The Story about Carl, The Monster with 10 Limbs

On a far away alien planet, there live inhabitants with multiple long limbs like the octopus limbs. Like the sun, you know, with the ray coming out of the round yellow hot sun. And the ray is like the limbs for the sun.

Carl is a monster with 10 limbs. One day, Carl, happens to be on a mountain cliff, and he uses two of his limbs to press his little tuft of hair down to groom himself and make sure he looks nice. Then, comes a girl of the same species as him. She sings, “La, la, la, la, la, la” in a happy mood and comes over to give him a kiss.

Next, A crab with 8 eyes and two large pincers came. Each eyes is joined to a pole like structure that stuck out of the oval shaped mouth. The crab came and Carl is afraid of crabs. As it put out its pincher to check out Carl, Carl mistaken that it wants to attack him and he runs down the cliff.

The crab looks out from the cliff and sees him running down like a mad cow on a stampede. As Carl hurries down the cliff, a small herd of monsters that also have a lot of limbs come over to clear the grass of that part horizontally, like a PAC Man clearing the dots in the game. Fortunately, Carl runs past them without getting eaten by these PAC MAN like creatures.

In the middle of the steep hill, there is a hole and from the hole climbs out another monster that run like a dog with six limbs, three on each side. It crunch on everything that come in sight. Carl runs and runs so fast as he was afraid to get eaten by the monster. Eventually, he rolls down and knock unconscious.

When he wakes up, he has reached downhill where there are a lot of trees laden with delicious fruits. He starts to climb up the trees with his limbs and pluck the fruit. But, the creatures around there sees him and they didn’t want him to have the fruit.

The little creatures have two hands and legs. They are shaped like a ball with spikes all over them. They have two eyes and a mouth with sharp teeth. They put their mouth over the tree trunk and try to chew on it to fell the tree while Carl is on top picking the fruits.

Carl picks two fruits and then hops down from the tree. He realizes that these little creatures don’t want him to eat the fruits. So, he blow himself up into a balloon like a sun balloon and use each of his ten limb to grab a fruit from the tree. With each limb sucking one fruit, he floats away back to the cliff where he met his girlfriend and he shares the fruit with her.

The Apatosaurus Story – How Boc and His Friends Make it through the Seismic Disaster

Chapter 1

Giant Apatosaurus Searches for Food


A long time ago, in the prehistoric era, there is a pair of Apatosaurus couple. The Apatosaurus couple is expecting little ones on the way and they decide to make their home in a cave. One morning, when the father dinosaur wakes up, he breathes in some of the freshness of the air and then he goes outside.

When he is outside the cave, he is a bit shock to see that the entire ground is covered with lots of brown leaves. It enters his mind that this is not at all strange because it is now Fall again. He puffs out some air from his nostrils and all the leaves pile up neatly on the other side.

Today is the day that the mother dinosaur will lay eggs and he decides to go look for some food to stock up for the winter. Initially, he wants to leave without informing the mother dinosaur but he changes his mind about it. He goes back inside the cave and slightly shrugs the mother dinosaur. He says in a low voice, “Sweetheart, I am going to get some food for us. I’ll come back in a short while.”

As the father dinosaur walks away, he makes footsteps on the ground. Some Velociraptors spot the footsteps he made and they want to attack him. But, they also know that the mother dinosaur in the cave is going to lay eggs today. They prefer to steal the eggs rather than attacking him. Halfway through his journey, the father dinosaur meets 2 Velociraptors. The Velociraptors tries to trick him to go the other way so that he won’t come back in time to the mother dinosaur.

The father Apatosaurus knows that the Velociraptors are cunning creatures that cannot be trusted so he uses his tail to whip them. With just one whip, the Velociraptors are flung to a distance. Now injured, the Velociraptors become afraid and run away.


Chapter 2

Giant Apatosaurus Moves a Heavy Tree


When he reaches the river, he meets a giant beaver that is having problem building a dam. The giant beaver fell a tree but the tree has rolled over into the river and it has created obstacles for him to build the dam. The beaver says, “Can you help me to move the heavy tree trunk to the river bank as it is too heavy for me to move it.”

The father dinosaur replies, “All right. Wait for me. This will just take a short while.” He wades into the river and pushes the tree trunk to the river bank with his leg. Then, he uses his head to push it up to the river bank.

After that, he enters into the river and munches on some low lying plants. He plucks some plants and put them on the river bank and then he go back to pluck some more. He gathers the plants together in his mouth and trots home. When he reaches the cave, it is just about time for the mother dinosaur to lay the eggs. That day, the mother dinosaur lays 25 eggs.

