The Three Thieves Who Steal the Treasure Chest

Chapter 1

Two Thieves Break into a House to Steal a Chest of Gold and Silver


At midnight, a man arrives at a house in a dark blue hatchback sporty car. At the same time, there are also three persons that arrive in a white van that is parked far away from the dark blue hatchback sporty car. They have also come with the intention of stealing the gold and silver bullion bars in the house. The roof on top of the house is red in color but the roof that covers the front porch is gray in color.

The man that arrives in the dark blue hatchback sporty car wears a black mask over his head to prevent others from seeing his face. With a pry bar, he pries open the front door and enters into the house. He holds a metal detector and walks around to look for the chest of gold and silver which should be hidden somewhere inside the house.

He walks to the kitchen where there is a stairs down to the wine cellar below. At this time, the gold/silver detector starts to make the beeping noise at a faster rate. The fast beeping sound from the gold/silver detector indicates that he is coming near to the treasure chest that he is looking for.

The man opens the square wooden door on the floor and descends down the stairs to the kitchen wine cellar. At the underground wine cellar, there is a glass cupboard with wooden planks lining at the bottom. He uses his pry bar to pry open the first wooden plank at the bottom of the glass cupboard. Upon removing the plank, he is glad to see a large wooden chest inside.

He lies face down on the floor and pulls it out; with his other hand grabbing onto the wooden plank flooring to give him strength to pull it out. At last, when he opens the wooden chest, he is in awe to see that it is filled with silver and gold bullion bars. The chest has more gold bullion bars than silver bullion bars. He holds one of the gold bullion bars in his hand and kisses it.

Suddenly, someone who is also wearing a black mask as well as a pair of hand gloves comes from behind and uses his two hands to strangle the man. He tries to fight back, using his two hands, holding onto the strangler’s hands and trying to release them from his neck. The strangler then hits his head against the wall several times so that his head bleeds and he passes out.

He goes upstairs and onwards to the master room. He opens the drawers and found a gun, and hand grenade. He thought it is a real hand grenade which might be of some use when he goes on another mission to steal treasures. He didn’t know that it is actually a toy grenade. He also takes out the clothes from the dresser which he later uses to bind their mouths, hands at the back and feet.

Next, he goes upstairs and whistles for his two friends in the van to come over and help carry the chest. Before leaving, he lays a gun down nearby the man that he had knocked out. He also pour out some marbles on the floor near to the front door.

Chapter 2

The Neighbor Calls the Police about the Burglary


The neighbor living opposite sees them carrying out the chest and calls the police. Her husband argues with her not to call the police because he is afraid that they may get killed for doing that. Nevertheless, she makes the phone call to the police and she also calls the fire engine.

The reason why she calls the fire engine is that she fears the thieves have installed bombs in the house that will make it explode and goes up in flame. The theft was carried out during the midnight around 4 o’ clock. The policemen and fire engine didn’t come immediately and only arrive at around 8 o’ clock.

At 8 o’clock, a few policemen arrive and the fire engine arrives. Upon arriving, the police informs the fire engine driver that there is no fire at the house so he turns around and returns to the fire station. The fire engine driver scolds the neighbor for making a false call while he is driving the fire truck back to the fire station because she had wasted his time driving all the way there.

Two policemen enter the door first. They didn’t look at the ground while walking and they trip over as soon as they walk over the marbles that have been strewn all over the floor. One of them suffers a broken ankle while the other suffers a broken arm. On the floor, there are also messes of mud which indicates the footstep track of the thief who stole into the house earlier.

They follow the messes of the mud on the floor and found the man knocked out in the wine cellar. They carry him on a stretcher to an ambulance and sends him to the nearby hospital. They also found the master of the house that is bound in the mouth, back of the hand and feet. The master of the house has already awaken and he is struggling to free himself. They free him and he tells them how fortunate he is that the thief didn’t kill him.

The policemen collect samples of the blood, marbles, and gun. They have also checked the drawers and the owner of the house tells them what items are missing including the gun and toy grenade. His friend comes into the house and reminds him about his advice that he should not have kept the bullion at home but at a safer place like the bank.

