The Story of How Kiru Saves the Land of Lirana from a Dragon

Chapter 1

Giant Golden Eagle Rescues a Baby


A couple who just had a newborn baby comes back to their hometown to visit their parents. They arrive in their horse carriage at sunset and spent three days there. On the fourth day, they arose early in the morning as soon as the sun is up. They put all their things onto the horse carriage and start their way home.

There are two routes that they can take to return home – one route is the route that requires them to travel on a longer journey to reach home while the other route is a shortcut route. Though both routes look like it is safe to travel on them, the second route which is the shortcut route is actually dangerous to travel on. Crooks often ambush and hide among the trees and bushes on the route to rob unsuspecting victims that are not aware of their presence.

The couple who is unaware about this decides to take the second route so that they could reach home faster. While the couple is traveling on that route, some crooks in ambush notice them and come up to the middle of the road to stop their horse carriage. The couple carries a bag of gold coins with them. The crooks go through all their belongings and take away everything of value including their gold coins.

After that, they decide to kill the couples so that no one will know that they rob them. Just as they are about to kill the baby, a large golden eagle swoop down and uses its talons to scratch the hand of the crook that is wield with the knife. The crook’s hand now injured drops the knife.

Realizing the danger in facing the fierce eagle, the crook runs away with other bandits on the horseback as fast as possible. The eagle wastes no time to rescue the baby. It lifts the baby off with its two feet and fly away to its hideout in a cave on top of a steep cliff. The eagle raises the boy in the cave and gives him the name Kiru.


Chapter 2

Kiru Learns How to Hunt


The boy is often seen riding on the eagle’s back in the sky. He enjoys the wind that blows against his face when he is riding on the eagle. He also enjoys the beautiful scenery of the mountains, streams, and jungles seen from the sky while he is riding on the eagle. Every time, when he ride on the eagle back and the wind blowing against him, he would say “Wheee!”.

Kiru and the eagle would go hunting together every day. Thus, the boy grows up to be a strong and muscular man that possesses good hunting skills. One day, the eagle lands on a field where there are a lot of bushes nearby. A large cobra that is hiding in the bush saw the boy and wanted to attack him.

Before the cobra could sneak near the boy and spit its poison at the boy, the eagle notices it and quickly flew up to defend him. The eagle engages in a bloody fight with the cobra and it is quickly feeling exhaustive. On seeing this, the brave boy grabs the cobra and hits it hard against a big rock several times before it dies. He then ties the cobra into a knot and pulls it hard until the intestines spills out.

The boy remains living with the eagle even after he has grown up. They often get away stealing fishes caught in a fishing net left on a boat at the sea. Then, they would come back hunting again in a few days. They also regularly hunt ducks together.

Kiru would use his bow and arrow to shoot three or four ducks flying in the sky and the eagle would catch them with its talons. Kiru could run fast and he would always catch up with the eagle by jumping onto its back. When they are not hunting, they would race with each other.

At one time, he chases after the eagle through a series of cliffs. He jumps over one gap after another and at last when he came to a large gap in between two cliffs, he made a flip and jumps over the gap and then steps on the rock and jumps onto the eagle back.

Chapter 3

Tornado Carries Kiru to Enchanted Land


One day, the boy is riding on the eagle as usual when a strong tornado wind happens to sweep by. The eagle and the boy are spun round and round in the tornado wind. Eventually, the boy is separated from the eagle and he is carried away into a far away land where everything is enchanted. In the enchanted land, all floras have the ability to talk including trees, grasses and flowers.

The boy is landed on a field grown full of grass and he is shock to find himself in a place that he did not recognize when he awakens. The grasses tell him that he has been unconscious and lying down there for many hours. The grasses want to know if he is all right. The boy asks where he is and the grasses answer that he is in the land of Girana.

Everything in the land seems to be happy – the grasses, trees and flowers are always singing. Little did the boy know that the land is the passageway to another world in which he is on a mission to set free. As the boy walks along, he feels hungry and there happens to be some fruit trees loaded with ripe fruits nearby. One fruit smiles and it says “Are you hungry? Eat me”. He listens to the fruit and went ahead to pluck and eat it.

After a while, he finds a black bear sitting and eating honey from a stolen honey bee hive. The black bear asks him if he wants some and the boy said yes. So, they sit together to eat the honey. On the way, he meets a few tall mushrooms and the mushroom said, “Take me, use me as your shield to block the dragon’s fiery fire”. The boy plucks the mushroom and carries it on his back.

Next, he comes to a clear stream where he could see some salmon fishes swimming near the water surface. The fishes says to him, “Look under that rock and you will find a magical blow pipe that could stir up tornado wind.” The boy rolls over the rock and digs the soil underneath it to find the magical blow pipe exactly as the salmons have told him. He puts the magical blow pipe in his arrow bag.

After that, he walks on and comes to a muddy area with two plank boards below. He steps on them to walk over the muddy area and the two plank boards said, “Ouch, don’t step on us!”. The boy said, “Oops, I didn’t know.” The two plank boards said “Take us with you. You will find us useful on the way.” The boy listens to the plank boards and ties them to his back.

