Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 10 – The Toads is After the Rats Again)

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The toads have not yet forgotten about the rats and they use sea bicycles to catch up with them.

When Ruby sees the toads, he shouts, “Toads,” He starts to make a lot of noises to show that he is panic about the situation. He continues, “The toads are coming on bicycles.”

Cole says, “What? No way we are going to lose. They’re far off.”

Ruby takes a look again and realizes that the toads are closer. He reports to his friend, “Toads are behind us.”

As the toads near them on the sea bicycle, they start to jump up and down on. Ruby starts to chew off the edge of the edge of the paper boat when he sees the toads approaching on sea bicycle fast. He says to himself in his thought, “What do we do now? What do we do now? Ruby, think. Think.”

Cole says in a panic voice, “We’re at a dead ended road. Wait. We could be saved. Simply throw salt at the toad. They will be dry and krinkly and be dead. But there is no salt solution. But we could make one.”

Ruby replies, “I know how to get the salt solution. We’ll gargle our mouth with the water from the sea and then we’ll spit at them.”

Cole looks around the boat for something to fill the sea water and found a 1.5L carbonated drink bottle. The bottle is attached to a long black hose gun that is fixed onto the bottle mouth. The bottle is empty.

Cole tells Ruby, “Hey, look what did I found!”

Cole presses the hose gun and a little bit of water comes dripping out.

Ruby says, “There is no water in the bottle.”

He continues, “We use this to kill those toads.”

As there is no water in the bottle, Cole turns the cap anti-clockwise to open it. Its tight and he has to try harder to open it. Finally, he manages to loose up the cap. Turning the cap a few more times and Cole says, “Its open.” He takes the bottle and bends low to fill it with water.

Ruby says, “Be careful. Don’t drop the bottle in the sea.”

Cole replies, “Got it, my friend.”

As soon as the bottle is filled with the sea water, Cole starts to spray around to test it. It works fine.

Cole says, “It squirts fine.”

Ruby replies, “Don’t waste the sea water. Let me take care of this. You’ll row the boat.”

Cole puts down the bottle squirt gun and quickly takes the paddle. “Eeeh” He starts to row the boat. He rows boat faster and faster and the toads are lost in their sights.

Meanwhile, the rats in the wooden barge are relaxing as the cold sea breeze blow against them. The peaceful time comes to a halt when they see the toads paddling towards them on a surf board. A rat cried, “They are coming at us. What do we do?”

Commander Uriah wants the rats to be brave. He starts to say motivating things to them, “Toads! What nasty mean dirty creature! I’m just sick of it. Well, I’m not going to stand here and wait for them to beat us down. We’ll have to take action.”

Corn makes a suggestion, “Destroy those savage creatures with darts.”

Ash makes another suggestion, “Fire them with fire balls.”

Commander Uriah says, “No, no, no. We’ll climb up to the tallest place on this boat. Then, we’ll look at them. I mean just look at them and see how they will react.”

Ethen asks, “Can we look from here?”

Commander Uriah replies, “No. The top.”

The rats follow Commander Uriah up to the roof of the barge. Tim asks, “We’ve been look at them for a few minutes and they don’t seem to react. Quick they’re coming real near. What do we do now?”

Commander Uriah does not seemed to be panic stricken at all. He replies, “We’ll climb higher and look at them.”

Some rats agree, “We’ll go.” There also some rats who have objected and these rats start to run around in a nervous manner.

Then, Commander Uriah gives the signal, “Now is the ripe time. We’ll start attacking now. Where’s the rope. Get the rope to me.”

Kay asks, “What do we do with the rope?”

Commander Uriah replies, “Nibble every 11 foot.”

The rats measures 11 foot and then start nibbling off the rope fibre. One rat nibbles and nibbles and the fibre strand stuck in his teeth. He fumbles his finger around his teeth and pull it out.

Next, Commander Uriah instructs them, “Take the rope in your hand and strike it like a cowboy. Make a knot on the rope like a lasso.”

Barley asks, “You mean a lasso. How?”

Commander Uriah replies, “Ask Tooth. Tooth come over here. Teach Barley and others on tying a lasso.”

Tooth starts to teach, “Very easy, see.”

The rats ties the rope into lasso correctly with the tutorial provided by Tooth.

Commander Uriah says, “With your lasso, propel it in the air until you can hear a wheezing sound. When it is spinning at top speed, hurl the lasso as fast as you can. Till you have captured one or more frogs, then pull as hard as you could. But wait, its not over. When the frog or frogs are struggling to breathe some water, don’t move your rope and wait for look at watch tik tok 15 seconds, make sure there is no movement on the water before pulling the lasso. Start over the steps I teach you and drown another frog.”

The rats use the lasso to lasso the toads one by one into the sea. The rest of the toads turn over their surf board and head back to Clyde Beach.

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