The Story on How the Treasure Hunter Finds Treasures

Chapter 1

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Treasure Chest

A treasure hunter is digging the ground for treasure, when to his surprise, he finds a treasure chest. He opens the treasure chest and finds that there is a map that shows the direction to the place where the real treasure can be found. It is a simple map that uses arrows to point which direction to go starting from the spot where the treasure box is found.

In the treasure chest, there are also some diamonds scattered around and a plate of gold coins. The gold coins on the plate are stuck together after being in the chest for a long time. The treasure hunter tries in vain to pull out one of the coin from the lump of gold coins on the plate. Finally, he gives up and just toss the plate of gold coins, and diamonds into his rucksack.

He holds the treasure map in his hand and starts on his journey to the place where he can find the treasure. The first direction on the map is to go north so he starts to walk north. After some time, he passes through an enchanted village. There is a river nearby and a crocodile who just come up from the river is heading this way.

When the crocodile sees him, it crawls faster and wants to snap him down. The burlesque treasure hunter is not a bit afraid of the crocodile. He boldly takes out his axe, grabs the crocodile and falls the axe on the crocodile head.

The crocodile now lays still on the ground and dead. The treasure hunter thinks for a while and then he decides to skin the crocodile because the crocodile skin could be of use to him. He wants to sew the crocodile skin into a bag for holding the treasures. He takes out his knife and starts to skin the crocodile from the neck to the tail.

Chapter 2

The Treasure Hunter Trades with the Dwarf

After that, he heads to the river to wash the crocodile skin. At the river, he decides to swing his fishing rod and catch some fishes for lunch. He attaches a worm bait to his fishing rod and swings it into the water. Not long later, a fish is caught on the fishing hook. It appears to be a special fish – a fish that can becomes invisible when taken out of the freshwater.

The treasure hunter is confused – he thought he just saw a fish on his fishing rod and now he is not seeing anything. As the sun is setting, he has no more time to waste at the river and he decides to moves on. He feels that it is strange his fishing rod feels heavy but nothing can be seen on it. Meanwhile, the invisible fish is still hanging on the fishing rod.

The treasure hunter puts his fishing rod back into his rucksack that he is carrying on his back and continues the journey. After a while, he comes across thirteen dwarfs who are traders. They have a cart that has all kinds of magical stuff they trade with others.

The dwarfs are skipping and singing,

“We are thirteen little dwarfs,

We come full of treasures,

Do you want to exchange your stuff,

Exchange your stuff with us

and it will make your day!”

One of the dwarfs thought he smells the smell of a rare fish and he stops the treasure hunter. He says, “Sir, would you like to exchange your fish? You can take anything from our cart”. The treasure hunter replies, “Fish? I haven’t caught any.” The dwarf replies, “The fish hanging on your fishing rod at your back.” Then, the dwarf fills a container with water and put the fish in it.

Now, the treasure hunter sees the fish and he is surprised. The treasure hunter takes a look at the cart that is filled with all kinds of magical stuff. He decides to choose a pipe that he can blow into something like red orange clouds that appear at sunset. The red orange clouds will allow him to ascend up to the sky like staircase. This is because the treasure map seems to show that the treasure is located in a place high above the clouds.

He also exchanges one of the diamonds he found in the treasure chest with a shield that can return back whatever the enemy unleashes. With the diamond, he also got a bargain of a leather pouch made from super tough material that the dwarf said can hold anything including things that cannot be hold such as air and light. After that, the treasure hunter continues his journey.

Chapter 3

The Poisonous Mushroom With Emanating Blue Light

It is starting to get dark and he comes to a place where there is a large mushroom. The mushroom is actually a carnivorous plant. Under the mushroom cap, it emanates a blue light. Anything that goes under the blue light will withers and dries out in a few minutes. When it absorbs into the ground, the mushroom will suck the nutrients.

On top of the mushroom, there are also many small spikes. A squirrel happens to go under the mushroom cap and the blue light exposes on it. The squirrel quickly dies and withers and the mushroom eats it. Seeing this, the treasure hunter dares not go under the mushroom to find shelter. But he did takes out his leather pouch and store some of the blue light as he figures out it can be used as a weapon against his enemies.

The treasure hunter then goes over to another large leaf plant located in a distant. He found a group of buttons mushroom under one of its leaf. The button mushrooms try to run away but he manage to catch them and use them to make mushroom soup. Early the next morning, he wakes up and continues his journey.

Chapter 4

The Treasure Hunter Finds a Magical Flower

The treasure hunter comes to another place where the temperature is higher. The flowers and plants there seems like they are wilting and drying out. One of the flowers jumps up too high and falls onto the ground. Then, it tries to jump up again to catch the treasure hunter’s attention. It then makes an upside down flip and walk on its petal.

It starts to sing a song,

“The red hot sun is baking me,

My leaves! my stem!

They are shriveling

Rolling Rolling Tum Tum Tum,

Take me with you, Take me with you,

Useful I will be to you

Wise advice I will give,

to help you find the treasure you seek.”

Chapter 5

Attack of the Sorcerer and His Five Dragons

Another day has passed and he continues his journey. On the way, a flock of bird flies past and they say, “Dangers. Dangers ahead. Watch out.” The treasure hunter is not afraid of the warnings the birds give and he finally comes to a valley where he is faced with a sorcerer and 5 flying dragons.

The sorcerer says, “I won’t let you pass through the valley unless you can beat me and the five dragons.” The treasure hunter takes out his shield and starts to defend himself from the fires spew out by the dragon and the lightning bolts the sorcerer unleashes. With the help of the shield, the fire returns back to the dragons and burn them to death. The lightning bolt returns back to the sorcerer and electrocute him to death.

Chapter 6

The Treasure Hunter Found the Treasure!

Finally, the treasure hunter comes to a region with a lot of green hills around. When he lifts his head up, he could see that there is something above and he thinks this might be the place that the treasure map is talking about. He blows the pipe and red orange clouds that can be ascended and climb on appears. No one will be able to tell that these are fake or real clouds when seen from afar.

The treasure hunter ascends one cloud and then uses the pipe to blow another cloud out until he reaches the top. When he reaches on top of the sky, the magical flower instructs him to go into the cave where he will find the treasure that he is looking for. The flower also warns him about the miniature green snake dragons that dwell in the cave. There are several of these green snake dragons guarding the treasures in the cave.

The treasure hunter enters into the cave on top of the sky. When the snakes saw intruders, they make hissing sound and open their mouth wide to try and bite him. The treasure hunter takes out the pouch of blue light and expose it to the ferocious green snake dragons so that they quickly wilt and die.

The treasure hunter then fills as many of the gold, diamonds and jewelries that he can carry into his large bag and carry it on the back. After that, he heads to the clouds and climbs down safely on the ground. With this much treasures, the treasure hunter don’t have to work anymore. He uses the gold he found to buy a big house and hire several servants to do everything for him.

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