After a while, the boy meets a large raven who says, “Walk on and you will find a brick house with two doors. The front door is a golden door while the back door is a wooden door with metal hinge. Open the wooden back door and you will find yourself in the land of Lirana that is under the power of an evil five headed dragon with ten horns.

To slay the dragon, you must take this sapphire knife and cut off each of the dragon’s head and horn. You must quickly cut off all the heads and horns as they can quickly grow back and multiply. After cutting off its heads and horns, you must use the sapphire knife to stab its heart. It is only after cutting off the dragon’s heads and horns that its skin will be soft enough for you to stab the heart and kill it.”

The boy takes the sapphire knife from the raven and he continues on his way. He finds a brick house with a golden front door and wooden back door as the raven said. He did not take one look at the beautiful golden door and went ahead to open the wooden back door. As soon as he opens it, the door closes and locks by itself.


Chapter 4

Challenges Ahead in the Deep Forest


When Kiru opens the door, he comes to a deep jungle with trees and plants around him. There are mosquitoes everywhere when he is walking in the jungle. In this part of the jungle, there is a type of insect that can spit poisonous dart called poison dart fly. At first, 4 or 5 poison dart flies fly past and spit poisonous darts at him but he manages to dodge it with the mushroom shield.

The poison dart flies then regroup themselves and form into a large swarm that contains at least one million flies. The large swarm of flies flies towards Kiru in horror. Seeing the flies approaching from afar, Kiru quickly takes out the magical blow pipe and blows it. A tornado wind instantly appears and blows away the insects to a faraway place.

After he gets rid of the poison dart flies, he continues walking and is soon spotted by a few bugs that have the ability to form into balls. Some bugs have combined together and rolled into a few balls to surround the boy. Kiru does not know what to do and he try kicking them to make them go away.

The bugs instead form into a bigger ball and fly up in screeching sound to attack him. He plucks small bits of the magical mushroom and stuck them into his ears to prevent the screeching sound from hurting his ear. He then pulls out the magical blow pipe and blow it. A tornado is stirred up to carry away the bugs and he no longer see them around him anymore.

Kiru keeps on walking until he reaches the edge of a mountain with steep hill. The entire steep hill is covered with slippery black sand. Kiru remembers about the two planks that he is carrying on his back all along the way and he takes them out. He ties a rope over his two feet to hold them on the boards while skiing down the hill.

The hill is slippery and he has to ski zig zag to dodge the trees. After that, he jumps over some boulders before coming to a part of the hills that is filled with spikes. To pass through the spiky area, he has to ski on one leg. Then, he skis pass the area of the hill that has a lot of deep holes. Finally, he flips over a river that has jumping fish with sharp teeth to arrive on the bank at the other side of the river.

After he has passed over the river, he saw a castle but it is actually a trick image created by a witch to trap him. When he continues walking, he meets a dwarf who said, “Don’t be fooled by the castle that you just see. It is actually a trick image created by a witch to trap you. If you want to reach the castle where Tiluvia, the evil five headed dragon stay, you will need to pass through a valley in the mountains of Yirandel.

After passing the valley, you will see five paths. The first path is made of gold. The second path is made of silver. The third path is made of brick. The fourth path is made of stones. The fifth path is made of diamond. You are to take the path that is made of stones if you want to arrive at the castle.”


Chapter 5

Kiru Slays the Five Headed Dragon


Kiru takes the path made of stone and he finally arrives at the castle where Tiluvia the five headed dragon lived. He goes into the castle and walks from one chamber to another to search for the dragon. In the third chamber, he finds a beautiful maiden with golden long hair tied in two braids. Kiru immediately falls in love with her when he sees her beauty.

The maiden said. “Before you can set me free, you need to kill the five headed dragon Tiluvia. He lives in the chamber on top of the tower of the castle.” When Kiru reaches the tower and enters into the chamber, he find a large dragon asleep and snoring. He tries to use the sapphire knife to stab him but the knife won’t go through. This is because the dragon is covered with hard scales that act as armor.

The moment he tries to stab the dragon, he awakes and is fiery to see him there. Kiru then remembers that the raven said he must first cut off its head and horns. The dragon spits fire at him and the whole place started to burn. The dragon then flies out of the window. Kiru grabs onto its tail and also goes out of the window at the same time.

He climbs onto its spiky back and tries to cut off its five heads one by one. After he cuts off the first head, the dragon shakes and he fall. However, he fortunately manages to cling onto one of the dragon’s neck. He makes one large swing with his sapphire knife and cuts off the remaining four heads before plunging the knife into its heart. He then climbs up to its back before the dragon’s body crashes onto the ground.


Chapter 6

The Eagle Comes to Fetch Kiru


With the dragon is slain, Kiru goes into the first chamber to get the maiden. At this time, the eagle that has been searching for him has arrived at the castle. He fetches Kiru and the maiden back to the world through a portal way in the sky. The eagle flies up to the sky and continues flying until he sees the red beacon from the light house. It keeps on flying and it finally reaches the sea where he and Kiru often steal fishes in fishing net from fisherman.


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