When he asks how fast the police can capture the thief, the police says it depends as they have a long backlog of criminal cases to handle. Because of this, he decides to hire a detective to hunt down those who have stolen the chest of gold and silver bullion bars.

Chapter 3

A Detective is Hired to Hunt Down the Thieves that Steals the Gold and Silver Bullion


He hires a detective for $1300 pound and offers a reward of the same amount to anyone who can find the thieves. The name of the detective is Mark VIII IX, that is Mark the 89th. It is a strange name and not many people have this kind of name. Mark VIII IX is one of the leading detectives in England and he has made a name for himself by helping to uncover many difficult crimes.

He always manage to solve a crime that he takes on within a few months. One day, the detective is shopping for groceries at the open market and he saw the same marbles falling out of a man’s pocket. Immediately, he suspects that he is the thief that had broke into the house and stole the treasure chest. He follows him to his house and sneaks in while he is out.

He sees a gold bar and a note from his friend saying that they are going to rob the bank at 12 o’ clock in the afternoon tomorrow. He informs the police about the note that he has read. The man and his friends really did come to rob the bank. The policemen quickly come out of their ambush and capture them.

During interrogation, he says that he is not the one that they are looking for. When asked where he gets the marbles, he says he bought them from the stationery shop. He visits the stationery shop but didn’t find anything there. When he comes down, he sees a boy playing the marble on the floor.

When asked where he gets the marbles, the boy points to the trash can opposite. He topples over the trash can so that garbage are strewn all over. He found the marbles, worn out boot with dried up mud underneath, a pair of dirty gloves with some stains of blood and the toy grenade.

There happens to be an old woman collecting trash nearby and he asks her who throw the marbles. The woman told him that its the man living at the house in front of him. He enters into the house by through the windows because they are not locked.

When inside the house, he sees jars of gold coins on the racks and he also sees a collection of DVDs that contains the secret plans that he and his friends have set up in carrying out all kinds of thieves. He pops open in one DVD into the DVD/RW ROM  of the computer in the hall and found the map to the secret passage in his home. He follows the map and found out that there is really a secret room behind the bookcase doors.

The detective manages to find the chest of gold and silver bullion in a hewn out rectangle hole beneath a wooden chest. The wooden chest that is seen on top does not contains anything itself. In the secret passage room, there are also many other treasures hidden in many different places and all of them are recorded in details on the DVD/RW ROM.

The detective calls the police and they come to surround the house. The policemen search everything in the house and find out all they could about the thieves. Meanwhile, the thief and his friends have already fled the country upon learning about it. The police didn’t know about it and they continue to stay ambush around the house. But, after a week, they start to get suspicious when they still didn’t see them coming back to the house.

From the DVD collection, they open up each of the secret section in the secret passage where different types of stolen valuables are stored. They contact the real owners whom these stolen valuables belong to and tell them that they have found what they had lost for many years. They are astonish as they thought they will never recover their valuables anymore. The detective is given a handsome reward of $3,500 pound by the police department for his effort in discovering these stolen treasures.

Chapter 4

The Detective Tracks Down the Three Thieves in Greece


They discuss among themselves of the high possibility that they already know the house is surrounded and had fled to another country. In the house, there is a contact book that contains the numbers and addresses of all their acquaintances. They make many phone calls to the numbers in the contacts book but all the numbers that they call have no one answering the phone. Finally, they decide to randomly pick out someone called James Robinson from the contacts book and visit the person at the address.

When they arrive at the address, they did find the person stated on the contacts book. When the person sees the detective, he wants to avoid him. At first, the person did not want to tell the police about the whereabouts of the three thieves.

But, the detective hold the person’s arm and twist it so that he feels a sharp pain. He threatens to break his arm if he don’t tell him where the thieves had gone. He didn’t want his arm to be broken so he reveals that they had fled to Greece. He also tell the detective that he knows one of them is working as a sailor onboard a ship called Greniken in Greece.

The detective lets go of the person’s arm and warns him not to contact the thieves and tell them that he revealed their whereabouts to him. The person keeps his words and did not contact them after the detective has gone. In the following day,  the detective takes a flight to Greece. As soon as he arrives at Greece, he goes to the harbor and purchase a ticket to board on the ship called Greniken.

