The War Between the Gingerbread Man Country and Square Biscuit Country

Chapter 1

The Gingerbread Land

In the planet of candy, there are two countries, the gingerbread country and the square biscuit country. In the sky, a lollipop planet with red and white stripes could be seen. Four lights are diffused in the skies of the candy planet including orange, pink, green and purple.

The sunlight is provided by the white translucent candy sun. The moon is green in the upper part and white in the lower part. There is one other planet that is seen on the sky of the candy planet and it is the pink powder candy planet where all sorts of pink powder candies live.

In the gingerbread country, there are many gingerbread men and women who live happily. Everything in their land is made from gingerbread including trees, mountains, grasses, houses, and the king’s palace. The gingerbread folks are happy all the time. They like to do skip hopping or turn themselves from side to side to go from one place to another.

Because their country is nearby to the square biscuit country, they import some of the things from them. For example, the bricks and the cements used in sticking the bricks together. The bricks are thick cube biscuits while the cement is made of the biscuit cream filling.

There are many rivers of milk in their land too. The gingerbread folks do not drink water but they drink milk to survive.  In many milk rivers, there are water mills that turn around throughout the day to provide electricity to the houses and buildings in their lands.

Their country is also well known for having lots of brown rocks. There are two types of brown rocks including good and bad rocks. The good brown rock will be happy if someone hungry plucks and eats it and enjoys it. As for the bad brown rock, if someone hungry plucks and eat it, it will cause toothache and the person’s tooth will drop and the bad rock will absorb it.

There are pavements made from three types of color candy sheets as well as pavements that are made from more than three types of colors of candy sheets.  The trunks of the gingerbread trees are made of hard gingerbread. In their land, there are various types of tree species that bear different types of gingerbread cookies.

Chapter 2

The Square Biscuit Land

In the square biscuits land, almost everything is made from square shaped biscuits. The square biscuit land exports a lot of cushion doors to other biscuits and candy countries on the planet of candy. Their doors are made from square shape biscuits with lots of tiny hole spaced in between them.

There are all types of square biscuits that can be found in their land including the ones with cream or jam filling in between and the ones that just have a single layer of biscuit. The square biscuit land is well known for its large pavements that has diamond or round or square shaped hole filled with all kinds and all colors of jams.

The square biscuit with two layers have to dive into these holes from time to time to refill the jams filling. The jam filling in between the two layers of the square biscuit can become lesser and lesser as it does some activities and use up some energy. After refilling the jam, they will feel full of energy once again.

In their country, there is the biscuit plant with cream in the center called The Smashing Custard Cream Biscuit.  It will open the two sides of the biscuits to entice visitors to lick its cream. But when someone tries to lick the cream, the two sides of the biscuits will snap on it and absorb the entire victim.

There are also many types of attractive biscuit flowers in the square biscuit land. There is the purple flower species where the petals are made from purple sweet potato biscuits and the center is made of yellow pineapple part. Then, there is the orange flower species where the petals are made from sweet dried orange peel and the center is made of red apple tart.

Chapter 3

The Square Biscuit King Gets Angry

It happens that some gingerbread men workers are working on a gingerbread summer palace for the king in the square biscuit land. One of the workers, Adam, accidentally sprays the icing on the square biscuit king when he and his retinue come to check on the work progress.

The icing makes a mess on the king and his servants keep trying to scrap off the icing. As they scrap the icing from the king, flakes of the brown biscuit fall off. To repair the king square biscuit, they have to mix together flour, oil, cinnamon, butter, and sugar. After whisking them all together, they apply it on the king before putting him into the hot oven and bake him for a while.

The oven that the king uses has many functions and it is always maintained in good condition. One of the functions of the royal oven is the fan that can helps to cool down the king square biscuit while it is being baked. The royal oven has many temperature settings so that one just need to press the exact temperature for different baking purposes. This prevents the king square biscuit to always have to endure temperature that is higher than recommended for fixing himself.

Throughout the country of the square biscuit people, there are also ovens located here and there in the countryside. But, most of the ovens either have already broken down or they are in poor conditions. This is why many square biscuits that get injured could not get proper repaired and they tend to have some broken pieces instead of a perfectly square biscuit shape body.

The square biscuit king, Bernard, gets angry at the worker that is working on the icing on the roof and said, “O, not again! Why do I have to go into the oven to be baked again. If this happens again, I will have the men pull down your gingerbread house until they are a pile of rubble.”