All 25 eggs are hatched in the middle of the winter. When it is time for the little dinosaurs to be born into the world, the eggs start to shake on its own. As each egg cracks and the baby dinosaur come out, the father dinosaur gives them their name. He names the baby dinosaurs the following names in the order that they are hatched: Jake, Ben, Lucas, Addie, Valerie, Miriam, Susie, Paisley, Vivian, Langston, Tom, Laddie, Peter, Tomas, Kalei, Paki, Wanda, Waldo, Walker, Noah, Edward, Aackley, Darius, Odi, and Boc.


Chapter 3

Giant Apatosaurus Plants a Farms


After the baby dinosaurs are born, the father dinosaur has to wait for another 2 months to plant a farm. By planting their own food, they don’t have to compete for food with other dinosaurs. When it is spring, he gets started to plant a farm. He digs a huge pond where he plants some ferns and horsetails along the bank. He also plant a lot of Cycadeoids trees.

He gets help from the giant beaver to build a fence around the farm. The giant beaver uses his sharp front teeth to fell 5 large trees. He saw some into logs and some into poles with pointed ends to build the fence. When the dinosaurs grow up, they help with the chores.

The long neck dinosaur brothers and sisters always play football games together. In one football match, the first group kicked the ball and it flew to the second group. One player in the second group used head to hit the ball and another player tried to get the ball to the goal by using its head. The ball dropped near the goal net but not yet enters it.

A dinosaur’s tail from the second group accidentally whipped it so that it ended up on the side of the first group. A dinosaur from the first group used its head to hit the ball to the goal net. Boc then jumped up and kicked the ball to the goal net and the first group dinosaur won the football match.


Chapter 4

Seismic Disasters Stir Up Fears to the Dinosaurs in the Land


One day, the region where the dinosaurs live is hit with a number of earthquakes that cause huge cracks to appear on the ground. Large rocks start to roll down from the mountaintop during the earthquake. The incident causes the duckbill and Parasaurolophus dinosaurs that are grazing at the foot of the mountain to become panic and start a stampede. The stampede causes other dinosaur species to run in panic too.

The stampede shakes the ground so much that every dinosaur in the land can hear it. The rumor about the earthquake disaster has spread to all the dinosaurs and they are now talking about moving to another place. To move to a safe land, they have to pass through a gorge and climb a mountain. They must then cross the icy peak and pass through an ocean.

The Apatosaurus dinosaur family is aware about the disaster and they have also decided to move to the safe land. While the family of dinosaur is traveling, another earthquake occurs. Boc gets frightened and he runs quickly to hide when the earthquake occur.

The earthquake causes a huge crack in the ground. After the earthquake is gone, Boc couldn’t find his way back to his family. Boc is now separated from his family and has to travel on his own.


Chapter 5

Boc Rescues an Archaeoteryx Bird Dinosaur


The young dinosaur walks all day and feels thirsty and exhausted. It is already twilight and going to be dark so he turns to a river to get some drinks and spends the night there.

Before he manages to get a drink of water, an Archaeopteryx dinosaur bird that is flying above the stream passes out due to exhaustion. When Boc saws the bird drops into the water, he quickly wades into the river and uses his mouth to pull it to the bank. When on the river bank, the dinosaur tries to revive the bird by blowing air into the bird mouth.

The bird’s mouth puffs with air as Boc blows its mouth but it is still not awake. Gasping for air, the dinosaur blows air into the bird mouth again. This time, the bird’s mouth is not as puffy as the first time. In the third time, after having regained some breath, he tries again to blow air into the bird’s mouth in hope of reviving it.

The bird mouths puff in a bigger size when air is blown into its mouth for the third time but it still did not wake up. So, instead of blowing air, the long neck dinosaur sucks air from the bird dinosaur mouth. The bird dinosaur finally regains consciousness and coughs out the water it has accidentally swallowed. When the bird is conscious, he introduces himself as Uri.


Chapter 6

Boc Meets Jesse the Oryctodromeus Dinosaur


The next morning, they continue the journey. The dinosaur bird, still feeling sick, rests on the young Apatosaurus’ back as he walks on. Various types and sizes of the dinosaurs are also traveling on the road. Three great armadillos roll into balls and speed past everyone.

Everyone is annoyed by the great armadillos. Several Deinotherium elephants blow their trunks at them when they roll pass them. The loud noises made on the elephants’ trunks shock the armadillos and they roll under the elephants and speed past ahead.

