The Story about Carl, The Monster with 10 Limbs

On a far away alien planet, there live inhabitants with multiple long limbs like the octopus limbs. Like the sun, you know, with the ray coming out of the round yellow hot sun. And the ray is like the limbs for the sun.

Carl is a monster with 10 limbs. One day, Carl, happens to be on a mountain cliff, and he uses two of his limbs to press his little tuft of hair down to groom himself and make sure he looks nice. Then, comes a girl of the same species as him. She sings, “La, la, la, la, la, la” in a happy mood and comes over to give him a kiss.

Next, A crab with 8 eyes and two large pincers came. Each eyes is joined to a pole like structure that stuck out of the oval shaped mouth. The crab came and Carl is afraid of crabs. As it put out its pincher to check out Carl, Carl mistaken that it wants to attack him and he runs down the cliff.

The crab looks out from the cliff and sees him running down like a mad cow on a stampede. As Carl hurries down the cliff, a small herd of monsters that also have a lot of limbs come over to clear the grass of that part horizontally, like a PAC Man clearing the dots in the game. Fortunately, Carl runs past them without getting eaten by these PAC MAN like creatures.

In the middle of the steep hill, there is a hole and from the hole climbs out another monster that run like a dog with six limbs, three on each side. It crunch on everything that come in sight. Carl runs and runs so fast as he was afraid to get eaten by the monster. Eventually, he rolls down and knock unconscious.

When he wakes up, he has reached downhill where there are a lot of trees laden with delicious fruits. He starts to climb up the trees with his limbs and pluck the fruit. But, the creatures around there sees him and they didn’t want him to have the fruit.

The little creatures have two hands and legs. They are shaped like a ball with spikes all over them. They have two eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth. They put their mouth over the tree trunk and try to chew on it to fell the tree while Carl is on top picking the fruits.

Carl picks two fruits and then hops down from the tree. He realizes that these little creatures don’t want him to eat the fruits. So, he blow himself up into a balloon like a sun balloon and use each of his ten limb to grab a fruit from the tree. With each limb sucking one fruit, he floats away back to the cliff where he met his girlfriend and he shares the fruit with her.

The Ten Miniature Jewel Swans

Chapter 1

The Ten Jewel Swans are Stolen



On a fair afternoon, Jim Roberts wearing a black mask enters into a shop to carry out a robbery. He is wielded with a gun in his hand. As soon as he enters the shop, he points the gun at the first person that he sees and rob him. The person rashly take out everything in his pockets to him.

Next, he turned to the cashier and ask him to open the cashier machine. The cashier shivers all over his body as he open the cashier drawer and take out all the money to him. The robber puts all the cash in a bag.

After that, Jim walks to the glass cabinet behind the cashier. He breaks the glass and take the 10 swans that are made from precious stones. The eyes of the swans are made from diamonds.

The five flight feathers are made from different colors of precious stones including red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. The part to the flight feathers is made from a piece of precious stone. For this part, the stone color is different for each swan.

Next, he also forces the staff there to open the locked drawers so that he could steal all the stuff in it. Finally, he breaks the shopfront windows before driving his red car away. When the police arrive, they told them that they suspect that the person who rob them is a close relative because he talks and behave like him.


Chapter 2

Investigation on the Ten Missing Jewel Swans Case


The police asks his brother George to help in the investigation. He calls his brother and tells him that he will come visit him at his home the next day. However, the next day, when he arrives at his home, he is not there.

Next, Jim goes to the place where he work but he is also not there. After a few days, he finally found him. He told him that he was not at home or the workplace because he has been away to visit a sick friend.

When he told him about what happens at the relative’s shop, he didn’t talk much about it which shows that he does not have much interests in the subject.

One day, he goes to the man’s house and found some small pieces of jewels that look just like the ones on the swans on the dining table. Immediately, a suspicious thought comes into his mind and he think that he may have broken them into small pieces to resell them.

Another person opens the door and enter. He was relieved that it wasn’t his brother. The person, who is a police, in charge of the case, quickly sweep in them into a pouch. Both of them exit the house together.

The person take the pieces of jewels to a lab to examine it. The person who examine it says that there is a high chance that these jewels are the same ones from the swans.

Unfortunately, after he examine it, he believes that those pieces do not belong to the stolen swans decors. One day, they found a pair of gloves that have some blood stain and immediately they suspected it.

They are close to come into the resolution that he is the one that commit the crime. But, in the end, after examining the gloves, they believe that the gloves aren’t evidence that he is the one that commits the crime.


Chapter 3

The Swan Shape Spaceship


Finally, when George could no longer be patient, he accuses his brother Jim that he is the one who carries out the robbery and steal the expensive swan decors that are made from expensive stones. They start to argue back and forth until the brother, whom they suspect is the criminal, drive away his car rashly.

The police seeing this suspects that he is the criminal because he thought only a criminal who wants to escape would drive away so fast on the highway. He got into his police car and turn on the siren and chase him around the city.

Jim feels panic when police chase down his car and he starts to drive nervously. His car hit the traffic light and smoke comes out of the front hood. He quickly get down to ran away. He runs and runs and fall down once as he was being chased by the cops behind.

His friend, Louis Howerson come in a car and he quickly got into it. Jim hides at his friend place for a few days. During this time, the police sets up road traps all over the city and it is not safe for them to get out of the city by car.

When in hiding, he figures out he would incorporate the jewels on the exterior of a spaceship that he is building. He and his friends launched the spaceships into the sky and they start to zap monuments and buildings from the earth.

The monuments which they had zap were put in an enclosure in their spaceship to make a miniature city model. There are news of reported missing monuments in different countries around the world.

Then, they hide their spaceship under the sea. They first disguise as a coral where fishes always think that they are real coral and hide in them. But, when the fish came, they suck in the fish and put them in an aquarium in their spaceship. Then, they decide to park their spaceships inside a whale because the police are now searching under water for them.

The whale agrees to let them stay inside its stomach for a while. While inside the whale’s stomach, they catch fishes that the whale has swallowed. They caught too many fishes and the whale keeps feeling hungry even after swallowing so many fishes.

So, the whale decide to get rid of them. He make a loud blow from his nostril on top the head and they came out. Now, they have to camouflage themselves under the sea.

Chapter 4

A Submarine is Zapped

Once, they come across a submarine. The submarine capture them and suck them in. When suck in, there is a guy that sits in front of a desk with lots of computer systems. He turns over on his computer chair and want to do research on the swan shape spaceship.

However, they successfully manage to zap the scientist into the miniature model in its spaceship. Now, a few scientists came in after the scientist has gone missing. They try to use tools to open the spaceship but the robber and his friend make those tools

The scientists wonder how those tools disappear and then they zap them into its spaceship too. Finally, they quickly escape from the same door which they are sucked into the submarine. The submarine has been looking for the swan shape spaceship from that onwards.

But, they manage to hide by changing their spaceships into different shapes like octopus, fish that look similar in a school of fish, crab and large fish. No matter what the spaceship transform into, there is always magnificent sparkles from the jewels that can be viewed from different sides.

One day, they decide to zap the entire submarine into a small model on their spaceship. They create like a miniature model on their spaceship where they store everything they zap. The people still live inside the mode but they have shrink to become small size like thumb size. In the end, they fly out into the outer space and wander around the galaxy.

The Three Thieves Who Steal the Treasure Chest

Chapter 1

Two Thieves Break into a House to Steal a Chest of Gold and Silver


At midnight, a man arrives at a house in a dark blue hatchback sporty car. At the same time, there are also three persons that arrive in a white van that is parked far away from the dark blue hatchback sporty car. They have also come with the intention of stealing the gold and silver bullion bars in the house. The roof on top of the house is red in color but the roof that covers the front porch is gray in color.