The detective spends several months on the cruise ship before finding the crook. He talks to many people on the cruise ships to get clue about the person he is looking for. One day, he talks to a couple who complain that they have lost an expensive soap bar and that they saw a sailor enters into their room that day. Immediately, the detective suspects that the person that they are talking about could be the one that he is looking for.

He tracks the sailor and follows him but soon realizes that he is not the one that he is looking for. This is because he seems to be a native and can only communicate in Greek. Sometime later, he encounters another man who wear the same boots like those he had seen at the house he broke in earlier. He also smell like the clothes that he found at the closet. So, he thinks that he may have found the right person this time.

He approaches the man, who is a sailor, and asks him to help bring him a glass of water. While he go and fetch a glass of water, he open the sailor’s room and look for his stuff.  He finds a briefcase that belongs to him and in the briefcase, there is his identity card and a diamond. He had stolen the diamond from one of the passengers when he was helping him to carry his suitcase. It is a large diamond that worth at least a few millions dollars.

When the sailor comes back, he notices that the door of the sailor room is opened and he immediately suspects that the man has entered it. Just when he has taken the diamond and his identity card in his hand, the crook points a gun at his head from behind. Before he is able to pull the trigger, someone points a gun at the crook’s head. The person wants the diamond that the detective is holding.

The detective decides to risk his life and fight back by kicking them and trying to run away. He kicks the gun away from the person who points the gun last.  At this time, the crook also fights back. He uses a steel bar and beat the detective and the other person. Then, he grabs the diamond and his card with force from the detective and quickly exits the room.

Chapter 5

The Detective Finally Caught the Three Thieves


The crook signals for his friend to drive the motorboat over. When they finish climbing the stairs and arrive on top of the deck, the crook has already hopped onto the motorboat. At this moment, the detective’s friend flies a helicopter toward the ship and puts down a rope ladder for the detective to climb up.

The helicopter chases after the motorboat as it zooms past the Mediterranean ocean. After a while, another motorboat appears. This motorboat is driven by the police and two policemen manages to jump onto the motorboat which the crook is onboard. They bound the hands of the crook and the person driving the motorboat and take them onboard to the their motorboat.

They put the crook and the other person into interrogation. During interrogation, the person reveals that his two other friends are working at a company that has kept a large amount of real gold strips in a safe. The two policemen asks him to trick his friend to them so that they could arrest them.

They promise that they will reduce their sentences at the court if he leads his two partners to them. The man agrees and he uses his cellphone to call his two friends. He asks them out on a restaurant date to discuss about further plan. He already informs the police on the name of the restaurant where he asks his two friends out.

The two policemen pretend to dine on some table on the restaurants on that day. When his two friends arrive, they arose from their seats and use handcuffs to cuff their hands. One of the friends cried, “I can’t believe that you cheated us. We are into this together for so long and now I know we cannot trust you anymore.” The man, feels bad about it but he didn’t say anything back in reply. He knows that his two partners will understand one day.

The two friends try to fight back but the two policemen hold back their two hands in force and point guns at their heads. Then, the the policemen shove the two of them into the police car. The man who helps the policeman also sits at the backseat of the police car. In 2 days, they are deported back to their country from Greece on an airplane. When they arrive, they are sent to stay in the police station’s jail temporarily until the court could give a final verdict.


Chapter 6

The Three Thieves Sentenced Get Punished for their Crimes in Prison


The three of them are put into court trials where the judge finds them guilty of a long list of theft crimes. But, the policemen kept their promise and he talks to the judge to reduce their sentence. In the end, they are imprisoned for 5 years with light penal labor. Fortunately, they are still young in their late 20s.

The policemen tells them that they will help them to find a good job when they come out of prison. The man asks the policemen to stay at their house and use their cars during the time they serve their sentences in the prison. The thieves become good friends with the policemen as they come and visit them in prison every week.

The two policemen come to see them at the end of the 5 years when the prison gate is finally opened for them. They are hired to assist the two policemen and they work alongside with them to uncover many crime cases.

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