There are also two baby dinosaurs that try to annoy an Ankylosaurus by playing skipping rope on its tail as it whips from left to right. One Oryctodromeus comes out of his underground tunnel and puts his feet on a skateboard to set out on a long journey to the new land. The skateboard is made of a piece of wood plank with two round feces that belong to a dinosaur of another species.

The round feces are bouncy and sticky; it will stick to the wood plank as the Oryctodromeus skate along the road.  The Orytodromeus skateboards up to Boc’s head. Annoyed, Boc keeps on moving its neck side to side in hope to shake it off but it keeps on clinging onto its neck.

Meanwhile, the bird resting on the dinosaur’s back has to hold on tight onto the skin of the dinosaur. The Oryctodromeus dinosaur repetitively asks, “Hi there. I am Jesse. Can you let me travel with you?” But the Apatosaurus did not want to and keeps shaking its head.

Then, the bird resting the back suddenly finds the strength to fly again and it repeatedly tries to peck the Oryctodromeus dinosaur. Jesse pleads again and again, “Please let me stay. I promise I will be useful to you.” After thinking over a bit, Boc agrees to let him stay.


Chapter 7

Boc and Friends Comes to a Desert


The trio keeps quarreling until they head the wrong direction and end up in the desert. The desert is actually an alternative route to the destination. It is hot in the desert and nowhere could they find water to drink. The Oryctodromeus starts to dig holes in the desert in search for water. After a few unsuccessful attempts, he manages to dig up a water hole in the middle of the desert. The trio drink the fresh water until they are full before moving on. Jesse, the Oryctodromeus names the water hole, “Jesbocuri Water Hole”.

At the end of the desert, they come to a steep rocky mountain. They have a hard time climbing over the steep mountain. They took a week to cross the rocky mountain before finally coming to the seashore.


Chapter 8

Boc and Friends Crosses the Ocean


Uri knows a whale who can help them and he says to his friends, “I have a whale friend that can help us cross the ocean. I’ll go and make signal noises to him. Let’s see if he response and come to help us cross the ocean.” Uri flies out into the ocean as he calls out for his whale friend. In 3 days, Uri is seen coming back with the Livyatan Melvillei whale.

The three dinosaurs board on the whale. As they rest on the whale’s back, they start to have conversations with each other. They enjoy the cool sea breeze as they watch the blue ocean scenery.

A Tylosaurus suddenly jumps up and snaps up a Pelagornis that is trying to catch a small squid. After a while, a large school of fishes is seen on the ocean surface and a flock of Pteranodon birds quickly swoop down. Each of the Pteranodon birds catches one fish before flying away.

After some time, a giant fish that is a bit smaller than the whale swims up. The giant fish asks the whale, “Why are these guys with you?”. The whale answers, “I am helping to bring these three friends across the Great Sea to a safe land because of the recent seismic disaster in their hometowns. I will be back soon.” The giant fish says, “Oh. I see.” and then he swims away.

A while later, Boc and his friends also saw a group of mermaids and their little ones breaching on the sea. The little ones of the mermaids pointed at the dinosaurs on the whale’s back and see, “Mother. Look. See!”

By and by, the whale would stop at an island where the three dinosaurs can go find some food. The whale would stop by at one island every few days. They would gather all the food they need to last for a few days and come back to the whale.

When they are in the middle of the ocean, a Megalodon shark notice them. The Megalodon shark try to flip and eat the three dinosaurs but the whale make a tale slap and whip it far with its tail. The shark is frightened and quickly swims away to look for an easier prey for lunch.


Chapter 9

Asp Turtles Islands


They then pass through an area of the ocean where there are several asp turtles resting. Some of them look like a rough boulder while others look like a pile of sand dunes with trees on it. The dinosaurs want to ask the whale to stop them there but the whale answers, “My friends. Do not be deceived. These are actually the asp turtles that are getting some rest. Let’s not disturb them.” As the whale swim past, some asp turtles move a bit and change their positions.

Later, the whale catches a giant crab and he asks the dinosaurs to use the hard shell to protect themselves from the cold as he is going to cross the icy ocean. The temperature suddenly drops when the whale reaches the icy ocean but the dinosaurs hide inside the shell so they are protected from the cold.


Chapter 10

Boc and Friends Reach New Homeland


It takes the whale 5 months to fetch Boc and his friend across the Great Sea to the safe land. They are among the first of the dinosaurs that reach the new found home land. When they reach the safe land, they thank the whale and bid him goodbye. Boc finally found his family and is back with them again. The three dinosaurs live closely with each other and their friendship continues.