The Adventures of the Unicorn and Cheetah

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Chapter 1

The Cheetah Rescues a Baby Unicorn from an Elephant Stampede


A large flock of winged unicorns flies together in the sky to a green meadow where they can graze on some grass. They make noises to show their contentment as they graze happily on the meadow. Nearby, there is also a herd of capybaras grazing.

All of a sudden, the peace is gone when a herd of elephant stampede heads towards them. The unicorns become frightened when they hear the loud sound of the elephant foot on the ground and hurry to fly away.

One baby unicorn couldn’t keep up with the flock. It gets trampled by other unicorns in the herd; thereby, injuring both his legs and wings. Its mother has already flown away and she looks down on her baby that is being left behind. A cheetah sees this and takes the initiative to rescue the baby unicorn.

It runs as fast as it can to the baby unicorn and drags its mane hair with its teeth to pull it out of the way of the elephant stampede. Then, the cheetah lowers himself as the baby unicorn tries to stands up and climbs onto its back. The cheetah carries the baby unicorn to its hideout among the jungle.

Chapter 2

The Cockatoos Give Flying Lessons to the Baby Unicorn


In the next morning, two cockatoos fly pass and they saw the injured unicorn with bruised legs and broken wings. The cockatoo tells the cheetah that his partner is good at bandaging wounds and she asks him if he would let her partner helps.

The cheetah agrees so the cockatoo treats the unicorn’s injured legs and broken wings. In the next morning, the cheetah has to go hunting for food and he couldn’t leave the baby unicorn alone.

So, he and the two cockatoos decide to bring the baby unicorn to the wild horses grazing nearby. After that, he goes off hunting. Every time he hunts, he eats the meat at the place where he is hunting and didn’t drag it back to his den. He did not want the baby unicorn to see and gets frightened on the blood from the animal gore. Meanwhile, the baby unicorn enjoys having fun playing with other baby horses in the herd.

When the herd of wild horses moves on, the two cockatoos make sure that the baby unicorn did not follow them because the cheetah would not know where to find the unicorn then. By the time the cheetah comes back, the baby unicorn has already fallen asleep and the cheetah would carry him on his back.

As days passed, the wounds on the baby unicorn’ legs and wings become fully healed. Now, the cockatoos are talking about giving flying lessons to the baby unicorn. It has not fly for many months because of the injury on his wings so it has forgotten how his mother had taught him to fly. The two cockatoos take the baby unicorn to flying lessons every day.

First, they teach the baby unicorn how to fly in circles. It keeps flying in circle until it gets dizzy and nearly fall down from the sky. The cockatoos teach the baby unicorn to fly a short distance before teaching him to fly a longer distance.

The baby unicorn becomes more and more skilled at flying through each flying lesson and he now knows how to fly through holes in structures and buildings.


Chapter 3

The Unicorn and Cheetah Set Out to the Unicorn Land and Their Adventures


When the unicorn grows to adolescent, he likes to steal things from the nearby city. One day, he sees the beautiful chariot of the prince and carries it away. By instinct, the unicorn starts to long for his homeland. His friend, the cheetah wants to accompany him by riding on the chariot.

Together, the unicorn and the cheetah set out on the journey. They first land on a wood but hunters saw the unicorn and try to gun it down. The unicorn hurries to leave when he hears lots of gunshots sound. The cheetah quickly jumps on the chariot and the unicorn flies away from the woods. What a relief that they are now far away from the hunters.

They land on the next woods where there are a few animals there. The unicorn helps them to drill a hole on a wooden machine with his horn. The wooden machine is designed to pull away the stone that covers the well.

It really tires the unicorn out but it makes the animal there happy. To reward the unicorn for his help, they gave him a sea shell horn, which when blown, the ice dragon will come to their help.

The unicorn and the cheetah spend the night there before leaving the next morning. In the next morning, when the unicorn and cheetah left, the animals wave goodbye to them. The unicorn keeps flying until the sky becomes filled with dark clouds and thunders start to roar. The unicorn flies down to look for shelter and he finds a cave.

While in the cave, they hear a lion roaring for pain. The lion whines loudly after getting bitten by a poisonous snake. The unicorn decides to help the lion. He asks the cheetah to grind a bit of the tip of his horn with a stone and then mix it into the rain water to give the lion a drink.

