must have grieved those aliens who have relatives living in that planet. Joseph is interested in helping the victims and he decided to visit the planet of Tio. The other three aliens want to follow him so they go together to get permission from the supervisor to leave the boarding house on a borrowed spaceship.

They promise they would be back in 1 week time. They steer the spaceship to the space train station and park it at the parking lot. The parking lot has a charger for charging the spaceship. The spaceship power can be drained off over time so it needs to stay charged until the time they come back.

After parking the spaceship, they go to the train ticket machine to purchase ticket. There are two train ticket machines – one machine is for the normal speed train and the other machine is for the high speed train. The ticket machine shows routes to different planets that the space train passes by. When a planet destination is pressed, it shows the distance, and estimated time it takes to arrive.

The ticket machine will show the estimated time of arrival when the ticket is purchased for the destination planet. Joseph purchases 4 tickets and boarded on the train with his three other friends. While on the train, one of them bought a juice and passes it around to share. By the time the drink is passed to Joseph, the straw is full of saliva so Joseph has to say no to the juice drink.

When they arrive, they found that the residents there are repairing their homes and they decide to help the residents repair their homes.  After a few days, large rocks fall down from the sky again and this causes the ground to have huge cracks. Many buildings that are hit by the stones have also exploded and everyone was running in panic. While running for his life, Joseph falls into an underground shelter.


Chapter 6

Joseph Deactivates the Machine Planet


When the disaster is over, Joseph examines the stones and discovers that they are not actually stones but machine parts. Curious, Joseph decides to make a trip into the space to check out what is wrong. Every citizen of the planet agrees that he should go. He then takes off with the underground spaceship with the three other aliens to the machine planet.

When they are in space for some time, they notice rocks flying towards them. They open up the 3D planet map to track the stone’s origin and come to a part of the space where there are a lot of stones that can explode at any time. After they passed the area with a lot of stone explosions, they come to a place with fire stones flying toward them. Lorietta, who is a skilled spaceship driver carefully steer the spaceship pass the fire stones and arrive at the machine planet.

There are a lot of holes on the machine planet and Lorietta steers the spaceship into one of the hole. Joseph is quite a genius when coming to the different types of wiring on a machine. He knows what wire is for what function of the machine. So, when he saw the engines with lots of wires around them, he feels the knack that he could just cut off the right wire and switch off the machine planet.

Lorietta stops the spaceship somewhere inside the machine planet and Joseph gets out taking a look at the wiring. After identifying the main wires, he takes out his pliers to cut them. Before he cut the wires, the entire machine planet is like going to blow off and its parts constantly get detached into the space.

After he cut the wires, the machine dies down and no longer release random parts that could explode into the space. Joseph then quickly get into the spaceship and his friend steers it out of the machine planet. They arrive back at the planet in no time.


Chapter 7

Joseph and Friends Return to Boarding House


When the citizens of the planet saw his spaceship approaching, they start to come out of their houses. Joseph tells the aliens through a translator in English that he has already deactivated the machine planet and that they don’t need to be afraid anymore because their planet will no longer be hit by rain of stones again.

Joseph and his friends board on the slow train to return back to the boarding house in time. Because this is a slow train, the train makes one stop before arriving at the destination. When the train stops at a resting point, the passengers get to descend to take some rest. Joseph and his friends take the chance to explore the place around the train station at the new planet.

There are a lot of stalls around the train station. Joseph has never seen stalls on streets like that before on earth. He sees spaceships coming in to park in their allotted space and pressing a single button could transform it into various kinds of stalls. At the frisbie stall, the alien demonstrate a special frisbie that can fly on its own to the programmed destination and then fly back to the owner.  At the egg pancake stall, the alien juggle eggs and cook them into pancakes.

Joseph stops by at the bug juice stall. He randomly chose a bug and the seller cut off the four legs of the bug before pounding it with a hammer to extract the juice. The seller adds some ingredients to the juice before handing the cup of juice to the man.

After he grabs a bug juice, he comes to a souvenir store. He purchases a souvenir before returning back to the space train station with his friends. Joseph and his friends finally arrive at train station of the first planet and they steer out the borrowed spaceship from the covered parking lot back to the boarding house.


Chapter 8

Joseph Goes Back Home to Earth


In 1 week time, they send him and the other aliens back to their own planets. The large spaceship zooms across the universe at the blink of an eye and sends Joseph and other aliens home. Their spaceships have been transported into the large spaceships before the take off.


The Story of How Kiru Saves the Land of Lirana from a Dragon

Chapter 1

Giant Golden Eagle Rescues a Baby


A couple who just had a newborn baby comes back to their hometown to visit their parents. They arrive in their horse carriage at sunset and spent three days there. On the fourth day, they arose early in the morning as soon as the sun is up. They put all their things onto the horse carriage and start their way home.

