The Two Paper Origami Birds that Becomes a Real Birds

Chapter 1

Peter Folds Two Paper Birds – Blue and Pink Origami Birds

Peter, a boy of 9 years of age, runs excitedly to look for his mother as soon as the school bus reaches home. He wants to show her the blue origami bird that his teacher taught him how to fold during the art class at school.

Peter says, “Mom, see this blue origami bird that I’d learned how to fold at school.” Then, he starts to unfold the blue origami bird and folds them back to show his mother how it is to be fold.

His mother caresses his head and says, “Smart boy. OK. Go upstairs to take a bath and then come downstairs to eat your dinner.”

Peter replies, “OK, mom.”

Peter runs upstairs, enters his room and puts the origami bird on the table. Then, he takes a thick square pink colored craft paper and folds it into another origami bird just like the first one.

Just as he is about to finish folding it,  his mother yells, “Hurry up, Peter.” Peter quickly puts aside the pink origami bird on the table and goes straight to take a bath and then he hurries downstairs to take his dinner.

The blue origami bird comes to life and it folds up its head as it tries to get up. After a while, it manages to stands upright on its two feet on the desk. It starts to walk around and says, “What a nice pair of wings, legs, beak, and head I have!”

The pink origami bird also comes to life at this moment and it looks at the blue origami bird as it lays on the desk. It says, “Help me up! I want to be able to stand and walk too.”

The blue origami bird then clumsily uses its wings to help the pink origami bird up so that it could stand upright. Then, the pink origami bird moves its two feet to see if it could walk without falling and she can!

The blue and pink origami bird hop down the desk and flap their wings to see if they could fly. Because this is the first time, they are not used to flying and they drop down from time to time as they fly around the room.

Suddenly, they hear someone’s footsteps on the stairs and the door knob starts to turn. When they realize that someone is entering the room, they quickly fly back to the desk and lay still on the same position where they were left.

Peter comes back to the room to get the two origami birds so that he could show them to his dad, aunt, uncle and cousins who have come over for dinner. While on the dining table, Peter talks a lot about them.

Chapter 2

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Plan for an Escape Through the Open Windows

After the dinner, Peter comes back up to his room. He uses a heavy book to hold down the blue origami bird. He puts the pink one in between the pages of his book. He opens up the window to let in some wind before turning off the light and goes to bed.

At night, after Peter has gone to sleep, the two paper birds try to free themselves so that they could escape through the windows. However they try, they couldn’t move themselves but they get an opportunity when the next morning arrives. In the following morning, when the boy wakes up, he pulls them out from their positions to have a look at them.

Then, he goes to brush his teeth and get prepared for his school. After Peter has left on the school bus, the two paper birds stand to their feet again. The blue origami bird says, “Let’s fly out of the window together!” They flap their paper wings and fly out of the window.

They are still not yet skillful at flying so they drop from time to time. When they finally reach out of the window, they see flocks of birds flying past and they wish they could fly as well as them. The two origami birds fly around in the sky for some time until they are able to fly skillfully without falling.

They feel happy and they enjoy their freedom to be able to fly in the sky. They try flying backward in the sky as the gentle wind breeze blow. They also try to fly in the sky by flapping one wing and then the other wing backward.

A real bird happens to fly past. It dashes high up into the sky, twisting its body around, before falling from a great height in the sky. It then fly around in the sky for some time before flying away. When the two origami birds see this, they imitate the real bird and dash upward into the sky before spinning itself around and fall from the sky.

Chapter 3

The Two Origami Birds Meet the Pigeons

After some time, another flock of bird fly past and the two origami birds decide to follow them. Halfway, they become distracted to all the commotion gathered around the open air parade. In the open air parade, there are animals such as tiger, elephants, hippos, bears and lions doing circus performance.

Nearby, there are some pigeons eating some bread rolls that a bakery store staff put out on the street for them. The two origami birds stop by at where the pigeons are.

One of the pigeons look at the blue origami bird and said, “Want to have some bread? Come on. Have a bite.” The blue and pink origami birds peck at the bread and eat some.

Then, the pigeon ask, “Taste yummy, isn’t it?” The blue paper bird replies, “Mmmm. Delicious! This is the first time I taste bread.”

The pigeon says, “You look different. You are clean and does not have a stink smell like us. We always rummage the garbage in search for food. Today is our lucky day. The baker was generous to give away these bread rolls for us because he did not finish selling them yesterday.”

