Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 7 – Roxy is Alive)

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Cole was waiting for Ruby all this time. As soon as Ruby comes to the surface, they scram away as fast as possible.

Someone in the crowd shouts, “Look! they are running away.”

Ruby only have one thought in his mind and that is to escape and be far away from those human. He doesn’t want to be the next victim to die in the hands of human. He tells himself, “Run, run fast.”

They arrive home in a jiffy. Cole is the first to arrive the front yard and he announces, “Finally, we’re home!”

Tola, the giant tortoise is glad to see his friends back. He shouts, “Nelly is back!”

Cole lays Roxy down on the ground. Tola wants to know whether Roxy is really dead so he climbs onto it. He could feel him breathing so he asks, “Is he really dead? I can hear him breathing. He’s alive. How can we save him?”

Cole says, “I’ve got an idea.”

After personally hears him breathing, Cole confirms, “Yup. He is alive.”

Cole goes near Roxy’s body. Sniff. Sniff. He holds him up and puts his ear to the back to see if he could hear any sound from his heart. He could hear his heart beating, “Tum Tum. Tum Tum.” So, he is now even more sure that Roxy is not dead but that he has been fainted due to some other causes.

He carries Roxy on his back; Roxy’s back resting on his back; he pulls Roxy’s two hands hard and thrusts his chest hard by bulging his backbone. Then, he lays Roxy down. The next thing is that Roxy coughs out some water.

Ruby says,”I’m so surprised you made it. You’re alive. Hurray.”

Roxy says, “What on earth?”

Tola asks, “What happened to you?”

Roxy explains, “I was following a trail chasing after a guinea pig when I come to a tunnel. Without giving a second thought, I descend into the tunnel and keep on going until I find myself in a sewer. I started to get panic looking for an exit. I come to this river that is full of toads. I was so eager to find an exit that I care less for my life. I jump into the river and started to swim.

I swam and swam and the water just keep entering my nose. The water has also managed to enter into my ear causing me to lose my ability to hear noises accurately. Then, one of my legs grow numb and I had to use my other three limbs to reach the bank.

Finally, when I come up on the bank, I feel my feet has grown so weak like I’ve not eaten for days. After managing to walk a few steps, I drop down collapsed and enter into unconsciousness. I am just glad that I have such a good bunch of friends that will look out for me when I am in trouble.”

Ruby replies, “The most important thing is you are safe here today. Next time, remember not to go down the sewer drain on your own or you may get hunted down by terrible creatures down there. Ask me to be your guide if you really want to go there. I know all the ways in the sewer. Are you really OK?”

Roxy says, “Yes.”

Ruby replies, “I am going home to see my brothers and sisters.”

Tola and Cole say, “Roxy, we’ll see you in the morning.”

Ruby says, “Good bye. See you in the morning.”

The toads have not yet forgotten about the incident. They decide to plan retribution against the rat. They send one of their fellows to spy on the rat and his friends. The convoy they sent travel through the pipe to track them down. He asks, “Where’s that rat?”

The convoy found some of the furs that belonged to Ruby in the drain, and he says “This must be his trail.”
Using his intuition as a guide, the toad manages to find the way to the drain where the rat and his friends are. When he reaches the end of the drain, there is a line drain cover on top so he keeps jumping up to look at him. He overheard everything they say and learns that the unconscious ferret is now recovered.

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Chapter 2 – Ruby’s Mother Killed in a Bicycle Accident

Chapter 3 – Ruby’s Encounter with the Red Ants

Chapter 4 – O’lley Follows Ruby

Chapter 5 – Ruby Lets the Red Ants Have the Chocolate Wafer Roll

Chapter 6 – The Red Ants Help to Chase Away the Toads

Chapter 7 – Roxy is Alive

Chapter 8 – The Rats Moving House

Chapter 9 – The Rats Steals a Barge and Monster Truck

Chapter 10 – The Toads is After the Rats Again

Chapter 11 – The Rats Found Their Home at a New Island

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