The Ten Miniature Jewel Swans

Chapter 1

The Ten Jewel Swans are Stolen



On a fair afternoon, Jim Roberts wearing a black mask enters into a shop to carry out a robbery. He is wielded with a gun in his hand. As soon as he enters the shop, he points the gun at the first person that he sees and rob him. The person rashly take out everything in his pockets to him.

Next, he turned to the cashier and ask him to open the cashier machine. The cashier shivers all over his body as he open the cashier drawer and take out all the money to him. The robber puts all the cash in a bag.

After that, Jim walks to the glass cabinet behind the cashier. He breaks the glass and take the 10 swans that are made from precious stones. The eyes of the swans are made from diamonds.

The five flight feathers are made from different colors of precious stones including red, green, yellow, blue, and orange. The part to the flight feathers is made from a piece of precious stone. For this part, the stone color is different for each swan.

Next, he also forces the staff there to open the locked drawers so that he could steal all the stuff in it. Finally, he breaks the shopfront windows before driving his red car away. When the police arrive, they told them that they suspect that the person who rob them is a close relative because he talks and behave like him.


Chapter 2

Investigation on the Ten Missing Jewel Swans Case


The police asks his brother George to help in the investigation. He calls his brother and tells him that he will come visit him at his home the next day. However, the next day, when he arrives at his home, he is not there.

Next, Jim goes to the place where he work but he is also not there. After a few days, he finally found him. He told him that he was not at home or the workplace because he has been away to visit a sick friend.

When he told him about what happens at the relative’s shop, he didn’t talk much about it which shows that he does not have much interests in the subject.

One day, he goes to the man’s house and found some small pieces of jewels that look just like the ones on the swans on the dining table. Immediately, a suspicious thought comes into his mind and he think that he may have broken them into small pieces to resell them.

Another person opens the door and enter. He was relieved that it wasn’t his brother. The person, who is a police, in charge of the case, quickly sweep in them into a pouch. Both of them exit the house together.

The person take the pieces of jewels to a lab to examine it. The person who examine it says that there is a high chance that these jewels are the same ones from the swans.

Unfortunately, after he examine it, he believes that those pieces do not belong to the stolen swans decors. One day, they found a pair of gloves that have some blood stain and immediately they suspected it.

They are close to come into the resolution that he is the one that commit the crime. But, in the end, after examining the gloves, they believe that the gloves aren’t evidence that he is the one that commits the crime.


Chapter 3

The Swan Shape Spaceship


Finally, when George could no longer be patient, he accuses his brother Jim that he is the one who carries out the robbery and steal the expensive swan decors that are made from expensive stones. They start to argue back and forth until the brother, whom they suspect is the criminal, drive away his car rashly.

The police seeing this suspects that he is the criminal because he thought only a criminal who wants to escape would drive away so fast on the highway. He got into his police car and turn on the siren and chase him around the city.

Jim feels panic when police chase down his car and he starts to drive nervously. His car hit the traffic light and smoke comes out of the front hood. He quickly get down to ran away. He runs and runs and fall down once as he was being chased by the cops behind.

His friend, Louis Howerson come in a car and he quickly got into it. Jim hides at his friend place for a few days. During this time, the police sets up road traps all over the city and it is not safe for them to get out of the city by car.

When in hiding, he figures out he would incorporate the jewels on the exterior of a spaceship that he is building. He and his friends launched the spaceships into the sky and they start to zap monuments and buildings from the earth.

The monuments which they had zap were put in an enclosure in their spaceship to make a miniature city model. There are news of reported missing monuments in different countries around the world.

Then, they hide their spaceship under the sea. They first disguise as a coral where fishes always think that they are real coral and hide in them. But, when the fish came, they suck in the fish and put them in an aquarium in their spaceship. Then, they decide to park their spaceships inside a whale because the police are now searching under water for them.

The whale agrees to let them stay inside its stomach for a while. While inside the whale’s stomach, they catch fishes that the whale has swallowed. They caught too many fishes and the whale keeps feeling hungry even after swallowing so many fishes.

So, the whale decide to get rid of them. He make a loud blow from his nostril on top the head and they came out. Now, they have to camouflage themselves under the sea.

Chapter 4

A Submarine is Zapped

Once, they come across a submarine. The submarine capture them and suck them in. When suck in, there is a guy that sits in front of a desk with lots of computer systems. He turns over on his computer chair and want to do research on the swan shape spaceship.

However, they successfully manage to zap the scientist into the miniature model in its spaceship. Now, a few scientists came in after the scientist has gone missing. They try to use tools to open the spaceship but the robber and his friend make those tools

The scientists wonder how those tools disappear and then they zap them into its spaceship too. Finally, they quickly escape from the same door which they are sucked into the submarine. The submarine has been looking for the swan shape spaceship from that onwards.

But, they manage to hide by changing their spaceships into different shapes like octopus, fish that look similar in a school of fish, crab and large fish. No matter what the spaceship transform into, there is always magnificent sparkles from the jewels that can be viewed from different sides.

One day, they decide to zap the entire submarine into a small model on their spaceship. They create like a miniature model on their spaceship where they store everything they zap. The people still live inside the mode but they have shrink to become small size like thumb size. In the end, they fly out into the outer space and wander around the galaxy.

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