The man that arrives in the dark blue hatchback sporty car wears a black mask over his head to prevent others from seeing his face. With a pry bar, he pries open the front door and enters into the house. He holds a metal detector and walks around to look for the chest of gold and silver which should be hidden somewhere inside the house.

He walks to the kitchen where there is a stairs down to the wine cellar below. At this time, the gold/silver detector starts to make the beeping noise at a faster rate. The fast beeping sound from the gold/silver detector indicates that he is coming near to the treasure chest that he is looking for.

The man opens the square wooden door on the floor and descends down the stairs to the kitchen wine cellar. At the underground wine cellar, there is a glass cupboard with wooden planks lining at the bottom. He uses his pry bar to pry open the first wooden plank at the bottom of the glass cupboard. Upon removing the plank, he is glad to see a large wooden chest inside.

He lies face down on the floor and pulls it out; with his other hand grabbing onto the wooden plank flooring to give him strength to pull it out. At last, when he opens the wooden chest, he is in awe to see that it is filled with silver and gold bullion bars. The chest has more gold bullion bars than silver bullion bars. He holds one of the gold bullion bars in his hand and kisses it.

Suddenly, someone who is also wearing a black mask as well as a pair of hand gloves comes from behind and uses his two hands to strangle the man. He tries to fight back, using his two hands, holding onto the strangler’s hands and trying to release them from his neck. The strangler then hits his head against the wall several times so that his head bleeds and he passes out.

He goes upstairs and onwards to the master room. He opens the drawers and found a gun, and hand grenade. He thought it is a real hand grenade which might be of some use when he goes on another mission to steal treasures. He didn’t know that it is actually a toy grenade. He also takes out the clothes from the dresser which he later uses to bind their mouths, hands at the back and feet.

Next, he goes upstairs and whistles for his two friends in the van to come over and help carry the chest. Before leaving, he lays a gun down nearby the man that he had knocked out. He also pour out some marbles on the floor near to the front door.

Chapter 2

The Neighbor Calls the Police about the Burglary


The neighbor living opposite sees them carrying out the chest and calls the police. Her husband argues with her not to call the police because he is afraid that they may get killed for doing that. Nevertheless, she makes the phone call to the police and she also calls the fire engine.

The reason why she calls the fire engine is that she fears the thieves have installed bombs in the house that will make it explode and goes up in flame. The theft was carried out during the midnight around 4 o’ clock. The policemen and fire engine didn’t come immediately and only arrive at around 8 o’ clock.

At 8 o’clock, a few policemen arrive and the fire engine arrives. Upon arriving, the police informs the fire engine driver that there is no fire at the house so he turns around and returns to the fire station. The fire engine driver scolds the neighbor for making a false call while he is driving the fire truck back to the fire station because she had wasted his time driving all the way there.

Two policemen enter the door first. They didn’t look at the ground while walking and they trip over as soon as they walk over the marbles that have been strewn all over the floor. One of them suffers a broken ankle while the other suffers a broken arm. On the floor, there are also messes of mud which indicates the footstep track of the thief who stole into the house earlier.

They follow the messes of the mud on the floor and found the man knocked out in the wine cellar. They carry him on a stretcher to an ambulance and sends him to the nearby hospital. They also found the master of the house that is bound in the mouth, back of the hand and feet. The master of the house has already awaken and he is struggling to free himself. They free him and he tells them how fortunate he is that the thief didn’t kill him.

The policemen collect samples of the blood, marbles, and gun. They have also checked the drawers and the owner of the house tells them what items are missing including the gun and toy grenade. His friend comes into the house and reminds him about his advice that he should not have kept the bullion at home but at a safer place like the bank.

When he asks how fast the police can capture the thief, the police says it depends as they have a long backlog of criminal cases to handle. Because of this, he decides to hire a detective to hunt down those who have stolen the chest of gold and silver bullion bars.

Chapter 3

A Detective is Hired to Hunt Down the Thieves that Steals the Gold and Silver Bullion


He hires a detective for $1300 pound and offers a reward of the same amount to anyone who can find the thieves. The name of the detective is Mark VIII IX, that is Mark the 89th. It is a strange name and not many people have this kind of name. Mark VIII IX is one of the leading detectives in England and he has made a name for himself by helping to uncover many difficult crimes.

He always manage to solve a crime that he takes on within a few months. One day, the detective is shopping for groceries at the open market and he saw the same marbles falling out of a man’s pocket. Immediately, he suspects that he is the thief that had broke into the house and stole the treasure chest. He follows him to his house and sneaks in while he is out.

He sees a gold bar and a note from his friend saying that they are going to rob the bank at 12 o’ clock in the afternoon tomorrow. He informs the police about the note that he has read. The man and his friends really did come to rob the bank. The policemen quickly come out of their ambush and capture them.

During interrogation, he says that he is not the one that they are looking for. When asked where he gets the marbles, he says he bought them from the stationery shop. He visits the stationery shop but didn’t find anything there. When he comes down, he sees a boy playing the marble on the floor.

When asked where he gets the marbles, the boy points to the trash can opposite. He topples over the trash can so that garbage are strewn all over. He found the marbles, worn out boot with dried up mud underneath, a pair of dirty gloves with some stains of blood and the toy grenade.

There happens to be an old woman collecting trash nearby and he asks her who throw the marbles. The woman told him that its the man living at the house in front of him. He enters into the house by through the windows because they are not locked.

When inside the house, he sees jars of gold coins on the racks and he also sees a collection of DVDs that contains the secret plans that he and his friends have set up in carrying out all kinds of thieves. He pops open in one DVD into the DVD/RW ROM  of the computer in the hall and found the map to the secret passage in his home. He follows the map and found out that there is really a secret room behind the bookcase doors.

The detective manages to find the chest of gold and silver bullion in a hewn out rectangle hole beneath a wooden chest. The wooden chest that is seen on top does not contains anything itself. In the secret passage room, there are also many other treasures hidden in many different places and all of them are recorded in details on the DVD/RW ROM.

The detective calls the police and they come to surround the house. The policemen search everything in the house and find out all they could about the thieves. Meanwhile, the thief and his friends have already fled the country upon learning about it. The police didn’t know about it and they continue to stay ambush around the house. But, after a week, they start to get suspicious when they still didn’t see them coming back to the house.

From the DVD collection, they open up each of the secret section in the secret passage where different types of stolen valuables are stored. They contact the real owners whom these stolen valuables belong to and tell them that they have found what they had lost for many years. They are astonish as they thought they will never recover their valuables anymore. The detective is given a handsome reward of $3,500 pound by the police department for his effort in discovering these stolen treasures.

Chapter 4

The Detective Tracks Down the Three Thieves in Greece


They discuss among themselves of the high possibility that they already know the house is surrounded and had fled to another country. In the house, there is a contact book that contains the numbers and addresses of all their acquaintances. They make many phone calls to the numbers in the contacts book but all the numbers that they call have no one answering the phone. Finally, they decide to randomly pick out someone called James Robinson from the contacts book and visit the person at the address.

When they arrive at the address, they did find the person stated on the contacts book. When the person sees the detective, he wants to avoid him. At first, the person did not want to tell the police about the whereabouts of the three thieves.

But, the detective hold the person’s arm and twist it so that he feels a sharp pain. He threatens to break his arm if he don’t tell him where the thieves had gone. He didn’t want his arm to be broken so he reveals that they had fled to Greece. He also tell the detective that he knows one of them is working as a sailor onboard a ship called Greniken in Greece.

The detective lets go of the person’s arm and warns him not to contact the thieves and tell them that he revealed their whereabouts to him. The person keeps his words and did not contact them after the detective has gone. In the following day,  the detective takes a flight to Greece. As soon as he arrives at Greece, he goes to the harbor and purchase a ticket to board on the ship called Greniken.

