Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 11 – The Rats Found Their Home at a New Island)

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The rats spot an island after they’ve been on the ocean for some time. Rene reports, “We see land.”

Commander Uriah asks, “Is it true or fake? Indeed. Steer the boat towards land. Untie the vessel.”

Upon hearing the good news, Munno goes to untie the vessel but has problem untying it. So, Tooth comes and gnaw it off with his strong teeth. In a few seconds, the two ropes that are tied to the monster truck snap.

Tooth says, “All done.”

Munno says, “Nice teeth.”

Commander Uriah gives the rats this command, “Sit back and let the wind take the boat to the island.”

After a while, the boat stops at the sand bar on the new island. Kent happily announces, “We’ve arrived!”

Gad says, “Thank God for the wind. We’ve now arrived safe and sound on the island.”

All the rats climb down the boat and monster truck and swim towards the shore.

Ruby and Cole are the last to make it to the new island. Cole feels tired after paddling the boat for hours. He says, “I’ll rest for a while.”

Ruby always take care of his friend. He replies, “Yes, rest for a while. Good.”

Cole asks, “What have been up in your head?”

Ruby replies, “I have been wondering whether the sun could stay bright for as long as it could hold still until we reach the new place.”

Cole rebukes him, “You silly, what are you thinking? It’s only a few hours when we’ll reach the new place. Trust me.”

Ruby says as he daydream, “All is going to be wonderful. I will start my life anew.”

Cole replies, “Don’t think too crazy. Rest is done. I will continue row my boat.”

Rats hums “Ladida.” while Cole rows the boat.

After Cole rows the boat for some more time, they spotted the wooden boat and monster truck at the sand bar of an island.

Cole reports to Ruby, “We’re there.”

Ruby is filled with joy. He replies, “Oh my God. A dream come true.”

Cole says, “We’re here, buddy.”

Ruby replies, “O, I’m so glad. What a happy Ruby I am. Now I can collect sea shells everyday.”

Cole replies, “A large tree hole for me to sleep in.”

And so, the rats make their home at the island for a long time. The island is named SqueakiSqueaketaswiswilisss and the Beach is named Ratatutatitaratata Beach. It was after many years before the island come to be occupied by human and modernized.

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Chapter 9 – The Rats Steals a Barge and Monster Truck

Chapter 10 – The Toads is After the Rats Again

Chapter 11 – The Rats Found Their Home at a New Island

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