When the lion drinks it, he becomes well again. The lion is grateful to the unicorn’s help. He gave him a seed that can bring out a rainbow bridge.


Chapter 4

The Ice Dragon Comes to Their Help


The unicorn and the cheetah left after the rain is over. They left when the sky is not yet fully clear of dark clouds. Next, they come to a mountain valley that is infested with dragons. When the unicorn is flying pass the valley, some dragons saw them and start to chase after them. They start to spew fire out from their mouth and this causes the unicorn to become panic.

The cheetah blows the sea shell horn that the animals gave him. Suddenly, the ice dragon appears and blows ice that freezes the fiery dragons. The ice has also caused some parts of the mountain valley to become covered with ice. The rest of the dragons stop chasing after them when they see this horror scene.

The ice dragon quickly disappears after the dragons stop chasing after them. The unicorn flies back to see what happened and he is surprised at seeing that the dragons and some parts of the mountains are now covered in a thick sheet of ice.

Chapter 5

The Luminous Insects that Can Lift Any Weight of Objects Up


They continue their journey and come to a beautiful forest where golden sunlight shines through the forest ground. In the forest, they can hear birds singing different kinds of sweet melodies. The trees are laden with an abundant of fruits.

All these make the unicorn and cheetah want to stay to get some rest. While the unicorn goes to graze on grass and eat the fruits, the cheetah heads into the forest to catch a game.

After the unicorn is full, he comes to a river stream to drink some water. Before he manages to lap the water from the stream, five shrimps jump out of the stream one after another.

They dance around in the water and sing about a riddle:
Tiny as housefly,
Bright as firefly,
Strong as behemoth.

After hearing the riddle, the unicorn goes back into the forest and he encounters a swarm of bright insects flying around. The insects chase after the unicorn and the unicorn keeps frolicking around to avoid the insects.

After managing to avoid the insects, the unicorn goes to find the cheetah to help him catch them. The unicorn tells the cheetah about the riddle he heard from the five prawns at the stream.

The cheetah uses a net with a stowaway handle to catch the insects. As the cheetah tries to catch the insects, he was being lifted by the insects up into the air; and then down again as the cheetah struggles to reach the ground. After a few hours, the cheetah manages to catch the insects.

The cheetah tricks the insects into the pouch and zips it up to lock the insects inside. The cheetah’s skin becomes bright as a luminous light when the insects swarm over him and lift him up.  The fluorescent light slowly goes away on the cheetah’s skin after a while.


Chapter 6

The Unicorn Crosses the Rainbow Bridge


After catching the firefly like insects, they left the woods and continue their journey. While the unicorn is flying, he comes across a large flock of brown owls. The owls chase them in circles making the unicorn and cheetah panic.

The unicorn yells back at the cheetah to throw down the seed that they received as a gift from the lion. The cheetah opens his pouch and fumbles around to find the seed. He throws the seed down below the chariot. To his surprise, a rainbow pathway is formed before their eyes.

The unicorn is happy to see the rainbow path and he quickly jumps onto it. The rainbow path disappears immediately when the unicorn jumps on it. At first, the unicorn runs on the rainbow path as fast as he can. But, after running for some time and didn’t see an exit, he becomes disappointed and starts to trot slowly.

After a little while, the unicorn is happy to see some grass at the rainbow path. The unicorn decides to take a rest and munch on some grass to fill his hungry stomach.

After the rest, the unicorn continues walking on the rainbow path until he sees some blue sky in the opening at the end of the tunnel. The unicorn goes through the opening and now they are at a gravel path on the earth again. The unicorn comes to a path with three fork junctions.


Chapter 7

Safe Arrival at the Unicorn Meadow


They take the first junction and arrive at the seaside. The unicorn flies out into the sea with the cheetah in the chariot. Halfway through the journey, the sky suddenly turns gloomy and filled with dark clouds. It starts to rain heavily and the unicorn nearly collapsed out of exhaustion of having to fight the strong wind.

The cheetah remembers about the bright insects that lift him up. He opens the zip pouch and let the insects out. The insects swarm over the unicorn and chariot and carry them to the meadow where large herds of unicorns are happily grazing on the grass. The unicorn and cheetah remain best friends throughout their lives after arriving at the land where unicorns roam freely. They still live and do everything together just like before.

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