The detective spends several months on the cruise ship before finding the crook. He talks to many people on the cruise ships to get clue about the person he is looking for. One day, he talks to a couple who complain that they have lost an expensive soap bar and that they saw a sailor enters into their room that day. Immediately, the detective suspects that the person that they are talking about could be the one that he is looking for.

He tracks the sailor and follows him but soon realizes that he is not the one that he is looking for. This is because he seems to be a native and can only communicate in Greek. Sometime later, he encounters another man who wear the same boots like those he had seen at the house he broke in earlier. He also smell like the clothes that he found at the closet. So, he thinks that he may have found the right person this time.

He approaches the man, who is a sailor, and asks him to help bring him a glass of water. While he go and fetch a glass of water, he open the sailor’s room and look for his stuff.  He finds a briefcase that belongs to him and in the briefcase, there is his identity card and a diamond. He had stolen the diamond from one of the passengers when he was helping him to carry his suitcase. It is a large diamond that worth at least a few millions dollars.

When the sailor comes back, he notices that the door of the sailor room is opened and he immediately suspects that the man has entered it. Just when he has taken the diamond and his identity card in his hand, the crook points a gun at his head from behind. Before he is able to pull the trigger, someone points a gun at the crook’s head. The person wants the diamond that the detective is holding.

The detective decides to risk his life and fight back by kicking them and trying to run away. He kicks the gun away from the person who points the gun last.  At this time, the crook also fights back. He uses a steel bar and beat the detective and the other person. Then, he grabs the diamond and his card with force from the detective and quickly exits the room.

Chapter 5

The Detective Finally Caught the Three Thieves


The crook signals for his friend to drive the motorboat over. When they finish climbing the stairs and arrive on top of the deck, the crook has already hopped onto the motorboat. At this moment, the detective’s friend flies a helicopter toward the ship and puts down a rope ladder for the detective to climb up.

The helicopter chases after the motorboat as it zooms past the Mediterranean ocean. After a while, another motorboat appears. This motorboat is driven by the police and two policemen manages to jump onto the motorboat which the crook is onboard. They bound the hands of the crook and the person driving the motorboat and take them onboard to the their motorboat.

They put the crook and the other person into interrogation. During interrogation, the person reveals that his two other friends are working at a company that has kept a large amount of real gold strips in a safe. The two policemen asks him to trick his friend to them so that they could arrest them.

They promise that they will reduce their sentences at the court if he leads his two partners to them. The man agrees and he uses his cellphone to call his two friends. He asks them out on a restaurant date to discuss about further plan. He already informs the police on the name of the restaurant where he asks his two friends out.

The two policemen pretend to dine on some table on the restaurants on that day. When his two friends arrive, they arose from their seats and use handcuffs to cuff their hands. One of the friends cried, “I can’t believe that you cheated us. We are into this together for so long and now I know we cannot trust you anymore.” The man, feels bad about it but he didn’t say anything back in reply. He knows that his two partners will understand one day.

The two friends try to fight back but the two policemen hold back their two hands in force and point guns at their heads. Then, the the policemen shove the two of them into the police car. The man who helps the policeman also sits at the backseat of the police car. In 2 days, they are deported back to their country from Greece on an airplane. When they arrive, they are sent to stay in the police station’s jail temporarily until the court could give a final verdict.


Chapter 6

The Three Thieves Sentenced Get Punished for their Crimes in Prison


The three of them are put into court trials where the judge finds them guilty of a long list of theft crimes. But, the policemen kept their promise and he talks to the judge to reduce their sentence. In the end, they are imprisoned for 5 years with light penal labor. Fortunately, they are still young in their late 20s.

The policemen tells them that they will help them to find a good job when they come out of prison. The man asks the policemen to stay at their house and use their cars during the time they serve their sentences in the prison. The thieves become good friends with the policemen as they come and visit them in prison every week.

The two policemen come to see them at the end of the 5 years when the prison gate is finally opened for them. They are hired to assist the two policemen and they work alongside with them to uncover many crime cases.

The Jelly Like Monster

Chapter 1

The Jelly Like Monster Comes to Life!


Professor Keith is a lecturer for the faculty of biology at a university near his house. Besides giving lectures at the university, Keith also have a hobby in creating different types of monsters with chemical solutions at the lab in his house. But, all his attempts in creating a life monster with chemical solutions in experiment bottles have failed so far.

In the lab at his home, there is a long table where different shapes of experiment bottles are joined together in glass pipes. At the end of the pipe, some colored solutions produced from the mixing of different chemicals flow into a container. The stuff in the experiment bottle moves a little and is coming to life but the professor did not knows about it at all.

At this time, the professor comes in to continue his experiment. He carries two powder, one powder is for rubbing on his skin and the other powder is for mixing into the solution and he also carries other chemicals. He took a look at the solution and then turn to the other side to do his stuff.

The chemical solutions in the container moves a little and he didn’t notice it at all. He is in a rush to mix the solution because he has an appointment at the university and his colleague is coming to fetch him in a moment. So, he clumsily mix everything and accidentally pour in the talcum powder which he is to rub on his skin.

Then, a car honing sound is heard and his friend shout, “Keith, hurry up!” While the professor is away, the jelly like monster comes out of the experiment container and it begins to look around. The jelly like monster is red and blue in color and has two eyes and a mouth. It could fly around and hover in the air. It could also grab things.

Chapter 2

The Jelly Like Thing Mess Up the Professor’s House and Vegetable Garden


It’s attracted to a few chemicals and fruit juices in the containers. It drinks up all of them and burp. Then, it sees a cheese on a mouse trap that already has black mold and it eats it. After that, the jelly like monster looks for the door. It tries to squeeze in between the door edge to slip out but it can’t. So, it uses a high temperature burner on the experiment table and burn a hole through the door.

The professor keeps a dog in his house and the dog is barking when he sees fire on the door. After a hole is burned on the door, the jelly like monster drops the burner on the floor. It goes through the hole and heads straight into the bathroom. The fire from the burner causes the carpet on the floor to catch fire. When the dog sees this, it quickly goes to fetch water to put off the fire. The dog couldn’t manage the fire and the fire burn some of its hair.

The jelly like monster heads to the bathroom. It drinks up all the toilet detergents and then drink the water in the toilet bowl. Then, it eat up the facial cleanser, shaving cream, gargling solution, and toothpaste. It also eat up the trace of cream that is accidentally squeeze to the ceiling of the bathroom.

Then, it eats the hand soap and burp and fart bubbles. After that, it heads to the kitchen. It first eats up everything on the kitchen counter, and then the food in the fridge and finally, the overcooked food on the dining table.

At this time, the door bell rings, someone yells, “Professor Keith, are you in?” The jelly like monster heads to the door and tries to open it. However it tries, it can’t because it is slippery. The dog with burnt hair goes to answer the door. It puts up its two front paws to turn the door knob but it can’t. So, it goes through the small door beneath.

When the person sees the dog, she immediately knows that the professor is not at home. She says, “Poor thing! What happens to you?” The dog whine. The jelly like monster follows the dog through the small door and now it is outside. It heads straight to the vegetable garden in the front yard to eat the vegetables that the professor has grown.

When the dog sees the jelly like monster, it chases after it and bark at it the same time. They make a mess of the vegetable garden with the dog stepping on the vegetable plants and breaking their stems and the jelly like monster trying to eat as much vegetables as it can.

Chapter 3

The Jelly Like Monster Enters a Man’s Car and Follows Him to the Office


Then, the jelly like monster flies out of the professor’s garden and on to the sidewalk along the neighborhood. A man opens a car door, he puts his black suit in and the jelly like monster quickly enter into the car. The man then quickly drives away. The dog continues to bark and chase at the back of the car. The man looks at the mirror and sees the dog barking behind.