The pigeon continues, “I have a friend who knows everything.”

The pigeon calls his friend who happens to be nearby, “Charlie! Come over here!”

Charlie, the pigeon could tell what material a thing is made of, for example, he can differentiate between a glass, cardboard, paper, metal. When Charlie comes over and take a look at the two origami birds, he pecks at them to see what they are made of. Pecking at the origami bird does not cause them any pain.

Finally, Charlie, the pigeon, says, “I know what they are made of! They are one of those folded paper birds made from hard craft paper. I wonder how a bird made from craft paper could come to life.”

The blue origami bird says, “Yes. You are right. We are origami paper bird. We come to life after a boy named Peter folded us. We could move around, sing, eat and sleep but we don’t have flesh and blood like a real bird has.”

Charlie, the pigeon replies, “Do you want to be a real bird?”

The pink origami bird say, “Yes. Of course! How?”

Charlie replies, “In the nearby woods, there are some fairies that live there that can give you the answer. But, if you want them to help you, you must be willing to help them in whatever favor they request.”

After the pigeons have ate the bread and full, they fly away. The parade has also ended at this time. With nothing much to see, the blue and pink origami birds also fly away.

Chapter 4

The Five Big Fairies

The two paper origami birds fly and fly until they arrive at the woods. After flying around in the woods for a while, they spot some fairies flying around. The fairies hide behind the leaves of the plants when they see that the paper birds want to approach them. They keep saying among themselves, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird tries to calm down the fairies and says, “We mean no harm. Please don’t be afraid of us. We just want to ask a favor from you.”

One of the fairies comes out from hiding behind the leaf and asks, “What is it?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Me and my friend hope that you can help us to become real birds.”

The fairies start to discuss in small voices among themselves and then they say, “We are small fairies and we can’t help. Only the ones that hold the silver scepters in our kingdom can help you. You see, in our kingdom, there are five fairies that hold the silver scepters. We can take you there and one of them may offer to help you in the favor.”

The fairies bring the two paper origami birds to their kingdom somewhere within the woods. They introduce them to their fairy queen, Queen Susan. Queen Susan says to the two origami birds, “You are welcomed to be the guests in our kingdom. Let one of the five fairies help you in your problem.”

There are five big fairies in the fairy kingdom. The first fairy is a beautiful fairy called Joanna. Joanna may be the most beautiful fairy of all the other fairies in the kingdom but she is proud and she would not help them.

The second fairy called Rachel is a fairy with a good heart but is always busy with her own stuff. Because Rachel is busy, she didn’t help them.

The third fairy called Daisy is a sincere fairy that is sincere about everything that she does. However, Daisy lacks a compassionate heart and she could not reason within herself why she should help the two paper origami birds fulfill their wishes.

The fourth fairy called Ivy is a passionate fairy who does everything with enthusiasm. But, Ivy does not have a good temper and this makes her an unapproachable and disagreeable fairy. The paper origami birds are afraid of Ivy the fairy showing her temper at them so they did not ask her for help.

The fifth fairy called Agnes is an optimistic fairy that loves to help others. Agnes is glad to help the two origami birds and says, “I am giving you 3 pouches of pixie dusts to deliver to the fairies in three different places. If you pass the challenges, you can fly back to me and I will fulfill my promise to the both of you into real birds. Throughout the journey, you must demonstrate perseverance, and humbleness. “

The fairy, Agnes continues with the instruction, “The first pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies that live in the woods of Goran in the northeast. The second pouch of pixie dust is to be delivered to the fairies living in the northwest of the Giants Land. They are lots of them in this region and you should be able to spot them easily. For the third pouch of pixie dust, you must deliver it to the fairies that live in the flower meadows near the Swanhilde Lake in the west where there are a lot of black necked swans.”

Agnes continues, “Every time you deliver a pouch, be sure to collect their signature. I will give each of you a golden locket which the fairy recipient who receives the pouch is to put down his signature.”

She goes on saying, “Your journey may not be smooth and you may face enemies that will try to prevent you from delivering the pouch of pixie dusts. But, you should be able to easily avoid them if you fly fast and know where to hide. Remember, if the both of you persevere to the end, your wish will be fulfilled.”

After that, Agnes gives each of them the golden locket that hangs around their necks and the 3 pouches of pixie dusts. The blue and pink origami birds sets out immediately. The blue paper bird carries the first and second pouch while the pink paper bird carries the third pouch.