There are two routes that they can take to return home – one route is the route that requires them to travel on a longer journey to reach home while the other route is a shortcut route. Though both routes look like it is safe to travel on them, the second route which is the shortcut route is actually dangerous to travel on. Crooks often ambush and hide among the trees and bushes on the route to rob unsuspecting victims that are not aware of their presence.

The couple who is unaware about this decides to take the second route so that they could reach home faster. While the couple is traveling on that route, some crooks in ambush notice them and come up to the middle of the road to stop their horse carriage. The couple carries a bag of gold coins with them. The crooks go through all their belongings and take away everything of value including their gold coins.

After that, they decide to kill the couples so that no one will know that they rob them. Just as they are about to kill the baby, a large golden eagle swoop down and uses its talons to scratch the hand of the crook that is wield with the knife. The crook’s hand now injured drops the knife.

Realizing the danger in facing the fierce eagle, the crook runs away with other bandits on the horseback as fast as possible. The eagle wastes no time to rescue the baby. It lifts the baby off with its two feet and fly away to its hideout in a cave on top of a steep cliff. The eagle raises the boy in the cave and gives him the name Kiru.


Chapter 2

Kiru Learns How to Hunt


The boy is often seen riding on the eagle’s back in the sky. He enjoys the wind that blows against his face when he is riding on the eagle. He also enjoys the beautiful scenery of the mountains, streams, and jungles seen from the sky while he is riding on the eagle. Every time, when he ride on the eagle back and the wind blowing against him, he would say “Wheee!”.

Kiru and the eagle would go hunting together every day. Thus, the boy grows up to be a strong and muscular man that possesses good hunting skills. One day, the eagle lands on a field where there are a lot of bushes nearby. A large cobra that is hiding in the bush saw the boy and wanted to attack him.

Before the cobra could sneak near the boy and spit its poison at the boy, the eagle notices it and quickly flew up to defend him. The eagle engages in a bloody fight with the cobra and it is quickly feeling exhaustive. On seeing this, the brave boy grabs the cobra and hits it hard against a big rock several times before it dies. He then ties the cobra into a knot and pulls it hard until the intestines spills out.

The boy remains living with the eagle even after he has grown up. They often get away stealing fishes caught in a fishing net left on a boat at the sea. Then, they would come back hunting again in a few days. They also regularly hunt ducks together.

Kiru would use his bow and arrow to shoot three or four ducks flying in the sky and the eagle would catch them with its talons. Kiru could run fast and he would always catch up with the eagle by jumping onto its back. When they are not hunting, they would race with each other.

At one time, he chases after the eagle through a series of cliffs. He jumps over one gap after another and at last when he came to a large gap in between two cliffs, he made a flip and jumps over the gap and then steps on the rock and jumps onto the eagle back.

Chapter 3

Tornado Carries Kiru to Enchanted Land


One day, the boy is riding on the eagle as usual when a strong tornado wind happens to sweep by. The eagle and the boy are spun round and round in the tornado wind. Eventually, the boy is separated from the eagle and he is carried away into a far away land where everything is enchanted. In the enchanted land, all floras have the ability to talk including trees, grasses and flowers.

The boy is landed on a field grown full of grass and he is shock to find himself in a place that he did not recognize when he awakens. The grasses tell him that he has been unconscious and lying down there for many hours. The grasses want to know if he is all right. The boy asks where he is and the grasses answer that he is in the land of Girana.

Everything in the land seems to be happy – the grasses, trees and flowers are always singing. Little did the boy know that the land is the passageway to another world in which he is on a mission to set free. As the boy walks along, he feels hungry and there happens to be some fruit trees loaded with ripe fruits nearby. One fruit smiles and it says “Are you hungry? Eat me”. He listens to the fruit and went ahead to pluck and eat it.

After a while, he finds a black bear sitting and eating honey from a stolen honey bee hive. The black bear asks him if he wants some and the boy said yes. So, they sit together to eat the honey. On the way, he meets a few tall mushrooms and the mushroom said, “Take me, use me as your shield to block the dragon’s fiery fire”. The boy plucks the mushroom and carries it on his back.

Next, he comes to a clear stream where he could see some salmon fishes swimming near the water surface. The fishes says to him, “Look under that rock and you will find a magical blow pipe that could stir up tornado wind.” The boy rolls over the rock and digs the soil underneath it to find the magical blow pipe exactly as the salmons have told him. He puts the magical blow pipe in his arrow bag.

After that, he walks on and comes to a muddy area with two plank boards below. He steps on them to walk over the muddy area and the two plank boards said, “Ouch, don’t step on us!”. The boy said, “Oops, I didn’t know.” The two plank boards said “Take us with you. You will find us useful on the way.” The boy listens to the plank boards and ties them to his back.

After a while, the boy meets a large raven who says, “Walk on and you will find a brick house with two doors. The front door is a golden door while the back door is a wooden door with metal hinge. Open the wooden back door and you will find yourself in the land of Lirana that is under the power of an evil five headed dragon with ten horns.