When the worker hears that, he gets afraid and tears almost come up into his eyes. He bowed down and said, “Your majesty, please accept millions of apologies from me. I promise not to let the same accident happen again.” The nasty king square biscuit replies, “Let that happen again and I’ll have your head off with you.”

Chapter 4

The Square Biscuit King Declares War with the Gingerbread Land

On another day, some servants are decorating the square biscuit king with buttons when one of the buttons falls off the table. A greedy gingerbread man called Henry sees the button and eats it. Henry said, “I should eat the button because the square biscuit king should not have buttons like the gingerbread king.”

When the king learns about it, he gets very angry. He says, “How dare you? You will join the slave labors that make the king’s royal buttons.” Henry is forced to work in the slave labor for making the king’s royal buttons in the square biscuit land.

After some time, Henry tries to run away back to the gingerbread land but the supervisor of the slave labors catches up with him. He brings him to the king who decides that he is to be taken to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits and let the wild animals eat him.

Some brave gingerbread fellows who are the friends of Henry report it to the gingerbread king. The gingerbread king, Curtiss, takes some of his men and go to the Forest of the Assorted Butter Square Biscuits to set free Henry. The men guarding Henry refused and the gingerbread king destroys some of the buildings at the square biscuit land.

This makes the square biscuit king angry and he declares war with the gingerbread country. War is to be taken place in 3 days at the Cream Biscuits passage. In the meantime, both countries get their soldiers prepared for the war.

Chapter 5

The Gingerbread Soldiers Win the War

The square biscuits soldiers have large mouths to eat the gingerbread. They use the gingerbread man song as their weapon as gingerbread people are attracted to that song and they will follow the song wherever it is. In the war, they keep using the gingerbread man song to trick the gingerbread soldiers down the hill and they all collapsed and are cracked to pieces.

On the other hand, the gingerbread man soldiers carry small cups of water to splash and destroy the square biscuit soldiers by making them soft and mushy. They also carry marshmallows which allow them to stuck them into the square biscuit’s large mouth. The high sugar content from the marshmallows could kill the square biscuit.

When more and more gingerbread are being led down the cliff by the music, the gingerbread hero, Henry, who is also the same gingerbread who ate the king’s icing button comes to save the day. There is a volcano in the area where the war take place. The hot cocoa volcano has many cross shaped vent holes in the sides.

Henry and his fellow soldiers each climbs into the cross shaped vent hole. They stuck themselves inside and let the hot steam air blows them out. Then, hot cocoa spew out from the volcano and causes the square biscuits to dissolve into the hot cocoa lava.

Chapter 6

The Square Biscuit King and His Winter Palace Gets Put in a Glass Ball with Snow Flakes

After that, the gingerbread soldiers head on to the square biscuit city to attack and take over it. When they arrive at the city, they start using cups of water to mash the square biscuits inhabitants to become soft so that they will become smashed. They also throw marshmallows towards the large mouth of these inhabitants and the chemicals kill all of them.

Then, they come to the statue of the square biscuit king who starts the war. The square biscuit king did not go into war but he sent the General Merryman to lead the war. Several gingerbread soldiers push down the large round sweet from the hill.

As the sweet rolls down the hill, noisy sound on the ground could be heard. It eventually hits the statue and smashes it into pieces. When the square biscuit king sees this, he becomes alarmed and frightened.

The gingerbread soldier, Adam reminds him, “You said you would pull my house into a pile of rubble so I am going to do the same to your palace.”

But, one square biscuit peasant came out and he kneels down. He begs, “Our king has done so much for us. If you must kill him, please put him inside a glass ball with his palace. Then, he will be remembered for all ages. “

Adam agrees to do that so they kill the square biscuit king and put him and his square biscuit palace inside a glass ball. The square biscuit land is famous for the winter palace made from powder biscuits. In their land, summer takes place in the first 6 months and the rest of the 6 months they have winter. So, they decide to put some snow flakes inside the glass ball along with the square biscuit king and his winter palace.

The glass ball with the square biscuit king and his palace now stood in the square of the capital city of the square biscuit country. As for the hot cocoa lava, it has turned into into a river that flows pass the gummy candy land, bear biscuit land and round biscuit land. The square biscuit soldiers were wearing blue and yellow and green uniform in the war.

When they melt into the hot cocoa lava, the uniforms also melt into bits and pieces. Everyday, many gummy candy would wear swimming suits and go into the hot cocoa river for a dip. While swimming, they enjoy eating the bits and pieces of blue and yellow stuff that come from the square biscuit soldiers uniforms.

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