Chapter 5

The Two Origami Birds Sets Out to the Northeast

The two origami birds did not know how to go to the woods of Goran since the fairy Agnes did not give any more instruction on it. All Agnes said is that it is a woods in the northeast. So, they heads towards the northeast when they set out.

They fly and fly until they becomes exhausted and fainted on a seashore. When they wake up, they saw thousands of seagulls on the seashore. When on the seashore, the blue paper origami bird asks one of the birds on the seashore, “Excuse me. May I know if you are all a flock that is flying together somewhere?”

The seagull replies, “Yes. We are the Common Black Headed Gull migrating to the northeast for the winter.” The blue origami bird says, “Do you know the woods of Goran in the northeast?” The seagulls replies, “No. I have never heard of it.”

The pink origami bird says, “Can we fly with your flock?” The seagull replies, “Yes, you can fly with us if you want.” Then, the blue origami bird says to the pink origami bird, “May be we can ask someone else there who can point us to the direction of the woods of Goran when we arrive at the land in the northeast.” The pink origami bird replies, “Yes.”

When the flocks of thousands of seagulls set out, the blue and pink origami birds also take off with them. It took them 3 weeks to complete the migration to the northeastern land when its just about time the winter starts.

When they arrive there, they fly around to see if there is any mountain in the area but they couldn’t find any.  They perch on the wire of a telephone post when in come a House Sparrow. The House Sparrow asks the blue origami bird, “How is your day, sir?”

The blue origami bird replies, “Good day to you, sir. We just arrived here after a long journey. We want to go to the woods in Goran. Do you know this place? Can you take us there?” The House Sparrow replies, “Yes. I know this place and it is where I live. Follow me.” So, the blue and pink origami birds follow the House Sparrow to the woods in an area with lots of hills and mountains called Goran.

When they arrive at the woods of Goran, they thank the sparrow bird and they start to look for the fairies. After flying a while, they notice some movement among the wild blueberries bushes. It is the fairies collecting the blueberries in tiny baskets! They fly towards the wild blueberries bush, and when the fairies see their shadows, they are frightened because they have never seen such creatures before.

The two paper birds keep on chasing the fairies when one of them fly to their behind and talk to them, “Are you crazy? Why are you chasing us?” “We have an order from Fairy Agnes of Fairy land to deliver this pouch of pixie dust to your fairies.” The fairy replies, “I see. You can hand it over to me because I am the administrator of the fairies here.”

So, the blue origami bird gives the first pouch of pixie dust to the administrator fairy. Then, he says, “If you accept the parcel, please open the gold locket on my neck and put down your signature.” The administrator fairy signs his signature inside the gold locket and then he left with the pouch.

Chapter 6

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Spend the Winter with the Woodpecker Bird

The blue and pink origami birds fly away and they stop by on a rock. A few small elves riding on the blue jay birds are seen approaching at high speed. The elves want to steal the pouches that they are carrying. It frightens them and they fly as fast as they could. Finally, they outfly the elves on the blue jays. Exhausted, they stop by at some wild edible berries bushes to get some refreshment.

The winter has now started and everywhere it is snowing. They couldn’t travel in the freezing temperature and they have to find some places to spend the winter before continuing their journey. After a while, a woodpecker bird also come to perch on the bush to east some berries.

The woodpecker bird says, “Its freezing cold. Where do you live? You’d better get home fast or you’ll freeze to death.” The pink origami bird says, “We haven’t have any place to live. Can we stay over at your home?” The woodpecker bird says, “Yes. I stay in a tree hole in the woods. You’re welcomed to stay with me until the winter is past.”

Chapter 7

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird’s Journey to the Giants Land

One day, when they and the woodpecker bird are outside foraging for food in the winter, a group of ravens fly into the area at the same time. The ravens are talking among themselves, “That big man is really nasty. He nearly smashes me with his fist but fortunately I was fast enough to fly away and escape.”

The blue origami bird overhears what they are saying and inquire, “Who are you talking about?” One of the ravens replies, “Howey is talking about the big man from the Giants Land. The big bully giant nearly have us all killed when we just eat some of his meats.”

The blue origami bird says, “The Giants Land? Me and my friend have been wanting to go there but we are deterred because of the winter. Now that winter is almost past, can you lead us there?”

