Never Say Die – A Tale about a House Rat (Chapter 8 – The Rats Moving House)

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The following morning, Ruby comes to find Roxy. He asks Roxy, “Roxy, are you feeling all right today? Partner, want to go for jogging?”

Roxy replies, “Wait for me.”

Cole says, “I’ll come along.”

After jogging for a short distance, the rat smells something horrible from the sewer. He asks his two friends, “What’s that stench from the sewer? Why is the sewer is so strange today?”

Cole says, “Don’t know and I don’t care.”

After a while, Ruby says to Cole, “Mind if I climb up onto your back.”

Cole says, “Don’t enter my ear.”

Ruby replies, “I won’t, friend. I just want to see everything at the same level as you.”

The toads come up with a plan to attack the rat and his family. They travel through the network of pipes in the sewer and come out of the toilet bowls, toilet drain, sink holes, and pipe in the kitchen. A small rat is shocked when she goes to the bathroom and sees so many toads. She hurries back to her mother and tells her, “Mama, toads are everywhere. What are we going to do?”

Another rat that is being chased by a toad cried, “Aaa! What a big toad. I don’t want to end up in the toad’s mouth.”

The rat calls together a council to discuss what they should do to face the toads attack. They decide its time for them to leave this place and move their nest to another location. The leader rat, Gum, sends a high pitch noise to the entire colony. In the second call, all rats come out from their holes and rush to the street across the road.

About this time, Ruby and his friends have reached the front yard of the house. They are surprised to see flock of rats rush out time and again from the house.

Ruby asks, “Why does everyone rush out?”

Cole says, “Cheez. Why is everyone so panic? Run if you have to.”

Ruby says, “Bye pal. Someday, I’ll see you.”

Cole replies, “Don’t forget me.”

Ruby says, “Wait for me.” and he hurries to join his family.

There is such as large herd of rats rushing out that the road becomes incredibly black. The motor traffic on the road is interrupted. Cars have to stop because there are so many rats crossing the road. One of the car driver cries, “What?” With no direction, the rats climb into the clothes of the people and they start to bite them. Realizing the rats are causing a chaos situation, the leader rat whistles, “PHUYUIWIT” to get their attentions. He instructs them, “Come quickly down from those human. Follow me.”

One rat (Simon) asks, “Why should we follow you? Are you promising us safety?”

A wise rat suggests, “Just do what he says. He is the leader.”

Another cried, “I don’t want to lose my life.”

Simon is persuaded and he says, “OK. we’ll follow you this time.”

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Chapter 1 – Almost Drown in a Tortellini Soup

Chapter 2 – Ruby’s Mother Killed in a Bicycle Accident

Chapter 3 – Ruby’s Encounter with the Red Ants

Chapter 4 – O’lley Follows Ruby

Chapter 5 – Ruby Lets the Red Ants Have the Chocolate Wafer Roll

Chapter 6 – The Red Ants Help to Chase Away the Toads

Chapter 7 – Roxy is Alive

Chapter 8 – The Rats Moving House

Chapter 9 – The Rats Steals a Barge and Monster Truck

Chapter 10 – The Toads is After the Rats Again

Chapter 11 – The Rats Found Their Home at a New Island

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