The Story of How the Aliens of a Planet Save Themselves from Intruders

Chapter 1

Attack by Aliens from another Planet


On a far away planet, there live aliens that live inside houses that are made of plants with layers of leaves. The plant can remove its root from the ground and walk on its own. The special thing about this plant is that the aliens can carve out the inside of the plants and make it their home.

The benefit of staying in the plant is that it prevents enemies from spotting them. The plant is like a camouflage; no one knows someone live inside the plant. The leaves that form the layers of the plants can act as windows and the alien living inside can pull it up and down to open and close it.

One day, aliens from another planet decide to come and conquer the planet. They travel all the way from their planet to this planet with a mother ship. The mother ship could camouflage itself against anything. They make the ship camouflage as the sky of that planet which looks like a 3D ring around the planet. This is because the planet has one thick ring that can be seen in the sky at all times.

The mother ship parks itself in the sky and then opens the entrance door. When the door open, the long air stair starts to extend and reach downward to the ground surface. There is a red carpet in the middle of the air stair. So, when the air stair extends longer and longer downward, the red carpet also rolls down on and on. The air stair of the mother ship is flexible. It can roll and curl to swallow the round plant house where the aliens of the planet live.

When the air stair reaches the surface, it starts to scoop up the round plant house and gets them rolled back into the mother ship. When these plant houses are forced to roll into the mother ship, they try to run forward up the path and go back down to the planet’s surface.


Chapter 2

Alien Plants Fights Back Against Intruders


The aliens now know that their planet is under attack and they must do something to stop the attack. The plant house they are living in quickly uproot itself from the ground and join together to form two rows of tall vertical posts.

The alien living in one of the plant houses pours a special solution onto the root on the side of the plant so that it grows longer and longer until it becomes something like a hand. The root hand then reaches onto the air stair and pulls it hard to tear it down. When the stair gets torn down, the captured plants roll back down onto the planet surface.

The mother ship now releases a few smaller spaceships that shape like shields to attack them. The smaller spaceships shoot missiles but the plant’s root hands are fast in holding the missiles and throwing them back. This causes the small spaceships to explode.

One of the stacked plants then uses its root hand to capture and tie up the small spaceships that are still flying. Another stacked plants helped by using its root hand to complete the net pattern and they pull the net backwards counting one, two and three and hurl the net of small spaceships onto the mother spaceship so that it causes one part of it to become damaged.

The leader of the mother ship finally decides to surrender. He and all the subordinates of the mother spaceship come out through the small openings under the spaceships. They wore a device with spinning propeller on the head that help them to land on the surface safely. The leader pretends to make peace with them but he then aims up a rope gun with sharp barb on the end towards the plants.


Chapter 3

Bouncy Ball Hails Destroys Enemy Aliens


At this time, a hail storm starts to take place. The hail storm releases small and large balls of hails. These balls of hails are bouncy. The plant houses are protected from these bouncy hails because they have a natural bouncy surface.

If the hail balls hit the plant, they will bounce off quickly. The bouncy hail balls will melt at the heat of the day. The leader shoots the rope gun with barbs at the stacked plant but the plant’s root hand catches the rope. It pulls the rope and quickly turns round and round until the alien leader is now bound in coil of ropes and lying on the ground. Suddenly, a bouncy ball hail from the storm hits the alien’s leader and squashes him.

The stacked plant’s then uses its root hand to capture the subordinates one by and one and glues them onto the bouncy ball. The glue is poured by one of the planet’s alien resident. The bouncy ball rolls and rolls and squashes all the subordinates.

Meanwhile, the bouncy balls have been hitting the mother ship down and down until it drops onto the ground and explodes.


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