While in the car, the jelly like monster manages to slip into the pocket of the black suit. The man drives the car to the office building, wear his suit and takes the lift up to his office. He heads to a meeting. In the pocket, there is a pen and the jelly like monster’s slime causes the pen nip to become slimy and wet.

During the meeting, he takes out his pen to put down a note but he finds the pen slimy. Since he is in a meeting, he can’t check his pocket. So after the meeting, he goes to his office. When he walks out of the meeting room, someone comes over to remind him that he has a meeting with a client in the afternoon.

He opens the cabinet to find a document. But, he decides to check the pocket in his black suit first. Before he get to check the pocket, the jelly like monster slips out quietly.Then, he take off his suit and check his pocket and finds that it is all slimy.


Chapter 4

The Jelly Like Monster Makes a Mess of the Man’s Room and the Man Successfully Captures it


The jelly like monster has managed to enter into the open cabinet drawer and it ruffle through the documents to find a document that is yummy for it to eat. When it finds one that is yummy, it munches on it. The document that it eats happens to be an important document that he needs to take along during the meeting with a client later in the afternoon.

When he goes over to the cabinet to look for the jelly like monster, he didn’t see it there because it has already moves away to somewhere beneath his desk. The man starts to walk around to look for the strange monster. He saws blobs of gluey transparent water on the floor. He uses his hands to touch the transparent gluey slime left on the floor and wonder what it is.

He looks in many places such as under the desk, the books on the bookcase and the area behind the bookcase, underneath the couch, beneath the cushions on the couch, and the papers on his desk. Then, it comes out of its hiding place from behind a curtain.

He says, “Aha!” He runs around the room to catch the jelly like monster with his two hands.  In the process, he turns over the chairs, the bookcase, decors on the wall shelves, and standing lamp.

Finally, it got stuck in the space in between the book shelves and the man quickly get a tin that he uses to keep his chalk paint and push the jelly like monster into it and then he presses the lid tight.


Chapter 5

The Jelly Like Monster Helps the Man Wins a Client


At around this time, his client has now arrived and a staff goes into his office to inform him. The staff is shocked at all the mess around his office and suggests that he sees his client at the meeting room. He gets nervous because he is not prepared to meet his client. Since the advertising campaign he draws is eaten by the jelly like monster, he is only able to present the draft which is partially painted.

When the client comes, he leads him to the meeting room and they discuss about the advertising campaign. He has brought the paint container that contains the jelly like monster to the meeting room to prevent it from making further mess in his office. This is because he keeps a lot of important documents in his office. He shows the client his draft but the client does not seem to be interested. He does not knows what to do and tries to persuade the client.

Then, suddenly, the jelly like monster break open the lid on the paint container and flies out. As it flies out, it splash the paint on the campaign. Now, the client says he likes it and he wins a client. From then on, the man keeps the jelly like monster as his pet in his home and it helps him to do a lot of chores.

The War Between the Gingerbread Man Country and Square Biscuit Country

Chapter 1

The Gingerbread Land

In the planet of candy, there are two countries, the gingerbread country and the square biscuit country. In the sky, a lollipop planet with red and white stripes could be seen. Four lights are diffused in the skies of the candy planet including orange, pink, green and purple.

The sunlight is provided by the white translucent candy sun. The moon is green in the upper part and white in the lower part. There is one other planet that is seen on the sky of the candy planet and it is the pink powder candy planet where all sorts of pink powder candies live.

In the gingerbread country, there are many gingerbread men and women who live happily. Everything in their land is made from gingerbread including trees, mountains, grasses, houses, and the king’s palace. The gingerbread folks are happy all the time. They like to do skip hopping or turn themselves from side to side to go from one place to another.

Because their country is nearby to the square biscuit country, they import some of the things from them. For example, the bricks and the cements used in sticking the bricks together. The bricks are thick cube biscuits while the cement is made of the biscuit cream filling.

There are many rivers of milk in their land too. The gingerbread folks do not drink water but they drink milk to survive.  In many milk rivers, there are water mills that turn around throughout the day to provide electricity to the houses and buildings in their lands.

Their country is also well known for having lots of brown rocks. There are two types of brown rocks including good and bad rocks. The good brown rock will be happy if someone hungry plucks and eats it and enjoys it. As for the bad brown rock, if someone hungry plucks and eat it, it will cause toothache and the person’s tooth will drop and the bad rock will absorb it.

There are pavements made from three types of color candy sheets as well as pavements that are made from more than three types of colors of candy sheets.  The trunks of the gingerbread trees are made of hard gingerbread. In their land, there are various types of tree species that bear different types of gingerbread cookies.


Chapter 2

The Square Biscuit Land


In the square biscuits land, almost everything is made from square shaped biscuits. The square biscuit land exports a lot of cushion doors to other biscuits and candy countries on the planet of candy. Their doors are made from square shape biscuits with lots of tiny hole spaced in between them.

There are all types of square biscuits that can be found in their land including the ones with cream or jam filling in between and the ones that just have a single layer of biscuit. The square biscuit land is well known for its large pavements that has diamond or round or square shaped hole filled with all kinds and all colors of jams.

The square biscuit with two layers have to dive into these holes from time to time to refill the jams filling. The jam filling in between the two layers of the square biscuit can become lesser and lesser as it does some activities and use up some energy. After refilling the jam, they will feel full of energy once again.

In their country, there is the biscuit plant with cream in the center called The Smashing Custard Cream Biscuit.  It will open the two sides of the biscuits to entice visitors to lick its cream. But when someone tries to lick the cream, the two sides of the biscuits will snap on it and absorb the entire victim.

There are also many types of attractive biscuit flowers in the square biscuit land. There is the purple flower species where the petals are made from purple sweet potato biscuits and the center is made of yellow pineapple part. Then, there is the orange flower species where the petals are made from sweet dried orange peel and the center is made of red apple tart.


Chapter 3

The Square Biscuit King Gets Angry


It happens that some gingerbread men workers are working on a gingerbread summer palace for the king in the square biscuit land. One of the workers, Adam, accidentally sprays the icing on the square biscuit king when he and his retinue come to check on the work progress.

The icing makes a mess on the king and his servants keep trying to scrap off the icing. As they scrap the icing from the king, flakes of the brown biscuit fall off. To repair the king square biscuit, they have to mix together flour, oil, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. After whisking them all together, they apply it on the king before putting him into the hot oven and bake him for a while.

The oven that the king uses has many functions and it is always maintained in good condition. One of the functions of the royal oven is the fan that can helps to cool down the king square biscuit while it is being baked. The royal oven has many temperature settings so that one just need to press the exact temperature for different baking purposes. This prevents the king square biscuit to always have to endure temperature that is higher than recommended for fixing himself.

Throughout the country of the square biscuit people, there are also ovens located here and there in the countryside. But, most of the ovens either have already broken down or they are in poor conditions. This is why many square biscuits that get injured could not get proper repaired and they tend to have some broken pieces instead of a perfectly square biscuit shape body.

The square biscuit king, Bernard, gets angry at the worker that is working on the icing on the roof and said, “O, not again! Why do I have to go into the oven to be baked again. If this happens again, I will have the men pull down your gingerbread house until they are a pile of rubble.”

When the worker hears that, he gets afraid and tears almost come up into his eyes. He bowed down and said, “Your majesty, please accept millions of apologies from me. I promise not to let the same accident happen again.” The nasty king square biscuit replies, “Let that happen again and I’ll have your head off with you.”


Chapter 4

The Square Biscuit King Declares War with the Gingerbread Land


On another day, some servants are decorating the square biscuit king with buttons when one of the buttons falls off the table. A greedy gingerbread man called Henry sees the button and eats it. Henry said, “I should eat the button because the square biscuit king should not have buttons like the gingerbread king.”