To slay the dragon, you must take this sapphire knife and cut off each of the dragon’s head and horn. You must quickly cut off all the heads and horns as they can quickly grow back and multiply. After cutting off its heads and horns, you must use the sapphire knife to stab its heart. It is only after cutting off the dragon’s heads and horns that its skin will be soft enough for you to stab the heart and kill it.”

The boy takes the sapphire knife from the raven and he continues on his way. He finds a brick house with a golden front door and wooden back door as the raven said. He did not take one look at the beautiful golden door and went ahead to open the wooden back door. As soon as he opens it, the door closes and locks by itself.


Chapter 4

Challenges Ahead in the Deep Forest


When Kiru opens the door, he comes to a deep jungle with trees and plants around him. There are mosquitoes everywhere when he is walking in the jungle. In this part of the jungle, there is a type of insect that can spit poisonous dart called poison dart fly. At first, 4 or 5 poison dart flies fly past and spit poisonous darts at him but he manages to dodge it with the mushroom shield.

The poison dart flies then regroup themselves and form into a large swarm that contains at least one million flies. The large swarm of flies flies towards Kiru in horror. Seeing the flies approaching from afar, Kiru quickly takes out the magical blow pipe and blows it. A tornado wind instantly appears and blows away the insects to a faraway place.

After he gets rid of the poison dart flies, he continues walking and is soon spotted by a few bugs that have the ability to form into balls. Some bugs have combined together and rolled into a few balls to surround the boy. Kiru does not know what to do and he try kicking them to make them go away.

The bugs instead form into a bigger ball and fly up in screeching sound to attack him. He plucks small bits of the magical mushroom and stuck them into his ears to prevent the screeching sound from hurting his ear. He then pulls out the magical blow pipe and blow it. A tornado is stirred up to carry away the bugs and he no longer see them around him anymore.

Kiru keeps on walking until he reaches the edge of a mountain with steep hill. The entire steep hill is covered with slippery black sand. Kiru remembers about the two planks that he is carrying on his back all along the way and he takes them out. He ties a rope over his two feet to hold them on the boards while skiing down the hill.

The hill is slippery and he has to ski zig zag to dodge the trees. After that, he jumps over some boulders before coming to a part of the hills that is filled with spikes. To pass through the spiky area, he has to ski on one leg. Then, he skis pass the area of the hill that has a lot of deep holes. Finally, he flips over a river that has jumping fish with sharp teeth to arrive on the bank at the other side of the river.

After he has passed over the river, he saw a castle but it is actually a trick image created by a witch to trap him. When he continues walking, he meets a dwarf who said, “Don’t be fooled by the castle that you just see. It is actually a trick image created by a witch to trap you. If you want to reach the castle where Tiluvia, the evil five headed dragon stay, you will need to pass through a valley in the mountains of Yirandel.

After passing the valley, you will see five paths. The first path is made of gold. The second path is made of silver. The third path is made of brick. The fourth path is made of stones. The fifth path is made of diamond. You are to take the path that is made of stones if you want to arrive at the castle.”


Chapter 5

Kiru Slays the Five Headed Dragon


Kiru takes the path made of stone and he finally arrives at the castle where Tiluvia the five headed dragon lived. He goes into the castle and walks from one chamber to another to search for the dragon. In the third chamber, he finds a beautiful maiden with golden long hair tied in two braids. Kiru immediately falls in love with her when he sees her beauty.

The maiden said. “Before you can set me free, you need to kill the five headed dragon Tiluvia. He lives in the chamber on top of the tower of the castle.” When Kiru reaches the tower and enters into the chamber, he find a large dragon asleep and snoring. He tries to use the sapphire knife to stab him but the knife won’t go through. This is because the dragon is covered with hard scales that act as armor.

The moment he tries to stab the dragon, he awakes and is fiery to see him there. Kiru then remembers that the raven said he must first cut off its head and horns. The dragon spits fire at him and the whole place started to burn. The dragon then flies out of the window. Kiru grabs onto its tail and also goes out of the window at the same time.

He climbs onto its spiky back and tries to cut off its five heads one by one. After he cuts off the first head, the dragon shakes and he fall. However, he fortunately manages to cling onto one of the dragon’s neck. He makes one large swing with his sapphire knife and cuts off the remaining four heads before plunging the knife into its heart. He then climbs up to its back before the dragon’s body crashes onto the ground.


Chapter 6

The Eagle Comes to Fetch Kiru


With the dragon is slain, Kiru goes into the first chamber to get the maiden. At this time, the eagle that has been searching for him has arrived at the castle. He fetches Kiru and the maiden back to the world through a portal way in the sky. The eagle flies up to the sky and continues flying until he sees the red beacon from the light house. It keeps on flying and it finally reaches the sea where he and Kiru often steal fishes in fishing net from fisherman.