The Story of Hojo and Oukous

Chapter 1

Hojo Steals a Lizard Egg


In a strange world, everything there looks distorted like when you see through a thick glass. The story sets in a woods, with the giraffe like animal grazing. A sea otter like animal called Hojo is running after having stolen an egg of a giant lizard.

The giant lizard chases him on two feet. Hojo runs and runs and then falls down on where the giraffe like animal is grazing because he runs so fast. The egg turns round and round on the ground but he quickly picks it up and continues running. In the dark woods, there are many stone like creatures that can move around on the ground. He keeps on stumbles on them and falls down.

Chapter 2

Hojo is Rescued by His Friend



Fortunately, his friend comes along and fetches him on the back. With the otter like animal riding on his back, he heads to his home hidden behind some bushes in a farm. When the lizard comes to the farm, the farmer there chases it and it has to stop its search and go away.

They make an oven out of some hay that shape like a triangle dome. Underneath, they stack piles of wood sticks and light up fire to cook the egg. When the egg is cooked, they divide it into half and eat together before going to sleep.

Chapter 3

Hojo is Allured by the Fragrant Flower Smell


In the morning, when he wakes up, the entire field is blooming with flower. The flower has a special fragrant smell that can allure the person who smell it. Hojo could not control himself when he sniffs the fragrant flower smell.

He keeps sniffing and sniffing as he walks because he is delighted with the flower smell. A few mischievous animals lay a trap to capture any animal that has been hypnotized by the fragrant flower smell. They capture Hojo as he is the first victim to come in sight.

They tie his hands and legs loosely and throw him among the tree. A porcupine happens to saw him and he shoots his spike at these mischievous animals that are bullying him. When they all scramble away, he shoots his spikes and cut away the ropes that bind his hands and feet. After thanking the porcupine, he continues his journey.

Hojo creates a round house with dry hay and sleep cozily inside through the summer and fall. He survives by eating a type of slimy fish with mane on top and is beige in color. He catches these fishes from the nearby stream. In winter, the snow leaks into his house and he could no longer stay in the house that he made from hay. So, he moves on and find another place to settle in the cold winter.

Chapter 4

Hojo Meets His Bird Friend, Oukous


Hojo comes to a large sheet of ice where a swan like bird  is skating. The bird introduces herself as called Oukous. She tells him she can call her by her nickname, Ouk. He joins the bird in skating and they skate round and round.

A raccoon like animal watches them on top of a snow laden tree when he tries to watch them at a too near distance. He falls down and heap of snow falls down from on top of the tree onto the ice sheet. A large amount of snow piles down at fast speed and hits Hojo and Ouk so that they fall down and injure their ankles.

A tall leg stork like bird happens to come by and he has sympathy with them. He takes them both to his home and apply bandages to their wounds. He and his wife nurse them back to health. When they recover, they go skiing together but Hojo got an accident while skiing. Oukous skis at an even faster speed so she couldn’t stop over to help his friend.

In the winter, the weather gets freezing cold, and Oukous starts to shiver as she wander around. Fortunately, she encounters a kind mouse. The mouse is the same height as her, about 3 feet tall. She invites her to her cozy home under the ground.

In her house, the furniture are objects that she has stolen from others. While at the mouse home, the bird snuggles up near the fire and the mouse serves the sweet pine berry pie that she made herself. She also plays some music on a music instrument to make her feel even warmer in the winter.

Chapter 5

Hojo Reunites with Oukous


In the mean time, his friend, Hojo, who got an accident during skiing has fainted. A few bird of other species with tight light blue feathers come and rescue him. When he recovers, one of them carries Hojo with the claws and fly him across the sky. During flight, he saw his friend, Oukous with the mouse, and tell the birds flying in the sky to land.

The birds land down but a animal with floppy elephant like ears is walking at the same spot where the bird is coming to land. The bird collides with the animal with floppy ears. This causes both of the animal with floppy ears and the bird that is landing to fall down. Panic, the baby animal with the floppy ear and his father release a purple gas.

It is an automatic reaction when they are panic. The gas causes Hojo to faint. The bird that carries Hojo has flown away in time before the purple gas is released. When the kind mouse comes, the baby animal with floppy ears and his father tell her to take Hojo home since she is also keeping another guest.

Hojo is glad to have found his bird friend when he wakes up. The next morning, the same flock of bird that carry Hojo previously fetch both him and his bird friend back to the other continent where they are having summer.

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