When the king learns about it, he gets very angry. He says, “How dare you? You will join the slave labors that make the king’s royal buttons.” Henry is forced to work in the slave labor for making the king’s royal buttons in the square biscuit land.

After some time, Henry tries to run away back to the gingerbread land but the supervisor of the slave labors catches up with him. He brings him to the king who decides that he is to be taken to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits and let the wild animals eat him.

Some brave gingerbread fellows who are the friends of Henry report it to the gingerbread king. The gingerbread king, Curtiss, takes some of his men and go to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits to set free Henry. The men guarding Henry refused and the gingerbread king destroys some of the buildings at the square biscuit land.

This makes the square biscuit king angry and he declares war with the gingerbread country. War is to be taken place in 3 days at the Cream Biscuits passage. In the meantime, both countries get their soldiers prepared for the war.


Chapter 5

The Gingerbread Soldiers Win the War


The square biscuits soldiers have large mouths to eat the gingerbread. They use the gingerbread man song as their weapon as gingerbread people are attracted to that song and they will follow the song wherever it is. In the war, they keep using the gingerbread man song to trick the gingerbread soldiers down the hill and they all collapsed and are cracked to pieces.

On the other hand, the gingerbread man soldiers carry small cups of water to splash and destroy the square biscuit soldiers by making them soft and mushy. They also carry marshmallows which allow them to stuck them into the square biscuit’s large mouth. The high sugar content from the marshmallows could kill the square biscuit.

When more and more gingerbread are being led down the cliff by the music, the gingerbread hero, Henry, who is also the same gingerbread who ate the king’s icing button comes to save the day. There is a volcano in the area where the war take place. The hot cocoa volcano has many cross shaped vent holes in the sides.

Henry and his fellow soldiers each climbs into the cross shaped vent hole. They stuck themselves inside and let the hot steam air blows them out. Then, hot cocoa spew out from the volcano and causes the square biscuits to dissolve into the hot cocoa lava.


Chapter 6

The Square Biscuit King and His Winter Palace Gets Put in a Glass Ball with Snow Flakes


After that, the gingerbread soldiers head on to the square biscuit city to attack and take over it. When they arrive at the city, they start using cups of water to mash the square biscuits inhabitants to become soft so that they will become smashed. They also throw marshmallows towards the large mouth of these inhabitants and the chemicals kill all of them.

Then, they come to the statue of the square biscuit king who starts the war. The square biscuit king did not go into war but he sent the General Merryman to lead the war. Several gingerbread soldiers push down the large round sweet from the hill.

As the sweet rolls down the hill, noisy sound on the ground could be heard. It eventually hits the statue and smashes it into pieces. When the square biscuit king sees this, he becomes alarmed and frightened.

The gingerbread soldier, Adam reminds him, “You said you would pull my house into a pile of rubble so I am going to do the same to your palace.”

But, one square biscuit peasant came out and he kneels down. He begs, “Our king has done so much for us. If you must kill him, please put him inside a glass ball with his palace. Then, he will be remembered for all ages. ”

Adam agrees to do that so they kill the square biscuit king and put him and his square biscuit palace inside a glass ball. The square biscuit land is famous for the winter palace made from powder biscuits. In their land, summer takes place in the first 6 months and the rest of the 6 months they have winter. So, they decide to put some snow flakes inside the glass ball along with the square biscuit king and his winter palace.

The glass ball with the square biscuit king and his palace now stood in the square of the capital city of the square biscuit country. As for the hot cocoa lava, it has turned into into a river that flows pass the gummy candy land, bear biscuit land and round biscuit land. The square biscuit soldiers were wearing blue and yellow and green uniform in the war.

When they melt into the hot cocoa lava, the uniforms also melt into bits and pieces. Everyday, many gummy candy would wear swimming suits and go into the hot cocoa river for a dip. While swimming, they enjoy eating the bits and pieces of blue and yellow stuff that come from the square biscuit soldiers uniforms.

Story about The Four Suns

Chapter 1

The Red Sun Starts a Fight with the White Sun


In a far away planet, there are four suns that give light. The first sun contributes its white light to bring daylight to the planet. The second sun contributes its red light to bring warmth and heat to the planet. The third sun contributes its green light – a light necessary for the photosynthesis of the plant. The fourth sun contributes its violet light to bring coolness at the heat of the day.

The first sun shines the greatest degrees of light followed by the second, third and fourth sun. Even though the first sun contributes the largest amount of light, it is the smallest in size. The second sun, the red sun, has the second largest in size. This is followed by the green sun having the third largest size. The violet sun is the biggest in size.

The four suns are positioned on the ring that surrounds the planet with some distance in between each other. One day, the red sun becomes jealous of the white sun about why it is the smallest sun and yet it gets to contributes the most light to the planet. So, it starts to release an even greater degree of red ray onto the planet. This causes the planet’s weather temperature to becomes higher and hotter.

Plants start to wilt and become brown. The water bodies on the planet now have lesser water because of the higher temperature. The aliens on the planet gets uncomfortable with the hotter weather. Then, the red sun acts rough towards the white sun and  bumps it sideway so that the white sun flies far away to the west of the ring.


Chapter 2

The Green Sun and the Red Sun Fight


The green sun gets angry with the red sun on why he should be the one to release more rays. So, the green sun releases a greater degree of green ray onto the planet. Too much of the green ray causes the ray to turn into a harmful ray that encourages the growth an evil algae plant species that infested the water bodies and eat away many good plants and animals.

The excess amount of green ray also cause the aliens that live on the planet to have a dark green color rather than only having tints of green color like they used to be. The red sun becomes hot in temper when it sees the green sun releases excessive green ray. It bumps hard on the green sun so that the green sun and the violet sun flew to a far distance on the east of the ring.

The green sun comes back on the right and push the red sun back. They push each other back and forth. Everytime, they push each other, one of them will get injured with pieces falling off. In the end, the rays that they produce become super poisonous and many citizens on the planet are dying.


Chapter 3

The Violet Sun Becomes Nervous and Almost Stop Producing its Ray


The citizens of the planet blame it on the violet sun, the sun that is responsible for contributing the cool rays. This is because the climate has becomes ultra hot and no one could go out in the sun safely anymore. They make a catapult and use large rock to hurl rock against the violet sun.

This makes the violet sun nervous and it feels afraid. From that day onward, the violet sun stop releasing as much violet rays as it used to. As a result, the weather on the planet becomes even hotter. Meanwhile, the fight between the red and green sun continue.


Chapter 4

The Red Sun and Green Sun Falls Off the Ring


One day, their fighting becomes intense. The red sun and the green sun comes rushing towards each other with a strong force. Both suns now fall off the ring and can no longer contribute anymore ray to the planet. The two suns is forced to fly away far into the galaxy and the citizens of the planet no longer see them around.

The white sun and violet sun are glad when they learn about the news that the red sun and green sun have fallen off the ring and no longer there to wreck havoc to the planet.

The white sun that was previously pushed to the west side of the ring now contribute its light in the western hemisphere of the planet. This is why the western hemisphere of the planet always have warm and sunny day.

The violet sun that was previously pushed to the east side of the ring now contribute its light in the eastern hemisphere of the planet. This is the reason why the places in the eastern hemisphere has cool, winter days all the days through the year.

Aliens Attack and Zap!

Chapter 1

Paper Airplanes and Inflatable Triangular Aliens Attack


In a distant planet, its citizens are performing their chores as usual in their hectic daily life. Someone looks up and saw that the sky is suddenly cracked and paper airplanes are flying down. It gives the impression that pieces of triangles in the sky are falling down.

These paper airplanes shaped spaceships are deployed by a large space ship who has camouflages against the blue sky. Their goal is to carry away the citizens of the planet so that they can become their slaves and they also want to raid their planet of everything valuable.