The ravens discuss among themselves and most refused to do this favor for they are afraid of the giant. But, one brave raven, called Marty, volunteers to help them. The raven, Marty, says, “I’ll accompany you on your entire trip. I can lead you there and I’ll also lead you back here.”

The blue and pink origami birds inform the woodpecker birds that they want to leave now and then they set out with Marty to the Giants Land. Marty flies high up into an area of the sky that has a lot of clouds with the paper birds following behind. In a moment, they come to the city of the Giants Land. There are many tall big houses and buildings. They can also see a lot of giants going about their daily chores in the city from up above in the sky.

The three of them are tired and they stop by on a field to rest. Having flying continuously for 2 nights, they couldn’t continue the journey anymore and they need to take some rest. The three of them quickly fall asleep.

While they are asleep, a giant happens to pass by and he saw them. He puts the blue paper bird into the left pocket on his waistcoat and the pink paper bird into the right pocket of his waistcoat. As for the raven, he locks it up in a bird cage.

The giant then goes to an inn where he lefts his waist coat and the bird cage to the inn keeper for safe keeping until he comes back. When the origami birds wake up, they are shocked and they keep fluttering their wings until the pocket cover is open. After they escape, they search for his waistcoat for the key to the bird cage and use the key to open the cage to set their raven friend free.

Then, the trio sets out to the northwest to search for the fairies. While there, they spot some fairies collecting nectar from the peonies and pansies flowers in the meadows. The fairies of the Giants Land are much bigger in size and the flowers there are also big in size. The flower fairies are carrying pails for filling the nectar they collect from the flowers.

They approach one of the fairies who ask, “What do you want, sir?” The blue origami bird says, “We have a pouch of pixie dust to deliver to your people.” The fairy replies, “Pixie Dust? Wait for a while.” The fairy goes over to his friend and talk about it.

Then, they call the other fairy, “James! Come over here. There is someone with a pixie dust parcel.” James, the fairy who is second in command to the supervisor comes. James says, “Hand the parcel to me and I’ll pass it on to our supervisor because he is not here.”

The blue origami bird says, “Sir, please leaves your signature in the locket that I wear on my neck.”. After James put down his signature, he passes the second pouch of pixie dust to him. With the second pouch delivered, they now only have one more pouch of pixie dust to deliver.

Chapter 8

The Blue and Pink Origami Birds Go to Swanhilde Lake

After that, the raven lead them back to the earth pass the misty clouds. The winter has just ended by the time they fly back. The snow on the plants and trees are melting and some green grasses could be seen. After they bid the raven goodbye, they sets out for Swanhilde Lake to deliver the third pouch of pixie dust. They came back to the seashore where they first meet the sea gull. This time, there are lots of migratory swans on the seashore. They have all gathered on the seashore to take a swim on the ocean and get some rest before they continue their journey.

There are two flocks of swans on the seashore and the blue origami bird asks a swan from one of the flocks, “Excuse me, do you know where is Swanhilde Lake?” The swan says, “Yes. We are going there in a while.” The blue and pink origami birds are overjoyed when they hear this. They follow the flock of swan when they take off and arrive at Swanhilde Lake by the evening. The next morning, they start to search the meadows nearby for the fairies.

After flying around the daisies in the meadows, they spot some fairies playing hide and seek among the flowers. They also saw fairies collecting flower seeds in bags. When one of the fairies notices the pouch the pink origami bird is carrying, she says, “Look! It is the pouch of pixie dust that we have been waiting for. Let’s call Tim over.”

They call Tim, the administrator of the fairies of the meadows near Swanhilde Lake. When Tim flies over, he approach the pink origami bird and says, “Is the pouch of pixie dust for us?” and the pink origami bird replies, “Yes. Please sign your signature in the gold locket on my neck and I will hand it over to you.” Tim signs his signature on the locket and takes the pouch of pixie dust over happily.

Chapter 9

The Blue and Pink Origami Bird are Transformed into Real Birds!

Then, the blue and pink origami bird set out on another journey back to the Fairyland. When they arrived, they meet Agnes the fairies and show them the lockets with the signatures of the recipient. Agnes keeps her promise and she uses her golden scepter to transform them into real birds.

The blue origami bird is given the name Jake while the pink origami bird is given the name Betty. Jake and Betty later start their own family and they have three chicks together called Ben, Andy and Agnes. Their daughter is named in remembrance of the fairy Agnes who helped them and transform them into real birds.

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