The Story about the Desert Tower that Can Change into Anything

Chapter 1

A Strong Wind Blows and the Steel Tower Changes to Carpet

A tall steel skyscraper tower made of millions of stackable parts that are alive stands on the barren desert. Nearby, there are many giant cactus bearing fruits and a small oasis. The skyscraper loves the provision in its home that makes life comfortable for it. He is satisfied with life just as long as he gets to eat the cactus fruits and drink the fresh water from the oasis.

One day, a strong wind blows so hard that the tower falls with the parts separated on the desert ground. The parts struggle to join back with one another as the strong wind continues to howl and blow in its direction. After struggling for a while in the strong wind, the parts manage to merge back together. This time, it forms into a flexible steel carpet so that all the mini parts can stay together when it is being blown by the wind.

The steel carpet flies pass the desert as it gets blown by the strong wind. There is a group of caravan that is struggling to not get blown away by the desert wind. But, the desert wind is too strong for them to hold on. Eventually, the merchants, their camels and merchandise are carried off by the wind.

Fortunately, the steel carpet is flying pass the area. It is such a coincident that the merchants, camels and their goods land on the carpet. So, now, they are like on a flying carpet that flies pass the desert. The carpet continues to get carried off by the wind until the wind die down.

When the wind finally stops blowing, the carpet lets the caravan down on the land. But, the caravan pleads with the carpet to take them to the desert city which they want to go. This is because they are now too far away and will not be able to make it there on time. The carpet agrees and give them another lift to the desert city. After sending them there, the carpet flies away.

Chapter 2

Tower Changes into Propeller

On the way, there is a group of fighter planes that are practicing. These fighter planes have front propellers. One of the fighter plane’s front propeller stops working. When the carpet sees this, it tries to save the plane by transforming itself into a propeller fan that stuck on top of the plane so that the plane now looks like some sort of a helicopter.

It then fly the plane back to the aircraft carrier ship by following the other practicing jets. After landing the damaged fighting jet, the propeller now detach itself and fly into the sky. As the propeller flies, it comes to the seashore of a small village where fishermen are catching fishes in their small motorboats.

One fisherman, spreads the net into the water after seeing a school of sardines coming up to the ocean surface. To his disappointment, he couldn’t start the motorboat even after starting it several times. When the propeller sees this, it wants to help the disappointed fishermen.

It stuck onto the other end of the boat and zooms to the area where the school of fishes are. As it zooms past the area, the fishing net swoops in a large number of fishes. Once the fishes are caught, the propeller makes its way to the seashore. The fishermen is happy that he catch a lot of fishes that day even though his motorboat failed to work just now.

Chapter 3

Propeller Turns into A Ferry

The propeller detaches itself from the motorboat and flies into the sky. Not long afterwards, the propeller sees a ferry that is fetching people to the other side of the ocean. The ferry is filled with so many people like it is going to sink. The propeller gets an idea to transform into a large ferry to help the people who urgently need to return home or visit someone on the other side of the ocean.

It transforms itself into a ferry and fetches the people round after round until everyone has crossed the ocean to the other side. It now cruises the sea as a ferry. When night comes, it turns on its light. At night, there are 5 people swimming in the sea. They become panic when they saw the fin of a great white shark heading towards them in the water.

When they realize that a shark wants to eat them, they start to scream. The ferry becomes alerted to the scream and decides to save the 5 people. The ferry forms a side branch that resembles a soup spatula with holes underneath and scoops up the 5 people into its ferry. It then head to the ocean seashore to drop them on the dry land.

Chapter 4

Ferry Changes into Submarine

The ferry continues its journey and roams the ocean for several days because it does not know the way back to its home in the desert. It happens to come across a large cruise ship that shows a desert that look like his home on a billboard. The cruise ship is taking the tourists to explore the different deserts.

When it saw this, it wants to follow the large cruise ship. But, to prevent people from noticing it, it transforms itself into a submarine and go under the ocean to follow the cruise ship at a distance.

Chapter 5

Submarine Changes to Winged Airship and then to Three Blue Lines of Steel

When the ship stop, the submarine puts up the periscope to see what is the place where the ship stops. It appears to be a desert and this is what makes the submarine excited. The submarine thought that he has reached home.

It comes up the water and go up to the sky and shake itself like a dog to get rid of the water. Then, it transforms into an airship with a pair of wings, one on each side. The airship flaps its wing happily and flies into the desert land looking for its home. But, it flies and flies all over the desert and still didn’t see the cactus and oasis where the home it used to live has. Sad and disappointed, it flies back to the cruise ship.

At this time, the tourists have descended the ship and exploring the desert with the help of a guide. The winged airship got an idea to transform itself into three blue lines that wrap around the lower part of the cruise ship. When the tourist comes back, they didn’t even notice the blue lines and the cruise ship left the desert to continue its journey to another desert destination.

Chapter 6

Finally Home in the Desert

The cruise ship makes many stops but none of the places that it stops is the home of the stacking parts that can transform into anything. Finally, it decides to stop following the ship. The three blue lines now detach themselves from the ship. Each line forms 3 pairs of wings and flies into the sky.

They become frustrated for unable to find their way home and started to fight. This causes the 3 lines to become entangled into a ball with some of the wings formed just now still visible on the outside. An osprey happens to see it and become curious so it starts to chase it.

This causes the ball to become panic and it starts to fly away fast. After flying a long distance, it finally drops down on an oasis to drink some water. It then realizes that it is now finally home near its favorite oasis and cactus plants.

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