These spaceships that look simple like paper airplanes are driven by skilled pilots. The invaders belong to a species of aliens that is completely flat and can move very fast like light. The pilots open up the machine guns on the paper airplane shaped spaceship and start to shoot laser lights on the citizens.

At the same time, large triangular shape flat aliens float down as the wind carries them. When they reach the ground, they would inflate themselves to become full triangular balloon. These inflated triangular balloons start to fight the citizens by making all kinds of moves like punching and kicking as soon as they start to reach the ground.

It could punch and kick in the space within the triangular borderline. Then, a bright laser light from the planet, is unleashed by the planet’s citizen. The bright laser light is targeted towards the sky to hit the spaceship that has camouflage against the blue sky.

It is an ultra bright light with strong radiation. Fortunately, the laser light did not manage to hit the large spaceship in the sky. The spaceship turn on the circle of protection and bounce back the laser light to the rings of the planet so that a part of it becomes damaged.


Chapter 2

Flat Bird Like Warriors are Deployed


Right after that, they send bird like warriors that are also belong to the flat alien species out from their large spaceship. These flat bird like warriors are skilled fighters and they can fly well. They have sent out these warriors to turn off the all the electricity of the planet so that its citizens won’t be able to see a thing in the dark.

The bird like warriors fly and fly and reach the building that houses the main switches for controlling the electricity. They fold themselves into a square to enter through the square opening on top of the roof of the building. After they pass through the square opening on the roof, they fold themselves back to their original bird shape again. The square opening is an opening above a room and in the room, there are some workers there.

Wielded with gun, the bird like warriors start to shoot these workers. But, they fight back by throwing a puck shaped bullets against them. The bird like warriors use their eyes to scan the outcome on how the bullets would fly towards them. Then, they customize their guns so that every single bullet that is released from the gun will destroy the puck like bullets.

Seeing the puck shaped bullets that they throw have been destroyed, they fight back by throwing hundreds of dart like insects with arrows. The bird like warriors flap their wings and the wind that is produced blow the insects downward so that the arrows get stuck in the floor.  Upstairs, they try to shoot showers of bullets through the ceiling to hit the bird warriors that are directly downstairs.

Knowing this, the bird like warriors aliens zoom to the next room so that the showers of bullets did not hit them. In the next room, there are also shower of bigger bullets from the ceilings. The bird like warrior zooms past this room also before throwing a round device that changes the gravity to the opposite direction. This causes the bullets go upward towards those who fire the bullets towards them.


Chapter 3

The Citizens of the Entire Planet are Being Sucked into the Large Spaceship


The bird like warriors aliens zoom upstairs and downstairs to find the room that house the main switches for turning off the power of the entire planet. When they zoom at a fast speed, a low, soft sound of wind can be heard. One of them found the room that holds the main switches and he push down all the switches to turn off the powers.

Without the power, the citizens of the planet could not use large war destructive weapons to counterattack them. The light has gone out in the entire house building and all other places on the planet. Everywhere becomes dark and no one on the planet could see anything.

They become afraid of the dark and dare not make a move against the enemies. This makes a great opportunity for the enemy aliens to zap them. The bird like warrior alien that turn off the switch communicates with the rest of the others who are in different parts of the buildings by speaking their native language – a computer robotic sound. It is the signal that they should leave the building right now.

The bird like warriors then head to the air vent pipe to get out of the building. They wear a torchlight on their head so that they can see in the air vent pipe as they crawl through and they reach outside in just a moment.

They set out to fly back to the spaceship. After they reach the spaceship, the spaceship start to zap everyone on the planet up into their spaceship using a high power vacuum. They also zap away everything of value before zooming away back to their own planet

How The Buffalo Birds and the Water Buffalo Survive Famine

Chapter 1

Famine and Two Buffalo Birds Volunteer to Find Water


There is famine in the land and the hot sun has caused the water in the rivers, streams, lakes and ponds to dry up. Fishes in lakes and ponds are dying as the heat from the sun reduces the water level until there is no more water left. On the lake and ponds, dead fishes can be seen on the banks as they get dried up. Because of the famine, most of the grasses are withered and this has caused many animals to die of starvation.

The famine continues for several months and this causes the animals to become panic. One day, they decide to have a meeting to discuss about this issue. They are looking for volunteers who will search for somewhere where there is water so that they can all move to that place. A pair of buffalo bird couple volunteers to go find water in the land.

The pair of buffalo bird sets out in the morning and they fly pass many areas. Everywhere they fly, the land is barren with no grass and the ground is so dried that it has cracked. Trees with no more leaves can be seen on the barren land. After flying a while, they feel tired and they stop by a lake that is dried up but still have some water.

They find that they couldn’t drink the water because it is stink with many dead fishes. They try to dig up the soil in an area nearby to the lake for water with their beaks. They become alarmed when they see a dead fish buried underneath the soil that they are digging.

Disappointed, the two buffalo birds flew away. As they continue their journey, they would see animals digging up places near lakes and ponds that used to be filled with water but their efforts are vain with not a single drop of water being found.


Chapter 2

The Two Buffalo Birds Safely Escape a Sink Hole


The two buffalo birds happen to see a water buffalo that is facing towards a tree. They fly down and perch on its head because they haven’t eaten and thought they could find some insects to eat on the buffalo. The water buffalo is starving because there is no more green grass and his only option is to eat the roots of trees.

It starts to run fast and then bang the tree to push it down. The tree is now crooked but not yet fallen so the water buffalo run and bang it again. For the third time, the water buffalo bangs it once again like a mad animal and the tree trunk flies to a distance.

Some roots of the trees can be seen in the ground so the buffalo bite some of the roots and chews it. It then bites a thick root and pulls it hard for the whole thing to enter its mouth.As it pulls the root hard, something can be heard falling under the ground. They heard a “Plonk!” sound.

The two buffalo birds fly to the area where the sound is heard. Suddenly, the ground starts to crumble into a large sink hole. The two birds fall down into the sink hole as the soil pour over on them. One of the bird manage to come out of the soil that falls on it and flies up.
It then remembers its partner, and uses his claw to capture the leg of the other bird and flap its wings as hard as it can to fly out the sink hole.

The bird manages to fly onto the safe side. In front of the water buffalo, there is an open crack so he jumps over it and head to the birds. The birds then land on the water buffalo’s head and the water buffalo quickly run to other places. The other bird’s wing is injured so they have to ride on the water buffalo to continue the journey.


Chapter 3

The Water Buffalo Collapses


The bird’s injured wings slowly recovers and it can fly again. Days passed, and they continue their search for water in the land. With no food and no water, the water buffalo get thinner and thinner until the rib bone can be seen. At last, it couldn’t hold on anymore and drop down to the ground.

When the birds see this, they try to help by flying around to see if they can find something for the buffalo to eat. To their surprise, they find a tree with some green leaves. They fly up to the tree and pluck the green leaves and go back to the buffalo. They fly to and fro the tree until they have plucked all the green leaves. The water buffalo try its best to eat all the green leaves and gain back some of his strength.


Chapter 4

A Fierce Bull and Water from a Rock


Now that it has gained some strength, it stands up and continue the journey. They come to a place near the hills where there are some green grass and plants although most of them are already dried out. There is a fierce bull around the area who wants to pick a fight with them. The bull chases them and wants to gore them for passing into his territory

The birds fly away while the water buffalo runs up the hill and enter into the mountain cave. The bull accidentally collide with a stack of stones near the mountain cave. The stones fall on the bull and kill it. Surprisingly, water comes out in between the crack of the stones. The water that gushes out from the rock quickly form into a large pond.

The water buffalo and birds are overjoyed when they see the water. The first thing that they do is to get a drink of the water until they are refreshed. Then, the birds fly around the hills to gather seeds from dried out grasses and flowering plants. The birds shake the seed pods all over the ground.

The grasses and flowers grow up fast the next day because of they are planted nearby the pool of water. The buffalo eat all the grasses it wants before it continues the journey with the birds back to the other animals to tell them that they have found water.


Chapter 5

It Has Finally Rain!


Just as they are about to set out, black clouds form in the sky and there is thunder and lightning. For the first time in so many months, it is finally raining. It rains heavily for several days and the animals in the entire land now don’t have to die anymore. The ponds and lakes that are dried out now have been filled once again.

Because of the rain, they decide they don’t have to go back anymore. In the meantime, they have gone to a cave to seek out shelter from the rain. Thus, the birds and the water buffalo live happily together and they always look after for one another.

The Story of How the Aliens of a Planet Save Themselves from Intruders

Chapter 1

Attack by Aliens from another Planet


On a far away planet, there live aliens that live inside houses that are made of plants with layers of leaves. The plant can remove its root from the ground and walk on its own. The special thing about this plant is that the aliens can carve out the inside of the plants and make it their home.

The benefit of staying in the plant is that it prevents enemies from spotting them. The plant is like a camouflage; no one knows someone live inside the plant. The leaves that form the layers of the plants can act as windows and the alien living inside can pull it up and down to open and close it.

One day, aliens from another planet decide to come and conquer the planet. They travel all the way from their planet to this planet with a mother ship. The mother ship could camouflage itself against anything. They make the ship camouflage as the sky of that planet which looks like a 3D ring around the planet. This is because the planet has one thick ring that can be seen in the sky at all times.

The mother ship parks itself in the sky and then opens the entrance door. When the door open, the long air stair starts to extend and reach downward to the ground surface. There is a red carpet in the middle of the air stair. So, when the air stair extends longer and longer downward, the red carpet also rolls down on and on. The air stair of the mother ship is flexible. It can roll and curl to swallow the round plant house where the aliens of the planet live.

When the air stair reaches the surface, it starts to scoop up the round plant house and gets them rolled back into the mother ship. When these plant houses are forced to roll into the mother ship, they try to run forward up the path and go back down to the planet’s surface.


Chapter 2

Alien Plants Fights Back Against Intruders


The aliens now know that their planet is under attack and they must do something to stop the attack. The plant house they are living in quickly uproot itself from the ground and join together to form two rows of tall vertical posts.

The alien living in one of the plant houses pours a special solution onto the root on the side of the plant so that it grows longer and longer until it becomes something like a hand. The root hand then reaches onto the air stair and pulls it hard to tear it down. When the stair gets torn down, the captured plants roll back down onto the planet surface.

The mother ship now releases a few smaller spaceships that shape like shields to attack them. The smaller spaceships shoot missiles but the plant’s root hands are fast in holding the missiles and throwing them back. This causes the small spaceships to explode.

One of the stacked plants then uses its root hand to capture and tie up the small spaceships that are still flying. Another stacked plants helped by using its root hand to complete the net pattern and they pull the net backwards counting one, two and three and hurl the net of small spaceships onto the mother spaceship so that it causes one part of it to become damaged.

The leader of the mother ship finally decides to surrender. He and all the subordinates of the mother spaceship come out through the small openings under the spaceships. They wore a device with spinning propeller on the head that help them to land on the surface safely. The leader pretends to make peace with them but he then aims up a rope gun with sharp barb on the end towards the plants.


Chapter 3

Bouncy Ball Hails Destroys Enemy Aliens


At this time, a hail storm starts to take place. The hail storm releases small and large balls of hails. These balls of hails are bouncy. The plant houses are protected from these bouncy hails because they have a natural bouncy surface.

If the hail balls hit the plant, they will bounce off quickly. The bouncy hail balls will melt at the heat of the day. The leader shoots the rope gun with barbs at the stacked plant but the plant’s root hand catches the rope. It pulls the rope and quickly turns round and round until the alien leader is now bound in coil of ropes and lying on the ground. Suddenly, a bouncy ball hail from the storm hits the alien’s leader and squashes him.

The stacked plant’s then uses its root hand to capture the subordinates one by and one and glues them onto the bouncy ball. The glue is poured by one of the planet’s alien resident. The bouncy ball rolls and rolls and squashes all the subordinates.

Meanwhile, the bouncy balls have been hitting the mother ship down and down until it drops onto the ground and explodes.

The Apatosaurus Story – How Boc and His Friends Make it through the Seismic Disaster

Chapter 1

Giant Apatosaurus Searches for Food


A long time ago, in the prehistoric era, there is a pair of Apatosaurus couple. The Apatosaurus couple is expecting little ones on the way and they decide to make their home in a cave. One morning, when the father dinosaur wakes up, he breathes in some of the freshness of the air and then he goes outside.

When he is outside the cave, he is a bit shock to see that the entire ground is covered with lots of brown leaves. It enters his mind that this is not at all strange because it is now Fall again. He puffs out some air from his nostrils and all the leaves pile up neatly on the other side.

Today is the day that the mother dinosaur will lay eggs and he decides to go look for some food to stock up for the winter. Initially, he wants to leave without informing the mother dinosaur but he changes his mind about it. He goes back inside the cave and slightly shrugs the mother dinosaur. He says in a low voice, “Sweetheart, I am going to get some food for us. I’ll come back in a short while.”

As the father dinosaur walks away, he makes footsteps on the ground. Some Velociraptors spot the footsteps he made and they want to attack him. But, they also know that the mother dinosaur in the cave is going to lay eggs today. They prefer to steal the eggs rather than attacking him. Halfway through his journey, the father dinosaur meets 2 Velociraptors. The Velociraptors tries to trick him to go the other way so that he won’t come back in time to the mother dinosaur.

The father Apatosaurus knows that the Velociraptors are cunning creatures that cannot be trusted so he uses his tail to whip them. With just one whip, the Velociraptors are flung to a distance. Now injured, the Velociraptors become afraid and run away.


Chapter 2

Giant Apatosaurus Moves a Heavy Tree


When he reaches the river, he meets a giant beaver that is having problem building a dam. The giant beaver fell a tree but the tree has rolled over into the river and it has created obstacles for him to build the dam. The beaver says, “Can you help me to move the heavy tree trunk to the river bank as it is too heavy for me to move it.”

The father dinosaur replies, “All right. Wait for me. This will just take a short while.” He wades into the river and pushes the tree trunk to the river bank with his leg. Then, he uses his head to push it up to the river bank.

After that, he enters into the river and munches on some low lying plants. He plucks some plants and put them on the river bank and then he go back to pluck some more. He gathers the plants together in his mouth and trots home. When he reaches the cave, it is just about time for the mother dinosaur to lay the eggs. That day, the mother dinosaur lays 25 eggs.

All 25 eggs are hatched in the middle of the winter. When it is time for the little dinosaurs to be born into the world, the eggs start to shake on its own. As each egg cracks and the baby dinosaur come out, the father dinosaur gives them their name. He names the baby dinosaurs the following names in the order that they are hatched: Jake, Ben, Lucas, Addie, Valerie, Miriam, Susie, Paisley, Vivian, Langston, Tom, Laddie, Peter, Tomas, Kalei, Paki, Wanda, Waldo, Walker, Noah, Edward, Aackley, Darius, Odi, and Boc.


Chapter 3

Giant Apatosaurus Plants a Farms


After the baby dinosaurs are born, the father dinosaur has to wait for another 2 months to plant a farm. By planting their own food, they don’t have to compete for food with other dinosaurs. When it is spring, he gets started to plant a farm. He digs a huge pond where he plants some ferns and horsetails along the bank. He also plant a lot of Cycadeoids trees.

He gets help from the giant beaver to build a fence around the farm. The giant beaver uses his sharp front teeth to fell 5 large trees. He saw some into logs and some into poles with pointed ends to build the fence. When the dinosaurs grow up, they help with the chores.

The long neck dinosaur brothers and sisters always play football games together. In one football match, the first group kicked the ball and it flew to the second group. One player in the second group used head to hit the ball and another player tried to get the ball to the goal by using its head. The ball dropped near the goal net but not yet enters it.

A dinosaur’s tail from the second group accidentally whipped it so that it ended up on the side of the first group. A dinosaur from the first group used its head to hit the ball to the goal net. Boc then jumped up and kicked the ball to the goal net and the first group dinosaur won the football match.


Chapter 4

Seismic Disasters Stir Up Fears to the Dinosaurs in the Land


One day, the region where the dinosaurs live is hit with a number of earthquakes that cause huge cracks to appear on the ground. Large rocks start to roll down from the mountaintop during the earthquake. The incident causes the duckbill and Parasaurolophus dinosaurs that are grazing at the foot of the mountain to become panic and start a stampede. The stampede causes other dinosaur species to run in panic too.

The stampede shakes the ground so much that every dinosaur in the land can hear it. The rumor about the earthquake disaster has spread to all the dinosaurs and they are now talking about moving to another place. To move to a safe land, they have to pass through a gorge and climb a mountain. They must then cross the icy peak and pass through an ocean.

The Apatosaurus dinosaur family is aware about the disaster and they have also decided to move to the safe land. While the family of dinosaur is traveling, another earthquake occurs. Boc gets frightened and he runs quickly to hide when the earthquake occur.

The earthquake causes a huge crack in the ground. After the earthquake is gone, Boc couldn’t find his way back to his family. Boc is now separated from his family and has to travel on his own.


Chapter 5

Boc Rescues an Archaeoteryx Bird Dinosaur


The young dinosaur walks all day and feels thirsty and exhausted. It is already twilight and going to be dark so he turns to a river to get some drinks and spends the night there.

Before he manages to get a drink of water, an Archaeopteryx dinosaur bird that is flying above the stream passes out due to exhaustion. When Boc saws the bird drops into the water, he quickly wades into the river and uses his mouth to pull it to the bank. When on the river bank, the dinosaur tries to revive the bird by blowing air into the bird mouth.

The bird’s mouth puffs with air as Boc blows its mouth but it is still not awake. Gasping for air, the dinosaur blows air into the bird mouth again. This time, the bird’s mouth is not as puffy as the first time. In the third time, after having regained some breath, he tries again to blow air into the bird’s mouth in hope of reviving it.

The bird mouths puff in a bigger size when air is blown into its mouth for the third time but it still did not wake up. So, instead of blowing air, the long neck dinosaur sucks air from the bird dinosaur mouth. The bird dinosaur finally regains consciousness and coughs out the water it has accidentally swallowed. When the bird is conscious, he introduces himself as Uri.


Chapter 6

Boc Meets Jesse the Oryctodromeus Dinosaur


The next morning, they continue the journey. The dinosaur bird, still feeling sick, rests on the young Apatosaurus’ back as he walks on. Various types and sizes of the dinosaurs are also traveling on the road. Three great armadillos roll into balls and speed past everyone.

Everyone is annoyed by the great armadillos. Several Deinotherium elephants blow their trunks at them when they roll pass them. The loud noises made on the elephants’ trunks shock the armadillos and they roll under the elephants and speed past ahead.

There are also two baby dinosaurs that try to annoy an Ankylosaurus by playing skipping rope on its tail as it whips from left to right. One Oryctodromeus comes out of his underground tunnel and puts his feet on a skateboard to set out on a long journey to the new land. The skateboard is made of a piece of wood plank with two round feces that belong to a dinosaur of another species.

The round feces are bouncy and sticky; it will stick to the wood plank as the Oryctodromeus skate along the road.  The Orytodromeus skateboards up to Boc’s head. Annoyed, Boc keeps on moving its neck side to side in hope to shake it off but it keeps on clinging onto its neck.

Meanwhile, the bird resting on the dinosaur’s back has to hold on tight onto the skin of the dinosaur. The Oryctodromeus dinosaur repetitively asks, “Hi there. I am Jesse. Can you let me travel with you?” But the Apatosaurus did not want to and keeps shaking its head.

Then, the bird resting the back suddenly finds the strength to fly again and it repeatedly tries to peck the Oryctodromeus dinosaur. Jesse pleads again and again, “Please let me stay. I promise I will be useful to you.” After thinking over a bit, Boc agrees to let him stay.


Chapter 7

Boc and Friends Comes to a Desert


The trio keeps quarreling until they head the wrong direction and end up in the desert. The desert is actually an alternative route to the destination. It is hot in the desert and nowhere could they find water to drink. The Oryctodromeus starts to dig holes in the desert in search for water. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he manages to dig up a water hole in the middle of the desert. The trio drink the fresh water until they are full before moving on. Jesse, the Oryctodromeus names the water hole, “Jesbocuri Water Hole”.

At the end of the desert, they come to a steep rocky mountain. They have a hard time climbing over the steep mountain. They took a week to cross the rocky mountain before finally coming to the seashore.


Chapter 8

Boc and Friends Crosses the Ocean


Uri knows a whale who can help them and he says to his friends, “I have a whale friend that can help us cross the ocean. I’ll go and make signal noises to him. Let’s see if he response and come to help us cross the ocean.” Uri flies out into the ocean as he calls out for his whale friend. In 3 days, Uri is seen coming back with the Livyatan Melvillei whale.

The three dinosaurs board on the whale. As they rest on the whale’s back, they start to have conversations with each other. They enjoy the cool sea breeze as they watch the blue ocean scenery.

A Tylosaurus suddenly jumps up and snaps up a Pelagornis that is trying to catch a small squid. After a while, a large school of fishes is seen on the ocean surface and a flock of Pteranodon birds quickly swoop down. Each of the Pteranodon birds catches one fish before flying away.

After some time, a giant fish that is a bit smaller than the whale swims up. The giant fish asks the whale, “Why are these guys with you?”. The whale answers, “I am helping to bring these three friends across the Great Sea to a safe land because of the recent seismic disaster in their hometowns. I will be back soon.” The giant fish says, “Oh. I see.” and then he swims away.

A while later, Boc and his friends also saw a group of mermaids and their little ones breaching on the sea. The little ones of the mermaids pointed at the dinosaurs on the whale’s back and see, “Mother. Look. See!”

By and by, the whale would stop at an island where the three dinosaurs can go find some food. The whale would stop by at one island every few days. They would gather all the food they need to last for a few days and come back to the whale.

When they are in the middle of the ocean, a Megalodon shark notice them. The Megalodon shark try to flip and eat the three dinosaurs but the whale make a tale slap and whip it far with its tail. The shark is frightened and quickly swims away to look for an easier prey for lunch.


Chapter 9

Asp Turtles Islands


They then pass through an area of the ocean where there are several asp turtles resting. Some of them look like a rough boulder while others look like a pile of sand dunes with trees on it. The dinosaurs want to ask the whale to stop them there but the whale answers, “My friends. Do not be deceived. These are actually the asp turtles that are getting some rest. Let’s not disturb them.” As the whale swim past, some asp turtles move a bit and change their positions.

Later, the whale catches a giant crab and he asks the dinosaurs to use the hard shell to protect themselves from the cold as he is going to cross the icy ocean. The temperature suddenly drops when the whale reaches the icy ocean but the dinosaurs hide inside the shell so they are protected from the cold.


Chapter 10

Boc and Friends Reach New Homeland


It takes the whale 5 months to fetch Boc and his friend across the Great Sea to the safe land. They are among the first of the dinosaurs that reach the new found home land. When they reach the safe land, they thank the whale and bid him goodbye. Boc finally found his family and is back with them again. The three dinosaurs live closely with each other and their friendship continues.